Cake "Roly Curly" - juicy, sweet and cute! Cooking a delicate and delicious cake "Roly Curly" for simple recipes


Roly Curly - this is a cake that can not be spoiled. It will turn out well even for a beginner. At the same time it looks quite nice and can even decorate a festive table. Products are used the most simple. If something was not found at home, then you can always choose an alternative option. There are a lot of them!

Cake “Roly Curly” - general principles of cooking

For the cake used cakes on the type of biscuit. It is not necessary to cook them from eggs, cakes can be made on kefir, sour cream or even bought in a store. The choice depends on the availability of food in the refrigerator and the amount of free time. In any embodiment, the cake turns out very juicy, as each piece is soaked with cream, stacked on top of each other.

What creams can be used:

· Sour cream;

· Custard;

· From condensed milk.

The cake is going to be in the form of a sloppy slide, no need to smooth it out and straighten it out, the pieces should imitate the sticking curls. Additionally, they are decorated with melted chocolate. Glaze poured curls and careless circles, layering on each other.

Cake “Vanka Curly” on kefir

This is a classic cake recipe, one of the easiest and cheapest options. Kefir for dough can be easily replaced with ryazhenka or yogurt, margarine can be replaced with butter or cooking oil. It is better not to experiment with the cream and act strictly according to the recipe.


· 2 eggs;

· 90 grams of margarine;

· 20 grams of cocoa;

· 240 grams of flour;

· 200 grams of kefir;

· 180 grams of sugar;

· 10 grams of ripper

For cream:

· 700 g sour cream from 25%;

· 120 grams of powder;

· A bag of vanilla.

You will also need one dark chocolate and 50-60 grams of butter for the glaze.

Method of preparation

1. Send eggs and sugar to a bowl, shake or beat. If the egg is small, then we take one more, that is, three things. Add kefir and melted margarine, continuing to stir. Enter the flour with ripper. Optionally add vanilla. Stir well. 2. Divide the dough into two equal parts and add cocoa powder to one bowl. Stir.

3. Spread alternately white and dark dough on a laid baking sheet so that the cake turns out to be multi-colored, like a zebra. We bake at 170 about 25 minutes. It is better to check the readiness with a toothpick (match), since everyone bakes ovens in different ways.

4. As soon as the cake has cooled, we put a plate or lid from the pot of the desired diameter, like a cake. Cut a circle, it will be the basis. We shift on a dish. The rest of the cake tore into small pieces, the knife is better not to use.

5. We mix ingredients of cream, we coat the cut out round basis. The remaining pieces are moistened, laid on top of it to make a relief “curly” slide, imitating Vanka's head.

6. Break dark chocolate into cubes, put in a water bath, send butter to it, which can be replaced with fat sour cream. Melt.

7. Pour the icing into the pastry bag or just into the bag. It is important not to overheat it, so that it turns out not very liquid, and also does not burn the hands.

8. Cut off the tip of the bag, draw a thin stream with the whole cake with rings that imitate Vanka's curls. Put in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Cake “Vanka kucheryavy” from chocolate sponge cake

This recipe is captivating with a small amount of ingredients, since biscuits mainly need eggs and sugar. Cream for the cake is preparing custard vanilla with butter.


· 6 eggs;

· 400 g of sugar;

· 30 g of cocoa;

· 200 g of flour;

· 10 g of ripper;

· 270 g of oil;

· 600 ml of milk;

· 2 tablespoons of flour per cream;

· 100 g chocolate;

· 2 yolks in cream.

Method of preparation

1. Melt 70 grams of butter, let stand and cool. From six eggs separate the yolks, beat with 150 grams of sugar. Separately, whip up to foam proteins and 50 grams of sugar. Combine flour with yolks, add cocoa, ripper and finally add proteins. When stirring, pour melted but not hot oil.

2. Pour the biscuit dough on a wide baking tray. Bake at 200 degrees. Since the cake is not fat in time, it will take about 15 minutes. 3. Mix the remaining sugar with yolks and flour, add milk, send to the stove. Brew cream, add a spoon of butter at the end. As soon as the first bubbles appear, remove from the fire.

4. Cool the custard, add softened butter, whip all together, vanilla if desired.

5. Cut out the basis for the cake from the cooled biscuit, grease, moisten the remaining pieces in custard, lay on top. Leftover smear the entire cake.

6. Melt the chocolate, you can add 1-2 spoons of butter. To decorate Vanka with drawn curls.

Cake "Roly Curly" from the finished cakes

Cooking the cake does not take much time, if you make Vanka from ready-made biscuit cakes. They are not so tasty, but this moment is compensated by a terrific cream with condensed milk and sour cream.


· 1 pack (3 pieces) of biscuit cakes;

· 500 g of boiled condensed milk;

· 150 g sour cream;

· 200 g of oil;

· Chocolate.

Method of preparation

1. Start best with cream. We leave a little oil, about 30 grams, on the glaze, beat the rest with a mixer, add sour cream in parts, and then boiled condensed milk.

2. One cake will be the foundation. If its diameter is larger than necessary, then immediately cut off the plate on which Roly will be located. We put, we coat with a layer of the prepared cream.

3. Next, follow the classical scheme: break the remaining cakes into pieces, coat each with cream, pack. Dip in the mass does not work, because the cream is quite thick.

4. As soon as the whole cake comes together, put melted chocolate glaze and a small amount of butter. A thin trickle draw curls on the cake, remove it soak in the fridge. Better hold the night.

Cake "Roly Curly" on sour cream

The dough for this cake is prepared on cream, like cream. Enough simple recipe. For the test, you can take sour cream 15-20%. But in the cream it is better to use a fatty product of about 30%, then nothing will flow and everything will work out.


· 400 g sour cream in the dough; · 800 g sour cream for cream;

· 300 g of sugar;

· 3 eggs;

· 5 spoons of cocoa;

· 100 g chocolate;

· 12 g of soda (1 tsp. With a tubercle);

· 3 tbsp. flour.

Method of preparation

1. Prepare the dough, as for ordinary sour cream. Beat eggs and half of the prescription sugar until frothy, add sour cream, add flour and hydrated soda. Knead, divide in half, in one part, enter the cocoa. Pour into different forms, bake at 180 until ready.

2. For the cream combine the remnants of sugar and sour cream. Vanilla to taste.

3. Cut a small cake from the white cake and coat it with sour cream. Cut off the part and chocolate cake break into pieces, moisten in cream, put on the first cake.

4. Decorate Vanka with curls from melted dark or milk chocolate. If it melts poorly, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of oil.

Cake "Roly-Blacken" with prunes and nuts

Another recipe for the cake “Vanka kucheryavy” with a very tasty filling. Walnuts are desirable to take, you can lightly fry before use. Dough on kefir.


· 0,25 l kefir;

· A glass of nuts;

· three eggs;

· 2 tbsp. sugars (1 per cream);

· 10 g of soda;

· 2 spoons of cocoa;

· Chocolate;

· 12 tablespoons of flour;

· 150 g of prunes;

· 450 g sour cream on cream.

Method of preparation

1. Beat kefir with eggs and sugar, add soda, mix, add flour, leave about 12 full spoons. Divide in half, add cocoa powder in one portion. Bake two cakes. You can do it like a zebra, just pour the colored dough into one baking sheet.

2. Mix the sugar, which remained, with sour cream, whipping is not necessary. You can replace the powder.

3. Cut the prunes lengthwise to make flat cakes.

4. We collect a cake on a white cake plate, it is better to cut off the excess immediately. Grease the cake, sprinkle with nuts, put a layer of chocolate pieces in the cream, sprinkle with nuts again.

5. From above, coat Vanka with cream, spread out the prunes cake with the smooth side out.

6. Sprinkle with chocolate, leave in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Cake “Vanka Curly” with bananas

Another variation of the cake, the cake for which you can prepare according to any of the recipes above. The main thing - the original filling of bananas and butter cream.


· Cake cakes;

· 3 bananas;

· 250 g of cream;

· 5 spoons of boiled condensed milk;

· Chocolate;

· 300 g sour cream.

Method of preparation

1. Beat fatty cream until foam, set aside. Separately, beat the sour cream with condensed milk. If her sweetness is not enough, then add a little icing sugar. Combine with cream, stir.

2. Peel bananas, cut into circles. We choose ripe, but not dark fruit.

3. Next, we lay the foundation of the cake, lubricate the cream, put the pieces of banana on them, pieces of cake in the cream and so on. We try not to look out of bananas in the assembled cake, cover it with cream.

4. Melt the chocolate bar, decorate the cake.

Vanka Curly Cake - Tips and Tricks

· If the form is not very successful, then it is better to cover it immediately with parchment or after smearing, sprinkle with croutons, flour, without waiting until something sticks.

· To prevent the cream from exfoliating, you need to use ingredients of the same temperature. You can not add to the butter or sour cream something hot or put them in a warm mass.

· If the cream turns out to be small, then it’s best to immediately cover some pieces with sour cream, condensed milk, jam or other similar products that can be found in any refrigerator. When alternating in the cake it will not be very noticeable.

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