Squids in batter are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook squid in batter.

Squids in batter are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook squid in batter.

In batter you can cook anything you want - sausage, crab sticks, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, seafood and more. The pieces, fried, in batter are good because they fit perfectly into any table: be it a chic banquet or a light family dinner.

Squids in batter - general principles and methods of cooking

Squid in batter have a lot of advantages. First, they prepare very quickly. Secondly, squids themselves are a delicacy, because they have a very piquant and refined taste. In addition, representatives of shellfish are incredibly healthy, nutritious and completely non-nutritious - these qualities make squid dishes an ideal snack for any meal. And best of all, it is not necessary to be a connoisseur of culinary art to cook delicious and light squids in batter.

Career is done on a different basis. As a rule, each hostess in the arsenal has its own recipe for making batter. The main ingredients for it are chicken egg, flour with a high content of gluten, salt (or spices). Milk, cheese, mayonnaise, greens, mineral water and even beer are added as auxiliary components. However, each is guided by individual preferences.

As for squid, before frying in batter they must be prepared and boiled, although you can use raw meat. The main thing to remember is that squids "do not like" too long a heat treatment. Three to five minutes is enough (depending on the thickness), and the clams will be ready. The longer the squid boils, the rougher and tighter its meat becomes.

Squids in batter - preparation of products

So, before frying calamari in batter, they are allowed to thaw out at room temperature (mollusks cannot be thawed in hot water), washed in running water, the upper skin is removed, gutted and cleaned by the chitinous plate (rod), and then dipped in lightly salted boiling water. After simple manipulations, squid are cut into rings or strips, dried (for example, using a colander), dipped in a pre-cooked batter and fried with a sufficient amount of vegetable oil over high heat. Squids in batter - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Squids in batter based on carbonated mineral water

Squids in batter are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook squid in batter.

In order not to complicate life too much, we get ready-made peeled squid rings. Naturally, you can buy and whole - your business. The cook will be prepared on the basis of highly carbonated mineral water, and we will not forget to add to it spices for seafood, which will enrich the taste of the dish.


- 0.5-0.7 kg squid rings

- three tablespoons of lemon

- three cloves of garlic

- to taste spices for seafood

- one chicken egg

- 150 gr. high-grade flour

- 150 gr. water (mineral)

Method of preparation:

1. Defrost the calamari rings, rinse in cool water. Then we marinate them for half an hour. Ingredients for the marinade: lemon, garlic crushed with garlic press, the rest of the seasonings vary at its discretion.

2. Prepare the batter: mix the egg with 70 grams of strongly cooled mineral water. Add spices. All shake with a fork. Next, pour the flour. Thoroughly mix the mixture so that no lumps remain. At the end, pour in the remaining amount of mineral water and mix again.

3. Merge the marinade, dry the rings, putting them on a paper towel. After that, the rings lay out in batter and mix thoroughly.

4. In a deep thick-bottomed frying pan, grill a sufficient amount of butter and quickly spread the squid on the bottom of the table with a tablespoon, trying to prevent the dough from leaking. Over high heat, fry the rings for about two minutes on each side until an appetizing golden crust. Squids in batter ready.

Recipe 2: Squid in kefir-based batter

Squids in batter are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook squid in batter.

Kefir will make batter more delicate, lush and fragrant. Such products should definitely cook and try.


- squid carcasses

- one glass of flour

- one egg

- one glass of kefir

- seasonings

- greenery

- half tea l. lemon juice quenched in soda juice

Method of preparation:

1. We defrost carcasses at room temperature, wash, clean the film, chitinous layer and viscera. Dip the meat in boiling water and cook for about two minutes, no more. We take, cool and cut into rings, slices or stripes.

2. Prepare the batter by mixing kefir, flour, spices, chopped herbs, egg and slaked soda. Cooled and dried pieces of squid moisten and fry in deep fat. You can also use a frying pan, pouring a thick layer of vegetable oil and heat it to crackle.

Recipe 3: Calamari in a batter based on lager beer

Squids in batter are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook squid in batter.

A beer based on light beer is unique! However, it is better not to give this dish to children.


- 1 kg of fresh squid

- three dining l. flour

- 100 ml of light beer

- to taste salt, spices, pepper

- oil for frying

Method of preparation:

1. Gut squids, clean the film, wash the carcass, boil them for 1.5 minutes. Next, cut into rings and dry out, laid out on a paper towel.

2. Make a batter. To do this, mix the flour, beer and all seasonings, you can add chopped herbs and garlic. We omit the rings in batter, and then fry in a hot frying pan until golden brown.

Universal sauce for squid in batter

Squids in batter seem doubly tastier if served with the appropriate sauce. In principle, as a sauce, you can serve as a regular mayonnaise, and any other dressing. We offer a universal recipe of sauce, which is ideal for any dish of squid.


- three dining l. mayonnaise

- two tsp of chili sauce

- three lemon rings

Method of preparation:

This sauce is made very easily. Lemon circles are peeled, finely chopped. Next, mix with mayonnaise and chili sauce. Universal fragrant sauce for squid in batter ready! Enjoy your meal!

Squids in batter - useful tips from experienced chefs

- At will, squids can grow to unimaginable sizes, but individuals of medium or small sizes have the best taste properties. Their meat, as a rule, has a more tender, soft and juicy structure;

- In order to make it easier to remove thin skin from squid, they need to be doused with boiling water. After such a procedure, the mollusks literally “crawl out of the skin”, and the remnants are easily removed with a sharp kitchen knife.

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