Rice porridge - the best recipes. How to cook rice porridge.

Rice porridge - the best recipes. How to cook rice porridge.

“Soup and porridge are our food!” That is how ancestors spoke - and they understood a lot about healthy food. Yes, maybe porridge in itself is like food and simple, but it charges with energy and gives a lot of strength. That is why cereals are recommended to use for breakfast. Suppose rice is not particularly rich in vitamins (except for B, PP and E), but it contains proteins that are close in composition to animal proteins, complex carbohydrates that provide long-term energy, and minerals - potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, necessary for the harmonious work of the body. Rice porridge is indispensable in the diet, diet of vegetarians and people who, for certain reasons, are not allowed to eat meat.

Rice porridge - general principles and methods of cooking

Unfortunately, in our time, convenience foods and fast food, chips, cereals and food concentrates used for breakfast, pushed natural porridge far to the background. And in vain. After all, all cereals, and in particular rice, are incredibly tasty, and most importantly useful, you just need to cook them correctly. Rice porridge can be boiled in water, vegetable, meat broth or milk. Raisins, apples, nuts, pumpkin are added to sweet rice porridge, and savory ones are cooked with vegetables or meat. And be sure, rice porridge must be flavored with a generous piece of butter. After all, it’s not for nothing that we hear from childhood - “you won't spoil the porridge with butter”.

Rice is an excellent absorbent, i.e. has the ability to absorb various harmful substances, toxins and remove them from the blood and the body. Rice porridge will help with hangover, as well as remove excess salts from the joints. In this case, fresh porridge is cooked without oil and salt, from grains soaked in water.

Rice porridge - food preparation

There are many varieties of rice. They differ in taste, appearance and purpose. One variety is more suitable for sushi, the other for pilaf. To make porridge, it is recommended to take round rice - it is more viscous and sticky, and is perfectly suited for cereals. It must be washed and boiled for several minutes in water. Then the liquid is drained, rice is poured with milk and boiled to the desired viscosity. If, however, boil the cereal only in milk, it will boil for a long time, the milk will boil out, and rice will lose most of the nutrients. Rice porridge - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Rice Porridge with Milk

Rice porridge - the best recipes. How to cook rice porridge.

It’s not difficult to make such porridge, which is probably one of the simplest recipes. It turns out it is gentle, light, almost airy. For breakfast, it will be eaten with pleasure by adults and children. The cooking process takes about thirty minutes.

Ingredients: 3-4 tbsp. milk, a glass of rice, to taste - sugar, butter and salt.

Method of preparation

Pour the washed rice into the boiled water (1.5-2 l), cook for 8 minutes. Drain the water through a colander, wash the rice under a tap from the tap.

Boil milk in a saucepan, add a little salt, add sugar to taste, add rice. Boil, stirring, until thick. In a bowl of porridge add a piece of butter.

Recipe 2: Rice Porridge with Pumpkin

Rice porridge - the best recipes. How to cook rice porridge.

This porridge goes to the pets of many gourmets. It is tasty, sweet and sunny. Especially it is useful to eat it in the winter months, in order to get not only a portion of vitamins and useful microelements, but also a charge of good mood. After all, the orange color of the pumpkin is very colorful and reminds of summer. For pumpkin porridge it is better to choose nutmeg varieties with brightly colored pulp. But this is not necessary, you can take a pale pumpkin - it does not affect the taste and usefulness, just the color will not be so saturated. Ingredients in the recipe do not have strict quantitative restrictions, you can put the products on the eye, or at its discretion. Someone likes porridge more thick or liquid, and someone wants to add more pumpkins. Therefore, from the above proportions in the recipe, you can move away.

Ingredients: 250-300g of rice, 300g of pumpkin, 1.5 liters of milk, to taste - sugar, butter, vanilla sugar and cinnamon.

Method of preparation

Dip rice in boiling water and cook for seven to eight minutes. Drain the water, discarding rice in a colander (sieve).

Pumpkin cut into cubes or small slices and pour with milk, so that the liquid covered her a couple of centimeters (one phalanx of the finger), add a pinch of salt. Ignite the fire, bring to a boil and boil for 5-7 minutes. Put rice with sugar to the pumpkin and cook it to a thickness and consistency that you like more. If the porridge in the pan is very thick, you can dilute it with hot milk. At the end of cooking put vanilla sugar, butter and cinnamon. If the family is not all lovers of spices, then it is better to add them not in the pan, but individually in the plate.

Recipe 3: Rice porridge with dried fruit

Rice porridge - the best recipes. How to cook rice porridge.

This is too much for someone such a pap, so it's for the sweet tooth. For some reason, most of them are found among children and men. Porridge is very tasty and nutritious. The recipe will indicate several types of dried fruit. Based on their preferences, some can be excluded from the composition or replaced by others, for example, dates or figs. Dried fruits are sweet on their own, so porridge is cooked without added sugar. Choose nuts at your discretion, for example, you can take walnuts or hazel. They must be freed from the shell and chopped with a knife or chopped with a blender.

Ingredients: a glass of rice, a handful of raisins, prunes and dried apricots (approximately 50g each), 100g of butter, a third cup of nuts, a tablespoon of honey, and salt.

Method of preparation

Boil rice - for 1 part of rice take 2 parts of water. Pour it into boiling water and cook for 10 minutes. Then, with the lid closed, give it the same amount later. Rice should turn out crumbly. In the water, when cooking rice, you can add one or two tablespoons of butter.

Wash the dried fruits thoroughly, cut the large fruits into pieces of arbitrary size and shape and add to the butter melted in a saucepan. Keep on low heat until soft, then put honey, pour in two glasses of boiling water and boil for about ten minutes. Arrange the rice on plates and pour sweet gravy with dried fruit.

You can do a little differently. After the dried fruit is boiled, add the rice and boil for a few minutes.

Sprinkle ready porridge with nuts.

Recipe 4: Rice Porridge with Vegetables

Rice porridge - the best recipes. How to cook rice porridge.

This recipe will first of all appeal to people who adhere to a healthy diet, diet, vegetarians and fasting. The rest will also be delighted with such porridge - both in taste and appearance. Bright specks of carrots and green peas are very contrasting and look beautiful on a white background of rice. If this is not the season, fresh green peas can be replaced with frozen ones. Ingredients: 1 cup of rice and green peas, 2 onions, 1 carrot, some vegetable oil (30 g-2 tbsp), salt, spices to taste.

Method of preparation

Washed rice steamed, i.e. Pour boiling water, and let stand for 15 minutes. Sprinkle peas, chopped carrots and onions (that is, add a little water to the vegetables and butter in a frying pan and close the lid). With this method, heat treatment of products, they retain more nutrients.

Put stewed vegetables in a saucepan with a thick bottom or a saucepan, steamed rice on top and pour boiling water (the ratio of rice to water is 1: 2). Add spices as desired and salt. To simmer on low heat until the rice absorbs all the moisture.

Rice porridge - useful tips from experienced chefs

To cook a delicious porridge of rice, there is a small secret that lies in the preparation of cereals. First, rice must first be sorted out in order to get rid of garbage and spoiled grains. And secondly, it must be properly washed. First, to remove starch from the surface of the rice, with warm water, and then the grains are washed with hot water. So the fat which is formed on grain when it is stored is better dissolved.

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