Eggplant and pepper snack: rolls, terrine, heh, blanks in a jar. How to make an eggplant and pepper snack?

Eggplant and pepper snack: rolls, terrine, heh, blanks in a jar. How to make an eggplant and pepper snack?

During the vegetable season, skillful housewives work wonders in the kitchen, inventing various hot and cold dishes from the gifts of summer and autumn. Eggplants and peppers are ideal ingredients for making snacks. They have a characteristic taste that blends well with other products.

Eggplant and Pepper Appetizers - General Principles

Eggplant and pepper can be used to prepare hot and cold snacks. Often additionally put tomatoes, garlic, herbs, sauces (mayonnaise or sour cream), and other components. To make the appetizer tasty, it is important to carefully select products for cooking and skillfully combine them.

Eggplant. Should be fresh, not too large, with no signs of damage. Pre-wash them, cut and sprinkle with salt for some time to get rid of bitterness.

Pepper. Maybe any color. Vegetables are washed, cleaned of seeds and stalks, cut. If hot pepper is used in the recipe, work with this product extremely carefully so as not to “burn” during processing.

The remaining ingredients are put in a snack in the amount indicated in the recipe. If garlic, herbs and spices are used, their presence and quantity can be changed, focusing on your taste.

1. Eggplant and Pepper Appetizer: Rolls


• 1 eggplant;

• 1 tomato;

• 1 sweet pepper;

• sour cream 15% fat - 3 tbsp. spoons;

• clove of garlic;

• parsley, dill - on the floor of the bunch, including for decoration;

• salt - 15 g;

• olive oil - 50 ml.


1. Wash eggplant, cut into long, thin slices.

2. Rub each strip of eggplant on both sides with salt and place in a deep cup, leave for a few minutes to be fed.

3. Meanwhile, wash the tomato, cut into medium cube. Pepper cut into two parts, remove the seeds, wash, cut into cubes.

4. Wash the dill with parsley, dry a little on napkins and chop.

5. Free the garlic from the husk, squeeze through the garlic press, add sour cream and greens to it, mix everything thoroughly. 6. Wash salted eggplants with cold water, place them on a metal grid to make the glass water.

7. Pour oil into the pan and heat well, lay out the eggplant plates and fry until golden brown on both sides (you can also fry the eggplants on the grill without butter).

8. Grease still hot eggplants with cooked garlic sauce, put on a small amount of tomatoes and paprika, roll them up with rolls (roll up the eggplants hot, as they cool down immediately harden, and it becomes more difficult to roll them).

9. Fasten eggplant rolls with a wooden stick.

10. When serving, put on a plate, next to beautifully put the sprigs of dill and parsley. Snack can be served hot or cold.

2. Eggplant and pepper snacks for the winter


• onions - 1 head;

• 1 carrot;

• 1 sweet pepper;

• 1 eggplant;

• 1 tomato;

• vegetable oil - half a glass;

• black pepper, salt - 10 g each.


1. Wash carrots, peel, peel the onions, remove seeds from the pepper, rinse. Cut everything into cubes. Heat a deep frying pan or pan (most conveniently stew all the vegetables in a large metal basin), pour in the oil, put the prepared vegetables, simmer over moderate heat for 5 minutes.

2. Wash eggplant, chop finely, add 2 pinches of salt, let stand for a few minutes to remove bitterness.

3. Place the eggplants in a container for the rest of the vegetables, mix well and stew for several minutes, stirring constantly.

4. Wash the tomato, fill it with hot water for three minutes, remove the skin, chop and put it into the container for the rest of the vegetables, add salt, pepper, stir well and simmer until all vegetables are softened.

5. As soon as all the vegetables are cooked, place the hot appetizer in sterilized jars, roll it up tightly with metal lids, wrap it in a blanket and leave it overnight to cool.

3. Eggplant and pepper appetizer: terrine with cheese


• 3 small eggplants;

• 8 bell peppers;

• 1 cup of vegetable oil;

• leaf of laurel; • 2 heads of garlic;

• 450 g cheese;

• 10 g of salt;

• sesame seeds - 15 g;

• 1 lemon;

• parsley, dill - 3 branches for serving.


1. Wash the eggplants, wipe dry with a towel, cut the stem of the pepper, remove the seeds, wash. Cut the eggplants into thin slices, cut the peppers into four pieces.

2. Put the slices of Bulgarian pepper with the peel on the frying sheet, sprinkle with vegetable oil, sprinkle with salt.

3. Disassemble one garlic clove into cloves, cut them into halves and place between the pieces of peppers.

4. In the middle, put a leaf of Lavrushka, cover the entire contents with foil, put in the oven and bake for 60 minutes at medium temperature.

5. Transfer the peppers into a clean, deep cup, leave under a lid for a few minutes, and then peel them off.

6. Layers of eggplants, too, put on a sheet, sprinkle with vegetable oil and lemon juice, add some salt, close the garlic cloves from the second head and bake in the oven at 180 degrees.

7. Put the eggplants in a cup, leave under the lid for a few minutes, and then peel off.

8. Take a deep bowl, coat it with vegetable oil, cover it with several layers of food film so that the edges of the film hang down slightly.

9. In a circle cup in an upright position, lay the eggplant overlap. Eggplant should completely close the bottom of the cup, and at the same time a little more to hang over the edges.

10. Also, put a few pieces of pepper on the bottom, slightly pressing it down.

11. Cut the cheese into strips and place a small amount on the bottom of the cup on top of the pepper.

12. Then put the pepper back.

13. Again, cheese, and so on until the cup is full.

14. Cover the entire contents with the hanging eggplant tips and wrap.

15. On the film, make a few cuts with a knife.

16. Cover the cup with a lid, put some weight on top, and leave the dish in the fridge for half a day.

17. Sprinkle ready terrine with sesame seeds and garnish with parsley and dill.

18. When serving, cut the terrine into portions, arrange into plates.

4. Spicy eggplant and Turkish pepper appetizer


• Eggplant - 2 pcs .;

• garlic - 2 cloves;

• chilli peppers - 1 pod;

• parsley - bouquet floor;

• dairy yogurt without additives - 2 jars;

• 40 ml of olive oil;

• sesame - 2 handfuls;

• salt, hot pepper - 10 g;

• half a lemon.


1. Wash the eggplants, wipe with a dry cloth, cut into two equal halves.

2. On the soft side of eggplants, make small cuts, add salt, smear with olive oil and sprinkle with lemon juice, spread on a frying sheet and bake at a moderate temperature for 10 minutes.

3. Remove the eggplants from the oven, cool and remove the skin, and crush the soft part with a fork, place in a small cup.

4. Chopped garlic chopped in garlic.

5. Wash and chop the parsley with a knife.

6. Wash the chili peppers, remove the seeds, and chop finely.

7. Add garlic, parsley, chili peppers to the eggplants in the bowl, put the yogurt in it, add salt, pepper with red pepper and mix well.

8. Put the prepared snack in a portioned deep plate or salad bowl, sprinkle with sesame.

5. Eggplant and Pepper "Korean Heh"


• eggplants - 8 pcs .;

• garlic - a little more than one head;

• 2 large spoons of vinegar;

• 5 sweet peppers;

• 2 pinches of salt;

• olive oil - 50 ml.

Note, not one dish or Korean-style appetizer is complete without some spicy seasoning or chili pepper. For this recipe, take a pod of fresh hot pepper.


1. Wash the eggplants, cut the stem, cut into medium cubes, place in a deep bowl, add salt, cover the cup with a lid and soak for about an hour.

2. After some time, pour out the eggplant juice.

3. Heat the oil in a pan, put the eggplants, fry until light brown crust over medium heat.

4. Wash the Bulgarian pepper, remove the seeds, cut into rings.

5. Chop garlic in a garlic dish.

6. Put the first layer of eggplants in a transparent plastic container or jar, put garlic on it, pour vinegar, put the Bulgarian pepper. Lay out the layers in the specified sequence until the bank is full. 7. Close the container tightly with a lid and leave for a day in the refrigerator.

8. Before serving, mix everything and place in a salad bowl.

6. Eggplant and Pepper Appetizer: Caviar


• 8 eggplants;

• Bulgarian pepper - 3 pcs .;

• 1 chili;

• 4 tomatoes;

• 3 onions;

• garlic head floor;

• any greens - 4 branches each;

• vegetable oil - 50 ml;

• 30 g of black pepper in a ground form and salt.


1. Take a frying sheet, cover it with foil, brush with oil.

2. Wash the sweet peppers and eggplants, make several punctures on their surface, oil them and place them entirely on the sheet.

3. Close the vegetables with the second half of the foil and place in a hot oven for half an hour, setting a moderate temperature.

4. After 30 minutes, turn off the oven, but do not remove the vegetables, let them cool right on the baking sheet.

5. Wash tomatoes, scald with boiling water, cool slightly, remove the skin, crush the flesh.

6. Finely chop the peeled onion, squeeze the garlic through the garlic press, remove the seeds from the chili pepper and cut into slices.

7. In a deep bowl, mix the onions, garlic, hot peppers and tomatoes, leave for a few minutes, so that everything is filled with tomato juice.

8. Dill, wash parsley, lightly dry on napkins, finely chop and place in a bowl with onions, tomatoes and pepper.

9. Remove from the oven sweet peppers and eggplants, remove the skin from them, and cut the soft part into cubes and place in the bowl to the remaining ingredients.

10. Pour salt, pepper, pour vegetable oil, mix everything thoroughly and leave in the refrigerator for several hours to make the snack real.

11. When serving, spawn caviar in a salad bowl.

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