Miracle with meat - fry without oil! A selection of recipes miracle with meat from different types of dough in a pan and in the oven: the aroma of the Caucasus

Miracle with meat - fry without oil! A selection of recipes miracle with meat from different types of dough in a pan and in the oven: the aroma of the Caucasus

Miracle - a dough product with different fillings.

A special feature is baking or frying without oil.

Filling options for the miracle of a huge amount.

The dish is cooked with cottage cheese, potatoes, pumpkin, onions, cabbage, but the most loved combination has always been and will be dough with meat.

It is so delicious!

Miracle with meat - general principles of cooking

The dough for the miracle is most often prepared unleavened with rippers or without them. Sometimes the dish is made from yeast dough. And modern hostesses even adapted to use puff pastry. And it is their right! But tastes best from homemade dough.

Chopped meat is used for the filling. It is always laid raw. Most often it is beef or lamb. You can find recipes with chicken. In addition to meat, various vegetables can also be added to the filling, mainly potatoes.

They make a miracle in the form of chebureks or round pies. Guided by prescription. Pies are mostly baked in the oven, and products in the form of semicircles are more often fried in a frying pan, but without oil. The finished miracle, while it is hot, is abundantly greased with butter.

Recipe 1: A Miracle with Unleavened Meat

The simplest version of the Caucasian miracle dish with meat filling. It is desirable for mince to use fatty lamb, to feel the traditional taste of the dish.


• 600 grams of meat;

• 3 cups flour;

• 1 spoon of vinegar (preferably wine, apple);

• large onion;

• salt and spices;

• 200 ml of water;

• 2 eggs;

• butter (how much will leave, but a little).


1. Beat the eggs with a fork and salt until the latter is dissolved, add water and flour. Perhaps it will leave a little more. Knead elastic and cool lump, the dough as for the dumplings. We cover and forget about him for twenty minutes.

2. While the dough is otlezhivaetsya, you need to twist the meat, add chopped onion, spices and be sure to pour vinegar. Knead by hand carefully, so that the mass becomes viscous and does not fall apart.

3. We take out our dough, divide it into pieces, slightly smaller than the fist. Round up. 4. We roll out a thin flat cake, visually divide it into two parts and spread the filling on one half. We cover with the second part, we pinch the edges tightly. The technique of making a miracle is similar to cheburek.

5. Heat the pan and fry the miracle on both sides, with about three minutes each.

6. We take out in a bowl and it is plentifully greased with a piece of butter. This must be done while the product is hot.

7. Cover the bowl with a lid and bake further. The products are stacked on top of each other as they are prepared and we coat well. They otmyaknut become very gentle.

Recipe 2: A Miracle with Meat in the Oven

This recipe eliminates the need to stand at the stove, as the miracle of meat is cooked in the oven. The dough is kneaded on kefir. Baking soda is used as a baking powder.


• 200 ml of kefir;

• 1/2 tsp. soda;

• a pinch of salt;

• 3 cups flour.


• 400 grams of minced meat;

• 2 bulbs;

• a clove of garlic;

• salt;

• 1 tsp. vinegar;

• black pepper.

As usual, to lubricate the finished dish you need to cook a piece of butter.


1. Pour baking soda into kefir, stir it. Put the salt and flour. Stir the dough thoroughly. It should be detached from the hands, be elastic, but soft. We give him a bed of cellophane for half an hour.

2. For the filling, chop the onion with garlic, add the minced meat, add a lot of salt, pepper and knead with vinegar.

3. We get our dough, divide it into 6 parts. From each roll out the cake and form a pasties with meat.

4. We spread on the trays, send in the oven.

5. Miracle is baked at 220 degrees to rosy color.

6. Remove, quickly re-oil the products, stack them on each other and cover with a kitchen towel.

Recipe 3: A Miracle of Meat and Raw Potatoes

Raw potatoes are often used in various pies, so why not cook a miracle with it? This is one of the most common fillings, of course, after the meat.


• 3 medium potatoes;

• 300 grams of meat;

• 300 grams of flour;

• 50 grams of onions;

• 1 egg;

• salt;

• pepper and vinegar.

Cooking 1. Shake the egg with salt and an incomplete glass of water, add the flour and knead the steep bun. We clean it to rest, stand on the table for half an hour.

2. We twist the meat in mince, add chopped onion, spices.

3. Potatoes cleaned and grated. This should be done immediately before the formation of products. Otherwise, the potatoes turn black.

4. Combine the potatoes with the meat filling, pour in a teaspoon of vinegar and mix intensively.

5. We take out the dough, divide it into pieces, roll out the cakes and sculpt the miracle.

6. Fry products on a dry skillet on both sides.

7. \ Lubricate with oil, put in a pile and cover with a napkin to soften, You can cover with an inverted bowl.

Recipe 4: A Dargin Meat Miracle

Dargin dish miracle differs not only in recipe, but also in appearance. The product is not molded in the form of pasties, and is a round cake for cutting, which is baked in the oven. Preparing pastries with the addition of raw potatoes.


• 0.4 kg of potatoes;

• 0.5 liters of kefir;

• 500 grams of flour;

• 20 grams of vegetable oil;

• 400 grams of minced meat;

• 30 grams of butter;

• 1 onion;

• spices.


1. Add kefir with salt, add flour and knead usual, steep dough, at the end pour in a little vegetable oil. Give a bed under the bowl.

2. For the filling, finely chop the peeled onion, add to the minced meat.

3. We clean and cut the potato potatoes into thin slices, ship the minced meat and mix well. Do not forget to flavor the filling with spices, you can add chopped greens.

4. We get the already laid down and softened dough, divide into two parts. Doing one a little more, it will go to the bottom.

5. Roll out of a piece of dough, which is larger. We spread on a baking sheet.

6. Now evenly distribute the layer of filling, leaving two centimeters from the edges unaffected. If the meat is not fat, you can rub a little butter on the top.

7. Roll out the second flat cake, cover the cake, tightly twist the edges. Now be sure to make a hole in the center of the hole, round. Steam will flow through it. 8. Set the temperature in the oven at 220 degrees. As soon as it warms up, put the cake and bake for about half an hour.

9. We take out, we grease with oil and we give otmyknut.

Recipe 5: A Miracle with Meat and Walnuts

A feature of this miracle recipe is the insanely aromatic meat filling with walnuts. Similarly, instead of meat you can use chicken, it also turns out delicious.


• 300 ml of water;

• 2 eggs;

• flour.


• 400 grams of meat;

• 150 grams of nuts;

• 2 eggs;

• spices;

• vinegar;

• butter.


1. Knead ordinary unleavened dough from water with eggs and flour, do not forget to salt it. We give to lie down until the filling is prepared.

2. We twist the meat in minced meat, season with spices, add a few drops of vinegar.

3. On a dry skillet (you can in the oven) dry walnuts. Cool well and crush. But not to dust. Should make small pieces.

4. Combine the meat with nuts.

5. Divide the dough into pieces, roll out cakes and form a miracle with the filling in the usual way, you can see in the recipes above.

6. Now fry the cobbled cakes on the pan on both sides. But they can also be baked in the oven, spread out on a baking sheet.

7. In any case, the finished products are richly coated with butter, while they are hot. We give bed for 15 minutes.

Recipe 6: A Miracle with Yeast Dough Meat

Another option is a miracle in the form of a thin pie stuffed with meat and potatoes. This time the yeast dough is used. You can take it ready, but it will be much more tasty if you mix it in this recipe. From this amount of products, two cakes are obtained, but everything can be proportionally divided and cooked one.


• 100 ml of vegetable oil;

• 500 grams of meat;

• 2 teaspoons of yeast;

• 500 grams of potatoes;

• 2 onions;

• 100 grams of water per filling;

• 0.7 liters of water for dough;

• 2 spoons of sugar;

• salt;

• flour.


1. Immediately make the dough. To do this, in warm water, dilute the yeast with sugar, put salt, pour in vegetable oil and add the sifted flour. Leave for 3 hours in the heat, give rise at least twice. 2. We cut peeled potatoes with thin plates, finely chop the meat. Add diced onions. We fill the filling with spices.

3. We take the risen dough and divide in half into two pies. Then each piece is in two parts, one doing more than the other somewhere in the 200%.

4. From the most part we roll the cake on the bottom of the cake, from the smaller piece we make the top.

5. Put the thick cake in the form or just on a baking sheet, distribute half of the filling, cover with the second cake. From above we make a hole and bake until done at 200 degrees. Approximately 35-40 minutes. Lubricate with oil. Similarly, form and bake the second pie.

A Miracle with Meat - Tips and Tricks

• Miracle can be greased not only with a piece of butter. Deliciously obtained with melted butter. And if there is nothing at hand, then you can walk on the surface with fat sour cream or cream.

• If the miracle is roasted outside, but left raw inside, then just put them in the microwave for three minutes and then oil them again.

• Miracle is characterized by a slight crunching of onions. That is why it is preferred to chop, rather than twist along with the meat. But if you do not like the crunch and taste of the onion, then you can always twist it. Or fry a little and only then add to the filling.

• For frying miracles, it is better not to use a Teflon coated pan. It is believed that cast iron is best suited for this purpose.

• Vinegar - a very important element of stuffing for a miracle. But it is not necessary to put the usual essence. You can use apple, wine and any other fruit vinegar.

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