Top 10 original marinades for barbecue

Top 10 original marinades for barbecue

Warm spring and hot summer days are undoubtedly a time for holidays and rest. And what kind of food is more appropriate for a Russian holiday? Well, of course, kebab!

Fragrant, juicy and indescribably tasty, barbecue on the grill is loved by everyone without exception. It would seem that in order to cook meat on an open fire, you don’t need a lot of mind: we take meat, marinate it in something, add salt and pepper to taste and ready.

But it was not the case, it is necessary to cook a good kebab wisely, so that each of the friends who tried it said only one phrase: “Lick your fingers!”. We offer you simple, and, most importantly, original marinades that will make your kebab very tasty.

1. Serum pork ribs

Top 10 original marinades for barbecue

If you like to cook cottage cheese at home, then after you decant the mass, you will most likely have a certain amount of whey - this is such a translucent liquid that tastes sour. Do not rush to pour it, because on the basis of this ingredient you can prepare a lot of dishes, as well as pickle the meat for frying on the grill.

Take all the ingredients at the rate of one to one, that is, per liter of whey should take a kilogram of meat. The ribs are very tasty in the serum: they are completely soaked with marinade juice and are very juicy. Optionally, you can add chopped cilantro to the marinade to give the meat a unique flavor. Marinating the meat is best in the evening, and the next day fry on the grill.

To the pork ribs the best side dish will be grilled vegetables: zucchini, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes or red pepper.

2. Pork neck in aromatic herbs

Top 10 original marinades for barbecue

It is the necklace that is the number one choice for kebab lovers. Soft, moderately fatty meat is marinated remarkably, absorbing all the flavors of the selected mixture.

For the marinade you will need:

• 2 kg neck,

• Basil bunch,

• Cilantro bunch,

• Thyme,

• Rosemary,

• 0.5 kg of onions,

• Salt and peppercorns.

Meat should be cut into large pieces, cilantro and basil can not cut, and tear: in this way, the grass will give all your taste and smell to meat. Onion cut into half rings, add a little thyme and rosemary to the marinade, as well as salt and peppercorns. Leave the meat to marinate in its own juice for 4-5 hours, then fry on the grill, occasionally turning the skewer.

3. Marinade for chicken based on soy sauce and apple juice

Top 10 original marinades for barbecue

Chicken meat is more delicate in structure, therefore it does not require long marinating. For the chicken to be fully prepared for roasting on coals, you will need about 3-4 hours.

For a kilo of chicken legs or thighs, you will need:

• 0.5 liters of apple juice,

• 4-5 tablespoons of soy sauce,

• 1-2 cloves of garlic,

• 2 tablespoons of sugar.

In this case, we need sugar in order to neutralize the acid of apple juice. Put the washed chicken into a deep container, mix with the other ingredients and refrigerate for 3-4 hours. Thanks to soy sauce and apple juice, the chicken will acquire a beautiful golden crust.

4. Beer marinade for pork loin

Top 10 original marinades for barbecue

Brisket is lean meat, which, if improperly cooked, may seem rather tough. Soften the meat will help beer marinade with mustard, which is very easy to cook.

You will need:

• 1.5 kg loin,

• 1 liter of dark beer,

• Mustard,

• Black pepper,

• Salt.

Everything is simple: we cut the meat into large pieces, coat it well with mustard, sprinkle with salt and pepper and leave it in the fridge for about 1 hour. Then pour our mixture with beer and marinate for another 3-4 hours. Then the process is standard - just fry the meat on the fire and serve to the table with the beer. Additionally, you can bake potatoes on charcoal in foil.

5. Veal in white wine marinade

Top 10 original marinades for barbecue

Sufficiently tender and lean veal pickles a little longer than pork. However, the taste of it is very refined, and the kebab turns out very satisfying. For cooking on the grill is better to take the shoulder or dorsal calf.

So, for the marinade, take:

• 2 kg of veal,

• 1.5 glasses of white wine,

• Coriander,

• black pepper peas,

• salt,

• Bay leaf.

We cut the meat into portions, we sprinkle with spices and mix thoroughly. After that, you can pour the skewers with wine and leave in the refrigerator for 5-7 hours. From time to time it is recommended to take the container and mix all the ingredients together.

6. Pork chop kebab in chili yogurt

Top 10 original marinades for barbecue

The carbonate is usually fried steaks, so it is best to pickle meat in a tender and savory sauce, which will give it an unforgettable taste. To make steaks, you should prepare:

• 1.5 kg of carbonate

• 500 ml of yogurt,

• 1 chili pepper,

• Rosemary,

• Marjoram,

• Salt and pepper.

We cut the meat into layers, 1.5-2 cm thick, cut the chili pepper very finely, and tear the rosemary into twigs. In a separate container, mix dry ingredients and generously dip steaks in them. Then you need to pour our dish with yogurt and leave to marinate for about 3-4 hours. Steaks are usually grilled or barbecue under the lid closed. 10 minutes before readiness, the lid can be removed to allow the steak to acquire a golden crust.

7. Spicy lamb marinated in pomegranate juice

Top 10 original marinades for barbecue

Lamb is famous for its nutritional properties and amazing flavor. For cooking kebabs, you can take the ribs of a ram, the back of a leg, a spatula or loin.

Marinade is prepared in the following way:

• 1.5 kg of lamb meat,

• 1.5 glasses of pomegranate juice,

• Chopped onions,

• 2-3 tomatoes,

• Basil,

• Cloves,

• Cilantro,

• Salt and pepper.

It is necessary to lay the ingredients for pickling in layers, so the meat will be saturated with spices and flavors will be very juicy. First, at the bottom of the pan, place the lamb, cut into large pieces, then - a layer of onions, herbs and spices (without cloves). Next - the second layer of meat and the remaining ingredients in the same manner. Then all you need to fill with pomegranate juice and add cloves. Skewers should be marinated for at least 4-5 hours, every 1.5-2 hours gently mixing all ingredients. Grill lamb on skewers, alternating pieces of meat with tomato rings.

8. Marinade for a vegetarian kebab made of vegetables

Top 10 original marinades for barbecue

Vegetarianism has recently become a fashion trend: a large number of people lead a healthy lifestyle, choosing vegetables and fruits for daily nutrition. Vegetable shashlik is an excellent alternative to meat, so the original marinade will be very useful.


• Zucchini,

• Eggplant,

• Bulgarian pepper,

• Tomatoes,

• Onions and any other vegetables you like.

Mix in a deep bowl olive oil with spices: saffron, rosemary, bay leaf, black pepper and salt. To this mixture you need to add the juice of half a lemon or lime. Then add chopped vegetables to the marinade and leave for 20-30 minutes. It is better to fry kebabs on the grill or barbecue.

9. Marinade from orange juice and ginger for salmon

Top 10 original marinades for barbecue

Fans of fish shashlik will surely enjoy the flavored marinade prepared especially for salmon steaks. Instead of salmon, you can take salmon, trout or tuna.

You need to cook:

• Orange juice,

• Olive oil,

• Ginger root,

• mustard,

• Tarragon,

• Salt.

In a glass bowl, mix in half a glass of orange juice and olive oil, grate ginger, add mustard, tarragon and salt. “Dip” the salmon steaks in the marinade and leave for 1.5-2 hours. After that fry on the grill, often turning the fish.

10. Fragrant mackerel marinated from capers and tomatoes

Top 10 original marinades for barbecue

If you are not a fan of red fish, then mackerel in an unusual marinade is just what you need.

To marinate white fish, you will need:

• Capers 3-4 tsp,

• Tomatoes 1-2 pieces,

• Sliced ​​onions,

• Clove of garlic,

• Thyme,

• Lemon,

• Soy sauce.

Tomatoes need to pour in boiling water and remove them from the skin. Little secret: the skin is removed much easier if you make a cross-cut into the top of the tomato. Cut the pulp of tomatoes. Clean the fish from the entrails, rinse. Onion cut into half rings. Inside each fish should put onions, tomatoes and capers, and on top of the fish watered with lemon juice and soy sauce. Do not forget to put a sprig of thyme. After 2 hours you can fry the mackerel on the fire. Enjoy your meal!

Any picnic will succeed if you approach its preparation with great care. Our tips will help you create an atmosphere of comfort during a meeting with friends and family, and your dishes will be incredibly tasty and fragrant, thanks to marinades.

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