Desserts from biscuits - tea treats in a matter of minutes. A selection of the best recipes for desserts from cookies: Trayf, Cheesecake, Sausage

Desserts from biscuits - tea treats in a matter of minutes. A selection of the best recipes for desserts from cookies: Trayf, Cheesecake, Sausage

Desserts from cookies - a real find for housewives who do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. At the same time, they are no worse than cakes.

Biscuit Desserts - Basic Cooking Principles

There are so many recipes for desserts made from cookies that you can write a single book. It is enough to have a little imagination to make your own version of the preparation of a sweet biscuit dish. The easiest and most famous dessert of cookies - sweet sausage. Probably, there is no person who would try it at least once in her life. After all, it was prepared by our grandmothers. It is enough to crumble cookies, combine them with butter, sugar, cocoa and milk. From the resulting mass form "sausage", wrapped it in a film and put in the refrigerator.

Another famous biscuit dessert is the “Anthill” cake. They can feed a big company. Here, too, everything is simple: cookies are crushed, mixed with condensed milk and butter. From the mass form a slide and sent to the refrigerator until it solidifies.

In hot summer you can make a dessert from cookies with ice cream, mixing these two ingredients. Here you can add jam, fresh fruit, nuts, honey and maple syrup. Here you can experiment and add the ingredients you love.

Cookies can also make exquisite Tiramisu dessert. For him use biscuit cookies, which is dipped in coffee liqueur and spread, sandwiching with mascarpone cream.

Desserts are made from shortbread, oatmeal and biscuit cookies, crackers.

Recipe 1. Biscuit Dessert: Trifle with berries, bananas and mascarpone cheese


Cookies “Jubilee” - 200 g;

200 g mascarpone cheese;

sweet nutmeg - 100 g;

50 grams of sugar;

two bananas;

two eggs;

100 g of frozen black currants.

Method of preparation

1. Break the cookies into small pieces. Take wide glasses of clear glass and spread the biscuits equally. Pour some nutmeg wine into each glass and mix with cookies. 2. Remove the peel from the bananas and cut them into small circles. Put black currant berries and bananas in a blender container. Perebeyte all to a state of uniform thick mashed potatoes. Spread the puree on top of the biscuits equally in all glasses.

3. Separate the protein from the yolks. In the latter, add sugar and beat until the yolks are white. Add mascarpone cheese and mix until smooth.

4. Whip the whites in a dense foam that will not drain from the corolla. Stir the whipped whites gently into the cream cheese, stirring with a spatula. Spread the cream in equal portions in glasses. From above you can decorate with chocolate chips.

Recipe 2. Biscuit Dessert: Cheesecake with Strawberry Cheesecake


half a pack of butter;

5 g vanilla;

300 g of “Jubilee” cookies;

strawberries - 200 g;

100 g of strawberry jelly;

half a kilo of cottage cheese;

25 g of gelatin;

granulated sugar - 200 g;


400 ml of cream 30%.

Method of preparation

1. Remove the pack of oil from the refrigerator at least half an hour before the start of cooking. Shortbread biscuits break in small pieces, put in the bowl blender and add soft butter. We interrupt everything until homogeneity.

2. We spread the resulting mass in a round split form and distribute it in a uniform layer along the bottom, slightly tamping. We put the form with the base in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

3. Gelatin pour into a deep bowl and pour 50 liters of hot water. Stir and cool slightly. Set the bowl over a saucepan with boiling water and hold until the gelatin dissolves completely. Remove and cool

4. Cottage cheese shift in food processor and grind to obtain a homogeneous curd mass. We shift in a bowl, add cream and sugar. Beat with a mixer until you get a fluffy, thick cream.

5. Pour into the cream freshly squeezed lemon juice, gelatin and vanillin. Beat another three minutes. We spread the cream in the form on the base and level. Again, send in the fridge for an hour.

6. My strawberries, cut into plates and cover it with the entire surface of the cheesecake, slightly overlapping each other. Fill all with strawberry jelly and again send in the cold. Withstand a couple of hours.

Recipe 3. Biscuit Dessert: “French Charlotte”


forty pieces of finger biscuits;

50 g of powdered sugar;

250 g cream cheese;

a glass of purified water;

250 g strawberries;

5 g vanilla sugar;

three art. spoons of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Combine the purified water with sugar in a saucepan. We put on a slow fire and cook until the crystals completely dissolve. You can add a couple of spoons of strawberry liqueur. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.

2. In a deep bowl lay out cream cheese. My strawberries and spread on a paper towel. Small berries are left entirely, and large cut into four parts.

3. In a bowl with cream cheese pour sugar, add vanilla and beat with a mixer in a fluffy mass. Spread half of strawberries in cream. Gently mix, trying not to mash the berries.

4. Split the form sprinkled with powdered sugar. Dip biscuits in syrup and lay out on the bottom, trying to avoid gaps between them. Then lay out the cookie vertically in a circle shape. From above, we drag everything with icing sugar.

5. We spread out half of cream, we level and we put strawberry, having left a little for decoration. Lay a layer of cream biscuits in syrup. Spread the remaining cream. Cover with cookies, not forgetting to dip it in syrup. Decorate with strawberries and crush with powdered sugar. We put at least an hour in the fridge.

Recipe 4. Biscuit Dessert: Sausage Cake


250 g of biscuits;

powdered sugar - 80 g;

200 ml of condensed milk;

110 g coconut chips;

230 g butter;

walnuts - 50 g;

30 g of cocoa powder.

Method of preparation

1. Crush cookies in small chips. To do this, place it in a plastic bag and crush it with a rolling pin, or put it in a bowl, smashing it into pieces, and remember the potato crush.

2. Put the walnuts in a mortar and pestle them into a not too fine crumb. Cookies and nuts combine in deep dishes.

3. Add condensed milk, cocoa and butter, cut into pieces. Mix everything thoroughly with your hands until a dense homogeneous mass. 4. Spread cling film on the table. Put a lot of cookies and nuts and form a rectangle of the same thickness from it.

5. Put the coconut shavings in a bowl, leaving some for decoration. Add icing sugar and a piece of soft butter to it. Stir. From the coconut mass form a sausage along the length of the quadrilateral. Put it on the edge of the seam gently roll up the roll. Wrap cling film, well tied edges.

6. Send the sausage for two hours in the refrigerator. Then take it out, roll in coconut chips and place on a beautiful plate. You can decorate with mint leaves and fresh berries.

Recipe 5. Dessert from cookies, cottage cheese and bananas


30 g chocolate;

300 g cottage cheese;


100 g of cookies.

Method of preparation

1. Prepare a portion of transparent glass of ice-shakers. Smash the cookies with your hands into small pieces. Remove the peel from the banana and cut it into thin circles.

2. Put cottage cheese in a plate, and thoroughly rub with a fork with sugar until smooth. You can use children's curds. In this case, do not add sugar.

3. Visually divide the curd mass in half, and each spread in equal parts on the bowl.

4. Cottage cheese cover with an even layer of biscuits. Then spread out the circles of the banana. Fruits cover with cottage cheese layer, on which lay out broken cookies and bananas. Cover everything with a thin layer of curd mass and decorate with chocolate chips. Soak dessert in the fridge for an hour.

Recipe 6. Raspberry Oatmeal Dessert


30 g of gelatin;

350 g of oatmeal cookies;

purified water - 320 ml;

220 g sour cream;


half a kilo of cottage cheese;

150 g sugar stove;

a pack of butter fat.

Method of preparation

1. Divide the gelatin into two parts. In one bowl, put 20 g, and in another - 10. Fill with cold water and leave to swell.

2. Smash oatmeal cookies in small pieces and place in a blender bowl. Add soft butter and smash everything until smooth. Cover the bottom of the split form with parchment. Put the mass of cookies into it and spread it with your hands in an even layer. Put the form in the freezer. 3. Combine sour cream with cottage cheese, vanilla, sugar and raspberries. Beat the whole blender until smooth. Place a cup of 20 g of swollen gelatin over a saucepan with boiling water and hold until it dissolves. Beat the whole blender again so that the gelatin is sold out over the curd mass.

4. Remove the form with the base from the freezer and place half of the curd mass in it. Spread the raspberries on top, and cover it with another layer of curd mass. Smooth the surface and send at least half an hour in the freezer.

5. Put in a saucepan about a hundred grams of raspberry. Add 100 g of granulated sugar and pour 300 ml of purified water. Put on a small fire and boil. Cool to a warm state and strain. Add gelatin dissolved in the water bath and mix.

6. Remove the form, spread out the raspberry berries on the surface of the dessert, and pour a thin layer of raspberry mixture. Put for 20 minutes in the freezer. Then pour the remaining jelly and leave in the refrigerator overnight. Remove the ring from the mold, cut into portions and serve.

Cookie Desserts - Tricks & Tips

  • Cookies are conveniently ground in a blender, or laid out in a bag and crushed with a rolling pin.
  • To make the dessert not dry, soak the biscuits in any fruit or berry syrup.
  • You can add walnuts, peanuts or almonds to dessert.
  • If you do not have a Savoyardi, you can cut the sponge cake into strips and use them as cookies.
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