Lobio in a slow cooker, a recipe for a lean and casual menu. How to cook lobio in a slow cooker with chicken, minced meat, pork

Lobio in a slow cooker, a recipe for a lean and casual menu. How to cook lobio in a slow cooker with chicken, minced meat, pork

Georgian cuisine has endowed us with a considerable amount of completely original recipes, it suffices to recall the kharcho or, say, chakhokhbili.

Lobio - from the same category of hearty and spicy foods. The recipe, as it should be Georgian cuisine, is exactly as much as the areas in the Caucasus.

You can not really sin against the truth to say that in each village - your own recipe for lobio. But, since we will have to cook it in an ordinary modern kitchen, we will use new-fangled devices, for example, a slow cooker.

Lobio in a slow cooker - general principles of preparation and useful tips

• Beans - the basis of the dish, dry or canned grains of red or white beans, pods of a legume - everything can be used.

• Multicooker functional modes used: “Baking”, “Pilaf”, “Rice / Porridge”, “Quenching” and “Heating”. Some of the programs are used for roasting beans and pre-boiling beans, and the main process takes place on “Stewing” or “Preheating”. In some cases, in addition to the multicooker, you may need a separate pan and a thick-walled frying pan.

• Red and white beans - the cooking time is different, but both types require the same preparation. Beans should be taken care of in advance, no less than twelve hours before cooking - it is washed and left in water. Then re-rinsed and boiled until cooked in a saucepan or multi-cooker, considering the proportions of beans and water 1: 4.

• When using asparagus beans, preference should be given to young pods of light green color. Like grains, it is recommended to soak in water beforehand. The duration of the procedure in this case is not more than two hours. Green beans do not need long boiling. She is blanched, dipped in boiling water for five minutes.

• With canned beans, everything is much simpler. They are simply washed with water and, having allowed to dry out, spread to the already fried components.

• Another constant component lobio - onions. A bitter onion is almost always added, but there are recipes that imply the use of violet and sweet. It is crushed, then passaged, and only then mixed with the beans. • Do not imagine lobio without tomato. It can be mashed fresh tomatoes, tomato juice or pasta.

• Lobio - a dish of Georgian cuisine and the presence of spicy herbs and spices in it is obligatory. It is recommended to use hops-suneli, fresh cilantro and parsley in the preparation of the dish. There are also special sets of spices for lobio - they can be purchased from sellers of oriental spices or look in supermarkets.

How to cook lobio in a slow cooker - a recipe for white beans and nuts


• a glass of white beans;

• sweet onion;

• large head of sweet onions;

• garlic;

• 300 gr. fresh tomatoes;

• sprig of basil;

• one third of a glass of walnut kernels;

• 40 ml of olive oil;

• hop-suneli;

• hot pepper pod;

• a bunch of spicy cilantro.


1. After soaking, rinse the beans well. We shift it to the pan and, pouring cold water, boil until done. Throw back in a colander and leave it in it.

2. Grind the peeled walnuts with a knife, collect the pieces into a bag and roll it over it with a rolling pin several times. You can kill the kernel with a blender or coffee grinder. In any case, the result should be medium-sized baby.

3. Wash the water with cilantro and basil, lay the twigs on a towel. When dry - basil leaves tearing into pieces with your hands, and chop the cilantro finely with a knife.

4. Scald tomatoes with boiling water, remove the skin, and rub the tender flesh on a large grater or crush in a puree blender. You can twist in a meat grinder.

5. Peel two cloves of garlic and finely chop them with a knife. Cut the sweet onion with quarters of rings.

6. Turn on the slow cooker in frying mode, pour olive oil into the bowl and wait about a minute for it to warm up.

7. Spread garlic and, stirring, fry for about 40 seconds, until a characteristic garlic flavor appears. Then remove the pieces of garlic, and lower the onion in the butter. Cook, stirring occasionally, until its strips are soft. It usually takes no more than five minutes.

8. Pour boiled beans into the bowl and, mixing it well with onions, continue cooking for another five minutes. 9. Pour in a self-cooked tomato to the beans, pour in nut nuts. Add a little salt and hops-suneli, season with ground pepper. Add chopped hot peppers, chopped cilantro and basil. All carefully stir and take a sample of the salt, if necessary, a little add some salt.

10. Close the lid and change the frying to a less hot extinguishing mode. Cooking lobio for another quarter of an hour.

Lobio in a red bean multicooker with tomatoes


• Fresh cilantro or parsley - a big bunch;

• one large onion;

• 300 gr. red beans;

• two large tomatoes;

• spoon of wine vinegar;

• large garlic teeth - 3 pcs .;

• hot pepper - 1 pod;

• refined oil;

• two teaspoons of savory.


1. Put in the bowl soaked beans and pour water so that it covers the beans for two centimeters. Select the “Plov” setting, set the timer to 80 minutes, run the program for execution.

2. While the beans are being prepared, prepare the tomatoes and other vegetables. Wrap tomatoes with boiling water to remove the skin from them. Cut the pulp into small cubes.

3. Finely chop the peeled garlic teeth, cut into onions in a medium-sized manner.

4. At the end of the established program, we spread tomatoes, garlic and onions to the beans. Pour about one and a half tablespoons of oil, and vinegar, mix. We lower and slightly put a pod of hot pepper in the mass.

5. Selecting the program "Quenching", turn on the slow cooker, setting the timer for 15 minutes.

6. After that we add finely chopped greens and spices to lobio. Salt the dish to your taste and, having stirred well, leave it for 10 minutes in the “Heating” mode.

Lobio in a pork multicooker


• pork neck - half a kilo;

• two glasses of red or white beans;

• 50 gr. walnut kernels;

• three spoons of tomato;

• garlic;

• 200 gr. bitter onions;

• red hot pepper - a small pod;

• a little parsley and cilantro;

• high-quality sunflower oil;

• a mixture of Georgian spices.


1. For starters, boil the soaked beans in a slow cooker. We wash it well and put it in the cooking tank. Gulf water, cooking with the selected mode “Krupa / Rice” for an hour. Water is not salted. 2. After the program is completed, we transfer the beans to a bowl and gently mix them with tolkushkoy.

3. Transfer the slow cooker to the frying mode. We warm up one and a half tablespoons of oil, lower the pork cut into small oblong pieces into it. Stirring frequently, bring to the formation on pieces of a ruddy crust.

4. While preparing pork, blender or grinder grind nuts. We spread the crumb into a small dish and squeeze into it three small garlic teeth.

5. Put the roasted meat, and pour a little oil into the bowl and drop the sliced ​​onion into it. Fry until transparent, add the nut mix, boiled beans and fried meat. Thoroughly mix all the components and turn on the slow cooker by selecting the “Quenching” preset.

6. In a small bowl pour 250 ml of water and dilute the tomato. Add Georgian spices, thin strips of hot pepper and minced clove of garlic. Salt and, well stirred, pour into the bowl. The extinguishing program launched should be previously stopped after a quarter of an hour from the moment of launch.

7. Sprinkle lobio with crushed cilantro, close the lid and restart the interrupted program, now indicating its duration in 40 minutes.

8. When serving serve, decorate the dish with parsley.

Lobio in a multivariate of green beans (asparagus) beans


• green beans - half a kilo;

• 400 gr. fresh tomato;

• two large onions;

• five sprigs of cilantro greens;

• five tablespoons of butter;

• garlic;

• four sprigs of fresh parsley;

• basil - 2 twigs;


1. We wash the pods of the beans well, remove the tips on both sides and cut them into pieces, up to 3 cm long. Pour a liter of water into the pan, put the beans into it, boil for about five minutes after boiling, and lay down on a sieve or colander.

2. Cooking tomato puree. Remove the skin from the fruit, grind the pulp with a meat grinder or interrupt with a blender.

3. In the cooking pot, we warm up two spoons of vegetable oil, dip the finely chopped onion into it and fry until golden brown. 4. Spread the beans to the onions, add the tomato puree. Finely chop two cloves of garlic and send to the bowl after the tomato. Slightly add salt and, stirring occasionally, cook as before.

5. We do not close the lid yet, it will be done after 10 minutes. Immediately set the timer to 25 minutes, and turn on the option “Quenching”.

6. Grind the washed and dried greens, pour it into the bowl to the already prepared lobio. Maintain a dish on the “Preheat” 15 minutes, and immediately serve.

Lobio in a red bean multicooker with chicken


• a full, 250 gram glass of red beans;

• kilogram of chicken thighs;

• tomato juice - 1 liter;

• large onion;

• olive or highly refined sunflower oil;

• spices “For chicken dishes”;

• large sour apple, green.


1. Cut the thighs, put on a frying pan for intense heating and pour some oil into it. After waiting 30 seconds, we lower the pieces of chicken, skin down, quickly fry. We turn over as soon as the bottom turns red well, and fry the other side. Fry onion in vegetable oil in a separate pan.

2. We wash the soaked beans beforehand and shift them into the bowl. Add water so that it covers the layer of beans and rises above it at least two centimeters. Cook, turning on the option “Quenching” for an hour.

3. Strain the water out of the beans, place the rotated chicken legs and onions in the slow cooker. Add a diced apple. Season with pepper and spices, add some. Fill all with tomato juice and repeat the mode of "Quenching", lasting one hour.

Lobio in a canned multi-cooker with minced


• Pork and beef mince - 500 gr .;

• two large onions;

• can of canned beans;

• garlic;

• two small tomatoes;

• tomato, thick, unsalted - 2 tbsp. l .;

• hot pepper - 1/2 small pod;

• cilantro greens;

• one third of a spoonful of dry basil.


1. Put the beans out of the jar in a colander, wash, let the water drain. Lobio sauce is not required. 2. In the “Baking” mode, melt the butter and dip small slices of onion into it. Fry for five minutes to golden brown.

3. Add minced meat to onions. Systematically stirring and breaking the lumps of meat with a fork, fry in the previous mode for 10 minutes, then lay out from the bowl.

4. With the scalded tomatoes boil the peel and cut the flesh into cubes. We shift the tomatoes into the bowl, add the tomato, without changing the regime, cook until softened. Stir regularly to make tomato paste better mixed with tomatoes.

5. Put the minced meat and canned beans in the bowl with the tomatoes. Add dried basil, chopped garlic, chopped hot peppers and greens. We prisalivaem and having stirred well, leave to languish for a whole hour on the “Heating”.

Tricks of cooking multi-cook lobio - useful tips and tricks

• Soaking beans in water for a long time - put the bowl in a cool place, this will help to avoid fermentation. However, keep in mind that a very low temperature will interfere with the soaking process.

• Boil the beans with a slight even boil. Readiness can be determined visually, by the first grains that burst in the slow cooker.

• The cooking time of beans on the stove is two and a half hours, and if a multicooker is used, it is only one hour.

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