Marinated tomatoes with garlic - the favorite snack! Recipes pickled tomatoes with garlic: memorable taste

Marinated tomatoes with garlic - the favorite snack! Recipes pickled tomatoes with garlic: memorable taste

Marinated tomatoes with homemade garlic are a favorite dish of every family.

How to pickle tomatoes at home?

General principles of pickling tomatoes with garlic:

  • A mixture of salt, sugar and vinegar is the basis of the marinade. It can be different: acidic, slightly and moderately acidic. It all depends on the amount of vinegar used. There are recipes in which this ingredient is replaced with acetic acid.
  • In marinades, sugar should always be more than salt.
  • Prepared scalded banks with boiling water should be filled with peeled tomatoes and hot pouring.
  • There are quick ways to pickle vegetables. Such dishes are served on the table in 20 minutes. But more often used marinating as a way of harvesting tomatoes for the winter.
  • For the marinade, parsley, garlic, onion, pepper, currant leaves, cloves, leaves, as well as horseradish root are commonly used.

Green marinated tomatoes with garlic stuffed with greens


tomatoes (unripe) - 12 pcs.

garlic - 16 tooth.

dill and parsley - 120 g

water - 3200 ml

red hot pepper - 6 g

Allspice in the form of peas - 8 pcs.

dried cloves - 5 pcs.

Vinegar 6% - 255 ml

granulated sugar - 70 g

salt - 65 g

mustard beans to taste

bay leaf - 2 g

Method of preparation

Rinse the tomatoes with hot water. Wipe with paper napkins.

Wash the pot thoroughly. Pour boiling water. Wait 20 minutes until cool. Drain the liquid.

Rinse the herbs thoroughly under running water. Finely chop.

Garlic rid of the husk. Cut the teeth into halves.

Pour water into aluminum container. Put on medium heat.

Tomatoes make cuts. Place the longitudinal halves of garlic.

Add there greens.

Put dill, parsley and garlic residue on the bottom of a glass bowl.

Fill it with stuffed tomatoes.

Add salt to boiling water.

Add sugar.

Pour the vinegar.

Hot pepper to cut and clean from the kernels. Add to fill.

Pour out peppercorns, cloves. Add mustard and dill.

Let the marinade boil for 2 minutes. Fill the container with tomatoes to the uppermost rim with the mixture.

Close the jar lid. Roll up

Place marinated tomatoes and garlic in a dark place.

Marinated tomatoes for the winter with garlic and fresh basil


medium-sized tomatoes - 1.4 kg

garlic - 22 g

allspice - 4 g

basil - 5 sprigs

water - 6 tbsp. 250 ml

sugar - 165 g

salt - 50 g

Vinegar 9% - 75 ml

Method of preparation

Pour boiling water into a clean jar. Let stand for 12 minutes. Pour out the water.

Peel the garlic. Teeth divided into 2 parts. Put on the bottom of the banks.

Pour there pepper.

Washed tomatoes and basil sprigs dry.

Put the tomatoes in a jar, alternating sprigs of basil.

Pour water into the pan. Bring it to a boil.

Pour salt and sugar.

Boiling marinade pour the contents of the jar.

Cover with a container of pickled tomatoes and garlic cap.

Leave on for 6 minutes.

Pouring pour into a container for boiling. After it boils, add vinegar.

Pour aromatic liquid mixture of tomatoes.

Put a sterile cap on the neck of the jar. Quickly roll up and turn over the glass container. Cover with a towel.

Store pickled tomatoes with garlic and fresh basil in a cool place.

Blanche pickled tomatoes with garlic and horseradish


blanche tomatoes with dense pulp - 2.45 kg

meaty horseradish root - 25 gr.

garlic - head

bitter pepper cleared of seeds - 10 gr.

Bulgarian red pepper - 80 gr.

water - 1100 ml

salt - 25 gr.

sugar - 135 gr.

citric acid - 9 gr.

laurel leaf - 3 pcs.

Method of preparation

Horseradish cleaned from the top coarse skin. Rinse. Grate.

Remove the husks from garlic. Teeth pour into the bowl of the blender.

Cut the bandwagon 2 types of peppers. Take out the seeds. Add ingredients to garlic.

Using a blender to grind products. Add them to the container with horseradish. Stir the mixture.

Dense tomatoes washed. Incise to the middle.

Insert garlic, horseradish and pepper stuffing into the cut.

Banks sterilize. Put stuffed tomatoes in them with garlic cut up. Put a vessel with water on the stove. Pour sugar and salt. Before boiling add citric acid.

Fill marinade jars with tomatoes. Close nylon covers.

After cooling, pickled tomatoes with garlic and horseradish store in a cool place.

Marinated green tomatoes with garlic-carrot filling for the winter


Green tomatoes medium size - 3.2 kg

Carrots - 900 g

Horseradish root - 1 pc.

Garlic - 7 Zubkov

Water - 4100 ml

Sugar - 3 tbsp. l

Allspice and black pepper - 8 peas

Carnation - 4 pcs.

Salt - 120 g

Table vinegar - 90 ml

Method of preparation

Wash the tomatoes. Cut crosswise.

Peel carrots, horseradish and garlic.

Cut carrots into small cubes.

Chives divided into 7 parts.

Horseradish cut into slices.

Insert a few slices of carrot and garlic into the cuts.

Horseradish put on the bottom of sterilized cans.

Place the tomatoes with the filling.

Fill them with boiling water to the rim under the neck.

Wait 16 minutes. Drain the liquid into the vessel, measuring the volume.

Add 60 ml of water to boil.

Water salt.

Pour there sugar, pepper and cloves. Let it boil over.

Pour marinade stuffed tomatoes for 9 minutes.

Drain marinade into the pan. Boil. Pour the vinegar. Mix. Pour the contents of the cans.

Roll container with tomato lids.

Banks flip and wrap a blanket.

Marinated tomatoes with garlic and carrot pieces can be consumed in a month.

Sugar pickled tomatoes with garlic


1.9 kg large tomatoes in the stage of blanket ripeness

70 gr. carrots

6 tbsp. l Sahara

7 cloves of garlic

9 g of citric acid

5 leaves of laurel

Umbrella and stalk of dill

6 whole black peppercorns

3 tbsp. l rock salt

leaves of fresh currant and horseradish

Method of preparation

Sterilize the washed jar: hold over the steam.

Peel carrots. Cut the vegetable lengthwise into 4 pieces.

Put peeled garlic cloves on the bottom of a sterilized jar.

Add black pepper and all the leaves.

Rinse the tomatoes under running water. Chop in several places. Fold in the jar.

To boil water. Pour into a container with tomatoes. Put the cap on the neck of the jar. Hold for about 8 minutes. Drain the water in a saucepan.

Add sugar, citric acid and stony salt. Bring the liquid mixture to a boil.

Pour a jar of marinade and roll up.

Marinated tomatoes with garlic are best kept in a cellar or basement.

Pickled tomatoes in jelly with garlic for the winter


110 g onion

1 bunch of dill

550 g small tomatoes

10 black peppercorns

0.55 liters of water

26 grams of sugar

24 grams of salt

60 ml of vinegar

35 g gelatin

6 tooth. garlic

Method of preparation

Washed floor liter cans hold over the steam.

Tin covers put in a pot. Pour boiling water.

Put dill on the bottom of the cans.

Pour 5 peas into each bowl.

Wash the tomatoes in water.

Cut into 2 equal parts.

With a bow to remove the husk. Cut into rings.

Peel the garlic. Put in banks.

Put tomatoes and onions in jars in layers.

Pour the specified amount of water into the pot.


Add sugar.

Bring pot to boil.

Add gelatin, stirring until dissolved.

Pour the vinegar. Mix. Pour the marinade tomatoes ready.

Cover containers with lids. Put in a bowl of water for sterilization. Boil for 11 minutes.

Close and roll up the covers. Turn upside down for self-sterilization.

Marinated Cherry with Cinnamon and Garlic

Tomatoes marinated in this way will have a light cinnamon flavor. Therefore, this dish will appeal to real gourmets.


Cherry Tomatoes - 800 g

ground cinnamon - 9 g

Laurel leaves - 8 pcs.

dried purple basil - 6 g

dry dill - 7 g

allspice in the form of peas - 4 g

garlic - 1 clove

salt - 3 tsp.

Table vinegar - 40 ml

drinking water - 130 ml

Method of preparation

Wash ripe vegetables in clean water. Break the leaves. Pierce the skin several times near the stem.

Prepare 0.5 l sterile cans. Dry them.

At the bottom pour basil.

Add dill.

Peeled garlic divided into 3 slices. Put in banks.

Add the leaves of laurel and pepper.

Spread cherry on spices.

Metal container filled with water.

Pour cinnamon with salt. Boil.

Pour marinade cherry.

In the banks to add 20 g of vinegar.

Cork containers with boiled lids. Turn them over several times to distribute the marinade evenly.

Cover the jars with a warm cloth.

After a week, place the containers of pickled tomatoes and garlic in a dark, cool place.

Tomatoes with garlic marinated in apple juice


Ripe tomatoes of the same size - 2 kg

Apple Juice - 950 ml

Salt - 28 g

Garlic - 15 g

Method of preparation

To free the tomatoes from the stem.

Rinse thoroughly.

Ready apple juice to pour into the pan. Boil. Boil for 4 minutes.

Add salt.

Clean glass containers with steam sterilization.

Place the prepared tomatoes in them.

Put there peeled pieces of garlic.

Pour the ingredients with apple juice.

Containers with tomatoes put in a large saucepan with warm water. Sterilize 8 minutes.

Remove the jars from the pan. Roll up the covers. Allow to cool.

Marinated tomatoes with garlic and juice with a unique taste are ready for use in a week.

Pickled tomatoes with garlic - tips and useful tips

  • For harvesting it is better to choose solid varieties of tomatoes for the winter. Well suited oblong fruit in the form of cream.
  • Before use, pickled tomatoes with garlic in jelly should be placed in the fridge so that the jelly is frozen.
  • For canning, choose fresh vegetables without dents or signs of spoilage.
  • Pickled tomatoes with garlic must be placed in a container in such a way that they do not crawl out.
  • Pour marinade in a glass jar with tomatoes to the level of the neck.
  • For canning cherry tomatoes, it is better to choose small cans.
  • Tableware for long-term preservation of products must be sterile.
  • If you use purple basil, the liquid mixture in the jar will acquire the original pink hue.
  • The more acid in the marinade, the safer will be stored pickled tomatoes with garlic.
  • It is not necessary to boil the vinegar essence, you can pour it directly into the jars. Since it easily evaporates, in the process of preparing the marinade it is added to the last.
  • Sterilization time of the jar depends on the capacity
  • Spices and spices should be used carefully and thoughtfully. They are designed to create a taste of the future dishes. If there is no certainty that certain spices are necessary, they should be discarded or added in minimal amounts.
  • It should be noted that it is forbidden to add sea or iodized salt to pickled tomatoes with garlic. Rich in trace elements, these spices contribute to the growth and development of mold, which gives the marinade and the tomatoes themselves a characteristic unpleasant bitter taste.
  • When cleaning and cutting hot peppers, it is better to wear gloves to avoid burning hands.
  • Olive oil can remove burning sensation from hands.
  • Marinated tomatoes with garlic can be filled with boiling apple juice. In this case, it should not contain sugar.
  • Citric acid is less harmful to the human body, therefore it is preferable to apply it in the process of pickling tomatoes.
  • If there is a mold on the surface of the marinade, it means that the recommendations for sterilizing the cans are not followed.
  • Bad packing of a container can be the cause of spoilage. As a result, air and harmful microorganisms enter the can.
  • The vegetables used should not be cold, otherwise the heat may damage the skin.
  • When marinating, green and blanse tomatoes with dense flesh must be doused with boiling water.

The taste of tomatoes depends on the ratio of the ingredients of the marinade, as well as on the variety of spices used.

Good blanks and new taste experiences!

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