Sauce for Caesar salad at home - the final touch! Classic recipes for caesar salad dressing at home

Sauce for Caesar salad at home - the final touch! Classic recipes for caesar salad dressing at home

Caesar is not a simple vegetable salad. Its taste is simply fruitless and depends largely on the sauce used. The cooks of the restaurants give particular importance to the gas station, diligently observe all the subtleties of cooking and carefully keep little secrets. In fact, Caesar sauce can be easily prepared at home, if you find a good recipe.

Sauce for Caesar salad at home - general cooking principles

• Eggs. In the classic sauce, slightly cooked eggs are used, but more often you can find recipes on boiled yolks, they are lower. Eggs elevate the sauce, reduce the fat content of the oil, it is one of the most important ingredients.

• Olive oil. It can not be replaced with sunflower, but can be slightly diluted if the taste is too rich or the product is not enough. Olive oil is better to choose direct extraction, it is tastier, healthier, ideal for vegetable Caesar.

• Lemon juice. Usually in the recipe indicate pure juice, but sometimes the amount of citrus, a part of it. You can not replace this ingredient with dilute acid, but sometimes add balsamic or wine vinegar.

• Worcester sauce. Very interesting supplement that is present in the classic recipe. At the core of this product are vegetables, flavorings, spices. If you fail to get it, you can choose options without this ingredient in the composition.

• Other supplements. For taste, mustard, all sorts of spices, garlic, fresh or dried herbs are added to caesar sauces; the Provencal mixture of herbs perfectly complements the taste.

Classic sauce for Caesar salad at home

This dressing is prepared with Worcester sauce, in this recipe it can not be replaced with anything. Exceeding the amount is also not recommended.


• 100 grams of olive oil;

• two eggs;

• 3 tsp. Worcestershire sauce;

• two cloves of garlic;

• half a lemon;

• pinch of salt, pepper. Cooking

1. In the egg on one side make a neat puncture with a needle. Do the same with the second egg. It is necessary that they do not crack. Dip in boiling water for 30-40 seconds, slightly welded. If there are concerns about the quality of the product, you can stand a little longer, but it is undesirable.

2. Carefully remove the shells, pour the eggs into a bowl, rub the yolk with the protein until smooth.

3. We clean the garlic cloves, chop, pour it next.

4. Now squeeze the juice of half a lemon. If the citrus is large, then you can use the third part.

5. Pour the Worcester sauce, then olive oil, salt and pepper. Bring to homogeneity, you can beat with a mixer.

6. For taste, you can add Provence herbs or a few basil leaves, previously washed and crushed.

Mustard sauce recipe for Caesar salad at home

Boiled egg yolks are used for this sauce, it is a more familiar and safer option. Mustard will fit any, including Dijon (with seeds).


• two boiled yolks;

• two tablespoons of mustard;

• three spoons of estuary juice;

• 0.5 cups of oil;

• spices.


1. Put the yolks of boiled eggs in a bowl, it is important to cool them. Mash with a fork, add mustard, stir. If the sauce is hot, then you can take half the norm. A home mustard is enough 1 tsp., Since it is usually vigorous.

2. Pour in lemon juice, salt and pepper, stir again.

3. Dilute the cooked mass with olive oil, beat for a minute with a fork and ready! Optionally supplement the dressing with fragrant herbs.

Sauce for Caesar salad at home from yogurt

A very popular variant of light and low-calorie sauce for Caesar, in which the oil is partially replaced by yogurt.


• 150 grams of thick yogurt;

• 30 grams of grated cheese;

• three spoons of butter;

• a pair of cloves of garlic;

• 20 ml of lemon (fresh juice);

• spices;

• spoon mustard.


1. Peel and chop the garlic cloves, pour in olive oil. Set aside, let them stand for about fifteen minutes. 2. Combine lemon juice and mustard, add salt and pepper, stir.

3. Take a thick Greek yogurt, add it first mustard mixture with lemon juice, stir.

4. Now lay out garlic oil. Mix again.

5. Rub finely cheese, add to the dressing at the very end. We also throw dry or fresh herbs to taste, mint leaves are ideal here. They give a refreshing taste, for this amount of refueling 3-4 pieces are enough.

Sauce for Caesar salad at home in mayonnaise

The mayonnaise may not be a very healthy and high-calorie product, but it is very often used for making sauces for Caesar salad at home. Choose high-quality olive mayonnaise.


• glass of mayonnaise;

• half a lemon;

• two cloves of garlic;

• three spoons of soy sauce;

• some Provencal herbs;

• red and black pepper.


1. From prescription lemon squeeze juice. If desired, you can remove the zest. Grind and also add to mayonnaise, the flavor will be unmatched.

2. Add chopped garlic cloves and three spoons of soy sauce. If it is very salty, you can pour a little less.

3. Squeeze out lemon juice, pour out Provencal herbs or add a little other greens.

4. Mix everything well, leave for about twenty minutes so that the flavors of the sauce come together and you can season the salad.

Cheese sauce for Caesar salad at home with capers and anchovies

Variant of wonderful dressing for Caesar, which can be used for any other salads. Anchovies will need to be ground in a blender, without it you will not be able to make the sauce.


• 10 anchovy fillets;

• 180 ml of olive oil;

• 90 g grated cheese;

• 2 tbsp. l capers;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 2 tbsp. l lemon (juice);

• 1 tsp. spicy mustard;

• 1 tsp. crushed rind.


1. Peel the garlic, put the slices into a press, squeeze out and add a pinch of salt, stir.

2. Add chopped anchovy fillets to the garlic, immediately add capers to them, add mustard. Mixture needs to be peppered. Pour the lemon juice and lay a teaspoon of zest. 3. Grind all this with a blender until a homogeneous slurry.

4. Fill with olive oil.

5. Rub cheese or simply cut into small cubes, send to the rest of the ingredients.

6. Beat the blender for another two minutes until the mixture is completely homogeneous.

7. Make a control sample, if necessary, add spices and salt to the dressing.

Sour cream sauce for Caesar salad at home with gherkins

For the preparation of this sauce will need marinated gherkins. It is also very important to use thick and fat sour cream, which, in the process of extracting, will not flow when adding other ingredients.


• 180 g sour cream;

• 60 g gherkins;

• a pair of large cloves of garlic;

• 0.2 tsp. hot pepper;

• 2 pinches of dry herbs;

• 0.3 tsp. honey


1. Combine sour cream and chopped garlic cloves, add dry herbs to them, pour in some hot red pepper.

2. Stir the filling, set aside for five minutes.

3. Gherkins chop very finely. If there is a lot of juice in them, we pre-press it slightly with our hands.

4. Shift the gherkins in the sauce, stir.

5. If the sauce is not salty, then correct. Optionally put more garlic. Before refueling Caesar give stand for half an hour.

Caesar salad sauce at home with nuts

Yogurt is used as the basis for this sauce, but you can also take sour cream, but not very sour. Nuts fit only walnuts.


• 50 g of nuts;

• three cloves of garlic;

• a glass of sour cream or yogurt;

• 2 tbsp. l soy sauce;

• A spoon of lemon (juice).


1. Immediately fry the nuts, because before adding to the sauce they must have time to cool. Just pour it on the pan, dry for two minutes, do not need to add anything to them.

2. Send the crushed garlic to the yoghurt, add citrus juice and soy sauce, and add hot peppers if desired. Stir.

3. Grind the cooled nuts, as you prefer. You can leave visible pieces or grind to a state of flour. 4. Combine the sauce with nuts, stir and ready!

Sauce for Caesar salad at home with olives and yolks

This version of the sauce is perfect if there is no olive oil. Olives are best used without stones.


• 100 grams of sour cream;

• 100 grams of mayonnaise;

• 2 boiled yolks;

• 1 tbsp. l balm. vinegar;

• 15 olives;

• salt and pepper.


1. Grind boiled egg yolks, add balsamic vinegar to them, stir.

2. Put mayonnaise into the total mass and thick sour cream.

3. A lot of pepper, salt.

4. Olives cut into very small pieces, like a rice grain. Pour to the sauce.

5. To taste we throw garlic, greens, stir and leave for a few minutes, so that the dressing for Caesar can come.

Sauce for Caesar salad at home - tips and tricks

• The sauce will taste better if chopped garlic, pour in oil, leave for 20-30 minutes, so that the mixture is present.

• If there is no fresh garlic, you can use dried, reducing the amount of 3-4 times. The product should be mixed with liquid ingredients, let it brew and swell.

• If you want to get a uniform salad dressing, resembling mayonnaise or sour cream, you can immediately throw off all the ingredients in the blender bowl, then just beat everything together.

• Did the sauce get very thin? In this case, the dressing will drain from the vegetables, settle at the bottom of the plate. To avoid this, you can add a few boiled yolks or a few tablespoons of grated hard cheese.

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