Adjika of zucchini with apples is a ray of sunshine from Abkhazia. Let's warm the adjika from zucchini with apples our stomachs in winter and spring!

Adjika of zucchini with apples is a ray of sunshine from Abkhazia. Let's warm the adjika from zucchini with apples our stomachs in winter and spring!

Adjika is a sharp pasty seasoning that turns even the most ordinary-looking foods into “beautiful swans”. She came to us from Abkhazia, the country of the warm sea, alluring mountain peaks and beautiful days that last almost all year round.

Adjika from zucchini with apples - general principles of preparation

Adjika is usually red, but may be brown, orange, even green! She has four main components:

• hot red pepper;

• garlic;

• salt;

• spicy herbs (basil, mint, marjoram, saffron, parsley ...).

Hot red pepper with garlic are the main actors in cooking adzhika. Both make it very spicy, and garlic also helps it not to deteriorate longer. Save on garlic is not worth it - this adjichka will not get any worse.

The principle of cooking seasoning is simple: all vegetables and fruits are ground. Then they add fragrant herbs. Grind them best with a meat grinder. Of course, prolonged cooking at a slow fire is not enough.

To make this seasoning not so hot, put sweet pepper in it. But it must be ripe, otherwise there will be no sweets!

Dishes with adjika acquire an incomparable unique taste, which captures the sharpness, sweetness and bitterness. Not only meat or fish goes well with this paste, but also rice, beans, salads, as well as a great many other dishes.

Adjika is a very “versatile” seasoning. She has a lot of recipes, which even may not include hot pepper. Most often, tomatoes and carrots are added to it (except for the four main ingredients mentioned above, of course). However, there are many and much more original combinations! Squash with apples is one of them. This combination makes the taste of seasoning very unusual: it is sharp and soft at the same time! Adzhu zucchini with apples is definitely worth a try. Seasoning increases appetite! It will always help those with whom it is bad, because it stimulates the secretion of gastric juice. She also has healing properties, helping those who are bothered with the common cold cope with their illnesses.

Recipe 1. Adjika from zucchini with apples “Unexpected thaw”


• a pound of sweet pepper;

• as many apples;

• two and a half kg zucchini;

• carrots half a kilo;

• 0.2 kg hot peppers;

• salt - about 50 grams;

• 100 g garlic;

• sugar - 70 grams;

• vinegar - about 100 ml;

• 250 ml rast. oils;

• Greens - the amount of your choice.

How to prepare:

We take a blender or meat grinder and send sweet and bitter peppers, carrots, zucchini and apples to it.

We put the mixture of vegetables on a gas stove over medium heat. We wait until it begins to boil, and therefore sometimes stir, and so cook for about an hour.

Put the garlic and herbs and cook another 10 minutes.

Add vinegar, sugar, oil, salt. Gently mix and wait until it boils.

Do not forget about the sterilization of cans. We fill them with adjika and roll them up (using, of course, sterile caps).

Until the adzhika is completely cooled, it must be kept upside down and wrapped in something warm. Then it should be carried to a cool place (a refrigerator and a cellar will do). You can start eating too.

Recipe 2. Adjika from zucchini with apples “Happiness of the stomach”


• 2 kilograms of zucchini;

• apples - no more than a pound;

• carrots - one kg;

• sweet pepper - 500 grams;

• garlic (15-20 cloves);

• as many cilantro and dill seeds;

• hot pepper (red) - 300 grams;

• 100 grams of sugar;

• ground (red) pepper - only 3 grams;

• dried green fenugreek (10 g);

• salt (10 grams).

How to prepare:

Both peppers (bitter and sweet) are washed and dried on a napkin. Remove the seeds from them, shred.

We take zucchini, send them and carrots in a meat grinder. We perform the same operation with apples. Connect peppers with milled vegetables and fruits. Add chopped garlic, as well as cilantro and dill (more precisely, their seeds). Add sugar, salt and red pepper, as well as pre-crushed fenugreek.

We boil all this heterogeneous mixture over a small fire, sometimes stir it. Do this for about an hour, and then rub it in a blender. Adjika is ready!

Put the seasoning in jars (sterilized), roll up. “We dress” glass containers into something warm (blanket, blanket, etc.), turn over and wait until it cools. Finally we hide the adjika in a colder and darker place.

Recipe 3. Adjika from zucchini with apples “Tomato spiciness”


• per kilogram of tomatoes and zucchini;

• one kg of bitter pepper;

• sweet red pepper - grams 500;

• apples - half a kilo;

• carrot - half a kilo;

• garlic - 25-30 cloves;

• vegetable oil - two glasses;

• sugar - 100 grams;

• salt -70 g;

• parsley - ten twigs;

• apple vinegar in the amount of 100 milliliters;

• bay leaf - one is enough.

How to prepare:

We wash both our peppers (sweet and bitter), send their seeds to the trash can. Shred the pulp.

Remove the skin from the tomatoes and cut into small pieces.

We take apples, remove their thin skin, throw out the core, and then three (in the company of carrots and zucchini) on a grater bigger.

“Charge” the garlic crusher to chop the garlic thoroughly.

All mixed and weary on low heat for an hour and a half. This is enough to mass boil.

Then rub it in mashed potatoes (blender to help us), pour salt and sugar into it.

We chop parsley, and from a bay leaf we make the crushed powder. We pour everything into our mass. Pour in vegetable oil. We are waiting for the seasoning to boil and everything is ready!

Spill adjika in jars (sterile, of course), roll up, overturn, wrap and patiently wait until it cools. Then mix in the fridge or somewhere else where it is cool.

Recipe 4. “Tomato paradise” apple squash adj.


• 200 gr. chili peppers;

• 20 garlic cloves;

• carrots - half a kilo;

• vinegar (6%) and vegetable oil - 200 ml;

• zucchini - three kg;

• ground red pepper - three grams;

• apples - half a kilo;

• tomato juice (with pulp required) - 300 ml;

• sugar - 100 grams;

• salt - ten grams is enough.

How to prepare:

We wash out the zucchini, and clean it in a blender, so that it grinds them before the formation of a solid slurry. Rub grated carrots (small). My bitter pepper and apples, throw away the seeds from them and chop finely.

We combine these ingredients, add to them crushed garlic and tomato juice, vinegar and oil. Also, do not forget to pour red pepper, and, of course, salt with sugar.

All mix well, put on a small fire and heat until the mixture becomes thick. Then remove from the stove, grind in a blender until a mass similar to mashed potatoes appears. We put back on the stove and give boil. Adjika is ready!

Pour it into jars, roll it upside down, turn it upside down, cover it with something lukewarm, and wait for the adjichka to cool, and then transfer it to storage where it is cool.

Recipe 5. Adjika from zucchini with apples “Spicy fun”


• Bulgarian pepper - a quarter of kg;

• carrot - the same amount;

• apples - half a kilo;

• ground paprika - 2 spoons (table);

• tomatoes - 750 g;

• zucchini - one and a half kg;

• garlic - two heads are enough;

• sugar - maximum 50 g;

• oil (rast.) - 100 ml;

• Salt - maximum 2 tables. spoons.

How to prepare:

Cut the zucchini thin slices.

Remove the seeds from both varieties of pepper and finely cut them.

Tomatoes cut into less than 4 parts.

Garlic we give to the blender. Carrots and apples cut circles as wide as possible.

Over vegetables (garlic does not count) give “grinning” to the meat grinder. Put the mashed potatoes in a saucepan. There we also add butter, paprika, and also salt with sugar. With an hour cook on low heat. Then put garlic in a saucepan and pour vinegar there. Cook another minute 20.

Finally pour the finished adjika into a sterile container and roll it up. Turn over the jars, wrap and let cool. When cool, carry them to where it is cool.

Recipe 6. Adjika from zucchini with apples “Black Sea cool”


• sugar and salt (to taste);

• apples - 1 kg;

• plums - 300 gr .;

• squash - two kg;

• dill and parsley - half a bundle;

• one large head of garlic;

• cilantro - one bunch;

• Nine percent vinegar - stake. your choice;

• hot pepper - three pods;

• sunflower. butter - spoons (table) 5-6.

How to prepare:

We clear the zucchini from all its seeds and crust. Chop finely.

Cut plums into two parts, throw away the bones, but do not touch the skin. Chop the plums and zucchini in a meat grinder.

Cut the hot pepper and apples, leave the pepper seeds alone. Give them a meat grinder.

We send the resulting mixture to a small fire and cook for an hour, and then rub in a blender.

Finely chop the dill, cilantro and parsley, crush (with a press) garlic and add all this to the total mass.

Pour salt with sugar, pour in vinegar and oil.

We set on fire, we wait, when boils and adjika is ready!

Now we roll it into clean jars, turn it over, “dress” warmly, wait until adjika cools down and you can eat!

So as not to deteriorate, store where it is cool (refrigerator, cellar and similar places).

Recipe 7. Adjika of zucchini with apples “Dizzy freshness”


• salt - 3 table. spoons;

• parsley - one bunch;

• vinegar (9%) - 4 tables. spoons;

• zucchini - three kg;

• two garlic heads;

• apples - one kilogram;

• tomato paste - 10 tables. spoons;

• black pepper (preferably ground) - 3 teaspoons;

• horseradish - 200 grams.

How to prepare:

Squash and apples clean and send to the blender. The resulting mashed potatoes 2 hours do not touch (so it is insisted). Then put it in some dishes (preferably enameled), add salt, pepper, and tomato paste. All this stew an hour and a half, and then pour in vinegar.

We take garlic and cut it very, very finely. Chop the parsley.

Horseradish a good grate (preferably small). Now it's time to add garlic, parsley and horseradish in a saucepan for everything else.

Cook for another 10 minutes, let the adjika cool and everything is ready.

Now we pour our seasoning into sterile jars, roll them up, turn them over, cover them with something warm and do not forget to put them in a place prepared for storage.

Ajika from zucchini with apples - tricks and useful tips

  • For those who love adjika sharpen, you can advise not to remove the seeds of red pepper - this will make it more acute.
  • It is necessary to clean the squash! Otherwise, banks with rolled adzhika can simply explode.
  • When preparing the seasoning, never forget to remove the red pepper tail, otherwise the food will deteriorate very quickly.
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