Cucumber and tomato salad for the winter is a useful vitamin complex. Classic and original recipes of cucumber and tomato salad for the winter

Cucumber and tomato salad for the winter is a useful vitamin complex. Classic and original recipes of cucumber and tomato salad for the winter

Tomatoes and cucumbers are classic ingredients for summer salads, which everyone loves so much. But summer passes and with it ends the period of these vegetables.

Therefore, thrifty housewives excel in preparing blanks for the winter. All in order to favorite household received all the vitamins all year round, and just gladly went to the table.

Salad with cucumbers and tomatoes for the winter - general principles of cooking

You might be surprised to learn that your favorite salad with tomatoes and cucumbers can be closed in jars without heat treatment. You can add any ingredients to your taste in such a preparation: from onions with carrots and bell peppers to cabbage. The advantage of such winter salads is their lightness and satiety.

So, consider the classic ingredients of our winter salads from “summer” vegetables:

Cucumbers. Of the many varieties, it is preferable to choose special salad cucumbers. A distinctive feature of this species is the presence of white thorns on the skin. Lettuce cucumbers are not used for making pickles, because they become soft, but for salads they are most preferable. Also suitable and universal grade.

Note! Adam, early Altai, Parade, Elegant, Synthesis and other similar varieties - suitable cucumbers with which your salad will be delicious!

Tomatoes. With regard to suitable varieties of tomatoes, there is a fairly large variety, both in type and size, from the smallest to the giant. The most delicious are the varieties of the Bull Heart, or Pink Giant.

Herbs and spices. The greens used are also quite diverse. Dill and parsley are most commonly used, complementing the taste qualities of salads with young black pepper or allspice, due to its sharpness and pleasant spicy aroma. There can be no rules, as in the choice of spices, each is guided solely by their preferences. Salt. It is very easy to over-salt any food with fine salt, therefore its use is undesirable. In the recipes, the proportions of large table salt are given.

Onions and garlic. For the salads in question, either onions, preferably onions, or garlic are more often chosen.

Vinegar. An indispensable ingredient for canning. There may be exceptions where there is no need to add vinegar, but in most recipes it is necessary, and not essence, and table 9%.

Cucumber and tomato salad for the winter (classic)

Simple enough for lovers of lettuce with tomatoes and cucumbers and adding onions


Large juicy tomatoes - 4 pieces;

Green Gherkin - 4 pieces;

Onions - 200g .;

Olive oil - 30 ml .;

Vinegar (usually taken 9%) - 30 ml .;

Salt - 10 g .;

Granulated sugar - 5 g .;

Garlic - 1 tooth;



Cooking Procedure

We wash vegetables well and cut cucumbers and tomatoes in halves, onions in half rings.

In the jar 1l. (not sterile) pour oil and lay out onions. Then lay out the cucumbers and tomatoes on top of them. Sliced ​​garlic on top, and add all the necessary spices and vinegar. At the very end add the dill and fill the jars with hot water. Put all the cans in pots, pour water into them so that it reaches the hangers, close the lids and set aside for 15 minutes. The water should boil, after which, you can safely roll up. Wrapped the banks, wait until they cool down.

Cucumber and tomato salad for the winter “Danube winter” with green pepper

It differs from the previous one by adding additional ingredients, but also perfectly preserves the taste and aroma of fresh vegetables.


Cucumber - 2 kilograms;

Green pepper - 1 kilogram;

Juicy tomatoes - 1 kilogram;

Onions - 0.5 kilogram;

Olive oil - 200 ml .;

Large salt - 30g .;

Sugar - 75g .;

Vinegar - 50 g;

Hot pepper - 1 piece.

Cooking Procedure

Cut off the tips of the washed cucumbers, cut along and shred. Fold into the pot, with a volume of 5 liters. Peeled peppers are cut into pieces and cut into pieces. Pepper (for an amateur), peel and cut into strips, just put everything in the pan. Prepared and peeled tomatoes are cut into pieces, cut into slices and add to the ready-made ingredients. Onions need additional processing, so it is better before cutting, first soak it without peel in cool water, and only then chop and put it in a saucepan. We fill everything with spices, oil and vinegar.

We put on the stove and gently stir. Salad boils, after a few minutes, you can begin to lay out on sterilized containers, pre-tamped vegetables, so as not to accumulate air. After that, you can roll up the jars and turn them on the covers. Wrapped with a blanket, let the salad cool. Our appetizer is ready.

Cucumber and tomato salad for the winter “Gentle”

The peculiarity of this snack is crushed tomatoes, hence its name and rich taste.


Gherkin - 1.25 kg;

Tomato - 700 g;

Garlic - 50 g;

Olive oil - 1/4 cup;

Granulated sugar - 1/4 cup;

Salt - 15g .;

Vinegar - 30 ml .;

Cooking Procedure

Well washed tomatoes skip through a meat grinder, or use a blender to grind. Put the mixture in a sufficiently sized pot, add salt and add spices to taste. But do not forget that the highlight of this recipe is the natural taste of tomatoes. Next, add sugar, butter and simmer for about 15 minutes. Add the sliced ​​cucumbers, grated garlic, vinegar. The mixture boils, continue to cook for 20 minutes. We pour in containers, roll them up and, as always, wait for readiness, letting the gas station cool down completely.

Tomato and cucumber salad for the winter with the addition of carrots


Gherkins - 1 kg.;

Tomatoes - 1 kg .;

Onions - 500 g .;

Carrots - 500 g .;

Olive oil - 6 tbsp.

Salt -30 g .;

Apple vinegar - 30 g

Cooking Procedure

Wash the ingredients, chop the onions into cubes, sliced ​​tomatoes and cucumber slices. Carrots must be rubbed on a grater. Fry onion for 15 minutes, add carrots and cucumbers, then another 10 minutes, but with the addition of tomatoes. Add oil, vinegar, salt and, stir, remove from heat. My containers, boil lids, banks, do not forget to dry well. Here will help the oven, preheated to 150 degrees. We post a hot dressing in hot containers, and you can roll up and cool.

Cucumber and tomato salad for the winter “Winter's Tale”


Gherkins with a thin skin - 2 kg;

Red tomatoes - 2 kg;

Pepper - 2 kg;

Bitter pepper - 2 pcs .;

Garlic - 200 g .;

Granulated sugar - 200 gr .;

Salt - 45 g .;

Olive oil - 200 g;

Vinegar - 60 g.

Cooking Procedure

Grind through a combine or blender tomatoes, garlic, all varieties of pepper according to the recipe. Put it in a saucepan, add spices, oil and vinegar, put everything on fire for 10 minutes.

At this time, cut all the cucumbers into semi-rings and add them to the pan, 5 minutes and turn off the fire, lay the salad on the cans and roll.

Cucumber and tomato salad for the winter “Special” without vinegar

This recipe is more like caviar than a salad, and for lovers, this is its pros. For its preparation, we do not need vinegar, but pay attention to the conditions of its storage, because you have to keep such salad in a cool place, otherwise it will spoil.


Gherkins - 9 pieces;

Tomatoes - 3 pieces;

Carrots - 4 pieces;

Sweet pepper - 2 pieces;

Onions - 3 pieces;

Olive oil - 50 ml;


Salt - 30 g

Cooking Procedure

Grate the cucumbers and carrots using a coarse grater, chop the onion and pepper with a knife. It is necessary to combine the onions with the carrot and sauté in oil until golden brown. Tomatoes moped in the combine. Combine our ingredients, add spices and simmer on low heat for 40 minutes. Sterilize the jars and lay the caviar in them. We roll and wrap. We are waiting for 12 hours to complete preparation, then remove the jars in a pre-prepared cool place.

Cucumber and tomato salad for the winter “Hunter” with green tomatoes and cabbage

The side dish will appeal to that part of gourmets - lovers of sour, and its original and non-standard look will seem especially attractive. Components:

Green tomato - 2 pieces;

Gherkin - 4 pieces;

Cabbage - 300 g;

Sweet pepper - 2 pieces;

Carrots - 2 pieces;

Onions - 1 piece;

Garlic - 1 tooth;


Salt - lettuce should be slightly salted.

Acetic extract - 75 ml .;

Olive oil - 30 ml.

Cooking Procedure

As usual, prepare all the vegetables. Cut the carrots into strips, you can not finely, but, in any case, do not use a grater to avoid the extra softness of vegetables. We cut onions finely and pepper into small cubes. Peel the cucumbers from the skin, but if they are young, then it is enough just to cut off the edges. Cut into large strips. Cut the tomatoes into cubes, like pepper and onion, but slightly larger.

Shred cabbage is not too small, so that it does not get lost among the rest of the vegetables. Add spices and squeeze garlic. Leave for 1 hour, during which time the vegetables will give juice under the action of salt, then heat, but do not bring to a boil.

For convenience, divide the salad into 2 liters per serving and warm in parts. At the end of the heat treatment, add the essence in the required proportions to our every 2 liters and vegetable oil.

We shift the resulting salad into sterile jars and sterilize using a water bath.

Cucumber and tomato salad for the winter “Juicy”, seasoned with tomato juice


Tomato green - 3 kg;

Pepper - 1 kg;

Onions - 1 kg;

Carrot - 1 kg;

Granulated sugar - 1 glass;

Salt - 30 g .;

Tomato juice - 3 liters;

Olive oil - 500 ml.

Cooking Procedure

Using a large grater, grind carrots. The remaining vegetables are cut into small pieces to your taste. Fill with oil, tomato juice, salt and add sugar. Salad must be cooked for half an hour, and only then spread on steamed jars and roll up.

Sterilization time. For cans with a capacity of 0.5 liters, 12 minutes is enough. 1l. - 15 minutes.

We roll, wrap and wait, because the banks, as in all recipes, must be completely cool. If you carefully heated the salad and did not let it digest, the vegetables will remain crisp and juicy.

Cucumber and tomato salad for the winter - tricks and tips

  • In order for your salads to not look like porridge after temperature treatments and preparations, it is very important to select the “right” ingredients and cut them into large pieces. Everything must be whole. With the exception of blanks in the form of caviar.
  • In all salads, using cucumbers, an important quality is their property to crunch. To maintain this so significant quality, you just need to soak them in cold water for about 5-6 hours before harvesting.
  • Dill for marinade will suit anyone. It is perfectly acceptable to use dried. Be careful if you use vinegar essence with a concentration of 70%. Essence is too toxic for the human body. In case of contact with skin, wash immediately the affected area under cold water. It is very dangerous to breathe in pairs of essences, because you risk getting burns of the mucous membranes.
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