Tiramisu at home - everything is possible! Recipes for homemade tiramisu: with mascarpone, cream, cottage cheese, chocolate, bananas

Tiramisu at home - everything is possible! Recipes for homemade tiramisu: with mascarpone, cream, cottage cheese, chocolate, bananas

Tiramisu is an amazing dessert, from which it blows in sunny Italy.

Yes, yes, it was there that they began to make a multi-layered treat from biscuit cookies with a creamy filling.

Since then, it has spread all over the world and continues to delight in its taste.

It can be found in the most elite restaurants in the world, and here you can find tiramisu recipes for your home.

Simple, but no less tasty and tender.

Tiramisu at Home - General Cooking Principles

The basis of the Italian delicacy tiramisu - cookies Savoyardi. It is made from ordinary sponge dough. Below you can see a similar recipe, it is simple and easy. But also Savoyardi can be bought in the store, now it is found often. Or use other alternatives.

Cookies dipped in a coffee drink with rum or other alcohol-containing drinks. And then laid out in layers in deep dishes, smeared with cream. This delicacy is prepared with mascarpone. But now there are many interesting and no less tasty recipes with cream, cheese and mixed fillings.

The finished dessert is sprinkled with cocoa powder. To make the layer uniform, use a small strainer.

Savoyardi recipe for making tiramisu at home

Savoyardi can be bought at the store or replaced with another cookie. It is also very easy to make at home.


• 2 yolks;

• 3 proteins;

• 50 grams of sugar;

• 30 grams of powder;

• 50 grams of flour.


1. Protein whip with a half sugar.

2. Do the same with the yolks, adding the second part of the sugar.

3. Combine both masses, add flour.

4. Shift the dough into a pastry bag and squeeze a finger, up to 12 centimeters long, onto the laid baking tray. Do not forget that they will increase in size, so do not put close to each other. 5. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and put in a stove heated to 180 degrees.

6. Bake until golden brown for about ten minutes. We take out, give a little cool, and only then remove from the pan. Until the end it is better not to make up, otherwise the cookie will dry out.

Classic homemade tiramisu recipe with mascarpone

This recipe for tiramisu at home will require the most delicate mascarpone cheese. With it, the delicacy turns out just amazing.


• 50 grams of ground coffee;

• 200 grams of Savoyardi;

• 30 grams of powder;

• 30 grams of cocoa powder;

• 60 grams of sugar;

• 250 grams of cream;

• 3 yolks;

• 350 grams of mascarpone;

• 30 grams of rum.


1. Fill the ground coffee with 300 ml of boiling water, cover with a lid and let it brew, cool and drain the sediment. Pour in rum.

2. Put a saucepan on the stove with water for a steam bath.

3. In a bowl, put the yolks, lightly whisk with sugar and warm in a bath. The mass should brighten, but do not let the yolks cook. Then remove and cool.

4. Combine the mascarpone with the cooled yolks, beat with a mixer.

5. Separately whip cream and powder. Combine with the cheese mass, the cream is ready!

6. Dip Savoyardi in the prepared coffee, spread the first layer in the form.

7. Now we cover with cream, then again the cookies dipped in coffee. And so on.

8. Top sprinkle dessert cocoa powder, send to cool for 5 hours.

Recipe for tiramisu at home without alcohol

Adding rum or liquor to many makes dessert forbidden. Someone alcoholic drinks are contraindicated, but someone just does not tolerate them. Children fall into a separate category, but they can not and coffee. But you can do without alcoholic beverages. A rich taste will give spices.


• 250 grams of Savoyardi;

• 3 spoons of cocoa;

• 1 tsp. coffee;

• vanilla, cinnamon;

• 500 grams of mascarpone; • 4 eggs;

• 8 tablespoons of sugar;

• 100 ml of cream.


1. Combine coffee and two spoons of cocoa with 300 ml of water, put on the stove. The rest of the cocoa is left for the finishing sprinkling. If the dessert is intended for children, then replace the coffee with an extra spoon of cocoa.

2. Give the drink to boil, remove from heat. Put a pinch of vanilla and as much cinnamon, cool.

3. Beat yolks with sugar, heat them in a water bath, cool and mix with mascarpone.

4. Whip the cream, send in the cream.

5. We soak the savoyards in the prepared beverage, unfold the first layer. Liberally grease cream, the layer should not be less than 1.5 centimeters. We put the second moistened biscuits. The number of layers depends on the size of the form, it can be limited to two.

6. Put the remaining cocoa in a strainer, sprinkle tiramisu on top and send it to freeze in the fridge.

Recipe for tiramisu at home in 15 minutes

For a quick recipe for tiramisu at home you will need ordinary dry biscuits such as jubilee, baked milk or coffee. The cream is prepared on the basis of high-fat cream, similarly you can use a thick, but not very sour cream.


• 200 ml of strong coffee;

• 1 tsp. liquor or rum;

• 400 ml of cream 30%;

• 5 tablespoons of sugar;

• 0.5 vanilla bag;

• biscuit;

• a piece of chocolate.


1. Chilled cream should be whipped with sugar to increase the mass in volume. You can use powder. Add vanilla to the cream.

2. We moisten cookies in the cooled coffee, we spread out one layer.

3. We grease cream.

4. Now again a layer of cookies. Make the number of layers we need until the products run out.

5. Cover the top with plenty of cream and fall asleep with grated chocolate. Quick dessert tiramisu also let stand in the fridge so that it becomes saturated and sustainable.

Recipe for tiramisu at home from sponge cake

For this recipe, you can take a home or purchase sponge cake. For filling you can take any cream cheese: mascarpone, ricotta or almette.


• 300 grams of coffee;

• 300 grams of cream cheese;

• 1 biscuit cake with 4 eggs;

• 4 eggs;

• 120 grams of sugar;

• 50 grams of liquor;

• cocoa powder.


1. Add liqueur to coffee, mix it.

2. Separately, beat four egg whites with sugar and yolks separately.

3. Immerse the mixer in cream cheese and mix it with yolks, and then gradually introduce proteins, do not beat for a long time, so that the mass remains fluffy.

4. Biscuit cut into strips, a width of about one and a half centimeters. Any length can be adjusted to the size of the form in which we will pack the dessert.

5. Dip the biscuit strips on one side of the coffee drink, then put in the form. It is very important to do this quickly, as the biscuit absorbs a lot of liquid. Also, do not dip the pieces completely, otherwise they will simply become limp.

6. Spread out the slices with a layer of butter cream, then biscuit slices again, and so on.

7. Sprinkle the top with cocoa powder using a small sieve.

Recipe for tiramisu at home with cottage cheese

Cottage cheese filling for tiramisu at home is much cheaper. And in terms of taste, dessert is not much inferior to the original with cream cheese. But only if you use fat and soft cottage cheese, you can homemade.


• 5 eggs;

• 500 grams of cottage cheese;

• 150 grams of Savoyardi;

• 3 spoons of cocoa;

• 2 tsp. coffee;

• 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa powder;

• 2 tablespoons of liquor or one brandy;

• 4 tablespoons sour cream;

• 120 grams of sugar.


1. Brew two spoons of coffee with boiling water. 250 grams is enough. Cool and add alcoholic drink. Impregnation is ready.

2. Whip sour cream with sugar.

3. We put cottage cheese in a blender. We grind. Add sweet cream and whip together. 4. Beat the eggs until fluffy, combine with curd cream.

5. We soak in the coffee impregnation of Savoyardi, lay out in layers, richly coat with curd mass.

6. Top we cocoa cocoa and dessert is ready! It remains only to soak.

Recipe for chocolate tiramisu at home with wine

Wine gives the recipe of chocolate tiramisu at home an unusual taste. You can use white, red or any other wine. But if you want, you can pour just a spoonful of brandy or rum, they also perfectly complement the taste of chocolate.


• 550 grams of cream;

• 250 grams of mascarpone;

• 70 grams of wine;

• 5 tablespoons of sugar;

• 180 grams of Savoyardi;

• 2 spoons of cocoa;

• 70 grams of chocolate;

• 300 grams of coffee.


1. Whip the cream with half the wine and sugar, combine with mascarpone.

2. Melt the chocolate in the bath, cool it, but do not let it cool. We enter into the cream, whisk well.

3. Add the rest of the wine to the cooled coffee.

4. We moisten cookies and collect them according to the classical scheme, sandwich them with chocolate cream and cheese.

5. Top plentifully falling asleep cocoa. And after a few hours you can enjoy an amazing chocolate-flavored dessert and a subtle wine aroma.

Recipe for tiramisu at home with chocolate and banana

Banana, chocolate and cream - this is an amazing trio that settled in this recipe for homemade tiramisu.


• 24 pieces of Savoyardi;

• 2 bananas;

• 200 grams of coffee;

• 160 grams of mascarpone;

• 300 ml of cream;

• 6 tablespoons of sugar;

• 2 yolks;

• 100 grams of chocolate;

• 1 spoon of cocoa with a hill;

• 2 spoons of rum.


1. Pour rum into coffee, stir it and for the time being set aside.

2. Combine the yolks with sugar, whip and inject into the mascarpone.

3. In a separate bowl, beat the cream until foam, combine with the cheese.

4. Break the chocolate into cubes and send it to the microwave. Melt. But you can use the water bath. 5. Pour the chocolate mass into the cream and quickly stir.

6. Cut the bananas into slices and everything is ready to assemble the dessert.

7. We moisten cookies and lay out a layer of eight pieces. Cover with a thin layer of cream, then fold out half of the bananas and pour cream.

8. Again soaked savoyardi, cream, bananas and cream.

9. Cover with a layer of cookies in the coffee, pour the remnants of the cream, sprinkle cocoa and ready!

Tiramisu at Home - Tips and Tricks

• It is not necessary to cover tiramisu with cocoa powder. Tasty with grated chocolate, icing. Sometimes the dessert is watered with chocolate syrup, draws patterns from the cream.

• Fruits remarkably dilute the taste of the Italian dessert. But they do not need to lay inside. You can simply decorate the delicacy with a juicy slice of orange, kiwi or strawberry berry.

• If the dessert is intended for children, then spices are added instead of alcohol. And instead of coffee, you can use hot chocolate, milkshake or any sweet juice.

• In order to carefully cut the Italian dessert, you need to regularly moisten the knife with water. It will prevent the blade from sticking to the blade, and the cut will be smoother.

• Tiramisu - a dessert that does not require haste. And even if it is cooked under a simplified recipe, the delicacy should still be drawn and soaked. And this is at least 4-5 hours.

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