Chocolate fondue is the most romantic treat! Cooking delicious white and dark chocolate fondue for fun

Chocolate fondue is the most romantic treat! Cooking delicious white and dark chocolate fondue for fun

Chocolate fondue is the most romantic dish you can think of. Such a treat can be prepared for Valentine's Day, March 8, or just arrange a friendly gathering, dipping sweets in melted chocolate. Fondue is translated as “melted”. The mass is obtained semi-fluid, viscous, ideally envelops pieces of fruit, cookies, marshmallow. But strawberries are especially delicious. It's time to plunge into the world of chocolate delight!

Chocolate Fondue - General Cooking Principles

Traditional baked chocolate is prepared and served on a table in a special fondue dish. The fixture is a burner with a pot, sometimes a candle is placed for a small flame. But more and more often chocolate is drowned on a stove in a saucepan, in a microwave, in a water bath, and only after that they are poured into a special pot. So it turns out much faster and better.

The main ingredient is chocolate and in no case can you save. Cheap tiles are not very tasty, do not give a good flavor, and when heated can coagulate. Porous chocolate of the “Air” type is also not suitable for melting. It is advisable to choose delicious and high-quality tiles, you can use white chocolate, but it is a little naughty, below there is a recipe with it.

What can be added to chocolate:

• butter;

• cream or milk;

• cognac, liqueur, etc.

Some ingredients are laid out for consistency and improved melting. They do not allow the mass to harden quickly, making it more fluid. Something added for taste and aroma.

In addition to fondues, special skewers are usually made. But you can use sticks or forks. They put on pieces of fruit, berries, regular marshmallow or marshmallow, cookies, dried biscuit cubes, then it all dipped into a viscous mass and consumed. Chocolate does not need to be cooled, otherwise very thick layers will be obtained, but it should not burn lips.

A simple recipe for chocolate fondue on the stove

This is the easiest and most common version of chocolate fondue. It is prepared on the usual cream. We use average fat content, 10% will be small, it is better to take a little more.


• 200 g dark chocolate;

• 200 ml of cream 15 is better than 20%;

• 1 tbsp. l liquor.


1. We wash and dry fruits, berries, cookies and other sweets in advance, then there will be no time for that.

2. Use the pan, the walls of which do not stick milk. In such vessels usually cook porridge. You can take a small cauldron. Pour the cream, put the heat on the stove.

3. Open the chocolate. You need two standard tiles. Break it into cubes. Can be chopped into smaller pieces with a large knife.

4. Pour the chocolate into the cream, begin to melt.

5. Since the fondue is cooked directly on the stove, we don’t move away for a minute, stir the mass constantly. This will not allow it to burn and provide a more uniform heating.

6. Once all the chocolate pieces have dissolved, the mass will become homogeneous and will resemble liquid frosting, turn off the stove, add liquor.

7. Pour liquid chocolate into the pot from fonters or into any other bowl, under which you can build heating.

8. Install on special stands. Below we turn on the burner or light a small candle.

9. We put all this construction on the table, move the prepared sweets, put it on sticks and try it!

Chocolate fondue in the microwave

One of the easiest recipes for chocolate fondue. Delicacy will be prepared in the microwave. You also need to prepare sweets in advance, so as not to be distracted, decorate and set the table, put sticks or skewers for stringing pieces.


• 150 g chocolate;

• 100 ml of cream;

• 1 tsp. butter.


1. Pour the cream into the microwave bowl, put on for a minute to warm up.

2. Crumble fast chocolate and butter.

3. Take out the cream, pour the chocolate cubes and put the butter, stir it so that the pieces start to thaw slightly. 4. Put the chocolate in the microwave for 10 seconds.

5. Take out the bowl, stir.

6. Heat another 10 seconds and stir again.

7. Repeat until all the pieces have melted.

8. After that, pour the liquid chocolate into a fondue bowl or just into a bowl, serve to the already served table.

Chocolate fondue with milk

There is not always cream in the presence of milk in the refrigerator more often. You can also make fondue with it, but only if you have good butter. Spreads and margarines will not work.


• 200 g dark or good milk chocolate;

• 50 g butter;

• 150 ml of milk 3.2-4%.


1. Pour the milk into a saucepan, put on the stove.

2. Cut butter into small pieces, add to milk, melt all this over low heat, but do not boil. We heat up to a homogeneous liquid and remove the fire at the very minimum.

3. Now crumble black or milk chocolate, add to milk and stir.

4. We continue to warm up on the smallest fire so that the mixture melts slowly, becoming smooth and shiny.

5. Once all the pieces are dissolved, you can add a little brandy, vanilla, cinnamon to your taste. Stir well.

6. Pour chocolate into fondyushnitsu mass, send to the table.

White chocolate fondue in a water bath

White chocolate is one of the most capricious types and it is not always possible to melt it. It is very important to use good tiles for cooking, as well as absolutely dry dishes. If even a drop of water gets into the glaze, the mass can curl up into flakes.


• 150 g white chocolate;

• 30 g oil 72% fat;

• 100 ml of cream 25-30% fat.


1. It is necessary to make a water bath. To do this, choose two such saucepans, so that one freely enters the second, but does not fall down, but holds on with handles.

2. In a large pot pour water, put on the stove. Just on the stove white chocolate can not be heated.

3. Place a small saucepan on top and add cream to it, add a piece of butter. We start to heat up. 4. Crumble chocolate, throw in a saucepan. Heat over low heat. Neither this mass nor the liquid in the pan should boil.

5. As soon as all the pieces go out, pour the white chocolate mass into the dishes for serving. We put on the table.

6. White chocolate is also served with strawberries, biscuits, bananas are especially well combined with it, it turns out tasty with prunes.

Chocolate fondue with 30% cream in fondy

This recipe also applies to the simplest options, as it is prepared on the basis of heavy cream and does not require a transfusion, but the process will take more time. Chocolate will melt even in a fondue bowl with a small candle, if done according to the rules.


• 1 chocolate with 70% cocoa;

• 50 ml heavy cream.


1. Cream must be heated. You can pour them into a saucepan and hold them a little on the stove or put them in the microwave for half a minute. Since the product is used a little, a lot of time it does not take.

2. Pour the cream into a bowl of fondue, well, or into the pot, everyone calls this bowl differently.

3. Install on a special stand.

4. Bottom place a candle, set on fire.

5. Breaking chocolate into small cubes. The more cocoa it contains, the better it will melt. That is why it is not recommended to take cheap tiles for fondue.

6. Pour the chocolate to the cream, begin to melt.

7. Periodically stir the mass. For this, it is best to use a wooden spatula. Mass must be lifted from the bottom. In general, the Swiss shepherds, who invented the first to melt the products, produced movements describing the eight, that is, the sign of infinity.

8. Once all the pieces of chocolate melt, combine with cream, you can start eating fondue.

Chocolate fondue with orange syrup

Similarly, you can use cherry syrup, it also goes well with chocolate. If the delicacy is prepared exclusively for adults, then boldly replace the syrups with liqueurs.


• 180 g of chocolate; • 80 g of cream;

• 40 g of oil;

• 25 ml syrup.


1. Pour the cream into a saucepan or bowl, put in a water bath.

2. As soon as the mass is slightly warmed, add the softened or sliced ​​butter.

3. Crumble chocolate, send it to the cream. Stir.

4. We warm the fondue until all the pieces are completely melted. Stir to distribute the heat evenly.

5. Pour in syrup, quickly stir. Or use a liqueur with an orange or cherry flavor.

6. We warm the chocolate with him for a minute to enhance the flavor.

7. Pour into dishes for serving.

8. Put the fondue on the table, string the sweets and treat ourselves!

Chocolate Fondue - Tips and Tricks

• Scrape away the remains of chocolate glaze conveniently using a silicone spatula. She removes the entire layer completely, leaving nothing in the saucepan.

• If the half-eaten chocolate remains at the bottom of the pot, it can be reheated and used for different desserts. Either heat it, add some sugar, milk, and it turns out a very tasty drink such as hot chocolate or cocoa. It can also be used for impregnation of biscuits, but after cooling.

• If the chocolate is bad, curled with flakes or there are a lot of small grains in it, then it is not suitable for fondue. But it can be cooled, mixed with condensed milk and whipped butter. Get a great cream for homemade cakes and pastries.

• It is not always possible to find cream with high fat content in stores, but often sour cream is 25-30%. It can also be used for melting, mixing in half with butter.

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