Smoked breast: aromatic dietary meat. The best recipes for homemade smoked breast. What can you cook with it?

Smoked breast: aromatic dietary meat. The best recipes for homemade smoked breast. What can you cook with it?

Smoked breast is a treat that always causes appetite.

The dish has an unforgettable taste.

The main thing is to cook the meat correctly so that the taste does not have flaws.

General principles of breast smoking

Smoking a breast is a very simple type of cooking meat for poultry and animals, which can be done independently at home.

There are 2 types of smoking: cold and hot. Cold smoking requires much more time than a different kind. But both variants of such cooking give the dish a wonderful taste and aroma.

Smoked breast starts with pickling. To do this, mix the ingredients for the marinade, for example: garlic, peppercorns, mustard, wine vinegar, salt. It all depends on the desire. The proportions of the components are determined based on the weight of the meat. Next, immerse the breast in the mixture. Leave in this form for 3 hours.

In order for home-made smoking to become possible, it is necessary to purchase a special smokehouse or prepare a thick bottom frying pan and an oven rack.

The basic principle of smoking is the processing of meat with smoke. Therefore, the design should have 2 compartments. In the upper part of it will be meat, and the bottom - is the source of smoke with a certain temperature.

If you first boil the product, then you need to smoke less time and breast will be softer.

Hot smoking should be continuous. Unfinished meat can not be smoked again, the product will become tough.

In the process of heat treatment, the meat should be in a closed container.

Smoked breast is a laborious process, but the result is worth it.

Smoked Chicken Breast


soy sauce - 55 ml

dried ginger - 12 g

Balsamic vinegar - 66 ml

rice - 115 g

olive oil - 75 ml

black pepper - 3 g

salt - 6 g

black tea - 35 g

sugar - 44 g

Cinnamon - 14 g

chicken breast - 380 g

Method of preparation

In a container, pour the sauce.

Pour out the ginger.

Add balsamic vinegar.

Pour in olive oil. Mix. Chicken breast cut in half.

Remove the brisket.

Wash the meat. Put in marinade for 110 minutes.

Every 30 minutes turn the pieces of meat so that they are better soaked with the aromas of the mixture.

Put a foil on a griddle with a thick bottom.

Top with raw tea.

Sprinkle with sugar.

Posting rice grains.

Pour cinnamon.

In the frying pan set the grill from the oven.

Dry the fillets with a paper towel.

Place another griddle on the stove.

Pour in the oil. To warm.

Put the marinated meat. Each piece fry on high heat from all sides.

Place the fillet on the wire rack.

To cover with a lid.

Turn on medium fire.

After the ingredients laid out on the bottom of the pan begin to smoke, cook the chicken for about 30 minutes.

Smoked breast is ready to eat.

Serve the dish with vegetable salad.

Smoked goose breast


goose meat - 0.95 kg

salt - 95 gr.

Clove - 1 gr.

Cinnamon - 2 grams.

allspice - 3 gr.

bay leaf - 4 gr.

sugar - 12 gr.

basmati rice - 22 gr.

black tea - 20 gr.

Method of preparation

Rub the goose breast with salt.

Put in a deep container.

Put in the fridge.

Pour 950 ml of water into the pan.


Add cloves, peas, cinnamon, salt.

Add sugar and bay leaf. Stir the mixture.

Let it boil for 10 minutes.

Cool the marinade in a closed bowl.

Meat pour liquid mixture, so that it was completely covered with marinade. Mix.

To sustain 3 days.

Remove meat from brine.

Suspend for 4 hours so that it is dried.

Fry the breast on low heat for 5 minutes.

Turn over. To fry on the other hand.

Put rice and tea in a round deep frying pan.

Place the grid on top.

Put the meat on it skin down.

Cover with pan.

Put on a strong fire.

After the smell of smoke appears, reduce the heat. Smoke the breast for about 8 minutes. Take out. Cool it down.

Meat cut into thin slices.

Serve with pieces of pickled ginger.

Smoked Pineapple Breast


canned pineapples - 480 g

cheese - 120 g

smoked chicken breast - 0.55 kg

boiled eggs - 3 pcs. mayonnaise - 160 g

Method of preparation

Smoked breast cut into small slices. Put on a plate.

Meat smeared with mayonnaise.

Pineapple chop into small cubes.

Put the pieces on the meat.

Put mayonnaise on top. Distribute the mass over the entire area of ​​the dish.

Cheese grate on a medium grater. Sprinkle with chopped product pineapples. Spread this layer with mayonnaise.

Remove eggs from eggshells. Protein with yolks grate on a medium grater. Sprinkle them with a layer of cheese.

Brush well with mayonnaise.

Decorate the salad with small pieces of toasted nuts.

Place the finished dish in a cool place so that the ingredients are well soaked.

Smoked Breast in Dumpling Soup


Onions - 70 gr.

Smoked breast - 0,440 gr.

Water - 2 l

Carrots - 90 gr.

Potatoes - 210 gr.

Butter - 12 gr.

Egg - 1 pc.

Milk - 120 gr.

Allspice and black pepper - 8 peas

Parsley greens - 80 gr.

Celery branch - 30 g

Sunflower oil - 96 ml

Method of preparation

Rinse the meat under cold water.

Cut the fat. Remove the skin.

Put in a pan with cold water.

Wait until the broth boils.

Reduce heat.

Peel the bulb. Divide into parts. Put in pan.

Add a leaf of laurel.

Pour pea peppers. Cover the container with boiling broth with a lid.

Cut off the skin of the potato. Cut into small cubes.

Peel the onions and chop.

Remove carrots from the skin. Grate with large holes.

Ready smoked breast out of the broth.

Remove onions and spices from the pan.

Pour the potato cubes into the pot. Cook for 15 minutes.

Put the pan on the fire. Pour out the sunflower oil. Preheat it.

Place the bow. Fry until golden brown. Add to saucepan.

Add oil to the heated bottom of the pan. Put the carrots. Fry the vegetable well. Put in broth.

Chilled chicken meat divided into pieces. Put in the soup.

In a separate bowl, mix the yolk with butter.

Pour there flour.

Pour milk.

Beat the protein with a pinch of salt. Add to batch.

Put dough into boiling soup with a teaspoon. Mix. The soup should boil for 6 minutes.

Put chopped greens in the pan.

Turn off the fire.

Infuse flavored dish for 15 minutes.

Serve with sour cream.

Smoked Breast with Pears


honey - 56 g

red wine vinegar - 45 ml

olive oil - 88 ml

pears - 210 g

smoked chicken breast - 240 g

currant jelly - 14 g

salt - 4 g

white pepper - to taste

Provencal herbs - 5 g

lettuce leaves - 150 g

Method of preparation

Put honey in a deep container.

Pour in olive oil.

Add vinegar. Stir the liquid mixture.

Pour jelly.

Set the sauce container aside.

Pear rinse. To cut in half. Rid of the core.

Pulp cut into thin slices. Put in a glass pot.

Pour the pieces of fruit sauce. Leave for 50 minutes.

Meat divided into slices. Place in container.

Pour the marinade. Combine pears with fillets.

Add chopped lettuce leaves.

Sprinkle with salt.

Spice up.

Sprinkle with a mixture of herbs.

Stir fragrant dish.

Serve smoked breast salad immediately after preparation.

Smoked breast rolled in pita


smoked duck breast - 140 g

mayonnaise - 90 g

thin pita bread - 2 sheets

Korean carrot - 105 g

processed cheese - 85 g

Method of preparation

Melted cheese grate on a fine grater.

Chop duck meat.

One sheet of pita to smear half of mayonnaise.

Put the processed cheese. Spread evenly across the base.

Cover with another sheet of pita. Thoroughly press with your fingers so that the pita breads stick together.

Spread the second pita bread with mayonnaise residues.

Put Korean carrot.

Smoothies slices spread out on top.

Twist the pita bread with the filling in a thick roll.

Wrap in plastic wrap.

Send to the fridge.

Before serving, remove the film. Roll cut into pieces with a thickness of 2 cm.

Put the dish on a plate. Decorate with chopped green onions.

Add pomegranate seeds.

Smoked pork breast in vegetable soup


White cabbage - 520 gr.

Smoked pork breast - 160 gr.

Potatoes - 580 gr.

Carrots -630 gr.

Turnip - 60 gr.

Onion - 245 gr.

Beans - 0.9 kg Chick pea - 50 gr.

Salt - 8 gr.

Method of preparation

Smoked pork chop into medium sized pieces.

Remove the potatoes from the top layer. Cut into slices.

Wash carrots. To peel. Cut into thin strips.

Turnip rinse under cold water. Clean the tails and rinse again. Cut into strips.

With a bow to remove the husk. Grind.

To sort and wash the beans.

Prepared ingredients put in a cast iron container.

Fill with water so that the liquid level is 5 cm above the contents of the container.

After boiling, boil the mass for 2 hours on low heat.

Salt the mixture.

Add green peas in the pods. Cook another 25 minutes.

Put chopped white cabbage into the soup.

Serve smoked breast vegetable soup in clay pots.

Smoked Chicken Breast


smoked breasts of the same size - 4 pcs.

smoked pork breast - 4 slices

salt - 6 g

freshly ground black pepper - 8 g

corn oil - 26 ml

Method of preparation

Soak chicken breasts in water.

Drain with a kitchen towel.

Cut off the hanging meat from the inside of the breast.

Beat off the thickest parts of the breast so that the thickness of the meat is the same.

Cut each breast with a knife to make a pocket.

Put there a slice of smoked meat.

Secure it with toothpicks so that the pocket is sealed.

Sprinkle with salt. Spice up.

Beat meat pieces with a palm, so that salt and pepper are stuck to the meat.

Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan with a thick bottom over high heat.

Lay the breasts on the bottom with the side from which the skin was removed.

Reduce heat to medium.

Fry meat for about 2 minutes.

Turn over. The other side of the meat to fry the same amount of time.

Ready to stuff stuffed smoked pork put on a warm dish.

Take out the toothpicks.

Serve the dish with vegetable salad.

Smoked Breast: Tricks and Tips

  • When choosing meat, you need to buy only a quality product. This will affect the taste of the finished dish.
  • If you put branches of fruit trees into the fire, then smoked breast will be more fragrant.
  • The grill should be identical to the size of the pan. If it is more, the steam will come out, the meat will be worse than smoked.
  • To speed up the cooking of meat, you can divide it into pieces.
  • It is necessary to fry breasts for 3 minutes from each side. If the meat is dry, smoked breast at home will not work.
  • Properly roasted meat should be soft and juicy inside.
  • If you freeze the breasts, skin incision will be easier. Then the probability of damage to the meat decreases.
  • Smoked breast salads can be layered or all products can be mixed with mayonnaise.
  • To make the soup with smoked breast transparent, reduce the fire immediately after boiling the broth with meat.
  • Dumplings increase, so you need to adjust the amount of dough in the soup.
  • Dumpling soup must be continuously stirred so that the contents do not stick together.
  • The vegetables in the soup should be soft, but not boiled. A smoked pork breast should have a delicate pink shade.
  • Fried meat should be laid out on a warm plate so that it comes and becomes softer, and the juices are evenly distributed throughout the piece.
  • Lightly salted meat will not have enough bright taste.
  • Smoked breast perfectly combines with young suluguni or salted mozzarella.
  • Smoked meat is served with boiled potatoes and chopped greens.
  • If the marinating process needs to be accelerated, the meat can be punctured with a liquid marinade using a conventional syringe.
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