Strawberry jam with whole berries - kra-so-ta! Subtleties and secrets of fragrant strawberry jam with whole berries

Strawberry jam with whole berries - kra-so-ta! Subtleties and secrets of fragrant strawberry jam with whole berries

Strawberries are eaten fresh, compotes and wines are made from it, jelly and syrups are produced and, of course, fragrant jam is made. This berry is not just a tasty summer treat, but also a source of minerals, vitamins, organic acids, pectins and useful substances. Strawberries are famous for zero fat and cholesterol. Being a source of antioxidants, it helps to fight many diseases and serves as a prophylactic agent. The consumption of strawberry jam regulates blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, normalizes the nervous system, improves memory and improves immunity. Jam is indispensable for colds and insomnia.

What is jam? It's simple: it is boiling berries with sugar. The canning process is a long one, so it is worthwhile to work a little and be patient, because she does not like to hurry up jam. But this does not mean that all hours of cooking should not lose sight of the pan. Most of the time it takes the insistence of delicacy. The effort spent will be rewarded. Just imagine how pleasant it will be in a cold winter evening to enjoy a jar of homemade jam with whole strawberries!

Strawberry jam with whole berries serves as an ideal filling for pie, cakes and cake. Strawberry jam wonderfully complement the cheese cakes, pancakes and pancakes. It will be tasty and just add berry to tea.

Whole strawberry jam from strawberries - the general principles of cooking

• To make jam, you need, as is already clear, strawberries and granulated sugar.

• For easy berry picking, select a deep container. The pan, a stewpan, a basin, a bowl, any enameled ware and ware from stainless steel perfectly will approach.

• Wash strawberries and release them from green leaves. The berry must be carefully prepared for the canning process.

• One of the important features of making jam, distinguishing it from jam and jam, is the whole shape of the berries. Therefore, strawberries should be washed under a slight pressure of water so that the berry retains its integrity. For convenience, this can be done in a colander. • For jam, it is better to take a medium-sized strawberry, since cooking large berries takes longer. The interrelation between the size and taste of strawberries is also interesting: medium berries are much sweeter.

• Do not allow the presence of mint and soft strawberries, as jam from such berries will give a lot of excess liquid.

• The main thing in cooking is not to overdo the jam so that it does not lose its vitamin value.

• Store jam should be in a dark cold room. It can be a storage room, a closet, or a basement.

Classic strawberry jam with whole berries


• strawberry - 1000 g;

• granulated sugar - 1300 g.

Cooking method:

1. Strawberries must be peeled, washed, put in a deep pan, covered with sugar and left for 6-7 hours. After this time, strawberry juice should form in a bowl. If this does not happen, leave the strawberries for another hour at room temperature.

2. Pot with candied strawberries should be put on the fire and bring to a boil, then boil for 5-7 minutes. Do not forget to remove the resulting foam. Turn off the gas and leave the pan until it cools.

3. Once again, put on the fire and cook for 3-4 minutes. This action is repeated 2 more times.

4. The last time we cool the jam, put it in jars, pre-sterilized, and tightly close.

Strawberry jam with whole berries without cooking


• strawberry - 1 kg;

• sugar - 500 g;

• water - 50 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. Medium strawberries are cleaned, washed and left to dry.

2. We put the water with sugar on a slow fire, boil, and then boil for another 2-3 minutes.

3. Pour the strawberries with hot syrup and leave for an hour and a half to let it run.

4. Putting off the berries, and put this syrup on the fire, boil for 3-4 minutes.

5. Pour onto strawberries again and leave for an hour.

6. Repeat the action with syrup one more time, but boil for 5 minutes.

7. We put the berries in sterilized jars and fill them with syrup.

Strawberry jam with whole berries and chocolate


• strawberry - 1000g;

• milk chocolate - 150 g;

• sugar - 600 g;

• citric acid - 3 g.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix sugar and citric acid. Next, you should fill these fresh strawberries in a deep bowl. 2. Send the bowl to the gas and bring to a boil, cook over moderate heat for 5 minutes.

3. As soon as the cooking process is nearing its end, we put grated milk chocolate on the strawberries. Gently mix until it is completely dissolved so that the berries retain the whole shape.

4. Send hot jam to sterilized jars, tightly close and turn the lid down. Cover with a towel or warm blanket.

Strawberry jam with whole berries “Strawberries in own juice”


• strawberry - 1000 g;

• sugar - 1200 g

Cooking Method:

1. Strawberries are washed and cleaned from the leaves. We put the berries in an enamel bowl.

2. Cover strawberries with sugar, without interfering, so as not to turn it into a pasty appearance. Sugar should cover strawberries completely.

3. Leave in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. If the strawberry badly lets juice, put on the smallest fire and bring to a boil with a wooden spoon. Leave strawberries until the next morning. This procedure should be carried out for 3 days. The more times you do this, the firmer the strawberry will be. We emphasize that it is necessary to boil once a day, then let the jam cool down completely.

4. During the last boiling we start putting jam in jars while it is still hot. Covers need to close tightly and turn the banks down. If the lid is loose or loose, jam will come out and you will see. Cover with a thick towel and wait for it to cool completely.

Homemade thick strawberry jam with whole berries


• strawberry - 1 kg;

• granulated sugar - 1000 g;

• half a glass of water.

Cooking Method:

1. Strawberries fall asleep half the sand prescribed in the recipe. Note that the syrup will start cooking only when the berries give juice.

2. Add the remaining sugar to the water. To the sugar mixture, add strawberry juice and mix thoroughly. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Let the syrup boil a little, then send the berries there. Again bring to a boil. There is an old rule: cook in 2 visits. But cook for a second time at least 5 minutes. Remove the foam and wait for the jam to cool. If syrup or jam does not spread, then it is ready. 3. At the bottom of the cans, you need to pour sugar, put jam and top with sugar again.

Strawberry jam with whole berries in a pan


• a glass of strawberry;

• half a glass of sugar;

• citric acid - 2 g.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour a glass of strawberries into a pre-heated, wide frying pan. We pour sand here. Constantly stir and wait until the strawberry-sugar mass becomes more homogeneous.

2. As soon as the sugar begins to dissolve, and the strawberries put out the juice, we cut off 5-7 minutes. Constantly stir and increase the fire.

3. Add a bit of citric acid, it will enhance the color of the jam and keep the attractive appearance of the berries.

4. Spill the resulting jam in warm sterilized jars.

French strawberry jam with whole berries


• strawberry - 2 kg;

• granulated sugar - 1400 g;

• half a lemon;

• orange.

Cooking Method:

1. On the eve of the cooking, it is necessary to cover the strawberries with sugar in a flat bowl, without stirring. Leave it to infuse overnight at room temperature, so that she generously gave her fragrant juice.

2. Survive lemon juice, do not put lemon zest in jam. Orange is also vigorously surviving. The presence of lemon will make the berries more dense. If, when squeezing, the pulp of the orange gets into the bowl, do not be discouraged, it will not harm the jam.

3. We send the juice to the berries. Gently raise strawberries with a silicone spatula to make it easier to pick up the sugar, and the berry is not damaged.

4. We warm up the mass in the cooking basin on medium heat. Help the sugar to dissolve by pushing the spatula in zigzag movements. Adjust the heat so that there is no intense boiling. After 5 minutes, remove from gas.

5. Shumovka neatly lay out hot berries from the pelvis.

6. After extracting the berries, we light the fire again and boil the syrup so that the jam becomes thick. Adjust cooking time independently. If you want to make jam thicker, then leave to cook for a longer time. You can check the readiness of the syrup as follows: on a saucer with a white bottom we drop a tablespoon of jam. If it spreads, then the syrup is weakly boiled. If the syrup is drawn from the spoon in the form of a string, this indicates an extreme degree of boiling of the syrup when it can turn into sugar. If the drop is and does not flow - syrup boiled. 7. As soon as the syrup is boiled down, with the help of a scapula, we return the berries back, since they are not yet fully made. We forget about the scapula, we hold hands on the edges of the pelvis and in a circular motion we stir the berries in the hot syrup.

8. Return to the fire and mark 15 minutes.

9. We pour hot jam over cans and roll them up.

Strawberry jam with whole berries - Tricks and tips

• To avoid getting candied jam, add a drop of citric acid.

• Let the strawberries stand better in the fridge; this is where the berries better keep their shape.

• Fire cooking should not be strong and weak. Reduce the gas as the foam appears. Do not forget to remove the foam and make sure that the jam does not run away.

• Banks, in which the jam will be packed, be sure to sterilize in order to destroy all harmful bacteria. This can be done, for example, in an oven at a temperature of 130-140 degrees for 30 minutes. Banks must be completely dried. Do not forget to sterilize and cover.

• Vinegar added to the jam will not thicken the sweetness.

• To check the readiness of jam, gourmets use the following method: pour a tablespoon of jam on a saucer, leave for 3-4 minutes, spend a spoon, delineating a straight line. If the line does not disappear immediately - jam is ready.

The amazing taste of homemade strawberry jam with whole berries will win your heart. Its delightful fragrance will spread throughout the room and bring warm summer days. Delicate whole berries from homemade jam, without any doubt, a worthy decoration of any cake and confectionery. Please yourself and your loved ones!

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