Meat with onions in a pan - in fact, kebab at home. Recipes of fried meat with onions in a pan

Meat with onions in a pan - in fact, kebab at home. Recipes of fried meat with onions in a pan

No matter how varied our kitchen is with its many dishes and delights, sometimes you just want clean meat.

An excellent substitute for kebabs will be meat, fried with onions in a frying pan.

It will turn out no worse than meat from a fire, but quickly and at home.

Meat with onions in a pan - the basic principles of cooking

The main ingredients are meat pulp and onions. Onions the more, the tastier and juicier the dish will turn out. The meat is cut into small slices or in the form of chops and marinated.

Vinegar, mayonnaise, olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, tomato paste and even beer are suitable for the marinade. Onions are usually cut into half rings and mixed with meat. Spices and seasonings also should not be enough, suitable and bay leaf.

The meat in the marinade is left to soak in a cool place or refrigerator.

Pickling time depends on how much you have it. Minimum - half an hour, maximum - three hours.

Then the meat with onions spread on a well-heated pan with butter and fry.

First, in case of strong fire with the lid open, after browning, the gas is turned off and the steam is continued to extinguish with the lid closed.

Our unique recipes will help you to diversify the menu of meat dishes with onions in the pan.

Try, dare, create!

Enjoy your meal!

Meat with onions in a pan “Country-style”


• Pork pulp - six hundred grams;

• Onion - 1;

• Lemon;

• Olive oil (one table. L.);

• Acetic acid;

• Salt pepper.

Cooking Method:

Meat washed, cut into pieces.

The onion is chopped on half-wheelbies (small onions are not cut, otherwise it will burn).

The prepared ingredients are put in a deep dish, sprinkled with seasonings, poured with vinegar mixed with water, sprinkled with lemon juice. Put in the fry marinate. Heat oil in a skillet, add meat with onions and fry first on a strong gas. Then the fire is reduced and continue to simmer until cooked on low fire.

Meat of veal with onions in the pan “Cherry”


• Veal (pulp) (three hundred to five hundred grams);

• Three Chin. l butter;

• Onion;

• One hundred grams of cherries;

• Flour (two tea. L.);

• Salt, cinnamon;

• One bouillon cube.

Cooking Method:

Veal cut into portions. Lightly beat the kitchen hammer. Meat is put into a frying pan heated with oil, poured with melted butter, sprinkled with cinnamon, chopped onion and fried on both sides.

Then pour thirty grams of cherry juice, cube broth, add two teaspoons of flour and stew until done.

Meat with onions in the pan “Homemade”


• A half a kilo pork pulp;

• Bulbs - 3;

• Mayonnaise (three tables. L.);

• Half a glass of water;

• Refined vegetable oil;

• Spices for meat;

• Lavrushka;

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

Pork meat is washed, drained, cut into small pieces and piled into a saucepan.

Onions are peeled, cut into semi-wheeled vegetables and poured into meat. Mix well with your hands (like meat on skewers).

Salt, add seasoning, bay leaves, mayonnaise. Leave to soak in a cool place.

After a while, the meat and onions are spread in a frying pan with vegetable oil. First, fry on a strong gas, then turn it down and leave to fry until the pieces redden. Immediately add half a cup of hot water, cover with a lid and leave to simmer.

Served with a side dish on a la carte plates.

Beef with onions in a pan “Light”


• Beef (one kilogram);

• Four onions;

• Black pepper (ground);

• Two leaves of Lavrushka;

• Garlic clove - 1; • Flour (one table. L.);

• Sour cream (one hundred and fifty grams).

Cooking Method:

The meat is washed when the water is drained - cut into slices. At the bottom of the frying pan with heated oil are placed chopped onion rings (the more the better), slices of beef, sprinkled with pepper, add bay leaves. Do not salt, close a cover and leave on slow gas.

In another skillet, fry the flour, add sour cream (if thick, diluted with water) and chopped garlic. They languish on weak gas, salt, pepper, sprinkle with spices.

Pour the meat in the first pan with this sauce and continue to simmer (about twenty minutes).

Fried pork with onions in a pan “With smoke”


• Pork pulp - six hundred grams;

• Onion - 2 heads;

• Refined oil;

• Salo;

• Salt;

• Seasoning - a mixture of peppers.

Cooking Method:

Meat is washed, dried and cut into pieces of medium size. Sprinkle with salt and seasoning, rubbing a little.

Oil is poured onto a strongly heated pan, and the pieces of bacon are heated and poured. Fry until haze over high heat, then reduce the gas and fry the lard for a few more minutes. The next step in the pan put the pieces of meat. Fry in the same way: first on a high heat, then - on a weak.

Meanwhile, onions are peeled, cut into rings and pork is poured over them. Mix everything and cover the pan with a lid.

Served with vegetables, soy sauce.

Meat with onions in a pan “Tomlenny”


• One kilogram of beef (pulp);

• Onions (five hundred and seven hundred grams);

• Salt, pepper (ground);

• Refined oil - two or three tables. l .;

• Butter (one hundred grams).

Cooking Method:

The meat is cut into pieces (about four to four centimeters), put on the pan and evaporated juice. After evaporation, add sunflower oil and fry the meat until browning. Then salt, pepper, add onion half rings and continue to fry. At the next stage, the meat is poured into the pan, poured a little water and put on the gas. They make it boil, reduce heat and leave meat to languish under the lid for four hours. Meat will turn out in onion sauce and will have fine juicy taste.

Fried beef in a pan with onion “Fast”


• Beef (1200 grams of pulp);

• Onions - heads;

• Salt;

• Fat or oil.

Cooking Method:

Beef cut fat and fatty fibers. Meat is put in a pot of water and put on a strong gas.

Heat oil or grease in a skillet. Meanwhile, the meat boils, wait a few seconds and shift it to the pan. Add gas and cover with a lid.

At this time, peel and chop the bulbs. Chopped onion is placed on top of the meat and mix. Roast, stirring. Sprinkle with salt and spices.

Beef roasted in a pan with onions and lingonberries


• Beef (half a kilo);

• Two tables. l ghee;

• Three or four onions;

• One and a half table. l tomato puree (can be replaced with mayonnaise);

• Flour (one table. L.);

• One and a half to two glasses of lingonberries;

• Bay leaves;

• Salt, seasonings.

Cooking Method:

Chopped beef fried in butter. Add chopped onion, tomato puree and fry for another seven to ten minutes, at the end put the flour.

Then add roasted lingonberries, salt, pepper, bay leaves and stew until done. If you did not have fresh lingonberries, you can take frozen or canned. And you can replace the cranberries, but then take not one and a half or two glasses, but two times less. Enjoy your meal!

Fried meat with onions in a frying pan “Spicy”


• Pork pulp (six hundred grams);

• One tea. l potato starch;

• Chin one. l ground ginger and coriander;

• A mixture of peppers (seasoning); • Soy sauce - two table. l .;

• Refined vegetable oil - six table. l .;

• Lemon juice (two tables. L.);

• Ginger root;

• Garlic - seven feathers;

• Onion - 2;

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

Pork flesh is cut into thin strips.

Bulbs are cleaned, cut in half, each part stuffed with half rings. Mixed with meat in a deep bowl, add seasoning.

A mixture of peppers mixed with salt and starch. And also add to the meat.

Ginger root is skipped on a fine grater, mixed with meat. Leave to soak for thirty minutes.

Refined oil is mixed with soy sauce and lemon juice. This mixture is poured into the meat, mixed again and left for another half hour.

After a while, everything is laid out on a frying pan heated with oil and fried on a strong gas until cooked.

Meat with onions in a pan “In Naples”


• Sour cream;

• Half a kilo of lean beef;

• Onion - 3;

• Flour;

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

Beef is cut into long slices, beaten well, rubbed in salt and ground pepper. Fry until golden brown, reduce the heat and fry until cooked.

In another skillet, heat the fat and fry the sliced ​​onion, sprinkle the flour. Fry the flour, add sour cream and a little water. Stew until softened onions. Roasted beef spread on a dish and poured over cooked sauce.

Meat with onions in a pan “Bavaria”


• Beef (one kilogram);

• One liter of beer;

• Two onions;

• Fat;

• Leaves (green) lettuce.

Cooking Method:

Beef washed, allowed to drain water, cut films and veins. Meat salt and pepper. The onion is passed through a meat grinder and the meat is rubbed with this mixture. Leave it for thirty to forty minutes to soak. In a skillet, heat the fat and fry the meat on a strong gas. After that, the beef is transferred to a saucepan and watered with butter, in which the meat is roasted. Pour beer and stew with the lid closed, turning and pouring beer. Served with fresh leaves of (green) lettuce.

Meat fried with onions in a pan “Spicy”


• Pork pulp - one kilogram;

• Onion - 2 heads;

• One glass of sparkling water;

• Adjika - one table. l .;

• Greenery.

Cooking Method:

The meat is washed and cut across the fibers into square pieces.

Fry in a skillet before browning, stirring. Then pour half rings of onion and pour hot mineral water with gases mixed with acetic acid.

Salt, add a spoon adjika.

Leave to simmer with the lid open. Meat turns out - as from a fire.

Meat with onions in a pan - tricks and useful tips

• When meat is fried in a pan, you should monitor the presence of butter at the bottom. If necessary, add oil.

• At the end of roasting, you can add a little boiled water.

• Before roasting meat, remove all the veins, otherwise they will curl and make the meat shapeless when frying.

• Fatty meat is fried with a small amount of fat. On the contrary, lean meat can be stuffed with pieces of bacon. The advantage of this method is that even the old meat becomes soft, well digested and, in addition, it turns out delicious.

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