Potato with garlic is satisfying and healthy. Cooking options for everyone's favorite potatoes with garlic

Potato with garlic is satisfying and healthy. Cooking options for everyone's favorite potatoes with garlic

Potatoes are ideally combined with a variety of products, but it is especially good in partnership with garlic. This is a win-win and always a decent result - an extraordinary taste, familiar to everyone.

Potatoes with garlic: general principles of cooking

Potatoes in most recipes with garlic boil, fry or bake.

Cook the potatoes in salted water for 20-25 minutes. It all depends on the size, so it is better to choose the same tubers. If necessary, large potatoes are cut into several pieces. So that the potatoes do not boil dry, they put it in cold water and cover with a lid. Water should completely cover the potatoes. Readiness can be checked with a fork or knife. Just poke the potatoes, if soft and pierced easily - it means ready.

The principles of cooking potatoes in their uniforms are about the same. It is advisable to choose new potatoes. Wash the tubers thoroughly and put them in a saucepan. Add cold water and salt. Salt protects the potatoes from damage to the peel during cooking. The water should cover the potatoes and be 2 cm higher. Cook over high heat under the lid. Cook for 20 minutes.

Before frying the potatoes, they wash them, peel them and cut them into sticks of the same size. To make the crust crisp, chopped potatoes are washed at least 3 times. So starch is washed off the surface. Thanks to this procedure, the potatoes will not stick together. After rinsing, potato sticks are laid out on a towel in order to rid them of excess water. For frying more suitable cast iron pan with a thick bottom. Pour the vegetable oil and let it heat up. After putting the potatoes. Often do not mix, cook over high heat. 2-3 minutes before readiness reduce heat, salt and close the lid.

For baking, it is better to choose potatoes with high starch content. It is characterized by an oblong oval shape and light brown skin. The flesh of such potatoes is crumbly and soft. First, the tubers are washed, cleaned and cut into slices of the right size. Then spread on a baking sheet, oiled, and sent to the oven. Cooking time depends on the size of the tubers. On average, this is about an hour at a temperature of 200-220 degrees. You can bake in foil entirely, then you have to wait 30-40 minutes. Garlic can be added to the potatoes with whole heads, skipped through a press, cut into cubes or slices, the taste qualities do not change.

Among the additional ingredients in dishes that use potatoes with garlic, the main assistants are often sour cream, mayonnaise, greens, vegetable or olive oil.

Potatoes with garlic in the oven

A simple and appetizing dish, in which, apart from the main ingredients, sour cream is involved. Prepares quickly, the recipe helps out in those cases when you urgently need to feed someone.


• Potatoes - 500 gr;

• Garlic - 4-5 cloves;

• Butter - 100 gr;

• Sour cream - 1 tbsp .;

• Greens, salt.

How to cook:

Boil the potatoes until half ready and open in half. Pay attention to the size of the tubers, if the pieces are large, you can divide them into two more parts. This is done to ensure that the potatoes are well and evenly fried.

Prepare the garlic mixture before sending it to the oven. Take a deep bowl and mix in it butter, sour cream, chopped garlic, greens. Pepper, salt and mix well to get a homogeneous mixture.

Fill the potatoes with the resulting mass and place in a preheated oven. Since the potatoes were cooked in advance, keep them in the oven for no more than 20 minutes. The optimum temperature is 200 degrees.

Potatoes in the oven with mayonnaise and garlic

Garlic mayonnaise is a wonderful addition to many dishes, combined with potatoes it is especially tasty. The dish is baked for about an hour, it always attracts attention on the table.

Ingredients for 2 servings:

• Potatoes - 3-4 pieces;

• Garlic - 2 cloves;

• Mayonnaise - 50 gr;

• Vegetable oil;

• Greenery;

How to cook:

Wash the potatoes and peel. Pre-boil is not necessary. Mix mayonnaise and minced garlic in advance. While the mixture is infused, make 3-4 longitudinal incisions with a depth of 0.5 cm in each tuber with a knife.

Grease the potatoes with vegetable oil, spread on a baking sheet and send to the oven.

After 15 minutes, remove, lubricate the oil again, and after a mixture of mayonnaise and garlic. Bring to readiness and decorate with greens.

Potatoes with mayonnaise and garlic

One of the most popular recipes with simple ingredients. The oven will not be needed, the griddle will help out, and the taste will not suffer.


• Potatoes - 1 kg;

• Garlic - 3-4 cloves;

• Mayonnaise - 250 gr;

• A bunch of dill;

• Oil for frying, salt

How to cook:

First, prepare the sauce. For this, chopped garlic, greens and mayonnaise are mixed. If desired, you can add your favorite spices. The mixture should be infused for at least 20 minutes.

During this time, you can prepare potatoes. Cut it into circles no thicker than 3 mm and fry in a pan until golden brown.

We spread on napkins, so the potato will give away excess oil.

Choose a beautiful dish and arrange the potatoes. Gently salt and grease with mayonnaise sauce. Serve hot.

Chicken and garlic potatoes

In our case, it’s not necessary to cook potatoes separately. The garnish and meat will be inseparable.

Chicken should not be too big and fat. It is better to chop it into pieces, so the products at the same time reach readiness. The meat will be tender and juicy, and the potatoes are soft and fragrant.


• Chicken - 500 gr;

• Potatoes - 500 gr;

• Garlic - 2-3 cloves;

• Vegetable oil - 4 tbsp;

• Pepper, salt, spices for chicken;

How to cook:

Salt chicken, pepper, sprinkle with spices and leave for 30 minutes. So the meat will absorb flavors. After the chicken is fried for 10 minutes on both sides on high heat. To heat the meat, it is necessary to reduce the heat, cover the pan with a lid and keep the chicken for another 30 minutes.

Peel and slice the potatoes. 15 minutes before meat is cooked, potato slices are laid out in a frying pan. Add chopped garlic and some salt. Keep cooking over medium heat.

As soon as the potatoes are soft, the dish is ready. You can add dill and parsley, serve hot.

Chicken with potatoes and garlic in the oven

Cooking options for this dish are many. We will tell you about the simplest. The chicken will be tender, and the potatoes are crumbly and fragrant. Ingredients:

• Chicken -1 bird;

• Potato - 1 kg;

• Garlic - 1 head;

• Mayonnaise - 3-4 tbsp;

• Salt pepper;

How to cook:

Chicken cut into pieces, garlic into large pieces. Salt the meat, sprinkle with pepper, anoint with mayonnaise and stuff with garlic. We put the chicken on a greased baking sheet and send it in the oven for half an hour. Cook at 180 degrees.

Cut peeled potatoes into even circles. They should not be too thin, about 0.5 cm. Potatoes are added to meat 40 minutes before being cooked. It is better to place the mugs in the center of the pan, and gently spread the chicken around the edges. Periodically water the potatoes with chicken fat, if it is not enough, you can add water.

Chicken with potatoes and garlic recipe

In this case, we use chicken breasts and fragrant lemon. You can improvise and vary the taste of the finished dish. Do not like breasts? Try thighs, and instead of lemon, lime is fine.


• Chicken breasts - 1 kg;

• Potatoes - 1 kg;

• Garlic - 1 head

• Butter - 200 gr;

• Lemon - 1 pc;

• Pepper, salt, herbs: parsley, dill, thyme, tarragon.

How to cook:

Cut potatoes into large pieces and boil until half cooked. Cut the breasts, it is desirable to adhere to the size of the potatoes.

Mix the butter with salt, herbs and chopped garlic. Stir the mixture well and squeeze the lemon into it. If you have a blender, you can mix products with it.

The resulting mass smear chicken pieces and put them in a deep baking dish. Potatoes are distributed around the meat. You can put garlic cloves between the pieces. Cook in the oven for 1 hour at 200 degrees.

Preheat the oven beforehand. Watch the dish and do not forget to periodically water the meat and potatoes formed in the baking fat sauce. So the dish will be more juicy and well-browned.

Potatoes with garlic and cheese

All the ingredients of this dish are perfectly combined. The taste will manifest itself in full force, if you follow all the rules of cooking and add cheese in time. Accuracy is important here. So that the cheese does not burn out, but melted, it should be sprinkled no earlier than 5-10 minutes before the potatoes are ready. Ingredients:

• Potatoes - 1 kg;

• Garlic - 1 head;

• Hard cheese - 200 gr .;

• Mayonnaise - 3 tbsp;

• Greens, salt, pepper.

How to cook:

Wash the potatoes, peel and make cuts on each tuber with a knife. It should be an accordion, so we make cuts carefully, not to the end.

For garlic sauce combine chopped garlic, mayonnaise, salt and greens. Thoroughly mix the mixture and fill it with each cut. Do this carefully so as not to damage the shape of the potato. Put the tubers on a greased baking sheet. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. At the first stage, the dish is prepared for half an hour.

Then we take a baking tray with potatoes and sprinkle each potato with grated cheese. Again, send in the oven and hold no more than 10 minutes. During this time, the cheese will melt, and the potatoes will be soft.

Potato wedges baked with garlic and soy sauce

Wonderful recipe with oriental accent. The presence of soy sauce gives the dish an unusual taste. Potatoes before meeting with the oven should be peeled and boiled until half cooked.


• Potatoes - 1 kg;

• Soy sauce - 20 ml;

• Garlic - 3 cloves;

• Vegetable (olive) oil - 1/3 cup;

• Salt and your favorite spices;

How to cook:

To start, mix soy sauce, oil, garlic (after the press) and spices. With salt, be careful, in her soy sauce it is enough.

Cut the half-cooked potatoes into even slices and spread on a baking sheet. Silicone mat or parchment paper will not be superfluous. Pour every slice of garlic-soy sauce and put in the oven. Cook at 180-200 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Hot this dish tastes better.

Potatoes with garlic and dill

Dill in this recipe is no less significant than the main components, potatoes with garlic. Tastes and flavors are very well combined. This is a great side dish for fish and meat dishes. If you serve a vegetable salad or salty crunchy cucumbers, you get a complete dish on its own.


• Potatoes - 500 gm;

• Garlic - 3 cloves;

• Butter - 30-40 g; • A bunch of dill;

• Salt;

How to cook:

Wash the dill and chop finely. Garlic peel and pass through the press.

Peel the potatoes and boil before cooking. While it is not cold add butter, dill and garlic.

Cover the pot and shake thoroughly to combine the ingredients and the tastes mixed.

Potatoes with garlic and red bell pepper

This is one of the stew potato options. The dish has Spanish roots, it always turns out to be multicolored, moderately spicy and tasty. Cooking time 50-60 minutes.


• Potatoes - 1 kg;

• Garlic - 2-3 cloves;

• Sour cream - 4 tbsp;

• Bulgarian red pepper - 1 pc;

• Salt, pepper, parsley, dill.

How to cook:

Potatoes cut into 3-4 pieces, depending on the size of the tubers. Pieces must be the same.

For dressing, you must mix sour cream with herbs, garlic and pepper. Chop garlic and herbs, chop red pepper into small cubes. Salt, pepper and pour the prepared mixture of potatoes, laid on a deep pan.

Add a glass of hot water, the potatoes should be covered completely. Sent in the oven and hold for about an hour. Occasionally stir the potatoes and add water if necessary. As a result, the liquid should evaporate. Ready potatoes get crumbly. Red pepper cubes must retain their shape.

Garlic Potato Tips & Tips

Peel boiled potatoes will be faster if you cut the root of each root crop around the circumference before cooking. After cooking, dip the potatoes in cold water. The skin is removed in a few seconds, easily and without problems.

To keep the jacket potatoes in shape, add lemon juice to the water. Vegetables will remain whole, the taste will change and will please. Many with the same purpose put in a pan a slice of pickled cucumber or pour in pickle.

Potatoes will boil faster if you add some vegetable or butter to the water.

The preparation time and the softness of the potatoes depend on the variety, the size of the pieces and therefore whether you are using the lid or not. With the lid potatoes cooked faster. Thin sticks or lobules may turn out to be too dry, and vice versa, thick ones risk not frying. Try to keep the same size. To quickly clean the garlic, fill it with hot water and leave for half an hour. After this procedure, the husk departs without resistance, while it does not stick to the hands. By the way, you can get rid of the garlic smell by rubbing wet hands with salt and rinsing in cool water.

So that when frying garlic does not burn and retain its taste, add it to the pan no earlier than five 5 until the potatoes are fully cooked. So that the garlic does not become bitter after frying, stir it and watch the color change. As soon as it acquires a golden hue, remove the pan from the heat.

Old garlic will save nothing. Pay attention to the quality, if the garlic is soft, flabby and yellow, it is better not to use it. He is practically devoid of aromas and frying will not save him.

Among the products that are considered the best in addition to potatoes with garlic, pickles, sauerkraut, lard, fresh vegetable salads, tomato sauce are leading in popularity.

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