Cognac, alcohol and vodka currant liqueurs. Recipes for homemade currant liqueurs black and red

Cognac, alcohol and vodka currant liqueurs. Recipes for homemade currant liqueurs black and red

Homemade liqueurs and tinctures are the pride of any owner, and it does not matter if he lives in a city high-rise building or in a rural manor. Indeed, unlike strong drinks, sweet liqueur products are prepared quite simply and the greatest difficulty in doing so is not to be tempted to taste them ahead of time.

The effect of “drawing out” useful and tasty components from fruits by immersing them in alcoholic solutions has long been known. The beneficial properties of berry drinks, unfortunately, are greatly exaggerated, but some truth, of course, is present. In the end, it's just delicious, not everyone likes running goosebumps from a strong homemade product.

Depending on the recipe, pourings of currant berries, in fact, retain a certain amount of vitamins, however, they give much more benefit as stomach irritants. Exciting the secretion of gastric juice, this drink improves digestive functions, and simply improves the appetite. It will also be suitable as a home remedy in case of a well-known misfortune - “the stomach stopped”, when it seems like taking the medications early and the condition is already “not very”.

Try to make currant liqueurs according to our recipes and evaluate them on a cold winter evening. Aroma and taste will remind you of such a distant, or on the contrary, already close summer.

Homemade currant liqueur - general cooking principles

• Homemade currant liqueur is quite simple. For its manufacture is not required to have any intricate fixtures. It is enough to take several enamelled glassware, glass container (one or several large bottles), a strainer and a container for filling the finished product. You may need a meat grinder or tolkushka to knead the berries. For the manufacture of precocious pouring will need a slow cooker.

• The pouring is made from the berries of red and black currants. It is these fruits that have a strong taste, rich aroma and well dye the drink. Berries can be both fresh and frozen. • Before using, freshly picked berries must be separated from green twigs and leaves. Remove spoiled fruit. Then washed and dried well. Frozen defrost or use as is.

• For the manufacture of homemade currant liqueur will need a very modest set of components: berries, granulated sugar and strong alcohol of your choice - vodka, alcohol, brandy, wine or moonshine.

• Often, cumin or fresh leaves of cherry and currant are added to give a currant curd a special taste, and honey is used for sweetening.

• Currant pouring can be prepared with or without boiling. Manufacturing technology is described in the recipe and, if you strictly follow it, the result can surpass the drinks produced in the factory.

Black currant pouring on vodka


• half a liter of high-quality wheat vodka;

• 250 ml filtered drinking water;

• two glasses of black currant (about 400 gr.);

• refined pure sugar - 250 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the sugar into a small enameled container. Pour in all the water, stir and boil over low heat.

2. When the sugar crystals dissolve well, and the syrup boils, pour clean, dry berries into it.

3. Constantly stirring, boil the mixture for four minutes on a slight heat and remove from heat.

4. Mix well-cooled black currant syrup with vodka and pour into glass jars. Cork tightly with reusable lids and place for 20 days in a cool, if possible, place without access to light. Twice a week shake the contents of the containers well.

5. Filter the standing up liquid through a dense layer of gauze with cotton and cork in clean bottles.

6. Such blackcurrant liqueur is stored in a cool place for more than a year.

Pouring red currant on cognac


• 300 gr. ripe red currants;

• one liter of brandy;

• 150 gr. sugar sand.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove berries from green twigs, wash with water and dry well. 2. Put dry berries in clean three-liter jars, sprinkling all the layers of sugar in a mandatory manner.

3. Then pour in cognac and seal with a tight lid. Shake the container well several times and store in a warm place without light for a fortnight. Always shake the jar well every four days.

4. Filter the standing currant liqueur, and, pouring it into containers, store for storage.

Pouring red currant on vodka


• currant, ripe, red variety - 4 kg;

• 1.2 kg of refined, white sugar only;

• a half-liter bottle of wheat vodka.

Cooking Method:

1. Enumerate the berries from randomly falling leaves and the remaining green twigs. Be sure to rinse the fruit well under water and dry it on a towel or colander.

2. Then twist the dry berries in a meat grinder. Pour 1.3 l of drinking filtered water into the mass and leave it for half an hour, but no more, otherwise fermentation may begin.

3. Immediately, after the specified time, strain the berry mass on the sieve, trying to thoroughly grind the pulp. Collect the remains on a gauze, tie up a sack and carefully wring out.

4. In currant juice, dilute granulated sugar well and mix with vodka. Pour bottling and remove to infuse for three months in the refrigerator.

Caraway blackcurrant liqueur on moonshine


• a pound of black ripe currant;

• five grams of cumin seed;

• one and a half liters of pure sugar brew;

• 50 grams of fresh blackcurrant leaves.

Cooking Method:

1. Cumin seeds well pound in a mortar. Black currant leaves, rinse and wipe dry with a towel. Tear off the berries from the green tassels, put them in a colander and rinse well under a tap, dry.

2. Then dry the berries in an enamel container and knead thoroughly. You can twist the fruit in a meat grinder.

3. Add the moonshine to the berry puree, lower the crushed cumin seeds and currant leaves.

4. Stir and transfer the berry mass to a large glass container. Close the lid tightly and place in a dark place for one month. 5. After that, filter the finished drink and pour it into tight-fitting containers.

Pouring red currant on alcohol


• liter jar of red currant berries;

• ten fresh leaves of red currant;

• 600 gr. white granulated sugar;

• 600 ml of purified water filter;

• 300 ml of 72% alcohol.

Cooking Method:

1. In a three-liter glass jar, pour the enumerated and well-washed berries. Fill them with alcohol, close with a nylon cover and set to infuse in any place inaccessible to light.

2. After a month and a half, strain the spirit tincture through a rare sieve with gauze lined on it. From the filtered berries, squeeze the juice well and re-strain it through gauze.

3. Pour water into the granulated sugar and boil the syrup. It should not be sugar crystals.

4. Pour the cooled syrup into the drink and, bottling, remove for a week to mature in a cool place.

Fast blackcurrant liqueur on vodka


• one kg of fully ripe black currant;

• three glasses of drinking water;

• one kg of granulated sugar;

• 800 ml of wheat vodka.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel the berries from the twigs and leaves. Rinse under water in a colander and leave it in, letting it dry completely.

2. Transfer to a clean enamel bowl and carefully rub with a tolcushka. Then through the gauze filter squeeze the juice from the black currant puree.

3. Pour three glasses of water into the sugar. Put on a very slow fire, and stir several times. When all the sugar is well dissolved, increase the heat and boil quickly.

4. Pour the filtered juice into the boiling syrup and, while constantly stirring, bring the contents of the container to the boil.

5. Cool slightly and pour in vodka. Stir well and put on a small fire again. Boil, stirring systematically, until the mass thickens slightly.

6. Then cool the prepared liquor well, and pour it into prepared clean containers.

Instant currant liqueur with cherry leaves on vodka


• one glass of red or black currant;

• one hundred cherry leaves;

• twenty leaves of black currant;

• 600 gr. refined sugar;

• teaspoon "lemon";

• half-liter bottle of high-quality vodka.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse all freshly picked leaves, picked berries off the branches, and dry them thoroughly with a towel. Put the leaves and berries in a large pot, pour two liters of filtered water and put on a small fire.

2. When the water in the pan boils, lower the heat and boil the berry-leafy collection at a low boil for 20 minutes. Cool slightly and strain through a sieve, lightly pressing the berries with a spoon.

3. Then add the sugar and bring it to a boil. Pour in citric acid and cool well.

4. Pour in vodka, stir and pour on the prepared container.

5. Such a liqueur can be consumed immediately.

Black currant pouring with honey


• one kilogram of black currant berries;

• half a liter of 96% alcohol;

• half a liter of vodka;

• two glasses of brown sugar;

• liquid light honey.

Cooking Method:

1. Enumerated and thoroughly washed berries shift into a large glass container.

2. Add vodka mixed with alcohol, close with a nylon cap and place in a warm darkened place for one month. Be sure to shake the container vigorously twice a day.

3. After infusion, strain the liquid and refrigerate. Berry slightly remember, pour sugar and leave.

4. After ten hours, strain the formed syrup, mix with blackcurrant infusion. Sweeten with honey and clean in a dark place for a week.

5. After that, filter the curing again and soak for about a month in a cool room or refrigerator.

Currant loading - “Skorospelka” in a slow cooker


• 200 gr. sugar sand;

• 300 gr. frozen currant berries;

• half-liter bottle of vodka.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the frozen currants in the cooking bowl of the multicooker, sprinkle the berries with sugar. 2. On the panel, set the “Steaming” option for 2 minutes and turn on the slow cooker.

3. After that, keep the currants on the “Heating” for at least 18 hours. The longer the better. The berries should be well planted and their color should become dark brown.

4. Then put the currants in a saucepan, cover with vodka and leave in it until it cools completely.

5. Immediately strain the contents of the container twice through a rare sieve.

6. The remaining berries, mash well and squeeze out the juice from them to the bulk. For transparency, you can filter the pouring through a thick layer of gauze.

7. Currant liqueur “Rigging” is ready. You can bottle and take the first sample.

Homemade currant liqueur - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• The liqueur produced on non-diluted alcohol is more saturated. It is alcohol that is responsible for the extraction of flavoring and aromatic substances.

• To reduce the strength of black currant liqueur it is diluted with cold boiled water or broth (compote) of currant berries.

• It is possible to make homemade currant liqueur not only from fresh berries. Drink made from frozen fruits, it turns out just as good.

• Frozen fruits are thawed in the container in which you will prepare the pouring. Juice released during thawing is needed, and it can not be poured.

• When making liqueurs from frozen fruits, reduce the amount of water added to the liquor.

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