Recipes for salad with ham and tomatoes. Please yourself and loved ones with lettuce with ham and tomatoes: tasty and light

Recipes for salad with ham and tomatoes. Please yourself and loved ones with lettuce with ham and tomatoes: tasty and light

What is a real festive table without an interesting and tasty salad? With the standard “Olivier” and “Vinegret” you will surely not surprise anyone.

If you are waiting for guests or just want to treat yourself to something original, then be sure to pay attention to the salad with ham and tomatoes. It will appeal to both adults and children. You will surely get a ton of accolades for this culinary wonder. Be sure to try to cook this salad, because it is very simple in execution, but at the same time, rich and pleasant to taste.

Principles of cooking salad with ham and tomatoes

To cook this dish, of course, you need two main ingredients - ham and tomatoes. They are ideally combined with each other. These two products will remain indispensable, and other components can be safely changed, deleted or added to your favorites.

Also it is necessary to stock up in advance with a beautiful bowl for salad and dressing. Now you can start cooking.

Salad with ham and tomatoes, complemented by cucumbers and cheese

Such a recipe for a salad with ham and tomatoes will be very much enjoyed by the male representatives, as it contains quite rich and high-calorie ingredients. One such dish you can eat completely.


1) 180 g Parma ham;

2) one head of lettuce;

3) 1 - 2 tablespoons of pecan;

4) 1–2 red onions;

5) 2 tomatoes;

6) 80 g of cheese;

7) 2 tablespoons of green peas;

8) one cucumber;

9) one teaspoon of mustard;

10) 1/4 dining l. vinegar (balsamic);

11) 1 dining room l. oils (olive);

12) salt and pepper to taste.

Cooking Method:

First, we cut the ham in small cubes and fry it from all sides on a small fire. Excess oil can be removed with a napkin piece of paper to prevent excess fat from flowing into the salad.

After that, the meat should cool slightly at room temperature. Cut the red onion into medium-sized slices and lettuce into strips.

Cut the remaining vegetables into cubes and set aside.

The next step is to crush the nuts with a knife. You can also use a blender to speed up the process. The main thing is not to grind nuts too hard.

Next, mix the resulting ingredients and put the grated cheese on top.

For the sauce, you must mix mustard, vinegar and oil in a separate bowl. Salt and pepper the mixture and fill the finished salad with it.

The resulting dish will look great with breadcrumbs and herbs.

Salad with ham and tomatoes with the addition of mushrooms

Tomatoes and meat products are great with a variety of mushrooms, especially if the last pickled. Salad with ham and tomatoes with the addition of mushrooms will be an excellent snack before the main course, and even more warm up the appetite of all those gathered at the table.


1) 100 g Parma ham;

2) 250 g of mushrooms;

3) 300 g cherry tomatoes;

4) 5 onions;

5) 1 bunch of lettuce leaves;

6) 2 table l. chili sauce;

7) 2 table l. vinegar (wine is better);

8) two dining l. olive oil;

9) a bunch of favorite greens.

Cooking Method:

To begin, prepare the marinade for the dish. All liquid products are mixed, salt and pepper.

Mushrooms need to be washed and cut into equal slices, then pour them with the resulting marinade, cover with cling film and leave for half an hour at room temperature.

Meanwhile, we cut tomatoes and ham.

Onions are cut in medium-sized rings, and shallots can simply be torn in a random order.

At the last stage, we mix all the ready-made ingredients, add the already pickled mushrooms and try them.

Salad ready!

Salad with ham and tomatoes with the addition of beans and cheese

Another recipe for a delicious and original salad with ham and tomatoes, which will be the way on any table. Due to the fact that all the ingredients are simple and affordable, it is easy to prepare at any time of the year. Is this not happiness for any housewife? Ingredients:

1) 130 g of ham;

2) 350 g of beans (string beans);

3) onion head (red);

4) 2 tomatoes;

5) 2 potatoes;

6) one dining l. mayonnaise;

7) one dining l. balsamic vinegar;

8) one tea l. basil;

9) one dining l. olive oil;

10) 100 grams of cheese;

11) spices to taste.

Cooking Method:

First, you need to carefully cut the meat product and fry it in sunflower oil with red onion. The latter is better to cut in small rings. It is desirable to fry until the onion becomes golden brown.

Separately from the ham, fry the green beans for about 10-15 minutes to the state of aldente.

Potatoes need to be cooked in advance, and when it cools down, cut into small slices.

We also cut tomatoes in the same way.

Mix all prepared ingredients and dressing with mayonnaise, vinegar, olive oil and spices sauce. If desired, mayonnaise can be eliminated so that the dish is less calorie and fatty.

We decorate the dish with chopped cheese of the favorite variety.

Salad with ham and tomatoes with added eggs (layers)

Such a salad will precisely decorate any table with its colorful and bright appearance. It is really very simple and really tasty. A salad with ham and tomatoes with added eggs will definitely appeal to all children because of the colorful ingredients laid out in layers.


1) 3-4 tomatoes;

2) 4 eggs;

3) 120 g of ham sausage;

4) 200 g of cheese;

5) salt to taste;

6) mayonnaise to lubricate the layers.

Cooking Method:

First of all, prepare all the ingredients. Cook the chicken eggs until ready and cut them into small cubes.

Similarly, cut the remaining harvested products.

Cheese should be grated on a coarse grater.

Next, we will lay the dish in layers of all the above components.

First put the cheese, then eggs, meat, tomatoes and grease with mayonnaise. Then we do the same, until the products run out. The last layer should be cheese as decoration. When the salad is ready, you need to refrigerate it for about 40 minutes so that it is thoroughly soaked with mayonnaise.

Salad with ham and canaped tomatoes

Canape is the perfect snack before the main course. It will not only look beautiful and interesting on the table, but also delight you with excellent taste. Salad with ham and tomatoes in the form of canapes will be an excellent alternative to the usual snack.

The main thing, do not forget to prepare skewers in advance.


1) 150 g of ham sausage;

2) 10 pcs. cherry tomatoes;

3) 200 g of hard cheese;

4) a bank of olives;

5) mayonnaise;

6) salt / pepper to taste;

7) a little balsamic vinegar.

Cooking Method:

Meat delicacy will need to be cut into small squares and blotted with a paper napkin to remove excess fat.

Wash tomatoes and, if desired, cut into two equal parts. If they are very small, then you can leave it straight.

Cheese cut into small cubes.

When all the ingredients are ready, we take a skewer and put first cherry on it, then sausage, cheese and olive. Canape is ready!

For the sauce you need to mix mayonnaise with vinegar and spices. This marinade goes well with a mini salad on a skewer. It can be placed next to a plate of canapés, so that guests can dip their delicacy in it.

Salad with ham and tomatoes, complemented with croutons

Such a recipe will be especially relevant in the summer, as by itself it will turn out fresh and fragrant. Salad with ham and tomatoes is perfectly complemented by croutons, especially if they are made at home.


1) 200 g of any ham;

2) 4 medium-sized tomatoes;

3) half loaf;

4) some butter (for roasting);

5) mayonnaise to taste;

6) one red pepper;

7) 150 g of cheese;

8) salt.

Cooking Method:

First, prepare the croutons. To do this, cut the loaf into small slices and fry in butter.

Next, cut the tomatoes and meat.

Natrem cheese on a coarse grater.

The last step will be to mix all the ingredients together and fill with mayonnaise. To make the salad more colorful, you can decorate it with parsley and dill.

Salad with ham and tomatoes - tips and useful tips

1) For salad it is better to always choose tomatoes with thin skin. So it will turn out more gentle and pleasant.

2) In order not to fry crackers on your own, you can use already purchased ones.

3) Instead of mayonnaise, you can use olive oil to make the dish less calorie.

4) Choose always high-quality ham, as this is one of the main ingredients of the dish, on which the whole taste will depend.

5) Cheese should choose a solid variety, such as Cheder.

6) To decorate the dish, it can be laid out on large lettuce leaves.

7) If you want to make a salad with mushrooms, use oyster mushrooms or champignons. They will be best combined with the main ingredients.

8) To make the salad more useful, you can replace the ham with boiled chicken breast.

9) Salad with ham and tomatoes will look beautiful in a transparent bowl.

10) You can always add your favorite products, replace or remove them.

11) If you know that you will soon be making a salad with ham and tomatoes along with crackers, prepare a loaf in advance so that the process of cooking crackers does not take too much time.

In conclusion, I would like to note that a salad with ham and tomatoes will be useful not only on holidays, but also on any ordinary day. It conquers with its simplicity and affordability, as well as excellent taste and delicious aroma of fresh vegetables along with spicy ham. This dish is sure to enjoy both adults and children.

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