Cold borsch: a step-by-step recipe - in the heat of the thing! Step-by-step recipes, secrets of cooking delicious cold borscht

Cold borsch: a step-by-step recipe - in the heat of the thing! Step-by-step recipes, secrets of cooking delicious cold borscht

A fragrant tasty dish that can quench your thirst, saturate and please the eye with its bright ruby ​​color - this is a cold borscht! Think the soup can't be cold? You are mistaken! The best step-by-step recipes will help you diversify your summer diet with benefit to the body.

Step-by-step recipe for cold borscht - food preparation

Prepare a cold beet soup. Vegetable should be fresh, with no signs of rot and spoilage. The most delicious dish is obtained from freshly rooted root vegetables. Beets are thoroughly washed and boiled, then cooled, crushed.

Also in the borsch add fresh cucumbers, radishes, potatoes, eggs, greens. Cucumbers and radishes are washed, cut into strips, potatoes and eggs are pre-boiled, cooled, cut. Eggs can be included in the main composition of the dish or used as decoration of the finished borscht. Greens are washed, dried, finely cut.

Often boiled meat, sausages, and smoked fish are added to vegetables for satiety and taste.

Beet broth, kefir, sour cream diluted with water, home baked kvass, yogurt, etc. can become a “broth” for cold borscht.

Spices in a dish do not put, using only salt, pepper and some sugar. Vinegar is added to the sour borscht, which can be replaced by lemon juice, sorrel.

Before serving, borscht is necessarily cooled, optionally filled with sour cream. You can serve a crust of bread or homemade rye croutons with garlic or horseradish.

1. Cold Lithuanian borsch: a step-by-step recipe


• three medium-sized beets;

• two fresh cucumbers;

• chicken eggs - four pieces;

• green onions - five small stalks;

• dill - one bunch;

• high-fat kefir - seven glasses;

• sour cream - one hundred grams;

• salt - ten grams;

• Fresh parsley for serving - four stalks.

Cooking Method:

1. First, prepare all the vegetables: wash the beets, cover with water, add some salt and boil on medium heat until ready. Take the boiled beets out of the water and put them in a bowl with cold water to cool it faster. After freeing it from the peel, chop it on a coarse grater, put in a clean pan. 2. Eggs, too, cover with water and cook on medium heat for at least five minutes after boiling water. Cool the eggs laid out in cold water. And in the process of cooking the eggshell does not crack and the protein does not flow out, add some salt into the water before cooking. Peel cold eggs and cut into medium cubes.

3. Wash fresh cucumbers thoroughly, cut into cubes with the skin.

4. Prepared beets, eggs, cucumbers, put in a pan of a suitable size, mix.

5. Dill and onion wash, shake, chop, add to the pan to the vegetables, mix again.

6. In the vegetable mixture, add not very fat sour cream, add salt, pepper as desired, mix everything thoroughly.

7. Dilute kefir with a small amount of boiled water with cooled water (take about half a liter of boiled water per liter of kefir). Pour the diluted kefir into the pan with vegetables.

8. Put the prepared cold Lithuanian borsch in the fridge to cool.

9. When serving, pour into plates, sprinkle with fresh parsley on top.

10. Also on the table, put a flat breadbasket with sliced ​​black bread.

2. Cold borsch: a step-by-step recipe with sausage


• any boiled sausage - a small piece;

• two fresh cucumbers;

• radish - six pieces;

• dill, parsley - on the floor of the bunch;

• three chicken eggs;

• two medium beets;

• four medium potato tuber;

• three liters of beet broth;

• salt, sugar - ten grams;

• 9 percent acetic acid - two teaspoons;

• sour cream - 150 grams for serving;

• dill, parsley for serving - four stalks each.

For beetroot:

• two small beets;

• one leaf of laurel;

• 3 allspice peppers;

• salt - ten grams;

• Acetic acid - one tablespoon.

Cooking Method:

1. As in the first recipe, first prepare all the necessary products: put the beets in lightly salted water and cook over medium heat until ready, cool in cold water. Wash the potatoes, also put in salted water and cook on medium heat for a little more than half an hour (if you have young potatoes, then cook for no more than ten minutes). Put boiled potatoes in a separate bowl, cool and peel. Cook eggs in lightly salty water for at least seven minutes to make a hard boiled dish. Wash fresh cucumbers and radishes. If radish is bitter, peel it. 2. Chop the cooled beets chop grated for Korean slicing.

3. Cut cucumbers, sausage, potatoes and eggs with a sharp knife into thin strips. Parsley and dill wash, chop.

4. Put all prepared products in a deep pan.

5. Cook beet broth: wash two beets thoroughly (rinse the beets very well, using special brushes so that the broth does not turn out to be dirty). Put the vegetables in a small metal container, cover with water, add a leaf of Lavrushka and three peas of allspice, add some salt, put on a large fire, bring to a boil and after boiling water, pour in some vinegar and cook over a low heat until softened beets. When the beets are soft, remove it, strain the broth through cheesecloth, cool.

6. Pour cold beet broth into a saucepan with chopped vegetables and herbs, pour in acetic acid (instead of acetic acid you can add lemon juice, the taste of the finished cold soup will not change), add salt, sugar, mix everything well.

7. Put the prepared cold borscht in the fridge to cool.

8. Pour cooled borscht into portions, in each place one tablespoon of medium-fat sour cream, sprinkle with fresh parsley and dill. Also on the table, put a flat plate with lightly toasted croutons with horseradish from rye bread. You can make croutons in this way: cut rye bread into thin slices, spread them on a roasting pan and roast in the oven for ten minutes. Cool the toasted bread. Horseradish roots clean well, rinse, chop in a blender into a homogeneous mush. Horseradish gruel diluted with a small amount of water (for one horseradish about five tablespoons of water). Smear the fried pieces of bread with a cooked spicy mixture.

9. You can also not pre-dilute cold borsch with sausage with beet broth, just arrange the vegetable mixture with sausage on plates and each will add the broth in the quantity necessary for him. If you do not have enough salt in the borsch, then during serving you can slightly salt the dish to your liking.

3. Cold soup: a step-by-step recipe with smoked cod


• three small beets;

• one medium hot smoked cod;

• two fresh cucumbers;

• green onions - eight small stalks;

• five sprigs of parsley and dill;

• medium fat sour cream - half a glass;

• acetic acid 9 percent - 30 ml;

• sugar - twenty grams;

• salt - half a teaspoon.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the beets thoroughly with running water, put into a deep iron pot, pour in water, put on medium heat and cook for about forty minutes until the vegetable is ready.

2. When the beets are cooked, cool them, putting them in a bowl with cold water, so it will quickly reach the ready and cool.

3. Release the cold beets from the peel, cut into thin strips or chop on a grater for Korean cutting.

4. Put sliced ​​or grated beets in an iron container with cold boiled water, put on medium heat, bring to a boil and pour in acetic acid (add vinegar to beets, be sure that after boiling the beets will not lose their red color). Or, instead of acetic acid, you can squeeze the juice of one lemon.

5. After boiling, strain the broth and cool.

6. Rinse the onion greens, chop it, sprinkle it with salt and put it in your hands.

7. Cut fresh cucumbers into medium cubes and mix them with onions.

8. Arrange cucumbers with onions in cooled beetroot, add some salt (if needed), sprinkle with sugar and add sour cream, mix everything thoroughly until sour cream is completely dissolved. Put the soup in the fridge for cooling.

9. In the meantime, place the eggs in cold water, boil over medium heat for seven minutes, transfer them to cold water, cool, peel and cut into four equal parts.

10. Smooth cod sliced, remove all existing bones, cut the fillets into medium slices.

11. When serving, pour the borsch into portions of soup plates, in each place put a slice of boiled egg and a piece of cod, garnish with fresh parsley and dill leaves on top. If not enough salt, add some salt. 12. Also, when serving, place a separate plate with slices of black or rye bread.

Step-by-step recipe for cold borscht - secrets and useful tips

• Cold borsch is especially beautiful and bright if you use beetroot of a burgundy sweet variety to make it.

• Also, so that the beets will not lose their color during cooking, add a little acetic acid after boiling water.

• It may seem strange, but cold borsch is tastier and richer if you cut all the ingredients into straws, not dice.

• Cold borsch is more tasty if it is insisted in the refrigerator for at least an hour. The longer the better.

• Be sure to fill the dish with sour cream, so the taste of borsch will be softer and richer. Enjoy your meal.

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