Cheesecake with mascarpone - a creamy-flavored cheese cake. Recipes for vanilla, cottage cheese, strawberry cheesecake with mascarpone

Cheesecake with mascarpone - a creamy-flavored cheese cake. Recipes for vanilla, cottage cheese, strawberry cheesecake with mascarpone

Cheesecake is a delicious dessert made from cream cheese.

It is also called a cake or cake. There are lots of recipes with cottage cheese, ricotta, Philadelphia cheese, cream, but the cheesecakes with mascarpone are especially tasty.

Fat cheese harmonizes perfectly with the sand base and as a result you get the most delicate delicacy.


Mascarpone Cheesecake - General Cooking Principles

The basis for the cheesecake - cake. It can be cooked with and without baking. For the base, any cookies are ground, most often shortbread or crackers, the crumb is combined with butter and a kind of dough is obtained. It does not need to put sugar or other ingredients, but if you want you can add a little vanilla, brandy, cinnamon. The mass of cookies hands laid out at the bottom of the form.

For the mascarpone filling, besides cheese, sugar or powder is used, cream is added. If dessert with pastries, then also raw eggs go into the cream. If without baking, other products can be added to thicken, for example, gelatin, chocolate, starch. Together with mascarpone, you can put other cheeses, cottage cheese in the filling. This will reduce the cost of dessert, help to diversify the taste.

Classic cheesecake has no fillers and has a light vanilla flavor. But any recipe can be varied by adding berries, fruits, nuts, white or dark chocolate. They can also be used for decoration, but fresh berries and fruits are best laid out before serving dessert on the table, in order to preserve juiciness and attractive appearance.

Recipe 1: Mascarpone Classic Cheesecake

A variant of vanilla cheesecake with mascarpone and cream, which resembles a soufflé in structure. The filling is gentle, airy, melts in the mouth. All ingredients need to stand for an hour at room temperature, so that the products are well connected. Ingredients

• 1 gram of vanilla;

• 200 grams of cream;

• 500 grams of mascarpone;

• 3 eggs;

• 150 grams of powder;

• 100 grams of butter;

• 200 grams of cookies.


1. Chop the biscuits finely, you can skip through a meat grinder or put a rolling pin. Combine with softened butter and knead well. We spread the resulting dough to the bottom of a detachable form, level it and make the bumpers, send it to the fridge and let it stand until the filling is prepared.

2. We mix mascarpone with powdered sugar, these two products are well connected and do not cause problems.

3. Now gently introduce the cream. You need to add a little bit, otherwise lumps may appear.

4. Enter alternately one egg. You can interrupt the yolk with protein with a fork to make it easier to stir.

5. Put the vanilla and finally knead the filling.

6. Wrap the form with cookies with foil from the outside, preferably in two layers, so that no water gets into the cheesecake through the connectors.

7. Spread the filling, flatten with a spoon.

8. Put the form in a baking sheet, pour the water so much that it reaches the middle of the rim.

9. Bake cheesecake from 80 to 100 minutes at 160 degrees. Then we take it out, let it cool for half an hour, remove the sides and send the dessert to the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. Then you can remove the bottom, put the dessert in the dish and cut into portions.

Recipe 2: Cheesecake with mascarpone, strawberries and white chocolate without baking

A delicious recipe for cheesecake with mascarpone, which you definitely need to try in the berry season. Only fresh strawberries are used, the frozen berries will not work as they produce a lot of juice. Eggs do not go; white chocolate is used to fix the mass. Also, Philadelphia cheese is added to the filling, giving it a creamy taste.


• 250 grams of Maria cracker;

• 100 grams of oil; • 40 grams of mascarpone;

• 250 grams of white chocolate;

• 200 grams of creamy philadelphia;

• 60 grams of cream;

• 350 grams of strawberries.


1. According to the classical scheme, we grind crushed cookies with butter, you can simply put everything into a combine and kill. We line the bottom of the form with the resulting mass, smooth it with our hands.

2. Crumble white chocolate into cubes, send to a water bath and melt. Add cream, mix.

3. We combine Philadelphia with mascarpone, mix and gradually introduce a creamy mass with white chocolate. The cream should be homogeneous.

4. Half of the strawberries are left to decorate, the second part is cut into slices and sent to cream.

5. Put the stuffing in the cheesecake and send the dessert overnight in the fridge, cover the top with cling film. Then take out, decorate with fresh berries.

Recipe 3: Mascarpone cheesecake with liqueur cream

A delicious dessert that tastes like tiramisu. The cooking process is long, but the result is worth it. Gentle, airy dessert, having a pleasant aroma of liquor. For the base, traditional Savoyardi cookies (ladies fingers) are also used.


• 350 grams of mascarpone;

• 350 grams of Philadelphia cheese;

• 200 grams of powdered sugar;

• 4 eggs;

• 40 grams of liquor;

• 150 grams of cookies;

• 50 grams of strong espresso;

• 80 grams of oil.


1. Savoyardy kroshim, melt the butter and mix everything together. We spread on the bottom of a detachable form, send to the oven for 10 minutes, then cool.

2. Mix cream cheese with mascarpone, add icing sugar, mix. Pour in a thin stream of liquor and espresso, do not cease to mix.

3. Enter one egg into the cream, knead well.

4. We spread the fragrant stuffing in the workpiece from Savoyardi.

5. Send to the oven, heated to 100 degrees. Withstand 3 hours. Then turn off the oven and give the cheesecake to brew for another 2 hours, do not open the door. 6. Cold dessert is sent to the refrigerator for 5 hours.

Recipe 4: Cheesecake with mascarpone and cherry without baking

The original recipe for cheesecake with mascarpone on the basis of gelatin. For cooking, you can use fresh cherries or frozen. A feature of this dessert is the assembly technique.


• 300 grams of any cookie;

• 150 grams of oil;

• 450 grams of mascarpone;

• a glass of sugar;

• 200 grams of cream;

• 15 grams of gelatin;

• cherry berries 300 grams;

• 50 ml of cherry juice.


1. Mix the cherry juice with the same amount of water, pour in the gelatin and leave for 40 minutes. Then we heat it up to complete dissolution of the lumps, but do not let the mass boil.

2. Mix sugar with mascarpone, gradually introduce cream and melted gelatin, gently knead. The cream is ready!

3. From the cherries take out the bones.

4. Cover the bottom of the detachable form with parchment, smear the edges with butter and spread half of the cream. Then a layer of pitted cherries and stuffing again. But you can just mix the berries with the cheese mass. Remove the dessert for an hour in the fridge to freeze gelatin.

5. Grind cookies, grind with softened butter. Then spread on top of the frozen cream and again send the dessert in the fridge, now for 5 hours.

6. Remove the form from the fridge, cover it with a flat dish and turn it over. Remove the shape and parchment, decorate the dessert at its discretion.

Recipe 5: Cheesecake with Mascarpone and Curd

Mascarpone is not a very cheap product, but cottage cheese will help reduce the cost of dessert. Moreover, the dessert with such a filling is very tender, resembles a soufflé. Cottage cheese can be used any, but tastes better with a fatty product above 6%. Recipe with baking.


• 140 grams of powder;

• 250 grams of cottage cheese;

• 250 grams of mascarpone;

• 3 eggs;

• 170 ml of heavy cream; • 230 grams of cookies;

• 100 grams of oil.


1. Mix the ground cookies with butter, form a lump and send to the fridge while the filling is being prepared.

2. Cottage cheese wipe through a sieve or interrupt with a blender. It is necessary to grind it so that there are no pieces in the filling.

3. Mix cheese with cottage cheese, spoon cream and powdered sugar in a spoon, then drive in one egg. All mix.

4. We get a lump of cookies, lay out in a detachable form, making the cake. Wrap the form in foil, leaving the top open.

5. Put the cheese filling.

6. Send the form to the oven. But before that, put in a baking sheet, pour water into it. We bake a treat for at least an hour at a temperature of 160 degrees. Then turn off the oven and cool the dessert in it, without opening the door. Maintain a cheesecake for 3 hours in the refrigerator, then remove from the mold.

Recipe 6: Chocolate Mascarpone Cheesecake

There are delicious desserts, and there are universal. This is a chocolate mascarpone cheesecake. His taste can not please, like absolutely everything and has no opponents. But who doesn't love chocolate? And the addition of brandy will make the cream especially fragrant.


• 180 grams of cookies;

• 90 grams of oil;

• 100 grams of chocolate;

• 280 grams of mascarpone;

• 150 grams of cream 30%;

• 3 tablespoons of powder;

• 2 spoons of brandy.


1. Making a base of cookies and butter, line the molds on the bottom.

2. Break the chocolate into pieces, put in a bowl and melt in a water bath, add 2 tablespoons of cream, mix.

3. In small portions, we add mascarpone into the chocolate mass, do not cease to interfere.

4. Introduce cream and powder a little bit. The amount of sugar is adjusted to your taste, as the chocolate bar is also quite sweet.

5. Add cognac to the filling, which can be replaced with liqueur or rum if desired. And you can completely eliminate. 6. Put the cheese filling in the mold, cover with cling film and send the chocolate cheesecake to cool for at least 5 hours.

7. Remove the dessert from the mold, decorate at its discretion. You can pour with melted chocolate, sprinkle with grated tiles or cocoa powder.

Mascarpone Cheesecake - Tips and Tricks

• Ideally, when baking a cheesecake, no cracks should form on the surface. But if there are minor defects - nothing terrible, it will not affect the taste. And to hide the cracks will help fruits and berries.

• So that when mascarpone is combined with cream, no grains are formed, the products must have the same temperature. Starting to enter the cream you need a little bit, knead well.

• When whipping the filling for the mascarpone cheesecake, it is better not to use a mixer. A large number of air bubbles will make the mass loose and the cheesecake will not work. It is better to mix the stuffing with a usual whisk or fork.

• Do bubbles appear on the surface of the cheesecake? This may be from beating the filling too intensively and you need to get rid of them so that the top is not covered with dark spots. To do this, simply pierce the bubbles with a toothpick as they arise.

• The sweet taste of cheesecake blends perfectly with sour berries and fruits. Therefore, when choosing decorations for dessert, it is better to give preference to them than sweet dressing, creams and chocolate.

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