Miraculous cherry confiture with lemon, strawberry, almond. Recipes of confiture from cherry to tea, cheese, game

Miraculous cherry confiture with lemon, strawberry, almond. Recipes of confiture from cherry to tea, cheese, game

France is considered the birthplace of confiture, although the ancient Roman mistresses prepared the thick sweet treat.

Its name, real French, means “boiled in sugar”.

It is a thick, beautifully colored jelly made from berries, fruits or a combination.

Cherry confiture is excellent. You can add lemon juice, currants, apples, add aromatic spices. The sweetness of the finished product gives sugar, and thickeners - thickeners (gelatin, agar-agar, starch, pectin). You can cook confiture without them. The consistency of the finished product should be thick, but not homogeneous.

It is possible to eat confiture as an independent delicacy for tea, morning buns, and as components for pies or cakes. The taste and texture of cherry confiture will be good as a sweet base for a gourmet cheese plate.

Cherry confiture - the general principles of cooking

To prepare the dessert, the cherries must be picked, removed the garbage (twigs, leaves, spoiled berries) and rinsed with cold water. In selected cherries, it is necessary to remove the cuttings and remove the bones using a special tool.

For cooking confiture suitable wide enamelware: a saucepan or a small bowl. Need skimmer: it is convenient to remove the resulting foam. It is very important to ensure that sugar syrup does not burn. Otherwise, the taste of the dessert will be spoiled. Therefore, you need to constantly stir the cherry mass, removing the resulting foam.

Banks for confiture are better to take a small amount - it is more convenient to store dessert in them. The containers must be washed with soda and sterilized by steam for 15-20 minutes. Metal lids need to boil or scald with boiling water.

Cherry confiture “Classic”

To make traditional confiture, no additional ingredients or thickeners are required. Lemon gives a special touch of freshness and pleasant sourness. Dessert is perfect for tea.

Ingredients: • two kilograms of ripe cherries;

• two kilograms of white sugar;

• one lemon.

Cooking Method:

Remove bones from prepared cherries.

Put the berry in the cooking container.

Sprinkle cherries with sugar and mix gently with your hands so as not to damage the berry mass.

Leave the cherry alone for two hours: the berry should give the juice.

Scald lemon with boiling water and squeeze juice out of it.

Turn on a small fire and heat the berry mass until boiling. The resulting foam to remove skimmer.

Confiture needs to be constantly stirred, otherwise it will burn.

After boiling boil the cherry mass for exactly five minutes and turn off the heat.

Bake the confiture in a blender or mince.

Prepare banks.

Once cooled, bring the jam to boiling, immediately pour into jars and cork.

Cool to room temperature. Store in a cool dry place.

Apple-Lemon Cherry Confiture

Cherry flavor goes well with not only lemon, but also with apple notes. Wonderful morning treat turns out tasty, healthy and very beautiful.


• kilogram of prepared pitted cherries;

• two medium apples;

• one lemon;

• eight hundred grams of white sugar.

Cooking Method:

Cherry billet pour sugar in a pan for cooking.

Lemon well wash and squeeze juice out of it.

Pour juice into sugar cherries, mix gently.

Let the berry stand for an hour and a half to make the juice stand out.

Put the pot on a small fire and bring to a boil.

When the cherry boils, boil it for ten minutes, stirring constantly.

Peel the apples, cut the core, cut into thin slices.

Stewed berries out of the syrup, put apple slices instead.

Boil the apples until the syrup is doubled.

Put the cherry berries in the syrup again.

Grind apples and cherries with a blender or mince.

Bring mass to a boil, simmer for another ten minutes.

Immediately decompose in sterilized banks and cork.

Chocolate-Almond cherry confiture

Fantastically delicious cherry confiture can be prepared with the addition of chocolate and almond nuts. You can eat it right away or roll it up for the winter.


• kilogram of ripe cherries;

• six hundred grams of white sugar;

• fifty grams of gelatin;

• one hundred grams of almond;

• chocolate bar.

Cooking Method:

Gelatin pour cold water and leave to swell for about forty minutes.

From the seeds, remove the seeds and mash the berry with a blender or meat grinder.

Grate the nuts or grind in a meat grinder. Must get almond flour.

Chocolate break into small pieces.

Put the cherry puree in a saucepan, add gelatin and sugar, add almond flour and mix everything.

Heat the mixture over low heat, stirring constantly.

Sugar and gelatin should be dissolved completely.

When the fragrant mass boils, boil it for two minutes and remove from heat.

Put chocolate in the confiture and mix the treat.

Put in a vase and put on the table.

Put the remnants of confiture into glass or plastic containers, close the lid and store in the refrigerator after cooling.

If the confiture is harvested for the winter, it should be poured into sterilized jars and rolled up.

Cherry confiture with gelatin

The simplest recipe for cherry confiture with gelatin is suitable for beginner hostesses. The dessert is prepared quickly and it turns out very tasty.


• kilogram of prepared pitted cherries;

• three tablespoons of gelatin powder;

• eight hundred grams of granulated sugar;

• a pinch of citric acid;

• four hundred milliliters of water.

Cooking Method:

Gelatin soaked in water according to the instructions and give the grain a good swell.

Pour cherries with sugar, pour in water, mix and put on a slow fire.

When the mixture boils, note the time and boil the jam at a slow boil for three hours.

Dilute citric acid in a teaspoon of warm water.

In hot mashed potatoes add citric acid and gelatin grains, mix well.

Turn on the fire again, wait for the boil and remove from the fire. Immediately decompose into prepared banks, cork, cool and send for storage.

Cherry confiture with coriander and almond

The unusual taste of this confiture from the cherry turns it into a gourmet treat. It turns out an exquisite dessert that can replace honey and raspberry jam served to a cheese plate. In addition, this particular version of confiture will make the perfect match for poultry or game dishes.


• half a kilo of cherries;

• five coriander kernels;

• twenty grams of almond flakes or whole nuts;

• four hundred grams of white sugar;

• four hundred milliliters of water.

Cooking Method:

Cut whole almonds into transparent slices.

Preheat the speed without oil.

Throw almond flakes and coriander seeds on a dry bottom.

Fry almonds and coriander and a half to two minutes.

Pour water into the cooking pot, add sugar and mix.

Cook syrup, seeking to obtain a thick sweet mass.

Put the prepared cherry into the syrup, boil the berry for five minutes.

Add to confiture roasted nut flakes and coriander kernels, mix.

Boil cherries with almonds and spices for ten minutes at a low boil.

Hot cherry confiture spread out in sterilized jars, roll up and put away for storage.

Strawberry cherry confiture

Cherry with strawberries is a wonderful duet, which is associated with summer bliss and lightheartedness. Opening a jar of wonderful delicacy, you can give the family real pleasure. The recipe is interesting because you do not need to remove the bones from the cherry.


• a kilo of cherries;

• three hundred grams of garden strawberries;

• pinch of cinnamon;

• eight hundred grams of sugar;

• twenty grams of gelatin;

• a quarter cup of water.

Cooking Method:

Cherry put in a pan for boiling confiture, add a little water and boil at a slow boil for five to seven minutes. You should get a liquid that looks like cherry compote or juice.

While the berries are boiling, gelatin should be poured with water and left to swell.

Rub berries through a sieve with a spatula or spoon, discard the bones. Return the cherry puree juice, add sugar and cinnamon, cook the mixture over low heat for thirty to forty minutes.

To sort the strawberries, remove the green parts of the stem, wash gently.

Whole berries to put in cherry confiture.

Cook dessert for another fifteen minutes at a slow boil.

Dissolve the swollen gelatin over low heat.

Before you turn off the finished confiture, you need to add fire and pour in the mass of melted gelatin.

As soon as the mass boils, turn off the fire, pour the confiture into prepared jars and roll it up.

Keep confiture of cherries and strawberries in a cold dark place.

Cherry confiture “Quick” with pectin

The simplest version of the dessert, which is prepared with pectin. It turns out a thick, tasty, aromatic delicacy, which will be appreciated by both households and guests.


• kilogram of pitted cherries;

• a pound of sugar;

• ten grams of pectin.

Cooking Method:

Berries to get rid of seeds and put in a pan for cooking confiture.

Cover the cherries with sugar and leave to highlight the juice for three hours.

Bring the fruit to a simmer until boiling.

Boil cherries with sugar for five minutes.

Pectin mix with four boats of sugar and combine with cherry syrup.

Mix everything thoroughly and boil for another three minutes.

Immediately decompose the cherry confiture into jars, roll up and cool.

Cherry confiture - tricks and tips

Cherries should be very ripe. Unripe fruits are not so tasty and leave the seeds worse.

Wonderful cherry confiture can be cooked from frozen cherries. It will turn out not less tasty, than the delicacy prepared from fresh berries.

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