Porridge with milk - the best recipes. How to cook milk porridge.

Porridge with milk - the best recipes. How to cook milk porridge.

Porridges on milk - general principles and methods of cooking

Some people think that porridge is simple and boring, but it is a big mistake! How can a huge variety of options prepared by a real hostess be boring? Porridge in pots, pumpkin, berry and fruit, with cottage cheese and nuts - a large number of tasty and healthy products can be prepared as a separate dish or side dish. You just need to find your favorite recipe. Attracts in porridges not only cheapness and affordability, but also clarity in proportions and simplicity in preparation. And we can talk about taste and usefulness for a long time. In Russia, porridge is considered a national dish for several centuries. It was cooked in field conditions by army cooks who were called so - cooks. The most delicious are cereals with milk, butter and sugar.

Milk porridges - food preparation

For the preparation of milk porridge use cereals of all kinds, except buckwheat unground, which can be diluted with milk already in boiled form. It is better to take fresh whole or skim milk. In the latter case, it is desirable to add more oil. Milk porridge can also be boiled from powdered or condensed milk. If porridge is cooked as a separate dish, it should not be steep, but viscous. Be sure to note that the dishes it is desirable to have a thick-walled, so that milk and cereals do not burn.

Milk Porridge - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Porridge with Milk

Manca is better to cook in sunny weather, as it slightly reduces the body's ability to absorb vitamin D. But this is the most "energetic" porridge. Delicious semolina can be cooked, knowing two secrets. First, you need to properly respect the proportions according to the recipe. Secondly, so that the semolina does not stray into lumps, it is better to pour it into the milk through a sieve over the entire surface area. In this case, in the porridge, you can distinguish individual small grains. It oil better, under the lid does not form an unpleasant film.

Ingredients: milk and water (0.5 liters each), salt, sugar, butter, semolina (half a cup).

Method of preparation Bring milk diluted with water to a boil. Pour semolina in the indicated ways, boil for two minutes, salt, remove from the heat and leave to swell for 10 minutes. This mess is more suitable for children. Add butter and sugar to it. Serve hot. For adults, you can use another way: semolina is heated in a griddle directly with butter. Deep frying pans with enamelled surface are well suited. When the mixture turns yellow a little, pour milk mixed with water in a frying pan. Quickly stir and boil for 2 minutes, cover with a lid and leave to swell.

Recipe 2: Buckwheat porridge with milk

In ancient tales, songs and folk sayings often mention porridge. Historians believe that we are talking about buckwheat porridge. Buckwheat is rarely completely clean, so it must be sorted out, like Cinderella from a fairy tale. This is the only porridge that can be cooked completely in water. But it removes excess cholesterol, and is also an excellent side dish for meat. But if you cook buckwheat porridge with milk - even the meat is not needed. The secret of the proportions of cereals and water is 1: 2, that is, the water should be 2 times less than buckwheat.

Ingredients: buckwheat (glass), sugar, salt, milk, water (0.5 liters).

Method of preparation

Carefully sifted grits pour on a hot red frying pan and fry for 3 minutes. Pour it into boiling salted water and cook for 15-20 minutes until cooked buckwheat.

Butter is placed at the end of cooking. Put buckwheat in a plate, pour warm milk over it and add sugar to taste.

Recipe 3: Porridge with milk

Probably the most popular breakfast is oatmeal. A valuable product of healthy eating is also a source of energy for the whole day. Complex carbohydrates and a low glycemic index are the main differences between oatmeal and other cereals. This is an excellent food for diabetics. The carbohydrates that it contains are absorbed throughout the day, the body does not experience glucose jumps. However, nutritionists do not recommend “leaning on it” to avoid overweight. The undoubted advantage is the ability of oatmeal to change “soak” in the taste of various additives - for example, dried fruits, apples, nuts. Ingredients: oatmeal (3/4 cup), milk (3/4 cup), butter (2 tablespoons), salt, sugar to taste, dried fruits, nuts.

Method of preparation

Pour oatmeal with milk. Leave to swell for three minutes. Put on the fire, cook for 10 minutes on a light fire. Add dried fruits, nuts. This porridge is perfectly combined with slices of banana, slices of apples, pears, raspberries and cottage cheese.

Recipe 4: Rice porridge on milk in a slow cooker

If you purchased a slow cooker - congratulations to you! The main problem of cooking milk porridge is solved - you do not have to make sure that the milk does not run away when boiling. Moreover, the rice does not stick together, but the grain is located to the grain. Sweet rice milk porridge for breakfast is cooked quite simply. Rice is best to take round.

Ingredients: rice (3/4 multivarice cups), milk (4 multivariate cups), granulated sugar (2 teaspoons), salt, butter (20 grams).

Method of preparation

Three quarters of a multi-cooked cup of rice are well washed in several waters and put in a multi-cooker pan. Milk add cold, then sugar, salt and butter. Select the mode - “Milk porridge”. Cooking time - 50 minutes. At the neat signal of the multicooker, you will get a wonderful breakfast for 3 people - an average thickness of milky rice cereal.

Milk porridges - useful tips from experienced chefs

Remember childhood, as mom and grandmother made us drink milk every day and eat soup? Modern nutritionists have changed the view on healthy eating. Now it is believed that there is enough soup a couple of times a week. And milk may not be useful for everyone. There are people who poorly assimilate lactose, which is part of it. All other milk is required every day - at least 1 cup. Strongly recommend it to women after 50 - no other product can give so much calcium. To food did not seem monotonous - cook milk porridge!

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