Festive snack - cod liver sandwiches. Always relevant - cod liver sandwiches, one step from simplicity to finesse

Festive snack - cod liver sandwiches. Always relevant - cod liver sandwiches, one step from simplicity to finesse

Cod liver is a super-calorie and equally useful product.

That he should be grateful for such a fantastic “popular” source of health, like fish oil. And if the use of fish oil is painted in the most terrible colors in children's literature, then to the cod liver, on the contrary, the attitude is positive.

Gentle, juicy flesh of the liver with a reasonable combination with other products allows you to fill the diet with high-calorie and simple dishes.

Uncomplicated in preparation, they provide the body with necessary calories and rare micronutrients.

This product is especially recommended for restorative diets and baby food, if it is not contraindicated to the baby.

The special composition of the liver provides enhanced nutrition to the brain, a complex of vitamins counteracts low weight and eliminates many ailments associated with it.

Cod liver sandwiches - general principles of cooking

• In cod liver sandwiches, as the name implies, there are two main products: cod liver sandwich mass, and bread, on which this mass should be spread.

• Bread is cut into rectangular pieces or triangular, cutting the loaf first diagonally, and then into pieces. Baton or baguette cut diagonally. The bread slices are ideal in thickness to one centimeter.

• It is recommended to prepare the sandwich mass in advance and keep it in the refrigerator, in glass or ceramic dishes.

• Cooking, garnishing and laying should be done no more than two hours before serving.

• Simple open cod liver sandwiches are served as a separate dish, more complex: triple of stuffed bread should be served, garnishing with fresh vegetables, a small amount of the main sandwich mass, cod or red caviar. • Served as finely chopped greens, and its whole branches.

• The serving of caviar of different colors, grated on a small yolk grater, looks originally.

Sandwiches with Cod Snacks


• one baguette;

• bank of pitted olives;

• 200 grams of cod liver;

• hard cheese, mild - 100 grams;

• three chicken eggs;

• two cloves of garlic.


1. Peel the boiled eggs. Under the tap, wash off small remains of eggshells from eggs.

2. Finely chop the eggs, you can use a rake and rub them on large cells.

3. Peel garlic cloves and leave whole.

4. Cheese rub cooled on a fine grater.

5. Chop fresh greens with a knife.

6. Slice the olives into thin rings, the width of each should be about one and a half millimeters.

7. When excess oil comes off the liver, mash it with a fork.

8. Mix finely chopped eggs, cheese, mashed cod liver. Lightly salted, you can add a small amount of oil remaining in the jar of the liver. Let stand sandwich spread for some time in the refrigerator, an hour and a half.

9. Cut the baguette across into slices.

10. Place a frying pan on the included cooker, heat a little over medium heat.

11. Put the baguette slices in the pan, fry in a dry pan on both sides, before browning.

12. Rub baked bread slices with garlic on one side, and on the other hand, spread them very thinly with butter, it should only soften slightly browned crust.

13. Spread the prepared sandwich mass onto the buttered side of the bread.

14. Decorate the top of the sandwich with olives, sprinkle with finely chopped greens.

Cod liver sandwiches made from stuffed bread


• one loaf of white bread, square;

• a can of cod liver canned food;

• hard cheese - 50 grams;

• one fresh cucumber, medium size;

• four boiled chicken eggs; • breadcrumbs;

• butter - 100 grams;

• mayonnaise 67%.


1. Cut a loaf of bread “brick” lengthwise into two equal parts.

2. Cut the bottom half into pieces and coat with a thin layer of softened butter.

3. Put the cod liver out of the jar into any non-metallic container and knead with a fork.

4. Remove the eggshell from the eggs, wash under a stream of water and dry. Cut the whites with a knife into small cubes, chop the yolks with a grater.

5. From the second half remove the crumb. Lightly moisten the third part of the crumb with canned butter. Add liver, chopped proteins, salt to taste, pepper and mix well until smooth.

6. Stuff the “devastated” half of the bread with the resulting filling, put the bread stuffed in this way on a plate, and put in the refrigerator until it hardens for about forty minutes.

7. Remove the workpiece from the refrigerator, cut into a number of pieces, how many are oiled with a warm knife.

8. Connect the sandwich pieces so that the piece with the filling is on top.

9. Cut the cucumber thinly obliquely, the result should be oval plates. The edges of each plate a little incise with the edge of the knife, you get a leaf.

10. Top the sandwich with a thin layer of mayonnaise to fix the decoration.

11. When serving, decorate the table with a cucumber on one half of the sandwich and sprinkle the second with egg crumbs.

12. Garnish when served with fresh vegetables or the main sandwich mass.

Triple cod liver sandwiches


• white bread brick;

• one and a half banks of cod liver;

• four hard-boiled chicken eggs;

• 67% mayonnaise - 150 grams;

• one fresh cucumber;

• small pickled cucumber;

• one can of olives without stones, filled with anchovies;

• bread crumbs - 1/3 cup;

• one hundred grams of hard cheese;

• one lemon.

Preparation: 1. From a fresh cucumber, thinly peel the skin and cut it into smaller squares as small as possible.

2. Cut eggs into small pieces into small pieces.

3. Pickle the pickled cucumber as well as fresh and slightly squeeze by hand, so that the brine that we do not need is drained.

4. Cod liver crush fork.

5. Take two small deep plates. In one mix 1/2 of a liver with a pickle and half of finely chopped eggs, and in the second half of the other eggs and the liver, with freshly chopped cucumber.

6. From a white bread brick, cut off the crusts, cut the crumbs in the shape of a prism and cut lengthwise into three layers of equal thickness.

7. Lightly sprinkle canned butter with liver over each layer.

8. Put the crumb on the dish and grease well with liver and pickled cucumber filling.

9. Cover with a second layer and also lubricate the filling, only from the liver with a fresh cucumber.

10. Top out the third layer of bread and grease with mayonnaise.

11. Cheese, chop with a fine grater, and mix with breadcrumbs.

12. Sprinkle the edges of the prism with a mixture of crackers and cheese.

13. Cut the lemon into thin half-rings and olives in rings.

14. Use a sharp, wet knife to cut the assembled sandwich preparation into seven pieces. On top of each lay a slice of lemon and a few thin circles of olives. It will look beautiful if the plates of olives lay in a row overlap.

15. When serving, it is recommended to serve on lettuce leaves, laying out a few spoons of sandwich mass or caviar on the edge of the plate.

Sandwiches with cod liver “Classic”


• white loaf or baguette;

• canned cod liver - 1 can;

• a jar of alginic caviar, black and red;

• low-fat mayonnaise.


1. Cut bread into small portions.

2. Remove the liver from the jar and knead with a fork or masher.

3. Lightly moisten slices of bread with canned butter and spread with cod liver.

4. To decorate the top with caviar seeds, spreading it on the surface of each sandwich with a multicolored wave.

Sandwiches with cod liver “Tartlets”


• white bread brick or loaf;

• Cod liver;

• mayonnaise, preferably low-fat;

• boiled hard-boiled egg.


1. Bread cut into large chunks. Squeeze out the circle from each one and leave it intact. Take 1/2 of prepared round blanks and cut out the middle from each one with a smaller glass or a cookie cutter.

2. Boiled hard-boiled eggs from the shell and separate the whites and yolks. Chop the whites finely with a knife and rub the yolks with a fine grater.

3. Combine egg whites with crushed cod liver, you can add a little oil in which the liver was preserved.

4. Spread whole cups of bread with mayonnaise, put a second circle on top with a cavity in the middle.

5. Fill the resulting groove with liver and minced protein filling.

6. Put on a plate, sprinkle with a little canned oil or mayonnaise, diluted with this oil, decorate with a grated yolk on top.

Sandwiches with cod liver “Christmas tree”


• one loaf of whole grain bread;

• 230 grams of canned cod liver;

• 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese;

• two garlic cloves;

• a tablespoon of pomegranate seeds;

• fresh dill herbs.


1. Rinse the dill sprigs with running water, separate and dry, spreading them on a towel.

2. Put cod liver into a platter, add cottage cheese, and mix with a fork. The mass should be of a uniform consistency. Salt lightly, pepper it if desired.

3. Cut bread loaf diagonally. Cut each part into slices.

4. Fry the slices of bread a little in a dry frying pan, or, after putting it on a baking sheet, lightly dry it in a preheated oven for ten minutes.

5. Rub cooled slices of bread with garlic cloves on one side, and spread with cooked cheese and cheese sandwich mass on the other side. 6. Spread the seeds of the pomegranate on each plastered piece on top and put a sprig of dill.

If you decide to serve such sandwiches on a New Year's table, when serving, you can arrange them on a large plate in the form of a Christmas tree, spreading the smaller side to each other, and diagonally upwards. Such a setting will look like a Christmas tree decorated with red balls.

Cod liver sandwiches - tips and helpful tips

• If you take the cod liver from a jar and put it in a sieve and hold it in it for a while, the excess oil will come off and the sandwich mass will not be too fat.

• Before cooking, wrap the bread with a cotton towel and let it sit for a day in a dry, cool place. Bread prepared this way is the ideal base for sandwiches. It will be easy to cut and the delicate sandwich mass will not absorb much.

• When cooking double or triple sandwiches, before serving, you should press them down with a lightly heavy flat object, such as a cutting board, for a while and then decorate.

• When buying a jar of cod liver, slightly shake it, if you feel that the contents freely “go” around the jar, it means that the liver itself is small, and there is a lot of liquid.

• Sometimes commercially available jars of cod liver are available with caviar. If you meet such a jar, get it for making sandwiches, then the sandwich mass will turn out more delicious and savory.

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