How to cook sausages in various ways - lots of options! How to cook sausages for a couple, in the microwave and the slow cooker

How to cook sausages in various ways - lots of options! How to cook sausages for a couple, in the microwave and the slow cooker

Sausages, thin cooked sausages made from meat and cream, have been known since time immemorial.

They were made from pork and goat meat, smoked, dried, added cheese crumb and even paprika.

They also made it from soy, no, not from the notorious soy meat, but from boiled beans with smoked pork fat.

Sausages - a favorite treat for children, and for the hostess a convenient product that can be prepared in a matter of minutes, or, conversely, turned into a colorful dish.

How and how much to cook sausages - general principles of cooking

• Sausages are boiled in a large amount of water without adding salt and spices, as this semi-finished product is salty in itself, with a sufficient amount of spices.

• The artificial casing is removed from sausages before boiling, and the natural casing is left and removed after cooking.

• How to cook sausages in a saucepan, on the stove. Prepared for boiling sausages, put in a saucepan with water and put on the fire to boil. When the water begins to boil intensely, reduce the heat and continue cooking. Water should be sufficient, it should cover sausages for at least five centimeters. If boiled sausages covered with a natural casing, lower them for a minute in cold water, then the casing will be easier to remove. Cooking sausages in this way takes no more than five minutes.

• How to cook sausages in the microwave. In a special glass container, place the sausages peeled from the outer casing in one row (you need to remove both the artificial and the natural casing). Fill with water so that it covers them completely and put in a microwave. Cooking sausages in this way takes five minutes, with longer cooking, they can burst.

• How to cook sausages in a slow cooker, steamed. Place sausages without a shell on a special steaming basket. Pour the amount of water indicated in the instructions into the bowl of the multicooker, put sausages on top and close the lid tightly. Cook sausages for a couple in a slow cooker should be in the “cooking for a couple” mode for twenty minutes.

• How to cook sausages in a slow cooker. Put sausages in the multicooker container, you can not remove the natural casing with this method of cooking, pour in enough water, as for cooking in a saucepan and cover the multicooker with a lid, set the mode on the control panel: “Steaming”. The timer for boiling sausages in this mode is set for fifteen minutes. • How and how much to cook frozen sausages. It is not necessary to thaw frozen semi-finished products before boiling. They, like the cooled ones, are placed in cold water, but they do not remove the shell, whatever it is. The only difference in cooking is the cooking time. So how much to cook sausages, if they are frozen? Such semi-finished products are cooked longer than chilled, and the degree of readiness is determined by the puncture of any sharp object. If the object easily enters the sausage and it is at the same time elastic, but soft, then everything is ready.

• From boiled sausages, you can cook a lot of various dishes that you can eat on your own and with the appropriate side dish.

How to cook sausages with spaghetti - “Funny jellyfish”


• Chicken, not frozen sausages - 1 kg;

• a pound of spaghetti;

• a small leaf of laurel;

• 70 grams of 72% butter.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the casing from the sausages, cut them in half across and on each half from the side of the cut make two longitudinal cuts into one third of the length.

2. Spaghetti break into pieces, a length of ten centimeters.

3. Each notched half of sausages pierce along, but not through, four such pieces.

4. Lower the lavrushka into the boiling water, salt it, you can add spices to your taste, and lower the sausages stuffed with the noodles. After boiling, reduce the heat a little and cook until spaghetti is cooked.

5. Drain the water, put the “jellyfish” on a plate to the garnish and pour them with melted butter. Ketchup draw eyes, nose and mouth.

How to cook the original sausages for children to the garnish - “Octopussy”


• half a kilo of chilled sausages;

• low-fat mayonnaise;

• non-sharp ketchup.

Cooking Method:

1. In sausages, remove the casing and cut each half into half, into several pieces.

2. Dip the prepared semi-finished products in boiling water and boil for five minutes after re-boiling water. In ready-made sausages, the cut part will unfold, and resemble the tentacles of an octopus.

3. “Put” slightly cooled octopuses with “tentacles” on a plate to garnish, and with mayonnaise and ketchup, draw funny faces.

Boiled sausages in apple-wine sauce


• 300 grams of fresh pork sausages;

• 300 ml of red, dry wine;

• a small head of sweet onions;

• two small sweet apples;

• 80 grams of butter, natural;

• 250 ml of vegetable broth or chicken broth;

• 50 grams of sugar;

• one third teaspoon cinnamon powder.

Cooking Method:

1. In a deep frying pan, bring the wine to a boil, put the sausages in it and cook on low heat for ten minutes.

2. Grate the onion finely with a grater, remove the core with the seeds and peel, cut them into thin straws or medium-sized slices.

3. Wine, in which sausages were cooked, dilute with broth or broth, add sugar, ground cinnamon, butter, chopped apples and onions. Bring to a boil and cook the sauce until the apples are completely softened and the sauce thickens.

4. Put the boiled sausages in the wine on the dish, and pour the apple sauce. After boiling sausages, you can fry them to make it ruddy on butter.

How to cook sausages in a creamy mushroom sauce


• 900 grams of creamy sausages;

• 100 grams of fresh mushrooms, preferably champignons;

• white onions - 1 medium sized head;

• 270 ml of dry wine, white;

• 40 grams of butter 72% fat;

• one and a half tablespoons of wheat flour;

• 30 ml of wine brand “Sherry”;

• 150 ml, 10-15% cream.

Cooking Method:

1. Place the mushrooms, cut into small slices or plates, into the pan.

2. Remove the outer casing from the sausages, cut each into three pieces and place in a pan for the mushrooms.

3. Add the onion as a whole, pour in the wine and, covered with a lid, boil it over the minimum heat for ten minutes without letting the wine boil. Strain the broth, and leave for future use.

4. In a deep thick-walled skillet, melt butter, add flour, mix thoroughly until smooth, and immediately pour in broth with “Sherry” diluted in it. Boil, stirring constantly until thick. You can dilute too thick sauce with boiled milk.

5. Add ground black pepper to the sauce, salt it and remove the sample, put the mushrooms with sausages, previously boiled in wine. Constantly stirring, gently enter the cream. Warm up for two minutes, not allowing the sauce to boil.

Boiled sausages baked with cheese


• boiled sausages, beef - 6 pcs .;

• 150 grams of “Russian” hard cheese;

• mild ketchup;

• brewed home or purchased mustard.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the boiled chilled sausages not completely cut lengthwise, and put a small, thin piece of cheese in the cut.

2. Transfer the sausages stuffed with cheese to the frying pan, and bake in the oven for ten minutes.

3. Cool slightly, spread on a dish lined with lettuce leaves, and garnish with mustard and ketchup on top.

How and how much to cook sausages - tricks and useful tips

• If there are many eaters and everyone is not averse to eat sausages, you should not take a huge pan. It is enough that the sausages do not lie too tight in boiling water, and the smaller it is, the tastier the result will be.

• If you started sausages with a mashed potato mash, do not pour out the water in which the potatoes were boiled. Drain it, tightly “wrap” the pan with the potatoes, and boil the sausages for 3-4 minutes in the water in which it is boiled, then place them on top of the potatoes and soak for another couple of minutes.

• A separate interesting cooking method is found in old recipes of Eastern and Southern European cuisines. For it is necessary to boil, occasionally changing, some amount of cabbage leaves. The decoction is salted, and sausages are cooked in it. Then they are wrapped with cabbage leaves and dried on the grill. Get a kind of stuffed cabbage, if of course they can be called that.

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