Cheese soup in a slow cooker - fast! The best recipes for cheese soup in a slow cooker: with sausage, fish, mushrooms, cabbage, rice

Cheese soup in a slow cooker - fast! The best recipes for cheese soup in a slow cooker: with sausage, fish, mushrooms, cabbage, rice

What could be better than a satisfying and tasty soup. Try to cook a cheese soup in a slow cooker, and he will become a regular guest at your table. It is prepared quickly and does not require any special expenses.

Cheese soup in a slow cooker - basic principles of cooking

This soup is cooked mainly with melted cheese, but in principle, you can use absolutely any, from simple creamy, to elite varieties. The main thing is that it is of high quality and completely dissolved in boiling broth.

Cheese soup is cooked on the basis of vegetable, fish or meat broth. It can be cooked with vegetables, mushrooms, seafood or groats.

In boiling broth lay pre-peeled and chopped potatoes. The remaining vegetables are fried in butter or vegetable oil until golden brown. When the potatoes are almost cooked, cheese is added to the soup and mixed until it is completely dispersed in the broth. Then lay out the vegetable fry, salt and season with spices.

Preferably ready soup insist about half an hour, and only then serve. To the cheese soup in mulvar perfect croutons or toast.

Recipe 1. Cheese soup in a slow cooker


300 g soft processed cheese;

10 g of garlic;

6 potatoes;

extra salt;

70 g onions;

3 slices of loaf;

80 g carrots;

50 g butter;

100 g of ham.

Method of preparation

1. Peel and rinse vegetables and garlic under running water. Grate carrots on a grater with small holes. Four tubers of potatoes cut into cubes. Ham cut into strips.

2. Put a dry frying pan on the fire and place ham strips into it. Fry until browned.

3. Grind curd cheese into small cubes. Put the roasted ham, sliced ​​and whole potatoes, carrot chips and processed cheese into the multicooker container. Add butter and pour a liter of drinking water.

4. Install the container into the unit and close the lid. Turn on the “Soup” mode. Set the timer for half an hour. After this time, carefully open the lid, remove whole potatoes from the soup, put them in a plate and mash them with a fork. Put it back in the soup. Put the garlic through the garlic press, add to the soup and mix. 5. Spread long loaf slices with grated cheese and dry in the oven. Pour the soup into the plates and serve with cheese toast.

Recipe 2. Cheese soup in a slow cooker with rice


pound of chicken fillet;

three liters of drinking water;

cheese - 200 g;

vegetable oil - 80 ml;

rice - 75 g;

a bunch of parsley, dill and green onions;

potatoes - 400 g;

bay leaf;

carrot - 120 g;

sea ​​salt;

onions - 120 g;

ground black pepper;

Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc.

Method of preparation

1. We clean the chicken fillet from the film, wash and cut into chunks.

2. Peeled carrots finely rub. We clean the onions, wash and chop small pieces.

3. We include the multicooker in the “Frying” mode. The timer is set for 20 minutes. Pour vegetable oil into the container and heat it well. We spread crushed onions and carrot chips and cook, stirring occasionally, until light golden.

4. Peel the potatoes, wash them well and dice them. We blanch the Bulgarian pepper, remove the stem and seeds, and grind it into small pieces. Wash rice several times. Spread potato cubes, chicken fillet, rice and chopped sweet pepper in a vegetable fry. Salt and season with pepper. Stir and pour boiling water.

5. Exhibit the program "Soup" for an hour on a multicooker. Chopped grated cheese with large holes. Add cheese chips for ten minutes before the end of cooking. Sprinkle with finely chopped greens and place a bay leaf. Stir. After the beep, spill the soup into plates, decorate it with onion rings and greens and serve with croutons.

Recipe 3. Cheese soup in a slow cooker with broccoli


5 potato tubers;

greens, bay leaf and black pepper;

70 g carrots;

200 g broccoli;

100 g of Adyghe cheese;

olive oil;

70 g Chechela cheese.

Method of preparation

1. Three on a large grater peeled and washed carrots. In the capacity of the multicooker we pour olive oil. Turn on the program "frying" for ten minutes. Put carrot chips in preheated oil and fry until soft.

2. Peel the potatoes, wash them and chop them up in small pieces. Adygea cheese crumbled cubes. We load potatoes and cheese into a multicooker container. Fill with drinking water to completely cover the products. Add lavrushka and a pinch of black peppercorns. Choose the program "Soup". We set the timer for half an hour. Piglet cheese chechela finely cut. Broccoli cabbage disassembled into inflorescences. After 15 minutes, put everything in the soup. Close the unit cover and prepare to beep.

Recipe 4. Cheese soup in a slow cooker with smoked sausage


three soft processed cheese;

one and a half liters of drinking water;

sea ​​salt, spices and pepper;

three potatoes;

smoked sausage - 200 g

Method of preparation

1. Cut smoked sausage into thin slices and chop into thin strips.

2. Free the processed cheeses from the packaging and cut them into large chunks.

3. Peel the potatoes, wash and cut into cubes.

4. Put smoked sausage strips, melted cheese and chopped potatoes in a pan of the slow cooker.

5. Pour water, season with salt and spices. You can use any spices that you usually put in the soup.

6. Switch on the unit in “Soup” mode. Set the timer to 50 minutes. After this time, open the lid, sprinkle the ready soup with finely chopped greens, pour into plates and serve with toast.

Recipe 5. Cheese soup in a slow cooker with rice and meatballs


pork and ground beef;

vegetable oil - 80 ml;

drinking water - three liters;

sea ​​salt and pepper;

onions - 60 g;

processed cheese - 100 g;

carrot - 80 g;

rice - half a cup;

potato - half a kilo;

bay leaf - 2 pcs .;

parsley - bunch.

Method of preparation

1. Clean and wash well vegetables. Onion cut into quarters. Carrots three large. Chop the potatoes in small pieces.

2. Fry carrots and onions in a multicooker tank in the “Frying” mode until light browning. We shift roasted vegetables on a plate.

3. Select the program “Soup” on the panel. Fill drinking water and wait until it boils. If you do not have time to wait, you can boil water in the kettle and pour the already boiling water. Put crushed potatoes in a multicooker container. We wash rice several times and ship it after the potatoes.

4. Season with minced meat to your taste, make balls of the size of a walnut out of it and shift one into the soup. Cook until the potatoes are soft.

5. Add onion-carrot fried soup and soft melted cheese cut into small cubes. Close the lid and cook for ten minutes, until our cheese is completely dissolved. Periodically open and mix so that the cheese does not stick to the walls or the bottom. We salt. Leave the soup infused in the “heating” mode for forty minutes.

Recipe 6. Cheese soup in a multi-cooker with sausages


three liters of drinking water;

300 g sausage cheese;

60 ml of vegetable oil;

300 g sausages;

70 g onions;

700 grams of potatoes;

90 g carrots.

Method of preparation

1. Clean and wash all vegetables under the tap. Cut the onion into small pieces. Carrot coarsely rubbed. Potato crumble in small pieces.

2. We include the multicooker in the “Frying” mode. Pour some oil into the bowl. Spread carrot and onion and fry for about ten minutes.

3. Pour water into the multicooker tank and pour in the potatoes. We turn on the program "Soup" on the multicooker. Close the lid of the unit and prepare the hour.

4. Remove the film from the sausages and cut them into circles. Put them in the soup shortly before the sound should sound.

5. Rub sausage soup on a grater with large holes and send it to the soup. Stir well until melted. We salt. Served with white bread croutons.

Recipe 7. Cheese soup in a slow cooker with champignons


filtered water;

half a kilo of champignons;

vegetable oil;

four potatoes;

fresh greens;

three soft processed cheese;

bay leaf;

carrot - 80 g;

pepper and sea salt;

onion - 70 g

Method of preparation

1. Put the onion cut into half rings and the carrot chopped into strips in a heated multicooking container. Add a little butter and fry in the “Frying” mode until soft.

2. Mushrooms clean, wash and cut into thin slices. Peeled potatoes diced. We spread the prepared products into the MultiVak bowl, mix and stew in the same mode for another quarter of an hour.

3. Add cheese to the vegetables, salt, pepper and place bay leaves. Pour hot water. We translate the slow cooker to the “Fire” mode. We set the timer for an hour. We refill the finished soup with chopped greens and leave it in the heating mode for another half hour so that it is well infused.

Recipe 8. Fish cheese soup in a slow cooker


300 g salmon fillet;

60 g onions;

4 processed cheese;

ground black pepper;

80 g carrots;

extra salt;

1000 ml of filtered water;

70 g pine nuts;

10 ml of olive oil;

250 g of potatoes;

dill - a bunch. Method of preparation

1. Put a frying pan on the stove and heat olive oil in it. Put onion finely chopped and carrot, crushed with large chips. Fry vegetables on moderate heat until soft. Pour the pine nuts on a dry baking sheet and place them in the oven, lightly fry. Transfer them to the pan to the vegetables, stir and continue frying for a few more minutes.

2. Place a pot of water on the fire. Boil and put the diced melted cheese in boiling water, mix well with a wooden spatula until it disperses. Put the peeled and diced potatoes in a saucepan. Cook until half cooked.

3. Put the vegetable frying in the soup, add the sliced ​​fish fillet here. Cook for about five minutes, sprinkle with chopped dill, turn off the heat and leave the soup under the lid for ten minutes.

Cheese soup in a slow cooker - tips and tricks from chefs

All multicookers are different, so set the time depending on the power of your unit.

Putting the cheese in a multicooker container, stir the soup vigorously so that it does not stick to the walls and the bottom.

For a cheese soup in a slow cooker, it is better to take soft melted or cream cheese in trays. It dissolves quickly and has a delicate creamy taste.

If you want to spice up your soup, use spicy cheese.

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