What makes a homemade cheesecake: mascarpone, philadelphia or ricotta? New recipes for juicy cheesecake at home

What makes a homemade cheesecake: mascarpone, philadelphia or ricotta? New recipes for juicy cheesecake at home

Fashionable cheesecakes are essentially cheesecakes or cheese cakes. They are considered the invention of the Americans, but it is not.

Initially, this method of cooking dishes from cottage cheese was born in Eastern Europe.

There are dozens of homemade cheesecake cooking options - it’s just right to publish a separate book.

Its undoubted advantage - ease of preparation, a relatively small amount of ingredients and, of course, benefit.

Especially if you use homemade natural cottage cheese.

Homemade Cheesecake - General Cooking Principles

Homemade cottage cheese treat consists of two main components: the base and the filling. Moreover, the filling is clearly more important: it can both fix a bad foundation and spoil the most wonderful one. It is not surprising, because sometimes a ninety percent cheesecake consists of cottage cheese or cheese filling.

For the filling of the cheesecake at home are used:

1. soft cream cheese (“Mascarpone”, “Philadelphia”, “Almette”, “Ricotta”);

2. cottage cheese (usual store or soft, but not granulated!);

3. cream and yogurt with gelatin;

4. processed cheese.

To get the perfect homemade cheesecake, the filling must be gentle, uniform (without lumps), dense. The easiest way to use soft cheeses, they allow you to get just such a consistency without much hassle. If there is only home-made or store-made curd, then you will need a mixer to turn it into a pasty state. If there is no mixer, wipe the curd through a sieve, and then mix it with cream, sour cream or yogurt.

The basis of cheesecake at home is either a baked biscuit or chopped ready-made cookies from the store. Both options are tasty, although the second is less troublesome. I bought a pack of cookies - and half the work has already been done. The taste, by the way, is practically not reflected.

Grind cookies (or crackers) conveniently in a blender. If not, you can simply put the cookies in a plastic bag and roll with a rolling pin. Baked homemade cheesecake at a low temperature of 170 to 180 degrees. The oven should be preheated, lubricate the form with butter. If possible, it should be placed between the heating elements in order to evenly bake both the top and the base of the product. The main thing - do not dry the treat. If the hot dessert twitches a little in the center of the mold, this is normal.

Cutting and serving need not just a completely cooled dessert, but a treat that stood for several hours in the fridge. It is in the cooled state that the taste and texture of the filling reach the ideal.

Classic Homemade Cheesecake “Weekend in New York”

Starting familiarity with the cheesecake at home is best with a classic recipe. It is so tasty that it can linger in pets for a long time. The incomparable creamy taste did not accidentally make this variant of the dessert popular all over the world.


• two hundred grams of unsalted crackers;

• one hundred grams of unsalted butter;

• three tablespoons of granulated sugar for the base;

• fifty grams of peeled walnuts;

• 900 grams of soft cream cheese (part can be replaced with soft cottage cheese, but the taste will change);

• 220 grams of store sour cream;

• 230 grams of sugar (two hundred grams for the filling, thirty for the smetanny finish);

• 80 ml of heavy cream;

• four chicken eggs;

• three tablespoons of white flour;

• lemon;

• bag of vanillin.


Grind crackers and nuts.

Mix them with sugar.

Melt the butter and pour it into the future base.

All pereteret crumbs with a fork.

Put the crumb into a split form, forming botiki.

While preparing the filling, the form must be removed in the refrigerator.

Remove lemon zest from lemon.

Mix cream cheese with sugar and flour, mix all with a fork or mixer.

One by one to beat the eggs into the filling, each time beating with a mixer for at least thirty seconds.

Add zest, vanilla and cream, beat again.

Remove the mold, pour the filling over the dough and put in a preheated oven for about fifteen minutes.

Then reduce the temperature to 110-120 degrees, bake for an hour. If the top is not baked, increase baking for another half an hour. Mix sour cream with sugar.

Remove the form with a knife to separate the cake from the sides.

Smear the top of the product with sweet sour cream, bake for another fifteen minutes.

Cool the homemade cheesecake without removing the restrictive ring.

Remove the form, and send the dessert for several hours in the refrigerator.

When serving, you can decorate with syrup from jam, condensed milk, a piece of chocolate.

Homemade strawberry-yoghurt cheesecake

Delicious delicate cheesecake at home is easy to prepare using gelatin. The dense top of yogurt and strawberries make the delicacy very light, not so high in calories.


• two hundred grams of shortbread shop cookies;

• half a liter of store-rich yogurt with strawberry flavor;

• 75 grams of butter;

• 150 grams of granulated sugar;

• four hundred grams of strawberries;

• 200 ml of cream (optional);

• A tablespoon of gelatin.


Cut butter into cubes.

Combine cookies with butter, rub with hands.

Lay the base in shape, tightly crushing the crumb and forming sides.

Put in the fridge.

Gelatin pour juice from the berries (if strawberries are used frozen) or any fruit juice and leave to swell for about twenty minutes.

Dissolve gelatin in a water bath.

In the bowl of a blender, fold the berries, yogurt, sugar, beat all fifteen seconds.

Pour the berry-yogurt mixture into another container, add gelatin solution, mix and leave for twenty minutes.

If you want to make the cake more tasty, you can pour in an additional incomplete glass of heavy cream.

Get the form, pour the base with the filling and put in the fridge for two or three hours.

When the gelatinous top completely hardens, you can serve.

Homemade Cheesecake Cheesecake

Very light, slightly sour homemade cheesecake with a cinnamon note can be made from ordinary cottage cheese, any frozen or fresh berries, flour and cream. The basis in this recipe will have to do on their own, without the store cookies.


• three glasses of white flour;

• 150 grams of butter;

• 150 ml of cream; • 350 grams of shop or homemade curd;

• lemon;

• two glasses of sugar;

• three hundred grams of berries (any);

• some cinnamon powder (at the tip of the knife);

• 70 ml of water;

• A tablespoon of gelatin.


Mix soft but not melted butter with flour and grind it into crumb.

Pour half a glass of sugar, cinnamon, pour in water and knead a dense dough.

Form the basis of the dough in the form, pricked with a fork.

Bake for twenty minutes.

Peel off lemon zest.

Mix a glass of sugar, grated cottage cheese, cream and zest.

Beat cream with a mixer.

Mix the berries with the remaining sugar, pour in half a glass of warm water, boil for about ten minutes.

Gelatin pour water, dissolve according to the instructions and pour in the berry jam.

Put the curd on the cooled sand cake.

Then make a berry gelatin layer.

Leave the dessert to pour overnight in the refrigerator.

Homemade “Dietetic” cheesecake with fructose

For girls who are watching the figure, there is a low-calorie version of cheesecake. To make it, you need fructose biscuits, low-fat dairy products, and a little starch.


• four hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese;

• 150 grams of sugar-free cookies with fructose;

• 350 grams of natural low-fat yogurt;

• two chicken eggs;

• one and a half tablespoons of corn or potato starch;

• three tablespoons of granulated sugar;

• half a lemon;

• a quarter cup of apple clarified juice.


Chip cookies mixed with apple, without pulp, juice.

Put the mass into shape, compact, put on the shelf of the refrigerator.

Grate a half of lemon.

In a blender, beat yogurt, cottage cheese, lemon.

Add eggs, starch and beat again for about two minutes.

Fill the sand base with the filling and bake at 160 degrees for about an hour.

Turn off the oven, but do not remove the cake.

When the dessert has cooled, send it to the fridge for four hours.

When serving, decorate with syrup jam, coconut shavings or almond petals.

Homemade chocolate-cognac cheesecake without baking

An incomparable, delicious chocolate dessert with a slight cognac note will bring real pleasure. Who would have thought that a great cheesecake at home is so easy to make!


• two hundred grams of regular cookies;

• fifty grams of butter;

• 250 grams of mascarpone;

• 150 mo cream of the highest fat content;

• three spoons of powdered sugar;

• bar of any chocolate;

• two spoons of cocoa powder without sugar;

• two tablespoons of brandy (rum, liquor).


Grind cookies.

Dissolve the oil, not allowing boiling.

Mix sand crumb with oil.

Lay out the mixture in the form, washed in a tight base with a side.

In a water bath, melt the chocolate with three tablespoons of cream.

Separately, whip soft cheese, powdered sugar and cream.

Combine cream cheese mass, chocolate and cognac, mix.

Place the filling on top of the sand base, level with a silicone spatula.

Put the dessert overnight in the fridge.

Sprinkle cocoa and serve.

Homemade cheesecake “Creamy vanilla” in a slow cooker

Cooking dessert in a slow cooker will take a lot of time, but it's worth a try. The optimum temperature maintained by the device will not allow the delicacy to dry up or burn slightly.


• a pound of homemade cottage cheese;

• one hundred grams of fresh butter;

• two hundred grams of regular store cookies;

• three chicken eggs;

• three spoons of sour cream;

• three tablespoons of corn or potato starch;

• 150 grams of granulated sugar;

• teaspoon baking powder;

• one third teaspoon of salt;

• bag of vanillin or vanilla sugar.


Melt the butter.

Mix cookie crumb with butter.

Grease the walls of the bowl with butter.

Spread the base on the bowl of the multicooker, pressing it with your hands.

Separate the yolks.

Mix cottage cheese, yolks, sugar with a mixer.

Add salt, vanilla and baking powder, beat again. It is necessary to achieve a creamy, homogeneous consistency.

Squirrels beat up to the state of persistent peaks and send to the cottage cheese.

Stir the cream with a spoon (not a mixer!). Pour the cream over the base.

Cook in baking mode for exactly an hour.

After the beep, do not open the lid. The unit will go into temperature maintenance mode. To sustain the dessert in such a state you need at least two hours.

Open the lid and cool the cheesecake.

Transfer to a plate, hold in the fridge and serve.

Homemade Cranberry-Marshmallow Cheesecake with Mascarpone

Marshmallow lovers will love this version of cheesecake. Gelatin the tip turns out beautiful and very tasty.


• half a kilo of Mascarpone;

• four hundred grams of multi-colored marshmallows;

• 350 grams of shortbread biscuits;

• 300 ml low-fat milk;

• 130 grams of butter;

• two hundred grams of cranberry jam;

• lemon;

• teaspoon gelatin.


Grind chopped cookies with butter.

Condense the baby in the form, put in the refrigerator.

Mix half mascarpone and half marshmallow (choose marshmallows of the same color).

Install in the microwave power of 800 W, hold the soft cheese in the chamber for exactly two minutes. The mixture will swell.

Stir the cheese mixture with a fork, pour in half the milk, stir again.

Squeeze three spoons of lemon juice, add to the filling.

Repeat the whole process of making cream with marshmallows of a different color from the remaining half of the ingredients.

Pour the base of the cheesecake, alternating creams of two colors. In the middle, first pour three tablespoons of the first cream, then three tablespoons of the second, etc.

Put the cake in the fridge for three hours.

Dissolve gelatin according to the instructions.

Mix gelatin water with cranberry jam.

Pour the cake and put away in the cold.

When the jelly hardens, the cheesecake is ready.

Homemade “Melted” Cheesecake

Budget, but tasty version of cheesecake stuffed with melted cheese - this is unusual and original. The main feature is high-quality melted cheese. "Viola", "Nature", etc.


• three hundred grams of store cookies;

• 150 grams of butter;

• 800 grams of good processed cheese;

• 220 grams of granulated sugar;

• 180 grams of store sour cream;

• three chicken eggs. Preparation:

Prepare a base of cookies and butter crumbs.

Put in the form, send in the cold.

Put the cheese in a container, add sugar, mix with a spoon, then beat with a mixer.

Add eggs, beat again.

Introduce sour cream, a little more whip cream.

You can not beat for a long time, so as not to have air bubbles.

On a cold basis, pour the cream.

Bake in the oven in a water bath for at least an hour. To do this, put the form with dessert in a larger form filled with water.

Turn off the oven, open the door, but do not remove the form.

When the cheesecake has cooled, put it on the top shelf of the refrigerator for at least another four hours.

Homemade Cheesecake - Tricks and Tips

  • Very often, cheesecake cheesecakes crack on top. This happens if the dessert is improperly cooled, or too much surface tension. To preserve a beautiful appearance, you need to cool the cheesecake in three steps: first, with the oven door open, then at room temperature, and then in the refrigerator. To loosen the upper tension, you can carefully separate the cheesecake from the walls of the split form.
  • Chocolate glaze will help to hide the cracked top.
  • The ingredients for the filling should be at room temperature. This particularly applies to cheeses (including processed) and cottage cheese. The components will mix more evenly, the filling turned out beautiful.
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