Apples in their own juice for the winter: fruits that are preserved by themselves. Variants of interesting preparations - apples in own juice

Apples in their own juice for the winter: fruits that are preserved by themselves. Variants of interesting preparations - apples in own juice

Who owns the discovery of this type of blanks is unknown, but for the invention - the rating is “excellent”.

Canning without water is pure vitamins, natural taste and economy of tanks for winter harvesting, the shortage of which is acutely felt during the period of mass harvest of everything that grows in the garden and in the garden.

After all, in the summer you want to take care of stocks more than ever, following the well-known popular testament that the summer day feeds the whole year.

Apples in their own juice - the basic technological principles

Nobody counted and systematized the number of recipes for home-made apples, but the list of recipes is regularly updated, as it should be. Home canning, as a special section of cooking, has its inventors and pioneers.

But, conducting experiments on canning in your own kitchen, nevertheless, you must follow the general rules. First of all, it concerns the observance of sanitary standards. In addition to the preparation of products for canning, their sorting, washing and cutting, it is also necessary to carefully consider the selection of the necessary equipment for processing.

Failure to comply with sanitary standards during canning, at best, will result in shots of cans in the storeroom. But more sad options are possible - food poisoning. Therefore - we check everything with a special predilection, from the beginning to the end of the process.

When dealing with boiling water or syrup, large and uncomfortable containers that have to be lifted, put on the stove, or cleaned - take care of your safety. Preparing the workplace before canning (tacks, hot coasters, forceps, etc.) will create a measured rhythm at work, without nerves and fuss.

Apples contain a lot of acid, so all kitchen items in contact with this fruit should not be susceptible to oxidation. If, according to the recipe, you need to cook the fruit with sugar, then pre-select the dishes with a thick bottom and a non-stick coating. Each step, thought out in advance, will provide ease of operation, help avoid annoying moments. Try to distribute the work so as not to overwork. Banks and covers can, for example, be sterilized the day before, and leave them closed. Just before canning, it is enough to warm the container in the oven or microwave. The temperature of the cans and tabs (products) should be about the same, so that the glass does not burst. The same rules must be observed when dipping full cans in boiling water for pasteurization. Just in case, keep spare container and additional volume of marinade or syrup ready.

Malic acid is an excellent preservative, which greatly facilitates the preservation of these fruits. In addition to it, apples contain acetic acid, citric acid and some others, all in all - 23 names, replaceable and irreplaceable. Therefore, it is not difficult to keep apples in their own juice in a jar. It helps itself in conservation. The second component that acts as a preservative in sweet preparations is sugar. But he is not salt. Sweet foods are never too sweet, like salty ones. Do not worry too much about the excess sugar, as well as its lack. Apple sugar as a preservative is not required at all. Therefore, for canning apples, only apples and sterile cans are sufficient, and everything else can be added to taste.

As a rule, there are no strict norms for canning any desserts at home. Many housewives, writing down the exact recipes, in the cooking process change them beyond recognition, and the result is a completely new dish. This indicates that, even without being professionals in cooking, many women manage to reach the pinnacles of culinary art, and they willingly share their recipes so that someone, after reading them, remakes them in his own way again. As they say, to health. If only it was delicious!

Recipe 1. Apples in their own juice for the winter for poultry dishes


  • Sour-sweet apples (slices) 1.8 kg
  • Cardamom
  • Sugar 200 g
  • Cinnamon
  • Carnation
  • Juice, apple (clarified) 1.4 l

Output: 2 cans of 1.5 l each


The blank is very convenient for making marinades and, at the same time, stuffing duck. From it you can cook the sauce for roasting pork in the oven. The juice in this preparation is also very tasty, although unusual.

Choose the right amount of cans so that the apples can be consumed at one time. Banks, after washing thoroughly, sterilize in the microwave or oven.

Boil ready juice in a saucepan, add spices and sugar to it. Prepare the marinade and pour the peeled and chopped slices of strong apples, stacked in jars to the top.

Pasteurize 10-12 minutes. Time pasteurization count from the moment of boiling water in a saucepan.

Cork the cans and turn them over. When cool, transfer to the pantry.

Recipe 2. Apples in their own juice for filling pies, strudels


  • Apples 1 kg
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar 400 g


Hard fruits (technical maturity) cut into large strips, immediately dipping them into acidified water. In a slow cooker, combine the prepared apples, pre-drain the water with the sugar, mix and set the quenching mode - it is necessary that the fruits let out the juice and decrease in volume, but not boiled soft.

Prepare dry sterile jars of various sizes. Put the workpiece in the jars and tighten immediately.

Recipe 3. Apples in their own juice for the winter - the second method of cooking apple filling


  • Sugar 300 g
  • Apples 1.0 kg (net)
  • Cinnamon or vanilla - optional.

Preparation Procedure:

Prepare the jars and fruits as described in the previous recipe. Peel, cut apples into straws and place them in a bowl, which must be kept cold in a closed state before pasteurization. Use per kilogram of peeled and chopped apples no more than 300 grams of sugar. Apples need to pour sugar. As they make juice, and settle in the container, add sugar and pieces of apples. It is necessary that they are as much as possible compacted, then put them in jars, together with the resulting juice. Pasteurize and roll.

Recipe 4. Apples in their own juice - mashed potatoes, natural


  • Apples, peeled 1 kg


Such a recipe is a godsend for a family where a small child grows. An absolutely natural product for baby food can be cooked on your own, and even pick up a variety of apples, from which the baby will not have diathesis.

Ripe apples, wash well and chop with a blender. Choose the sweetest varieties so you don’t have to add sugar.

Put the puree in sterile jars, put them in a water bath and pasteurize thoroughly. If the mass in the pasteurization process settles, report it from one bank to another so that there is no free space in the tank. Immediately after pasteurization, spin the baby food and leave in a pan with hot water until it cools completely. Then dry the jars with mashed potatoes dry and remove.

Recipe 5. Apples in their own juice for the winter - fruit for cocktails


  • Apples "Ink" 2.5 kg
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar 1.5 kg


“Paradise” apples, wash, remove the inflorescences, and cut off the tips of the stalks. Pin them with a needle in several places. Put in a saucepan and add sugar. Leave for a day or more to stand out juice. If the juice is not enough, add any fruit juice. Sugar should be dissolved, and the syrup should completely cover the fruit. After that, boil the apples in their own juice, 3-4 times for 5 minutes. Packed dessert packaged in hot and dry, sterile jars.

Recipe 6. Apples in their own juice with figs


  • Dried figs - by the number of apples
  • Sour apples 10-12 pieces. (per can, with a volume of 1.0 l)
  • Apple syrup 350-400 ml
  • Cinnamon or vanilla


Choose small apples, with dense pulp. Using a special knife, cut the core, without cutting the fruit into pieces. Insert dried figs into apple cylinders. Pour the apple juice into the saucepan (200-250 ml), put the stuffed fruit in the same place, cover and blanch for 5-7 minutes. Remove the apples and place them tightly in the prepared jar. Add sugar and cinnamon to the pan and boil the syrup. With boiling syrup fill a jar of apples. Pasteurize in a water bath for 10 minutes and roll up. In the same way, you can cook apples in their own juice for the winter with pumpkin, pear, cherry, walnut, currant.

Apples in their own juice for the winter - tips and tricks

  • If you need to cut the skin off the apples with a prescription, do not throw it away. The peel of apples contains natural pectin, which can be used for boiling jam. For example, apple jam thickens much faster if you add crushed apple peel to it. The peel also contains many essential oils, especially - in sweet, garden varieties. Prepare from her tincture, which is always useful in cooking recipes.
  • A cut apple should not be left open even for a short time - the flesh oxidizes almost instantly, which spoils not only the taste, but also the appearance of fruits and ready meals from them. Slicing apples, immerse them immediately in acidified water.
  • For canning apples, use stainless or enameled utensils.
  • To diversify the assortment of apples, use spices: saffron, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom. Apples have a neutral taste and aroma, therefore they are combined with many berries and fruits. Use this fruit property to make an assorted apple.
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