Snack from green tomatoes for the winter - fresh, tasty, bright, unusual. The best recipes of tasty snacks from green tomatoes for the winter

Snack from green tomatoes for the winter - fresh, tasty, bright, unusual. The best recipes of tasty snacks from green tomatoes for the winter

Experienced housewives know that green tomatoes are not at all a waste product, you can make a lot of tasty snacks from them: from salads for the winter, caviar to cask pickle.

Snack from green tomatoes for the winter - general principles

To make the appetizer tasty and keep for a long time, it is important to follow a few simple rules:

1. Tomatoes should be dense, without cracks, torn places, traces of rot.

2. When cooking salads and caviar, it is permissible to use a non-standard, only in this case it is important to carefully cut all the damaged places.

3. Unlike red tomatoes, green tomatoes require sterilization before rolling.

4. Green tomatoes are perfectly combined with many other vegetables, so you can additionally use cabbage, garlic, greens, zucchini, carrots, beets, etc. when cooking snacks.

5. Usually seasoned snacks with pepper, salt, sugar. Vinegar is used as a preservative. Sometimes herbs, oregano, hops-suneli, hot peppers are put.

1. Snack from green tomatoes for the winter: Danube salad


• 800 g of green tomatoes;

• 3 onions;

• carrot - 3 pcs .;

• 40 ml of acetic acid 9%;

• 40 ml of vegetable oil;

• 25 g of sugar and salt;

• leaf of laurel;

• peppercorns - 7 pcs.

Cooking Method:

1. First, wash the tomatoes and dry on a paper towel, put in a deep bowl. If your tomatoes are very large, then cut them into several pieces.

2. Peel the onions, cut them into strips, put them in a bowl with tomatoes.

3. Wash cleaned carrots, grate them (you can use Korean ones), add them to other vegetables.

4. Salt, sprinkle with sugar, stir everything thoroughly, let it stand under a lid for 2 hours.

5. Pour into the salad vinegar, vegetable oil, put Lavrushka, allspice, put everything in a metal container. 6. Put on a moderate fire and languish for half an hour, covered with a lid.

7. Put the ready-made salad straight in hot form on the clean cans, roll up the lids.

8. Banks put in a warm place upside down and wrap in a blanket, leave it on all night.

9. The next day, clean the banks in the cellar.

2. Snack from green tomatoes for the winter in Korean


• 12 green tomatoes;

• 2 bell peppers;

• garlic - 6 cloves;

• 9% acetic acid, vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. spoons;

• sugar - 35 g;

• 1 teaspoon salt;

• ground hot pepper - 10 g;

• greens - bouquet floor.

Cooking Method:

1. Any greens (parsley, dill, sorrel), wash well and chop with a knife.

2. Wash the tomatoes, cut into arbitrary pieces.

3. Pepper free from the stem and seeds, wash and cut into thin strips.

4. Chopped garlic chopped in garlic.

5. Mix all prepared vegetables in a deep bowl, pour in vinegar, vegetable oil, salt, add sugar, add hot ground pepper, if you wish, you can add some Korean seasoning, mix again.

6. Lay the salad in a sterile container, close with plastic covers. Before winter, store in the refrigerator.

3. Snack from green tomatoes for the winter in the form of caviar


• green tomatoes - 7 kg;

• 6 medium carrots;

• 5 onions;

• 2 glasses of vegetable oil;

• sugar - 280 g;

• half a glass of salt;

• black pepper powder - 2 tea spoons.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash tomatoes, dry with a towel, chop (you can chop in a food processor with a nozzle for cutting vegetables).

2. Grate grated carrots with large teeth.

3. Wash and chop the onion into small pieces.

4. Take a deep cast iron skillet, pour in the oil, heat it well, fry the onion on low heat to a transparent color.

5. Put the carrots in the pan, fry another 7 minutes.

6. Add tomatoes, mix everything.

7. Pour salt and sugar, pepper, pour in the remaining oil, mix everything and stew for 3 hours on moderate heat. 8. Banks thoroughly wash and warm in the oven.

9. Arrange the ready-made caviar from green tomatoes hot on the cans, roll up tightly with metal lids, cool under a warm blanket and put in the cellar.

4. Snack of green tomatoes for the winter in a slow cooker


• 20 green tomatoes;

• 5 onions;

• 6 small carrots;

• vegetable oil - 120 ml;

• Chili ketchup - half glass;

• sugar - 140 g;

• salt - 35 g.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash tomatoes, cut into cubes. Onion cut into crumbs, and grate the carrot on a medium grater.

2. Pour oil into a multicooker container and fry the onions and carrots in the “frying” mode for several minutes.

3. Add tomatoes, ketchup chilli to the container. Ketchup can use ready-made, purchased in the store, or make homemade tomato spicy sauce according to the following recipe: Wash 4 red tomatoes, cut into slices, put on a frying sheet, next to wash washed, not peeled, peppers and three cloves of garlic, bake 60 minutes. After this time, put the pepper from the sheet in a plastic bag, tie it tightly so that steam does not come out, soak for 10 minutes. With tomatoes, remove the skin. Soak the chili peppers in water for a few minutes. Remove the pepper from the bag, peel off and grind it in a blender. Chilli free from seeds, finely chop with a knife and add to the pulp of sweet pepper. Chop the tomatoes in a food processor, mix them with tomato paste, oregano seasoning, 2 tablespoons of sugar and any broth (chicken, meat, vegetables and others). Add the chopped peppers to the mixture, put on a strong fire, wait for the bubbling bubbles to appear, then adjust the low heat and cook for a little less than half an hour. Cool the prepared sauce.

4. Add salt and ground pepper to all vegetables in a multicooker container (you can add any seasoning for a larger flavor), mix.

5. Turn on the “quenching” mode and extinguish for 2.5 hours.

6. Lay out the ready snack in a hot container, roll up tightly with a metal lid, cool in a warm place and store until winter in the cellar.

5. Snack from green tomatoes for the winter in Georgian


• 12 green tomatoes;

• 1 carrot;

• bell pepper pod;

• garlic head;

• chili - 1 pod.

For marinade:

• acetic acid 9% - 30 ml;

• sugar - 80 g;

• 20 g of salt;

• water - 700 ml.

And of course, no Georgian dish or snack will be truly fragrant and appetizing without chili pepper and various spicy spices. For this snack you can take 1 teaspoonful of oregano and hops-suneli.

Cooking Method:

1. As in other recipes, be sure to wash the tomatoes (take only good, tomatoes without any rot, as spoiled fruits can spoil the whole taste of the finished snack, and during storage rolled banks can explode).

2. Slice the tomatoes a little in the middle with a sharp knife.

3. Prepare the filling: remove the seeds from the Bulgarian pepper, peel the carrot, cut into slices and chop in a blender together with the peeled head of garlic and hot peppers. In the resulting vegetable gruel add oregano, hop-suneli, mix everything well.

4. Put the filling in a small amount into the cut on the tomatoes.

5. Put the stuffed tomatoes in sterilized jars.

6. Prepare the marinade: pour water into a small container and boil over high heat. Pour vinegar into the hot water, add salt and sugar. Stir.

7. Marinade pour tomatoes, cover with lids and sterilize in containers with water for half an hour. Roll up.

8. After cooling, store in the cellar.

6. Snack from green tomatoes for the winter with cabbage


• 4 green tomatoes;

• 4 fresh cucumbers;

• white cabbage - half a head of cabbage;

• Bulgarian pepper - 2 pcs .;

• 1 carrot;

• onion head;

• 70% acetic acid - 1.5 tbsp. spoons;

• 3 large spoons of sunflower oil;

• clove of garlic;

• salt - 35 g;

• any greens - 3 stalk.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash and dry vegetables on paper napkins.

2. Cut carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes into strips. 3. Cabbage cut into large strips.

4. At the pepper, cut the stem, remove the seeds, finely chop together with greens and peeled onion.

5. Mix all the vegetables with greens and chopped garlic in a suitable bowl, add salt (take more salt to make the salad a little salty), leave the salad under the lid for a few minutes to make juice.

6. Put the vegetables in a metal bowl and heat the mixture a little, without boiling.

7. Pour in vinegar and oil, mix well.

8. Spread in jars, cover with lids. Place the jars in a large container with water and sterilize for 2 hours.

9. After roll up, cool.

Snack from green tomatoes for the winter - tricks

• Ideal ripeness of green tomatoes is a light brown patina.

• For salting, it is better to take not large dense fruits, for salads - use any product, but watery tomatoes are not suitable for caviar.

• In many recipes it is recommended to cool the jars with blanks upside down. This is necessary in order to brine or marinade thoroughly soaked the contents of the container. In addition, this cooling method is ideal for detecting the non-tightness of improperly rolled cans.

• Store a snack of green tomatoes in a cool dark place. In the absence of a cellar or a large amount of space in the refrigerator, you can put aspirin tablets in each container with a blank, then the snack can be stored at room temperature, for example, in the closet or under the bed.

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