Puff pie with onions, eggs: with and without yeast. Original recipes pie with onions and egg puff pastry

Puff pie with onions, eggs: with and without yeast. Original recipes pie with onions and egg puff pastry

Favorite dishes of Russian cuisine - pies.

From different types of dough, with different fillings, they will decorate the table, and nourish the heart.

Usually a lot of time is spent on cooking pies, especially if the hostess makes the dough herself.

But there are recipes for quick puff pastry pies.

They help out, and when guests are on the doorstep, and when they need to quickly and tasty feed the family.

The puff pie with onions and eggs is superbly good - juicy, fragrant, soft.

The filling can be varied by adding additional ingredients: cheese, sour cream, butter, tomatoes, mushrooms.

Layered pie with onions - the general principles of cooking

Cooking a pie with onions and egg from puff pastry is a pleasure. Everything is so fast and simple that literally in 50 minutes you can invite your family or guests to the table. Chicken eggs need to boil hard boiled, and cut the green feathers of the onion into very or not very small pieces.

Puff pastry is suitable and yeast, yeast-free. You can make it yourself or buy it at the nearest grocery store. It takes 30 minutes to bake a cake. The oven should be heated moderately, up to 200 degrees.

Layer cake with onions and egg “Simple”

The classic recipe for a pie with onions and puff pastry egg requires a minimum of ingredients and time to cook. His secret is that if not eaten immediately, then after a few hours the dish becomes even more tasty. From these ingredients it turns out impressive size of the cake for a large company.


• kilogram of any puff pastry;

• fifteen eggs;

• one and a half kilograms of green onions;

• one hundred grams of butter;

• yolk to lubricate the tops.

Cooking Method:

Dough plates defrost.

Boil eggs.

Onion feathers washed, cut off the thick white parts.

Green feathers cut into small rings on half a centimeter wide. Chilled eggs chop egg cutter or knife.

Oil to dissolve in a saucepan.

Prepare the stuffing: combine onion rings, egg cubes, butter, salt everything to taste and mix.

It is important to achieve a dense consistency of the filling: it must be elastic, but dense.

Sprinkle the table with flour and lay out the first layer of dough.

Roll out the bottom of the cake to half a centimeter, but not less. The size of the bottom should be enough for the whole baking sheet plus 5-7 centimeters on the sides and tucks of the top.

Transfer the dough to a baking sheet.

Spread the filling evenly.

Cut the excess parts of the dough.

Roll out the top of another layer of dough for the same thickness. It should be slightly larger than the open space (1.5-2 centimeters).

Cover the stuffing with dough, pinch both layers.

Make a few cuts in the lid to allow steam to escape.

Whip up the whipped yolk.

Bake until cooked.

When the top is reddened, take out the cake, cover with a towel and cool completely.

Layer cake with onions, eggs and cheese

Semi-hard cheese gives the filling piquancy, a special aroma and even greater satiety. This variant of puff pie with onions will delight cheese lovers.


• seven hundred grams of puff pastry;

• two bunches of green feathers;

• seven boiled eggs;

• a pound of semi-hard cheese;

• two spoons of butter;

• yolk for top lubrication;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Pre-boil eggs and cool them.

Chop the onion feathers.

A piece of cheese coarsely grated.

Eggs cut into small cubes.

Oil soften at room temperature.

Mix for stuffing eggs and green onions, add butter, mix.

Salt the stuffing, put the soft butter, mix again.

Roll out half the dough, put it in a baking sheet.

Place the onion and egg filling on the bottom layer of the cake.

Sprinkle cheese crumb over the top.

Cover the onion filling with another layer of puff pastry.

Carefully blind the top and bottom figure seam. Beat the yolk separately, smear the cake and send to the oven.

The cake is ready when the top is reddened.

Layer cake with onions, eggs and dried tomatoes

Those who like to complement traditional recipes with new shades should pay attention to the unusual cake with onions and egg from puff pastry with the addition of dried tomatoes to the filling. Very savory taste that really diversifies the classic version of the dish.


• six hundred grams of puff yeast dough;

• three hundred grams of green onions;

• six eggs;

• five dried tomatoes;

• two spoons of butter;

• spoon of olive oil;

• salt pepper.

Cooking Method:

Cook and cool the eggs.

Chives cut into fairly large pieces about a centimeter long.

Cut eggs with a knife.

Dry dried tomatoes from oil and cut into cubes.

Melt the butter in a saucepan.

Mix the onions with the eggs and butter, salt.

Take a portion of the larger half of the dough, roll out to the size of a small pan.

Arrange the onion-egg filling, pepper to taste.

On top spread out slices of dried tomato.

Form the cake in the same way as described above.

Top the cake with olive oil.

Bake until cooked.

Cool under a towel and serve.

Layer cake with onions and parmesan

A wonderful recipe for a puff pie with an egg, onion and a fine touch of spicy parmesan. This is a hearty option for Sunday breakfast and Friday dinner.


• seven hundred grams of unleavened puff pastry;

• five large eggs;

• a pound of green onion feathers;

• a quarter cup of milk;

• one hundred grams of parmesan;

• tablespoon of olive oil;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Prepared onions chop with a knife into very small pieces.

Cheese grate on the shallow side of the grater.

Peel the boiled eggs, chop the grater on the coarse side or finely chop.

Mix onion base, eggs and parmesan, salt to taste. Roll out a little more than half of the dough for the bottom of the cake.

Grease a baking sheet with olive oil and put a layer of dough on it.

Distribute the filling.

Roll out the remaining dough, form a cake.

Mix yellow with milk, add a pinch of salt, mix well.

Lubricate the top of the cake with egg-milk mixture.

Bake the cake until tender.

Layer cake with onions, eggs and mushrooms

The unusual taste of this cake is achieved through the use of mushrooms. Such a hearty meal is very good to cook as an experiment, and if you like it, make it a family secret.


• a pound of yeast puff pastry;

• five eggs;

• two spoons of butter;

• three hundred grams of fresh champignons;

• three hundred grams of green onions;

• a few sprigs of fresh dill;

• spoon of olive oil;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Mushrooms wash, clean, throw in boiling water and boil for ten minutes.

Chopped cooled mushrooms as much as possible.

Onion feathers very finely chopped.

Dissolve the butter in a heated frying pan, throw mushrooms.

Beat eggs into a frying pan, mix everything and cook mushroom omelette.

When the omelet is cool, put it on the board and chop it finely.

Mix dill and onion greens, chopped mushrooms with an egg, mix, lightly salt.

Divide the dough and roll it in two layers.

Lubricate the pan with butter, put the bottom layer.

Carefully spread the filling over the dough.

Cover with a second layer, pinch.

Top lubricate olive oil.

Bake until done, watching the tip. As it turns red - you can get the dish.

Serve cool.

Layer cake with onions, eggs, cheese and sour cream

Sour cream in this recipe plays the role of a binder filling and replaces the butter. Such a pie with onions and egg from puff pastry is easy, with a pleasant sourness.


• a pound of yeast puff pastry;

• two hundred grams of green onions; • two hundred grams of semi-hard cheese;

• half a cup of sour cream;

• three eggs;

• pepper, salt;

• yolk for smearing the top.

Cooking Method:

Thaw the dough packaging.

Boil, cool and clean the eggs.

Chop them with a knife or grind them in an egg cutter.

Cheese piece coarsely grate. Any low-melting variety will work: smetankovy, Kostroma, Russian, etc.

Onion feathers finely chopped.

Sour cream filled with salt and a mixture of fragrant peppers, mix well.

Put the bottom of the cake on a baking sheet.

The filling should be collected in layers. The first layer is half the cheese crumb.

Top with half a green onion.

The third layer is the total number of chopped eggs.

Next, the remaining green onions.

Pour all sour cream.

Lay out the remains of cheese crumbs.

Cover the filling with another, thinner layer of dough, form a pie.

Smear it with whipped yolk and send to the oven.

Oven to complete readiness, that is, to the ruddy tops.

Puff Pie with Fried Onions and Egg

A special feature of this variant of the pie with onions and eggs is fried onions. The number of onions is large, but it is not necessary to be afraid. It is due to frying, it will significantly decrease in volume.


• a pound of yeast puff pastry;

• four hundred grams of green onions;

• five chicken eggs;

• fifty grams of sweet butter;

• spoon of sunflower oil;

• salt to taste.

Cooking Method:

Leave the dough sheets to defrost.

Boil eggs, sue in cold water.

Rinse onion feathers and chop not very finely.

Heat sunflower oil in a skillet.

Throw the onion in the pan.

Fry the onion with constant stirring for five minutes.

Cooled eggs clean and chop smaller.

Put the egg cubes in the pan, throw in the same piece of butter.

Salt and mix the filling to obtain a homogeneous composition.

Thawed layers of dough divided into parts and thinly rolled.

Grease baking sheet, lay out the bottom layer. On a dough spoon spread the stuffing and immediately dub.

Cover the filling with a second layer of dough, carefully close up the seam.

Slightly cake the cake to its surface turned out more even.

Bake in a slightly heated oven, not forgetting to glance at the top of the cake.

Ruddy top - a sign of readiness dishes.

Serve it hot and cold.

Onion puff pie - tips and helpful tips

  • To prevent thin dough from being torn on a baking sheet, you can use a rolling pin. Sprinkle the dough with flour and screw it onto a wooden base. Then just unleash a layer over the baking sheet. Another option is to fold the layer in four, and straighten it on the baking sheet.
  • The more eggs you put in the stuffing, the more tender it will be. The number of eggs can be varied by adding or subtracting to your taste.
  • Eggs for the filling should be cooled in cold water. So it will be easier to free them from the shell.
  • Before you send the cake into the oven, do not forget to stick it with a fork or make small cuts with a knife. This is necessary so that the top does not swell up and does not sting ugly, unevenly.
  • If there is no green onion, it can be successfully replaced by frozen spinach, taking it in the same quantity. The result is a very interesting taste, although this cake will resemble the classic onion version only in color. The flavor of the dish will be completely different.
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