Sorrel soup - quick, fresh, tasty. Simple recipes for sorrel soup without meat, on bone broth, with brisket, on cream

Sorrel soup - quick, fresh, tasty. Simple recipes for sorrel soup without meat, on bone broth, with brisket, on cream

Now it is easy to cook cabbage soup: if you don’t get bored at the dacha, or the consumption rate per year is incorrectly calculated, you can always buy it on the market or in any store that has a vegetable department. Even the choice of varieties is such that no one will be left without cabbage. To grow and store the main vegetable for Russian soup for a thousand years have learned.

But there were times when there was not enough cabbage before the new harvest. Fortunately, the sorrel grew on its own, everywhere, of all sorts. No, there were other weedy, in our understanding, herbs that were used in ancient Russian cooking: cabbage soup with nettles, snyty, from quinoa. The list of these plants can be continued, but not about them.

As soon as the tubs with sauerkraut and other supplies got empty, the distant ancestors waited for the snow to melt to cook green shchi, with young leaves of sorrel. We cooked soup, in the north and in the south, on holidays and weekdays - always. Therefore, sorrel, as an alternative to cabbage, came to taste. In every province, and even in every village, the soup of sorrel had its own, special. So much the better: there is an opportunity to try any of them.

In Russian folklore there is a saying: “Teach more soup and cook…”. We will not teach, but simply share the secrets.

Sorrel Soups - Basic Technological Principles

There are certain cooking stages in the cabbage technology, which are desirable to follow if the result matters, and you want to achieve similarities with the original recipes of the oxalite cabbage soup. Therefore, we will conduct a small comparative analysis, for example, for novice housewives.

First of all, we note that sorrel, unlike cabbage, has more tender leaves, which is important for the duration of heat treatment. If cabbage, especially sauerkraut, needs to be sauteed or stewed for a long time, then the sorrel can be added to the soup just before the end of cooking.

It is important to pay attention to the degree of maturity of sorrel. Young leaves contain less oxalic acid, so their weight should be slightly increased in the soup, to create the necessary taste. Mature leaves have a more saturated green color, their acid content is significantly higher than that of young shoots. Mature sorrel stalks at the base - more rigid, with a fibrous texture. These leaves are suitable for cooking soup, but require a longer cooking. They are best used for canning to add to the soup as a finished product. Otherwise, the technology of cooking soup of sorrel does not differ from cooking cabbage soup: both ingredients are used to create a sour taste.

Other ingredients for sour dressing can be included in the recipe of sorrel soup: apples, tomato, sour cream. When using these ingredients, the weight of sorrel is usually reduced to balance the taste.

1. Spring sorrel soup without meat

Product Set:

Boiled eggs

Potatoes (young tubers)

Cream, drinking 0.5 liters

Green onion

Young sorrel

Dill, parsley

Sour cream



Peel, chop and boil the young potato tubers, first in a liter of water, add bay leaf and other spices of choice to it, and then pour cream into the saucepan, add the grated parsley root. Switch the cooker to the toiling mode so that the potatoes absorb the sweet creamy taste and aroma of spicy spices and roots.

Chop the sorrel with green onions, fresh herbs, salt and crush in a mortar. Grate or crush a mashed potato with peeled boiled eggs. Add the green mass with eggs to the pan, let it boil and remove from the stove. Serve fresh sorrel soup with sour cream.

2. South Russian sorrel soup with tomato dressing



Pork fat

Rock salt

Tomato Puree

Ground coriander


Bay leaf

Breast, beef

Pepper Mix





Sour cream



Boil the broth from the brisket, putting the meat in the pan with water and adding the onion, a small carrot, celery root and bay leaf. In the process of cooking, remove the foam. From the finished broth, you can remove with a skimmer the pieces of the roots, onions, bay leaves and carrots, and put the chopped potatoes. Keep cooking.

Chop the onion and bacon, put it in a mortar, sprinkle with salt and grind, as carefully as possible, to a pasty consistency. Chop sorrel, boiled eggs and dill with parsley. Add the prepared ingredients to the pan, let the boil shcham and remove from the stove, covered with a lid. Insist until serving 20-30 minutes. Meat divided into portions. In each serving, put 100 g of boiled brisket and a spoonful of sour cream.

3. Sorrel soup with apples and young cabbage


Breast, calf 700 g

Pork shoulder bone 1.0 kg

Spicy roots and spices (bay leaf, parsley root, onion) - to taste

Sweet and sour apples, peeled 250 g

Sour cream 180 g

White cabbage, shredded 700 g

Young sorrel 0.5 kg

Dill 150 g

Spices - optional


Place prepared meat, spices, and spices into a large, heat-resistant pan. Fill with water and, covered with a lid, simmer in the oven at 170 ° C, until cooked. Remove the pan, remove the meat from it with a skimmer. Separate the flesh from the bones. Strain the broth. Try the meat and broth to taste, add spices if necessary, return to the pan. Add the same sliced ​​apples, cabbage, chopped sorrel. Again put the pan in the oven for 30-40 minutes.

Serve the soup with sour cream, sprinkle with a portion of chopped dill.

4. Sorrel soup with broth and salted milk mushrooms

Ingredients for broth:

Meat and bone set 1.5 kg

Water 4.2 l

Onions, celery, carrots, parsley (net) - 80 g each

Bay leaf

Output: 2.2 l

For soup:

Potatoes (net) 350 g

Onions, green and bulb - 150 g

Sorrel 900 g

Milk 250 g

Fat (any) 75 g

Flour 60 g

Eggs, boiled - 1/2 pcs. per serving

Sour cream - 30 g per serving

Fresh parsley and celery leaves for decoration

Cooking Technology:

Wash the soup set, put in a large saucepan and cook slowly, removing the foam. An hour before the end of cooking, add the prepared roots and onions, spicy spices. Broth the strainer thoroughly, pour it back into the pan and let it boil again. Put the potatoes, mushrooms. In a skillet, sauté the onion and sorrel, add to the pan. Pour several spoons of broth into the bowl and mix the flour into it. Add in soup, mix, cook for another 5-10 minutes. Season the dish with spices and, if necessary, with salt, let stand for a quarter of an hour. Serve with half the eggs and spicy greens on the plate.

5. Thick sorrel sorrel on cream


1.5 liter broth (see recipe number 4) Cream (15%) 750 ml

Potatoes 200 g

Canned sorrel 1 can (0.5 l)

Spicy dressing (onions, parsley or celery roots, carrots)


Eggs: raw - 2 pcs .; and boiled - 5-6 pcs.

Green onions, parsley

Fat Culinary 70 g

Working order:

In boiling broth, cooked according to the recipe number 4, put the potatoes. Boil 10 minutes. In a separate bowl, combine the cream with raw eggs, whisk, heat the mixture with steam or low heat until thick, with continuous stirring. Strain and add to broth. Strain the sorrel through a sieve, add to the pan. Onions and roots passe until soft and also add to the pan. Try to taste the soup, season with spices, let it boil. Remove the pan from the stove, insist at least a quarter of an hour. When serving, add in each tureen half a boiled egg, fresh parsley. For shcham cook croutons from wheat bread.

6. Sorrel soup with tomato dressing


Pork on the bone (rib, scapula, back) 1.5 kg

Bay leaf



Pepper (peas)


Water 3.5 L

Green young sorrel 600 g

Eggs 5 pcs.

Potatoes 400 g

Fat 50 g

Tomato paste 100 g

Carrots and onions (net) - 120 g each

Fresh green, spicy leaf

Sour cream


Cook the washed meat on low heat for 3-3.5 hours, until the flesh begins to separate from the bone. Do not forget to remove the foam. Half an hour before the end of boiling broth, put onions, roots (can be entirely), spices. Broth strain. Meat cut portions and return to the pan with broth. Add the sliced ​​potatoes and boil for seven or ten minutes.

In a skillet, heat the fat, passe the carrots and onions, adding tomato paste in three minutes. Add the tomato dressing and chopped sorrel to the pan when the potatoes are ready. Beat the eggs with a small whisk with a small portion of the cooled broth, and pour in a thin stream into the soup, while stirring intensively.

After infusion, serve the soup, as usual, adding chopped greens and sour cream to the tureens.

Sorrel soup - useful tips

  • The more rich the broth, the tastier the soup, even if they consist only of broth and sorrel. For green cabbage more suitable broth from fat pork.
  • To make the meat juicy, immerse it in boiling water, and to get rich broth, on the contrary, put the meat in cold water.
  • In order to reduce the amount of foam that forms when boiling broth, let the meat stand in cold water before cooking.
  • If you missed the boiling point of the broth to remove the froth, pour in some cold water. When boiling again collect foam.
  • If you use canned sorrel for soup, then salt them at the end of cooking, especially if the sorrel has been bought: it may already contain salt.
  • Do not leave the bay leaf in the finished dish: it begins to give bitterness to the broth, which is already impossible to remove. Also do not add spicy spices at the beginning of boiling broth. Essential oils evaporate within 10-15 minutes, from the moment of boiling, and the broth boils much longer. It is correct to add spices before cooking is finished, and garlic is thrown into the pan when it is already removed from the stove, because the overcooked garlic has a not very pleasant smell.
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