Egg sandwiches are the best recipes. How to quickly and tasty cook sandwiches with egg.

Egg sandwiches are the best recipes. How to quickly and tasty cook sandwiches with egg.

Egg Sandwiches - General Cooking Principles

If you are used to abandon sandwiches as food that is unhealthy and ruinous, then the following recipes are for you! An egg is a symbol of life, and there is no product more useful than an egg cooked in any form. This is protein and healthy animal fat, but there is no carbohydrate in the egg - more precisely, there is no more than 0.5 grams of carbohydrate per egg. Prepare healthy, and most importantly delicious sandwiches with egg.

Egg Sandwiches - Preparing Food and Dishes

How do you think, how to cook an egg in such a way that it retains its usefulness in the maximum possible way? It turns out that the most useful is an egg in which the yolk remains liquid - that is, the fried eggs, the soft-boiled egg, or the poached egg. But the egg, boiled hard-boiled or fried in the usual way, is also no less useful.

Especially good egg sandwiches in harmony with cheese and fish, so these are the ingredients before cooking and stock up. You will also need fresh vegetables, herbs and some grain bread.

Egg sandwiches with eggs are best spread on wide flat plates, decorating them with a leaf of lettuce.

Egg Sandwich Recipes:

Recipe 1: Egg and Sprat Sandwiches

Egg sandwiches are the best recipes. How to quickly and tasty cook sandwiches with egg.

If you have to make a list of delicious dishes for a festive table, then do not go around these snack sandwiches with your attention. The combination of eggs and sprats is very simple, but extremely tasty!

Ingredients Required:

  • Chicken egg 5 pieces of large sizes
  • Sprat Bank 1 piece
  • Mayonnaise 100 grams
  • Parsley
  • Sesame

Preparation Method:

  1. First boil an egg. Put the eggs in cold water, put on the fire, and as soon as the water boils, cut 8 minutes. After this time, drain the boiling water and immediately fill the egg with cold water - so it will be easier to clean. Peel the eggs and cut each in half.
  2. Grease each egg with a thin layer of mayonnaise and sprinkle with a small amount of sesame seed.
  3. In sprats, cut off the tails and place them on top of the egg.
  4. Cut the parsley and chop finely, then sprinkle the egg sandwiches. The dish is ready!

Recipe 2: Sandwiches with egg and beet

Egg sandwiches are the best recipes. How to quickly and tasty cook sandwiches with egg.

To make sandwiches with egg and beet, you do not need bread. Such sandwiches are very useful, and besides, they look great and will look good on a festive table.

Ingredients Required:

  • Chicken egg 5 pieces
  • Mayonnaise 150 grams
  • Garlic 2 teeth
  • Hard cheese 50 grams
  • Beetroot 1 piece
  • Walnut kernel 50 grams
  • Parsley fresh

Preparation Method:

  1. Boil a hard boiled egg, peel it from the shell and cut it in half. Remove the yolk gently so as not to damage the white, and mix it in a separate container with mayonnaise. Squeeze the garlic into the mixture, mix well again and apply the mixture gently back into the protein with a spoon.
  2. Peel raw beets and rub on a fine grater.
  3. Cheese also grate any size.
  4. Wash and chop the parsley as small as possible.
  5. Combine beets, cheese and parsley, mix with mayonnaise.
  6. Put the beetroot mixture on the egg and serve.

Recipe 3: Egg and Cheese Sandwiches

Egg sandwiches are the best recipes. How to quickly and tasty cook sandwiches with egg.

Egg is a nourishing product, so such sandwiches can be made without bread. But still for the sake of diversity we prepare the dish according to the following recipe. We need bread of any kind, sandwich cheese in plates, fresh vegetables and, of course, an egg.

Ingredients Required:

  • City roll (or not sweet empty croissants)
  • 4 chicken eggs
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sandwich processed cheese in slices 1 pack (5 slices)
  • Lettuce
  • Fresh cucumber

Preparation Method:

  1. Cut the sandwich loaf into thin slices. Each slice grease a little mayonnaise.
  2. Put slices of cheese on a bun.
  3. Wash vegetables and salad. Put the salad on the cheese, and remove the peel from the cucumber and, cutting it into thin slices, put it on the salad.
  4. Boil a hard-boiled egg, then remove it from the shell and cool it. Finely chop the egg into slices and place on the cucumber. Sandwiches with egg and cheese are ready.

Egg sandwiches - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

Eggs are perfectly combined in taste with fish, and therefore, in addition to sprats, you can also use lightly salted salmon or salmon for delicious sandwiches, and canned fish - mackerel or saury. The only thing that needs to be done before making sandwiches is to remove all the bones from the fish.

If you want to mix the yolk with any ingredient, then in addition to mayonnaise you can use mayonnaise sauces (for example, “Tartar”), melted pasty cheese, or some feta cheese.

Be sure to take fresh eggs for sandwiches! This is one of the main secrets of delicious sandwiches.

The egg will not be very tasty to “sound” in a sausage sandwich, but with a boiled chicken sandwich will be just amazing! Just do not forget how to smear it with mayonnaise or another spread, otherwise it will be dry and tasteless.

You can also make sandwiches with an egg roasted on the skins. To do this, cook scrambled eggs (not fried) from one egg for one sandwich. Cool and place on bread, smeared with cheese. You can add fried bacon slices, sausage or burgers to this sandwich. This dish will be very nourishing and ideal for eating in the form of breakfast.

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