Chicken in mayonnaise - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook chicken in mayonnaise.

Chicken in mayonnaise - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook chicken in mayonnaise.

Perhaps, every housewife will agree, sometimes chicken meat can turn out to be rather dry and tasteless. This feature is inherent in any low-calorie diet. However, there are still some methods to give the meat juiciness and flavor. For these purposes, use different sauces and marinades, which allows to emphasize the taste of the dish. This also applies to mayonnaise, this fatty sauce preserves the juiciness of chicken meat, and also gives it spicy notes, for example, if you add a spoon of adjika to mayonnaise, the spiciness of the dish will certainly be felt.

Chicken in mayonnaise is a proven dish that has been in service with many housewives. This is a simple and economical way to surprise unexpected guests with tasty and juicy meat. When preparing such a dish, mayonnaise can act as a marinade, and as one of the main ingredients, and also be used as a sauce.

Chicken in mayonnaise - food preparation

Chicken in mayonnaise is really a versatile dish. You can quickly cook it in a frying pan, you can bake a chicken in mayonnaise in the oven in honor of a significant date, or you can make a kebab of chicken in mayonnaise and enjoy fragrant and juicy meat even in the lap of nature. Chicken thighs or chicken legs are most often used for cooking; by dividing them into portioned pieces, you can begin the cooking process. You can also fry such meat or send it to the oven, after placing it in the sleeve. In general, what is enough imagination, and you can cook using only chicken and mayonnaise.

Recipes for chicken in mayonnaise

Recipe 1: Chicken in mayonnaise, baked in the sleeve

With proper cooking, chicken will just melt in your mouth. Using the package for roasting, you can not only preserve the juiciness of the meat, but also add flavor and appetizing, in fact, as placed on mayonnaise.

Ingredients Required:

• thigh - 700 - 900 g;

• garlic - 1 head;

• mayonnaise - 250 g;

• seasoning for chicken meat.

Preparation: Chicken meat is divided into portioned pieces, washed thoroughly, the skin can be removed, but this is not a requirement. When the meat is ready, you can make the sauce. To do this, finely chop the garlic, add it to the mayonnaise, here we also send the seasoning for chicken meat. As a seasoning, you can use special kits, which include all the necessary components for baking chicken in the oven. Mix the sauce and add all this to the meat. The chicken is carefully decorated with this mayonnaise consistency, and everything is neatly placed in a roasting sleeve. Tightly fasten and for 1.5 hours send a bag of meat in the oven. For lovers of golden crust, it is recommended to pierce the bag at the end.

Recipe 2: Chicken shashlik in mayonnaise

The availability and usefulness of chicken meat has led to the fact that the chicken legs are actively used for pickling kebabs. It is worth noting that the taste of chicken kebabs will be little less than pork meat.

Ingredients Required:

• chicken - 2 kg;

• onions - 3 pcs .;

• mayonnaise - 500 ml;

• salt - 2 tsp;

• herbs for kebabs;

• Bay leaf.


For a kebab, you can take either a whole chicken carcass, and you can take another chicken meat - legs, thighs, legs and other parts that your heart desires more. We salt meat, we add pepper and the crushed bay leaf. We fill all with mayonnaise. It remains to chop the onion, better rings, so that later they can be separated from the meat. Meat in mayonnaise is ready. It remains to give 2 - 3 hours for the marinade and boldly go to the forest for barbecues. Meat is placed on the grid for grilling and gently fried occasionally turning.

Recipe 3: Chicken in mayonnaise in a slow cooker

We present to your attention a dish that can be quickly prepared in the event of the arrival of unexpected guests. Using such an ingredient as mayonnaise will make the meat juicy and tender, it will just melt in your mouth. Do not believe?

Ingredients Required:

• Chicken - 700 - 900 g;

• salt, spices;

• mayonnaise - 100 ml;

• ketchup - 100 ml;

• water - 50 ml.


We will not say that the meat should be thoroughly washed, and this must be done every time you prepare dishes with chicken meat. Prepared meat should be salt, pepper and leave for about an hour. By the way, it is better to use freshly ground pepper, it has a more emphasized aroma. Meat is pickled. You can start refueling. To do this, chop the garlic, it can also be grated. Mix garlic with one of the main ingredients - ketchup.

Pour some vegetable oil into the bowl of the multicooker, 1 tablespoon. Meat mix in ketchup and immediately send to the bowl. Set the “Frying” mode for 15 minutes. Next, open the lid, mix the mayonnaise with water and fill the chicken drumstick with this mixture. Set “Quenching” for 35 minutes.

The dish is ready!

Recipe 4: Chicken with mayonnaise in the oven

A family holiday is coming, and you want to please your loved ones with a delicious chicken in the oven? We suggest to pay attention to this recipe. By the way, use the whole carcass. The chicken can be wrapped in foil, and 15 minutes before cooking, open the foil to give the meat a golden crust.

Ingredients Required:

• chicken - 1 - 1.5 kg;

• Parmesan cheese - 150 g;

• mayonnaise - 100 ml;

• greenery.


Wash chicken, wipe, salt, pepper. If you want to spice things up, you can smear the meat with home adjika. On a fine grater Parmesan cheese is rubbed, which we then mix well with mayonnaise. Use the resulting sauce to rub our chicken carcass, put it on a baking sheet and send it to the preheated oven for 60 minutes. It's simple, but insanely delicious!

Chicken in mayonnaise - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

Cooking chicken in mayonnaise can be a variety of methods. In the oven, in a slow cooker, even in a pan. It is enough for a few minutes to fill the meat with mayonnaise, and then fry in from both sides in the pan. What could be easier and easier. However, despite the simplicity of the process, the meat is tender, juicy and fragrant. Sometimes it is quite difficult to determine whether it is chicken meat or not?

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