Lavash roll with melted cheese and crab sticks is an appetizer. Secrets of pita bread roll with cheese and crab sticks

Lavash roll with melted cheese and crab sticks is an appetizer. Secrets of pita bread roll with cheese and crab sticks

Lavash is a versatile pastry, with which you can cook a variety of snacks, wrapping the stuffing in it. It is very convenient to serve it on a festive table, or use it instead of bread.

Lavash roll with melted cheese and crab sticks - basic cooking principles

Armenian pita bread is ideal for preparing snacks. You do not need to spend a lot of time on its preparation, and you can use absolutely any ingredients that you have in the refrigerator as a filling.

It can be made from vegetables, sausages, meat, etc. One of the most delicious options: cream cheese with crab sticks. Snack with this filling is especially tender and juicy.

To make the filling more spicy and savory will help make garlic. How much to add it, depends only on your taste.

In addition to the two main ingredients, sausages, vegetables, bacon, mushrooms, etc. can be added to the filling.

The ingredients are crushed in small pieces, or rubbed on a fine grater. Prepared products lay out in layers, each pouring mayonnaise or sour cream, or mixed and spread in one layer.

Then form a roll, making it as tight as possible, and sent to the refrigerator for at least an hour so that it is soaked. Roll cut into chunks.

Recipe 1. Lavash roll with melted cheese and crab sticks


50 g soft melted cheese;

3 chicken eggs;

a large bunch of dill;

pita leaf;

small package of crab sticks;

50 g Russian cheese.

Method of preparation

1. Put the eggs in cold water and put the container on fire. Boil for five minutes, then drain the boiling water, and place the eggs under a stream of cold water. Peel off the shell. Crab sticks free from protective film. Cheese finely grate. 2. Spread the pita bread on a flat surface and brush it well with soft cheese.

3. Rinse a bunch of greens, dry and finely crumble. Sprinkle with greens.

4. Finely rub eggs and evenly distribute them over the entire area of ​​pita bread.

5. Cut each stick into four pieces lengthwise and chop finely. Sprinkle them with the egg layer, spreading it evenly over the entire surface.

6. Sprinkle with grated cheese on top. Pita wrap a thick roll. Cut into slices and put on a plate, covering it with lettuce leaves.

Recipe 2. Lavash roll with melted cheese, fresh cucumbers, crab sticks and lettuce leaves


four cloves of garlic;

two Armenian lavash;

20 leaves of lettuce;

300 ml of mayonnaise;

20 large crab sticks;

fresh herbs;

six eggs;

Fresh cucumbers - two pieces.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse and dry cucumbers, greens and leaflets of lettuce on a napkin. Eggs boil for ten minutes. Peel the garlic chives and squeeze them into mayonnaise. Mix well.

2. Roll out the pita bread on the table and spread its entire area with a mixture of mayonnaise and garlic.

3. Cover with leaves of green lettuce, spreading them in one layer.

4. Thaw the sticks completely, remove the protective cover from them and finely rub them. Spread the ground product over lettuce leaves. Make a mayonnaise mesh on top.

5. Cover all the second pita bread. It also coat with mayonnaise-garlic mixture. Finely grate boiled eggs and sprinkle the sheet with them, spreading the eggs over the entire surface.

6. Cucumber peel and chop the straw, trying to make it as thin as possible. Spread cucumbers on top of the egg layer.

7. Crumble the greens and sprinkle it on top. Now roll everything into a roll, trying to make it as tight as possible. Soak it a couple of hours in the fridge.

Recipe 3. Lavash roll with melted cheese, tomatoes and crab sticks


a large package of crab sticks;

garlic clove;

three pieces of processed cheese;

homemade mayonnaise - 200 ml;

four fresh tomatoes;

pita thin.

Method of preparation

1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees. Leaf of pita cut into four squares.

2. Crab sticks defrost, remove them from the protective sheath, cut along into two parts and crumble into thin half rings.

3. Put the melted cheese for half an hour in the freezer. Then take them out and finely rub.

4. Tomatoes are my, wipe with a towel. Cut in half and remove the liquid. The flesh of the vegetable is crumbled into small cubes. Chive clean and crumble the knife as small as possible. Mix the garlic and tomatoes.

5. After smearing the pita with mayonnaise, cover it with a layer of chopped sticks. The next layer is laid out tomatoes and sprinkle with plenty of cheese. Wrap pita bread rolls and put it on the deco. We also make three more rolls. Deco send for ten minutes in the oven.

6. Slightly cool the rolls and cut them obliquely into slices, a couple of centimeters wide. Spread on a plate and serve.

Recipe 4. Lavash roll with melted cheese, Korean carrot, crab sticks and ham


100 g Korean carrot;

pita thin;

four chicken eggs;

two fresh cucumbers;

100 g of soft cheese in the tub and crab sticks;

a piece of lean ham.

Method of preparation

1. Place the eggs in a saucepan with water and boil for ten minutes. Place them under a stream of cold water, pre-drain boiling water. Clean and finely rub.

2. Cut ham as small as possible. Wash cucumbers and coarsely rub. Squeeze out excess juice. Carrots in Korean also squeeze and chop with a knife. Melted curd cheese finely grate, pre-placing them for half an hour in the freezer.

3. Thaw the sticks, peel them off and remove the red part from the white part. 4. Expand the pita bread and start laying out the prepared ingredients in narrow strips: the white part of the crab sticks, Korean carrot, ham, cucumbers, melted cheese, carrots, eggs, cucumbers, ham, cheese and the last strip from the red part of the crab sticks again.

5. Having rolled up the pita bread with a thick roll, wrap it in a film and put it in the refrigerator for three hours. Remove the roll from the pita bread with melted cheese and crab sticks and cut it with a film.

Recipe 5. Lavash roll with melted cheese, champignons and crab sticks


six foxes of Armenian lavash;

crab sticks - large package;

large onion;

400 g homemade mayonnaise;

lettuce leaves;

Half a kilo of fresh champignons;

soft melted cheese - a large bath;

garlic to taste.

Method of preparation

1. Remove the thin skin from the champignons, cut the legs. Put the mushrooms on a sieve and rinse under running water. Drain them on a napkin and cut into thin slices. Peel finely chopped onion. Put the onion in the pan with oil, preheating it, and fry until transparent. Then add the mushrooms and cook, stirring constantly, until all the liquid is gone. Put the fried mushrooms in a plate and cool.

2. Cover the table with cling film and unfold the pita bread on it. Smear it with soft cheese, mixing it with squeezed garlic. Top with mayonnaise.

3. Cover with second pita bread. Thawed crab sticks free from the protective shell, cut in half and chop into a blender. Spread the crab sticks evenly over the entire pita sheet. Make a mayonnaise mesh on top.

4. Cover with third pita bread and spread on it fried onions and mushrooms. Brush with mayonnaise. With the help of cling film, wrap everything in a thick roll and send for two days in the refrigerator. Serve the finished roll, beautifully chopped.

Recipe 6. Lavash roll with crab sticks, Chinese cabbage and melted cheese



Chinese cabbage - 100 g;

fresh cucumber;

small package of crab sticks;

Armenian pita bread;

eggs - two pcs .;

black pepper;

cream cheese - bath.

Method of preparation

1. Expand the pita bread on the table and cut it into two parts. Grease one soft cheese.

2. Peking cabbage shred small fine straws. Fresh cucumber wash and chop into large chips. Spread cabbage and cucumbers on top of the cheese, spreading the vegetables evenly over the whole area. Lightly salt.

3. Grease the second part of the pita with soft melted cheese and cover it with the first sheet. Peel boiled eggs. Remove the shell from the sticks. Finely chop the eggs and sticks, and sprinkle the pita leaf on them.

4. Roll the pita bread into a thick roll and cut it in half diagonally. Remove for a quarter of an hour in the freezer. Remove the roll from the pita bread with melted cheese and crab sticks, cut it in diagonals.

Lavash roll with melted cheese and crab sticks - tips and tricks

  • Do not use a lot of mayonnaise, so that the sheets are not soaked, and the roll does not fall apart.
  • Instead of crab sticks, you can use crab meat.
  • If you rub cucumbers for a roll, be sure to squeeze them.
  • Add tomatoes to the roll only after removing the liquid from them.
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