In summer afternoon: okroshka on mayonnaise, with kvass, mineral water, kefir. No need to guess what to do for dinner: okroshka in mayonnaise

In summer afternoon: okroshka on mayonnaise, with kvass, mineral water, kefir. No need to guess what to do for dinner: okroshka in mayonnaise

Okroshka is a whole family of cold soups based on vegetable salads and sourish fillings. According to the classic recipe, they are made with the addition of sour cream, but also not quite authentic mayonnaise caught on the list of products. By adding this sauce, the dish is given a heartiness and a kind of “density”. Without it, okroshka turns out to be watery, unsaturated.

Mayonnaise with a high content of mustard or in its oil, now a rarity. Therefore, seasoning is most often added separately. It is desirable to prepare it yourself, while avoiding the use of vinegar, pepper, horseradish. Such mustards harm the hash more than improve its taste. Of the finished ones, perhaps a very sharp “Russian” is suitable; in any case, it is worth trying the product before adding it.

Okroshka in mayonnaise - the general principles of cooking

• Okroshka - light cold summer soup, consisting of a thick base - vegetable salad and liquid added to it.

• Vegetable salad can consist of both fresh and boiled vegetables. For example, potatoes are never added raw to okroshka.

• Vegetables and greens for “salad” are cut into small pieces, and then mixed. Some types of raw vegetables can be grated. Boiled potatoes finely chopped or mashed tolkushkoy in mashed potatoes.

• Hard-boiled eggs can be added to the vegetable base to enhance the taste and give the dish a satiety. Moreover, the protein can be laid in a crushed form separately from the yolk. And the yolk is pounded on its own or with mustard and injected into the liquid portion.

• In addition to eggs, boiled meat, sliced ​​meat or ground sausage products (cooked sausage without fat or sausage) can be put in okroshka. The type of meat is indicated in the recipe and may vary depending on preferences. In addition to meat products, it is also possible to put boiled seafood in advance in okroshka - squid or shrimp. • Vegetable base is mixed with mayonnaise and then poured with cold liquid. Mayonnaise can also be added to an already diluted vegetable salad.

• Okroshka cooked in mayonnaise can be diluted with drinking water, kefir, kvass, vegetable or fruit decoction, meat broth, carbonated mineral water and even beer. The liquid before adding pre-cooled in the refrigerator.

• You can cool and already cooked dish. It should be noted that the salad diluted with liquid is not stored for a long time. Since it loses its taste and can quickly deteriorate.

Okroshka on mayonnaise with kefir and sausages


• 120 ml of 45% mayonnaise;

• one liter of high-calorie kefir;

• three wieners;

• four large potatoes;

• five chicken eggs;

• a large bunch of young onions;

• eight radishes;

• a small bunch of curly parsley;

• one big cucumber.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil sausages, potatoes and eggs, cool and cut into cubes.

2. Finely chop the fresh leaves of curly parsley and onion feathers with a knife.

3. Radish and cucumber large rub in a separate bowl. Mix vegetables with greens, prisolite and let stand, to stand out the juice.

4. Pound eggs, potatoes and sardels with a liter of cold boiled water. Add kefir, put mayonnaise and mix well.

5. Then add a mixture of vegetables and greens, along with the separated juice, salt and mix the finished okroshka well.

Unusual oxalic okroshka in mayonnaise


• fresh sorrel - 150 grams;

• two small ground cucumbers;

• ten radishes;

• two boiled eggs;

• 60 gr. boiled sausage without fat;

• 40% mayonnaise, for refueling;

• feathers of young onions.

Cooking Method:

1. At the sorrel cut the stems. Take leaves from weeds and rinse well with warm water.

2. In a saucepan, boil about two liters of water. Dip sorrel leaves in boiling water and boil for seven minutes. Sorrel decorate the solution and cool well, and cook the boiled leaves on a rare sieve. 3. Boil eggs and peeled potatoes separately.

4. Mash the other hot potatoes mashed potatoes. Peel off the eggshell and crumble them finely.

5. Cut the sausage into small pieces, and cut the onion feathers into rings.

6. In one bowl mix all the crushed ingredients. Add ground leaves, mashed potatoes and cover with oxalic broth, adjusting the density of okroshka.

7. Rub radish and cucumbers in okroshka on a medium grater, add salt to your taste, and season with mayonnaise.

Okroshka in gourmet mayonnaise (with squid)


• 100 gr. fresh squids;

• green, young onions - a small bunch;

• two large potatoes;

• a tablespoon of chopped dill;

• young radish - 4 pcs .;

• bread kvass;

• Medium-calorie mayonnaise for refueling;

• two small fresh cucumbers.

Cooking Method:

1. Thoroughly wash the carcasses of squid and boil in boiling water for three minutes. Remove the coarse chitinous plates and cut the squid meat into small pieces.

2. From mashed potatoes without peel, cook mashed potatoes and put them in a bowl of squid.

3. Radish, cucumbers, together with the skin, rub on a coarse grater and add to a bowl of squid with mashed potatoes.

4. Pour chopped dill, cover with kvass and, stirring carefully, season with mayonnaise.

Meat Okroshka on mayonnaise with water


• one chicken fillet;

• three boiled, “steep” eggs;

• four feathers of young onions;

• 250 gr. 72% mayonnaise;

• three large potato tubers;

• ground cucumbers - 3 pcs .;

• medium bunch of fresh dill;

• 200 gr. sugar canned corn.

Cooking Method:

1. Separately, in lightly brackish water, boil peeled potatoes and chicken fillet to readiness.

2. Scete from the jar of corn marinade and transfer it to a large bowl.

3. With the cucumbers as thin as possible, remove the peel, cut them into medium-sized bars and put them to the corn. 4. Add the diced chicken fillet.

5. Pour chopped green onion feathers and finely chopped dill.

6. To your taste, pepper, add salt and season with mayonnaise. Dilute okroshka with cold water to the desired density and, stirring well, bring to the table.

Vegetable okroshka on mayonnaise with carbonated mineral water


• 500 gr. boiled potatoes;

• five hard-boiled chicken eggs;

• 300 gr. ground cucumbers;

• young radish - 200 gr .;

• one and a half liters of highly carbonated mineral water;

• teaspoon spicy, mustard-free mustard;

• young dill.

Cooking Method:

1. Release boiled eggs from the shell, rinse with water, dry, chop and put in a bowl.

2. Add chopped small potatoes.

3. With a thin layer of cucumbers, cut off the peel, finely chop up and send to the potatoes with eggs.

4. Rinse the radish, dry it, remove the tails and cut into thinner, half rings. If the root crop is not large - in small rings and also shift to a bowl. You can coarsely radish with a grater.

5. Then add chopped greens to the vegetables and mix gently.

6. Fill the vegetable mixture with mineral water, add salt to your taste and cool the okroshka in the refrigerator.

Meat okroshka on mayonnaise with shrimps and beer


• 40 gr. peeled shrimp (frozen);

• 200 gr. any boiled meat;

• one boiled egg;

• a small bunch of green onion feathers;

• cooked in potato “uniforms”;

• half a liter of light beer;

• two large radishes;

• 100 ml of low-calorie mayonnaise;

• Fresh cucumbers - 1 pc.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil half a liter of drinking water and put frozen shrimp in boiling water. Boil with a slight boil for two minutes and cool well, putting them out of the broth.

2. Boiled meat, cooled prawns, egg and peeled potato cut into centimeter slices. 3. Chop the greens with a knife, finely rub the radish.

4. Mix all ingredients in an enamel saucepan. Season with mayonnaise and, thoroughly mixed, fill with ice cold beer.

5. Remove the sample and add salt if necessary.

Okroshka on mayonnaise with fruit decoction


• 120 gr. dried fruits (pear, apples and plums);

• 60 ml of 45% mayonnaise;

• boiled chicken egg - 1 pc .;

• several lettuce leaves;

• one fresh cucumber;

• two potatoes, boiled without peel;

• fresh parsley - a small bunch;

• powdered acid - “lemon”;

• to taste fresh dill and sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Dried fruits rinse well. Fill with a liter of cold filtered water and put on low heat. After the liquid in the pan boils, remove from heat, cover with a lid and leave it for four hours.

2. Cut the potatoes and cucumber into small pieces.

3. Clean the eggshell from the eggs, separate the white and the yolk. Finely chop the protein, and send to the vegetables, and yolk thoroughly rub and mix with mayonnaise.

4. Cut the washed and well-dried lettuce leaves into thin strips and shift to shredded vegetables.

5. Add as many as possible chopped sprigs of fresh greens, mix and season with a mixture of yolk and mayonnaise.

6. Fill the vegetable mixture with cold fruit decoction, and adjust the taste of the hash by adding sugar, salt and lemon.

Spicy Okroshka Mayonnaise with Sausage


• 200 ml of 72% mayonnaise;

• 300 gr. boiled "Doctor" sausage;

• a tablespoon of mustard;

• a little less than a tablespoon of lemon;

• four medium cucumbers;

• spicy mustard - 1 tbsp. l .;

• six boiled eggs;

• young onion.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the sausage into thin, short sticks, cucumbers into strips, mix.

2. Add small pieces of egg whites and thin green onion rings.

3. Yolks well rub with a spoon with salt and mustard. Mix with mayonnaise and, without stopping rubbing, enter gradually one and a half liters of ice water. 4. Place the required amount of vegetable mixture in a plate, and cover with cooked mayonnaise liquid.

5. To your taste, salt and slightly acidify with lemon.

Okroshka on mayonnaise - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Chill the boiled products before chopping to cool completely and only then chop. Otherwise, the taste of the dish will change, as fresh vegetables from contact with hot will be half cooked.

• Cut all the ingredients to be ground as small as possible, especially green onions and fresh greens. The dish will be much more tender.

• Potatoes cooked in their skins are slightly harsh and may be slimy, which affects the taste of okroshka. Potatoes boiled without skin - crumbly and okroshka cooked with such potatoes are much tastier.

• Do not cut off the skin of young cucumbers; remove it from more mature ones. Try to taste the pulp of a ripe vegetable; it can taste bitter, especially along the edges of the cucumber. Such places need to be cut off.

• Do not immediately fill the entire vegetable salad with prepared liquid. Better place it on plates and add liquid to them. Diluted okroshka is not stored for a long time even in the refrigerator. With short storage, the dish becomes tasteless.

• Also, do not cook a lot of hash at once. Even if it is not diluted with liquid, “salad” will not last for it for a long time. After a day he may become slippery.

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