Lard with garlic is a democratic dish for every taste. A collection of recipes of bacon with garlic gourmet

Lard with garlic is a democratic dish for every taste. A collection of recipes of bacon with garlic gourmet

Who and when invented fat? What's the difference!

The main thing is that it is a tasty, satisfying and very healthy dish.

Have you already bought bacon? We will tell you what can be done with it.

Lard with Garlic - General Cooking Principles

Especially popular is lard in brine with garlic. Popular just as a salty product with the addition of spices.

How to salt the bacon, with garlic having spent a minimum of time, what is needed for this?

For cooking, you actually need lard (fresh), garlic, salt, spices and tools for work. Bowl and knife.

Choosing a pink appetizing bar without streaks for salting with garlic and garlic, we buy another “shmat” of dense pale pink color. This is for the quick preparation of your favorite product.

Hurry home and get down to work!

Lard with garlic (pate)


For the preparation of pate of bacon with garlic, we need:

• Salted lard 200 - 250 grams;

• Garlic cloves 5 pieces;

• Black bread 3 - 4 pieces;

• Salt and black pepper to taste.

• Dill.

Method of preparation

If you use the already salted lard, which lay in the freezer, puts in a bowl, set for 2 hours for natural thawing. Then we clear from salt. Through a meat grinder (preferably manual) we twist the fat, passing it through large cells.

You can use not immersion, and stationary blender or electric meat grinder. I prefer the “old-fashioned way” - manual technique. Garlic of your choice: young or old. I prefer young garlic, as it has a pronounced taste.

Alternating small portions of bacon and garlic, skipping two times through a meat grinder, spread it into prepared dishes.

Then fry sliced ​​black bread. Let cool and make sandwiches. We decorate with finely chopped dill. Pate of bacon with garlic ready. Cooking time does not take more than 15 minutes.

Lard with garlic in brine

To make lard in brine with garlic, we need the following ingredients:

• Fat 1,5 - 2 kg;

• Black pepper 6 peas;

• Ground black pepper 1 tablespoon; • Sea salt large - 2 tablespoons;

• Or three tablespoons of salt;

• Lavrushka 5 pieces;

• Garlic 5 - 6 cloves;

• One liter of water;

• Dill and parsley.

Method of preparation

The first stage of salting bacon with garlic involves washing it with water. Then cut into medium sized pieces.

In a container prepared in advance, pour a liter of potable water and dilute the salt. Add ground pepper and peas to the pickle. When salting the bacon with garlic, do not forget about the bay leaf. We also put it in a pickle.

Do not worry about salt and spices. The product will take as much salt as needed. In this case, you will not over-salt or spoil the product. Pieces of fat immersed in the brine, covering it with a yoke. Lard in brine with garlic should last 3 days. After that, remove the fat and dry. You can use a paper towel.

Fill with garlic again and rub with ground pepper.

Sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and dill.

It is not necessary to lay out the entire stock at once. Leave part of the product wrapped in a package. Hide in the far corner of the freezer. I assure you that when you get the previously cooked bacon in brine with garlic, you will be surprised, the taste will be different, more saturated. Enjoy your meal!

Lard in brine with garlic in onion peel


• Fat 0.5 - 1 kg;

• 1 liter of water;

• 5-6 cloves of garlic;

• Husk from 5 - 7 onions;

• Bay leaf 4 pcs;

• 6-7 peppers allspice;

• Tablespoon of red pepper;

• A small bunch of dill.

Method of preparation

For the preparation of bacon in brine with garlic in onion peel must be prepared brine. In a pre-prepared container pour a liter of water. Salo must be completely covered.

Add ingredients except red pepper and garlic. Put the pot on the fire and cook for no more than 10 minutes.

After removing the fat, dry it with a paper towel, let it cool for 15 minutes.

Finely chopped garlic is added to the cooled product and rubbed with red pepper.

Sprinkle with finely chopped greens.

Everything, fat in brine with garlic in onion peel is ready for use.

Lard with Garlic (Baked)


• One kilogram underline; • 5 leaves of bay leaves;

• Pepper Peas;

• Allspice;

• Coriander peas;

• Salt;

• One head of garlic.

Method of preparation

The procedure for preparing the saliva fat does not take more than 1 hour and 54 minutes. You get 10 servings of a tasty and healthy product. In this case, the preparatory process takes 60 minutes, 45 minutes will take preparation.

Fresh, not salty bacon with even red meat veins 6–7 cm thick is what we need as the main ingredient. I prefer garlic grown in the garden in the village. Ignore overseas product. Not ours. There is no smell and sharpness, not aromatic.

Many take already cooked spices: ground pepper, bay leaf and add to the dish. I use the old time-tested mortar. When fresh grinding reveals the aroma.

Mix up to 10 black peppercorns. Add a couple of peas allspice and one spoonful of salt, lavrushka and coriander. To the mixed spices add salt. Coarse salt - a lot. Not afraid to spoil the product. Salo knows how much he needs to take. Do not be afraid to oversalt. About fat: you do not need to wash it before cooking.

With a knife I make slots along the entire length of the bar and lay garlic cloves. Pre-cut him to the skin, making the squares the same. I grind the spiked product with a mixture of cooked spices, paying attention to each small square. I give it a half hour to hold. I shift it on a baking sheet and in the oven of it, preheated to 2200. Prerequisite: the billet is covered with sandpaper down.

You can not go wrong. Fascinating smell and crackling will attract your attention, and after 45 minutes the rosy dish is ready. Take it out of the oven and keep it at home. Let the yummy cool! Next comes the uncontrollable process of absorbing the product with fragrant fragrant fresh bread.

“Remains of luxury” can be stored in the refrigerator. Storage container must be tightly closed, otherwise the products are saturated with the aroma of bacon and garlic.

Lard with garlic (boiled)

For making boiled bacon we will need the following ingredients:

• Fat 1 kg. Back or side;

• Garlic 5 heads;

• Salt and spices to taste; • Bay ground leaf;

• Water 1 liter.

Method of preparation

Grind everything except bacon, after clearing garlic, set aside.

Pour into the pan one liter of water, put the fat in such a way that it was completely closed. Bring the water to a boil and cook for no more than 20 minutes. Takes out the semi-finished product. Set aside and cool.

We carry out the laying of garlic and spices, rubbed on all sides. The cooled product put in storage in the refrigerator.

Drink cold.

Fat with garlic in a box


• 600 grams of thin fat without a layer with sandpaper;

• 2 heads of garlic;

• Two bay leaves;

• One teaspoon salt;

• 1 tsp. ground black pepper;

• Coriander optional;

• 20 gr. instant food gelatin.

Method of preparation

Separate the skin from the fat. Cut into small pieces. Put the saucepan on the fire, boil the cut pieces of pelt until ready, add salt over low heat. The process takes about sixty minutes. In each case, the time may vary in one direction or another. It all depends on the stiffness of the skins.

Then add chopped bacon and lavrushka. We continue the cooking process for another half an hour. While cooking the product, grab the garlic. Clean it, cut into small slices for convenience. We shift in the mortar. If desired, add coriander and crush.

Put the prepared gelatin into the container and pour 2/3 cup of hot boiled water. Dissolve gelatin, stirring constantly. Control salt. If not enough, add a pinch. Pour the mixture into the pan, stir. And set aside for a while.

Further, the preparatory process of packaging. To do this, we need a package from under the dairy products, that is, a package where there used to be milk. Cut off the top, carefully wash it and dry.

In a kind of box without a lid (pack) lay out the mixture. We set aside and wait until cool. Next, put the box with the mixture in the fridge. Put a box under it so as not to stain everything inside the refrigerator. If the product is prepared in the winter, it can be cooled on the balcony. Setting time does not exceed 6-10 hours.

After that, take the pack with the workpiece, a knife or scissors, cut the box along the edge. We get a "snack" on the preparation of which we spent some money and time. Received the original form of a budget version of a tasty product.

Lard with Garlic - Tricks and Tips & Tricks

In order for the dish to please you, you need to follow certain rules and know the little tricks of product selection and its preparation in one way or another.

It all starts with the market

Answering the question how to pickle bacon with garlic, we note the following. There are many ways. But the main condition for quality product becomes choice.

• For self-cooking of bacon with garlic, look for a veterinary stamp on the carcass. This is the first rule. Fat has passed the test, and the seal indicates this.

• Pry the skin off with a knife; it should easily lag behind the base (breathe).

• Do not take pieces from the lower abdomen for cooking. Look at the color of the product you are interested in. Healthy lard has a white color with a pink tinge. Foreign odors are unacceptable: oil, sunflower seeds, gasoline, etc.

• Old fat from a fresh product distinguishes yellowish color and fading. This does not mean that it is not usable. From it you can make, for example, borsch with garlic.

Home secrets

• For cooking, use enamelware.

• Do not rip the bacon with a blunt knife. Do not be lazy, sharpen the tool.

• Be sure to cook for pleasure, otherwise the end result may not please you.

• Do not use imported garlic. It does not have a pronounced taste. There is almost no smell in it.

About storage

There are several ways to store bacon with garlic:

• Fat in the freezer must be kept in a bag. This will slow down the aging process.

• Storage is acceptable with products. Only in closed containers. Otherwise, all the food in the fridge absorbs the smell of garlic and spices.

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