Airy and low-calorie protein cream for delicious cakes and desserts. We reveal the secrets of making this protein cream!

Airy and low-calorie protein cream for delicious cakes and desserts. We reveal the secrets of making this protein cream!

For an unforgettable dessert or cake you just need a delicious cream.

One of the simplest is protein cream. It differs from others in its airy texture and delicate texture. It contains quite a bit of fat - this is the advantageous difference between protein cream and butter or custard. He perfectly keeps his form, even after having been out of the fridge for more than a day. And everything else, prepare the cream of very affordable and simple ingredients.

Protein cream decorate cakes, fill wafer rolls and custard cakes. Served in ice-cream bowls as an independent dessert, adding nuts, candied fruits, chocolate or berries. And of course, decorate cakes and cupcakes.

Protein cream - general principles of preparation

For the preparation of the cream will need cooled fresh egg whites, sugar, a few drops of lemon juice and a powerful mixer.

Squirrels mix with a mixer, gradually increasing the speed for 10-12 minutes. Add sugar in portions to the white air foam, without ceasing to work with a mixer. To speed up the process, instead of sugar, you can use icing sugar, because it dissolves faster.

When the cream is almost ready, add a few drops of lemon juice or diluted with a little water of citric acid. Ready cream immediately use as intended.

This is the easiest recipe for protein cream, but there are still many ways to make this universal cream, which will be discussed further.

Protein custard

This cream recipe is considered useful even for children. Boiling syrup warms proteins to a temperature of 120 degrees, at which all pathogenic microorganisms die. And the shelf life of such a cream is several times longer than that of butter or sour cream.


• 3 egg whites;

• 70 ml of water; • 1 cup of sugar (200 gr.);

• 0.25 teas. L. dry citric acid.

Cooking Method:

In order to avoid any force majeure in the process of cooking, you need to thoroughly degrease the dishes. Because proteins simply do not scramble if they get even a drop of fat.

A saucepan for boiling the syrup should be boiled in advance with a little water. Whisk and whipping bowl also wash and wipe dry with a cloth napkin.

Pour sugar in a saucepan, cover with water and set on high heat. After boiling, fire to screw and boil down the syrup until the so-called “lazy” slow boil appears. To check the readiness of the syrup, a couple of drops should be dropped into a plate with ice water. If the drop has not spread, and rolled into a soft caramel ball, then the syrup has reached the desired consistency. Also readiness can be checked caramel thread. To do this, dial a spoonful of syrup and slowly pour it onto a plate. If the syrup drains like a honey, thin continuous thread, then it is ready. At this stage, add citric acid and mix the syrup thoroughly with a spoon.

In parallel with the cooking of the syrup, beat the proteins (for this purpose it is very convenient to use a stationary mixer). Before cooking cold eggs, wash well and carefully separate the yolks from the proteins. Pour the proteins into a completely dry and low-fat bowl and beat until a stable protein mass is formed, the so-called “sharp peaks”. This is when squirrels stick well on corollas and do not flow down.

Now comes the crucial moment in the preparation of protein custard - mixing hot syrup and protein mass. With one hand a thin-thin stream slowly pour hot syrup into the cream, stirring the cream with a mixer. At the same time, you should try not to pour the syrup directly onto the whisk, otherwise splashes of hot liquid may stain everything around, and it will be very difficult to wash the frozen caramel. When the syrup has completely interfered, transfer the bowl of cream to the basin with ice water and continue to beat at low speed until the cream is completely cooled. Otherwise, the proteins will simply cook and the cream will be hopelessly damaged. The cooled mass is ready for decorating cakes, sand baskets or preparing various cream cakes.

German Custard Protein Cream

This recipe for German custard is notable for its simplicity and it always turns out. He will help out when you need to quickly prepare any dessert. Products decorated with this gentle air cream always look luxurious on a festive table.


• 3 fresh egg whites;

• 150 ml of cold water;

• 300 gr. gelled sugar (2: 1);

Cooking Method:

Beat the cooled squirrels into dense, steady, snow-white foam.

Pour the jellied sugar into a saucepan, pour water over it and put it on the burner with strong fire. After boiling, screw on the fire and boil for 10 minutes, until the initial volume of liquid is halved. It is important not to digest the syrup, then the cream will give off burnt sugar and will become unsuitable for further use.

Next, in the knocked down proteins, you need to gradually pour in the hot syrup and beat until the mass is completely cooled.

Such cream turns out very stable, does not swim up and does not settle. To decorate a cake or cakes, fill a pastry bag with cream and decorate the dessert to your taste with various nozzles. If desired, the cream can tint with food colors or add the desired flavors.

Protein-oil cream

If the usual protein cream is practically not suitable for the layer of cake in the cake because of its tenderness and lightness, then the protein-oil cream for this purpose is ideal. It has a very smooth uniform dense consistency, keeps its shape well and does not settle under the weight of biscuit or sand cakes. It can also be used as a base coating for sugar mastic. Just before coating the cake you need to cool or freeze it in the freezer. Ingredients:

• 450 gr. high-quality butter;

• 5 egg fresh proteins;

• 140 gr. plain water;

• 130 gr. sugar sand;

• 1 pinch of citric acid;

• vanilla extract to taste.

Cooking Method:

In a prepared bowl, beat well-cooled proteins to “soft peaks”. Proteins are better to cool with the bowl, then the mass will remain cold longer. In the process of whipping add a pinch of citric acid or tartar.

After pouring a thin stream of half the sugar and whip the squirrel finally. As for the amount of sugar, it can be increased as desired. According to this recipe, the protein cream for the cake is obtained moderately sweet.

At the same time, mix the second half of the sugar with water and boil the syrup.

Turning on the mixer speed to maximum, slowly pour in all the still hot syrup in the whites and continue beating for a few more minutes until the mass cools.

While the proteins mixed with syrup are cooling down, melt the butter to the consistency of plasticine and cut into small cubes. It should be noted that the quality of the oil in this case is very important and it is necessary to use the highest quality oil that you can buy.

Turning on the mixer at full capacity, lay in the cream butter piece by piece. It is not scary if during the addition of the oil, the cream begins to exfoliate and thin. After adding all the oil, he will again acquire a creamy stable structure.

You can add different flavors to the finished cream: nuts, vanilla, liqueur or rum, jam, condensed milk, etc.

Proteinaceous and fruity cream

For lovers of fruit notes in desserts there is a protein and fruit cream, which is prepared with the addition of fruit jam, jam or seedless jam.


• 3 egg cooled proteins;

• 2 tbsp. jam (jam, jam);

• 0.25 cup of water;

• 3 tbsp. granulated sugar;

• 1 tea.l. gelatin. Cooking Method:

First you need to soak the gelatin in water. When it swells, put the pan on the fire and heat the gelatinous mass until the crucifix is ​​completely dissolved, but in no case boil it.

Beat cold proteins into a fluffy stable foam, as described in previous recipes.

Fruit jam, jam or jam slightly warm and strain through a fine sieve to separate bones, peel, fibers, etc. In the resulting sweet mass, add sugar and cook over low heat for 10 minutes.

Combine the hot mass with gelatin and mix well. The resulting composition in a thin stream to enter whipped whites while whipping them at high speed.

This fruit-protein cream is used warm, otherwise it will turn into a gelatinous substance.

Protein-coconut cream

For decorating cakes, protein-coconut cream is often used, which, in addition to proteins, sugar and water, also contains coconut chips with corn syrup. This cream will favorably emphasize the taste of any dessert and will easily retain any desired shape.


• 2 egg whites;

• 3 tbsp. coconut shavings;

• 2 tbsp. water;

• 130 gr. Sahara;

• 3 tbsp. corn (invert) syrup;

• 1 tsp. lemon juice.

Cooking Method:

This type of protein cream is prepared on the steam bath. To do this, pour water into a saucepan and bring it to a boil.

Egg whites, corn syrup, lemon juice and water mix in an iron bowl, which its diameter exceeds the diameter of the saucepan with boiling water. Set the bowl over boiling water so that its bottom does not touch boiling water. Begin to beat the mixture at low speed until all the sugar crystals dissolve. When the grains do not remain (you can try your fingers), add mixer rpm and beat for about 5 minutes, until the protein mass increases in volume.

Remove the bowl from the steam bath and, continuing to beat, pour the coconut chips ground in the coffee grinder (if desired, you can take color). Stop beating when the cream has cooled completely. Fill a pastry bag or syringe, decorate the cake with protein cream.

Milk protein cream

The protein cream prepared according to this recipe has a very rich and pronounced milky taste. You can grease the cake layers, make an external coating of the cake or decorate the cake from above.


• 150 gr. egg whites;

• 290 gr. butter;

• 235 gr. water;

• 600 gr. Sahara;

• 130 gr. condensed milk;

• 20 gr. gelatin;

• 3 gr. citric acid;

• 15 gr. cognac;

• 15 gr. vanilla powder.

Cooking Method:

Soak gelatin before cooking. Gelatin can be used in plates or crystals. While it swells, bring water to the boil with sugar, taken in a 4: 1 ratio, and boil down the syrup to a density.

Collect steam bath and dissolve gelatine in an iron bowl. Then combine it with syrup and warm slightly.

Beat the boiled condensed milk with softened butter until smooth and put in the refrigerator so that the butter does not completely melt.

Beat fresh, cooled proteins with a mixer until “sharp peaks”. Gradually add gelatin syrup to the fluffy mass and beat until the cream cools. After that, combine and smash the protein mass with an mixer from oily to fluffy and homogeneous state. At the very end of the cooking, add vanilla powder, a little brandy and lemon juice.

Protein Cream: Tricks and Tips

At first glance it seems that everything is very simple, but even in the preparation of protein cream there are many nuances and secrets.

• First of all, these are fresh and well-cooled eggs. Only in this case, the proteins quickly and without a problem, beat up. It is also very important to properly separate the whites from the yolks, avoiding even a drop of yolk in the white. It can also negatively affect the ability of proteins to be whipped.

• The dishes and the whisk must be carefully degreased and wiped dry.

• To ensure complete bacteriological safety, eggs should be thoroughly washed in baking soda solution before use. In this case, all pathogens that are on the surface of the shell, wash off and do not fall into the cream. • When cooking protein custard, it is very important not to overdo the syrup on the fire, as after adding citric acid or juice to the cream, it acquires a light yellow color. If the cream becomes dark brown, then it, unfortunately, is not suitable for further use.

• If, during the introduction of the syrup into the protein foam, it is poured too quickly, then the syrup does not have time to dissolve in the proteins and solidifies into individual droplets of caramel. These droplets can hopelessly spoil the consistency of the cream. Therefore, it is necessary to pour in slowly and slightly.

• For decoration cream is often stained with food dyes. So protein creams can not be painted with alcohol-containing dyes, because the cream will start to swim up and form poorly. Ordinary gel dyes or powders diluted with lemon juice will do.

• Finally, I would like to note that the rich taste and delicate texture of the protein-oil or milk protein cream is revealed only at room temperature. Therefore, cakes and pastries decorated with these creams need to get out of the refrigerator at least 2 hours before serving.

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