Homemade fish dishes from mackerel with mayonnaise. How to bake, marinate, originally serve boiled or roasted mackerel in mayonnaise

Homemade fish dishes from mackerel with mayonnaise. How to bake, marinate, originally serve boiled or roasted mackerel in mayonnaise

Mackerel meat is soft and tender. Fish of this type is very popular in modern cooking - you can quickly fry it in slices, or you can cook a luxurious fish soup. Very diverse dishes of mackerel with mayonnaise, in which it is marinated, baked, stewed.

You do not need to have a wealth of experience and special skills to bake mackerel in the microwave. Boiled fish will be especially tender if soaked with mayonnaise sauce. Juicy dishes with vegetables in the oven, and just pieces of mackerel in mayonnaise - original dishes that will appreciate even the most demanding gourmet.

Spending a little time you can cook mackerel with mayonnaise dishes that will please both taste and appearance, and, perhaps, even become signature.

General principles for cooking mackerel fish dishes with mayonnaise

Mackerel is a type of sea fish that is sold exclusively frozen. The taste of dishes depends largely on properly produced thawing. It is undesirable to thaw fish in water, it is more correct to do it in the refrigerator or in the open air. The structure of mackerel meat is such that when dressing it can be stratified into rings. For convenience of cutting the fish is not defrosted to the end and the skin is not removed from it.

The quality of frozen fish is difficult to determine. After thawing, pay attention to the fat layer. If it is of a yellowish tint, do not risk, the fish may have been frozen more than once. With any kind of heat treatment, its meat will fall apart, and the finished dish can be bitter.

Boiled, baked or fried mackerel, as a rule, is somewhat dryish, since it gives away fat easily. But you can use a little trick - cook mackerel in mayonnaise, be sure to add vegetables.

Mayonnaise can be selected at its discretion. Do not like too fatty foods - take a low-calorie sauce. Know how to make mayonnaise yourself - better use it. The main thing is not to overdo it, the extra fat is completely useless to the fish.

Baked mackerel in mayonnaise with soy sauce and mustard


mackerel carcasses - two large ones;

onion head;

two spoons of mayonnaise;

60 ml of soy concentrate;

spoonful of mustard with a mild flavor.

Cooking Method:

In a deep bowl until smooth, mix mustard with soy sauce and mayonnaise.

Cut in half and a thin shred onion. Put onion in cooked marinade.

Gut mackerel, wash, thoroughly rinsing the abdomen. Cut fish into portions, three centimeters wide.

In a bowl with marinade we put the pieces of fish, mix well, without kneading the onions. Cover the bowl, set aside for half an hour.

Marinated pieces of mackerel in dense rows are laid out in shape or in a roasting pan. Place the onions on top evenly, pour the mackerel with the remnants of the marinade and set in the oven for half an hour. Cooking fish at 180 degrees.

Stuffed mackerel in mayonnaise baked in foil


carcass mackerel, weighing about 350 grams;

small boiled potato;

100 grams of processed cheese;

a quarter spoonful of hops sunelly;

40 ml of vegetable oil;

mayonnaise - one and a half spoonful of homemade product.

Cooking Method:

Gutted fish thoroughly washed and wiped dry with paper towels. Put the carcass on a chopping board, with a sharp knife, on the abdomen, carefully, so as not to cut through the back, cut the ridge. Expand as a book, and select all the bones.

Sprinkle with mackerel hops-sunelly, slightly add. Lubricate fish meat with mayonnaise. On one of the halves of the fish through the middle grater we rub the potato. Top lay out, grated in a small grater, cheese.

Covering the filling with the second half of the fish, lubricate the top with mayonnaise and place on the foil, laid in the form. Put the smeared side down, and do not forget to put a thin layer of mayonnaise on top. On the sheet of foil previously thinly applied vegetable oil.

We wrap stuffed fish in foil, the package must be sealed on all sides. Send the form to the oven, heated to 200 degrees. We bake mackerel in foil from 25 minutes to half an hour.

Recipe for mackerel in mayonnaise in the microwave


mackerel - 2 mid-sized carcasses;

half a large lemon;

sparse, preferably low fat, mayonnaise;

two slivers of dry marjoram.

Cooking Method:

Mackerel with giblets, rinse thoroughly. Drain, cut into small pieces, put them in one row in a glass refractory bowl.

Top with lightly sprinkle pieces of mackerel with salt and ground pepper, sprinkle with undiluted lemon juice. Well coated with mayonnaise, sprinkle with marjoram.

Put the bowl in the microwave, cook for five minutes at maximum power. Leave the mackerel in the microwave off for ten minutes.

Delicious marinated mackerel in mayonnaise


medium mayonnaise - 100 gr .;

spoonful of fine salt;

0.3 spoonful of pepper pounded in a mortar;

Mackerel - one large fish.

Cooking Method:

We thaw mackerel in the common chamber of the refrigerator, but not to the end. It is easier to work with slightly frozen fish.

We cut off the head of the carcass, giblets and thoroughly wash. Cut into small, 4 cm wide, pieces.

Mix the ground pepper with salt, roll in the mixture in the mixture pieces of fish and put them in a bowl. Pour mayonnaise, mix.

Tightly close the container with the fish lid and place it in the fridge for a day.

Boiled mackerel in mayonnaise with cream


kilogram of medium-sized mackerel;

two spoons of 6% edible vinegar;


50 gr. mayonnaise;

a thin circle of lemon;

small onion;

four spoons of medium cream;

boiled egg;

Tomatoes are two small, unripe fruits.

Cooking Method:

We clean the mackerel, the skin does not remove. Put the fish in a pan with cold water, bring to a boil.

Pour the vinegar, pour in a spoonful of fine salt, put dill, a slice of lemon, and a cut onion in the pan. Cook at low boil for about 20 minutes, the fish should not be boiled soft. At eight o'clock we leave the mackerel in the marinade, in which it was cooked.

With the fish cooled down, gently remove the skin, break it into two halves along the ridge. Extract the bones and spine. Dilute the cream with mayonnaise, mix the sauce with a portion of the chopped dill. We spread the halves of mackerel on a dish, pour the sauce, sprinkle with the remaining dill.

We decorate the dish with the quarters of a hard-boiled egg.

Fried breaded mackerel in mayonnaise


rare, low-fat mayonnaise - a glass;

600 gr. frozen mackerel;

a spoonful of lemon juice;

high quality vegetable oil;

white bread crumbs medium grinding;


two tablespoons of unsharp mustard, homemade;

Cooking Method:

Thawed mackerel cut into fillets, and immediately cut into small pieces. Rub the fish with mustard, leave for 10 minutes.

We warm up the oil in a thick-walled pan. We drop the pieces of mackerel breaded in breadcrumbs. Fry on both sides until browning.

Putting on a plate, lightly sprinkle the pieces of mackerel with lemon juice and sprinkle with sugar. Fill the fried fish fillet with mayonnaise, sprinkle with greens on top.

Mackerel, baked with onions in a sauce of mayonnaise and ketchup


mackerel, carcass weighing about 350 grams;

three tablespoons of unsharp tomato ketchup;

large onion head;

three spoons of mayonnaise;

seasonings “For fried fish”.

Cooking Method:

Free thawed mackerel free from entrails. Cut off the lateral fins, and tail tail. We chop off the head, well wash the carcass. For serving, you can leave your head, just do not forget to remove the gills from it.

Cut fish into pieces, add, season with ready-made spices. Cut the peeled onion into rings, up to 5 mm thick.

We cover the brazier with parchment paper and apply vegetable oil on it.

We combine mayonnaise with ketchup. Dip the chunks of mackerel in the sauce and spread them on a baking sheet in the form of a whole fish. Between the pieces we leave small gaps into which we insert onion rings.

Apply a random pattern on the surface with mayonnaise and ketchup, put the pan in the oven. Bake mackerel for about half an hour, maintain the temperature at least 180 degrees.

Mackerel in mayonnaise with vegetables in the oven

Ingredients: mackerel, weighing at least 300 grams;

carrot - two large roots;

a quarter cup of vegetable oil;

large onion;

bunch of dill;

three small fleshy tomatoes;

90 ml of mayonnaise, homemade.

Cooking Method:

On a large grater, rub the carrot and lightly fry it in a frying pan in vegetable oil. Do not brown, bring to soften, spread to the carrot melenko chopped onion and cook everything together until golden brown. Now you can browse the vegetables a little. At the end we lightly add some vegetable roast and season it.

Freed from the entrails of the fish thoroughly washed in cool water. Carefully remove the skin from the fish, separate the fillet from the bones and cut it into large pieces.

Small deep form rubbed with vegetable oil. We spread in it a part of vegetable roasting, we level. Top carefully lay out the pieces of fish fillets and grease them with mayonnaise. We add a little fish layer, sprinkle with ground pepper or special spices for frying fish.

Mayonnaise layer lightly sprinkle with chopped dill, spread on it the remaining roast of vegetables. On top of it, lay tomatoes cut into small cubes.

Pour into the form of a quarter cup of water, cover with foil and put in a hot oven. Cooking mackerel under vegetables for forty minutes.

The tricks of making mackerel in mayonnaise - useful tips

Only fresh, not thawed several times, mackerel, you can cook a delicious dish. Do not buy fish covered with ice - this is a clear sign of re-freezing.

Cut fish before cooking can be marinated in dry wine, lemon or lime juice. You can use for this table, balsamic, wine or apple cider vinegar or simply sprinkle with herbs, which will give the dish a special flavor.

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