Cucumber pickling is a tradition passing from generation to generation. How to produce pickling cucumbers

Cucumber pickling is a tradition passing from generation to generation. How to produce pickling cucumbers

Pickling cucumbers - general principles of cooking

Salting cucumbers requires hostesses constantly, as they say, to keep a finger on the pulse.

From the very beginning of the cucumber season, it is important not to rush to harvest this vegetable for the winter, as banks may not be worth it. Greenhouse cucumbers are suitable only for food. Salting period begins when cucumbers ripen on the ground. They are hardy, full and dense. Just suitable for blanks.

Before pickling cucumbers, it is necessary to prepare the workplace and the necessary ingredients. Depending on the recipe, the ingredients will vary slightly. The list of necessary “equipment” does not change: cans, lids, pots for brine, a measuring spoon (for adding sugar, salt), a cup or a ladle (for pouring brine).

There are many recipes for harvesting cucumbers for the winter, there are different ways to pickle cucumbers, and we'll talk about them below.

Recipe 1: Cucumber Cucumber Salting

The cucumbers using this method of salting create the effect of a fresh product, the hostess can keep such a pleasant and desired crunch for the whole winter!


Cucumbers - five kg.

Garlic - 10 cloves.

Umbrellas or dill sticks - up to five pieces.

Horseradish - eight leaves.

Currant leaves - you can up to twenty pieces.

Pepper red and black (fragrant)

Eight pieces of bay leaf.

2 tbsp. salt per liter of liquid (in our case, water).

Cooking Method:

Salting of crispy cucumbers begins with the fact that they need to be thoroughly washed and cut off the ends on both sides. Prepare a saucepan with cold water. Add there spices: dill, currant leaves and garlic. Prepare the pickle and pour them cucumbers. Under the yoke of cucumbers with spices should stand for 2 days. Then remove all the spices, rinse the vegetables and pour the brine in any dish. Arrange cucumbers in sterilized jars with bay leaves and other spices. Boil the brine, pour into the jars and cork.

Recipe 2: Pickled cucumbers in a rustic way

Since ancient times, people have learned to preserve the richness of natural taste for as long as six months. This recipe is proof of that, it is easy to follow. Vegetables are tasty without too much intricacy.


Cucumbers to three kilograms.

Garlic need to take a small head (up to 4 cloves)

Sheets of horseradish, inflorescences of dill, salt.


Cooking Method:

For pickled cucumbers, you need to prepare all the ingredients and jars with lids. Vegetables put in cold water for 5 hours. Wash glass containers thoroughly, do not need to be sterilized. Fill them with the listed ingredients, except for horseradish. Pour all cold water (ideally, it should be well). Above to close the neck, you must put on a sheet of horseradish.

Put gauze on top, add three spoons of salt to it, tie a knot. It should be on top of a sheet of horseradish, just touching the water. For 3 days, these banks must insist. It is better to spread a rag or put dishes on the dressing. For three days the liquid can flow from the cans.

Then wash the vegetables, pour the brine into a separate pan. It needs to be boiled by adding a little water, compensating for leaked. Then distribute the brine over the cans, closing them with plastic caps for a hot snack. No need to panic, if a few days in the banks will be muddy water - this is normal. Then a precipitate forms and the water brightens.

Recipe 3: Pickling cucumbers on vodka

This recipe has been used in villages for a long time. Especially such cucumbers and pickle from them were popular after large-scale holidays and festivals.


cucumbers need to take up to three kg;

water for one can is within one and a half l .;

vodka - 150 g;

two large spoons of salt;

three tablespoons of sugar;

four garlic cloves;

three pieces of bay leaf;

the amount of dill and horseradish determines the hostess.

Components for pickling cucumbers are calculated on one can. Cooking Method:

On the vegetables a little cut off the tips. Put cucumbers in a glass bowl, under which must be specified spices. Pour with cold water, in which you need to dissolve the salt and sugar in advance. Then add the vodka, cover with a lid with holes or gauze.

Cucumbers prepared in this way must be held for three days in a warm place. After that, the brine must be drained, boiled literally 5 minutes, then poured into a container, corked. Cucumbers are distinguished by crunch and pleasant taste.

Recipe 4: Salting cucumbers with mustard

Pickled cucumbers in cans with mustard is a great option for those who like spicy food. Vegetables are dense and spicy for true gourmets.


cucumbers (no matter how many);


cherry tree leaves;

horseradish and dill;

mustard powder.

Cooking Method:

Prepare all the necessary elements for pickling cucumbers. All of the specified greens (the amount of which each housewife prepares at its discretion) put the banks on the bottom. Tightly lay out the main ingredient salting. Pour the brine - in a liter of liquid to dissolve two large spoons of salt. Put under the yoke and monitor the formation of foam, it must be removed.

Then the brine is drained, the vegetables are transferred to sterilized jars, and greens are reported to each jar separately. Boil the seaming liquid by adding a liter of water and salt. Pour it into the banks, wait a bit, drain. Again, bring water to a boil, add 1-2 large spoons of mustard powder to it, pour it into a jar, screw the lids on. Cucumbers get all the joy!

Recipe 5: Cold pickling of cucumbers

This option is like the hostess, as it is simple to perform. It is unusual in its way of preparing cucumbers for use. Not often you can find recipes without boiling brine. For this reason, it is popular in use.


Cucumbers - up to three kilograms.

Garlic - four small pieces. The leaves of currant, cherry and horseradish.

Dill - up to four "flowers".

Allspice - ten pieces.

Red pepper - to taste.

Salt - three large spoons per liter of seaming.

Cooking Method:

Vegetables leave in water for two hours. Put garlic, all green leaves and other ingredients into the jar.

Cucumbers put in a jar whole or chopped.

Pour cold water into a glass, stir in the specified amount of salt and pour it into a container. Then fill it with the same water. Put on the cold.

This method of pickling cucumbers involves their long-term content in the cold.

Recipe 6: Pickling cucumbers in Polish

Vegetables that are closed in this way are distinguished by their sweet-sour taste. Ideal for a variety of winter salads.


• Cucumbers - ten kg.

• Three cloves of garlic.

• 150 grams of salt.

• Water - nine liters.

• Vinegar (9%) - 700 ml.

• Up to ten bay leaves.

• Sugar - one hundred grams.

• Grains or mustard powder - 20 g.

• Pepper not ground - 20 g.

• Allspice - 20 g.

Cooking Method:

Cucumbers put in glass containers with garlic. Prepare the marinating solution: put all the spices in boiling water. Pour this marinade into cans full of vegetables. Cover them with clean covers. Place containers with cucumbers in a large bowl, put on the fire, add water and sterilize for half an hour. Roll up and turn the jars upside down, put in a convenient place and cover to warm up their contents. From the marked amount of ingredients, approximately 4-5 cans are obtained.

Recipe 7: Pickling cucumbers, which perepseli

For housewives who grow cucumbers on their own, the actual question is what to do with overripe vegetables. After all, it is no secret that sometimes they are sown very quickly, and it is difficult for hostesses to keep up with them. To solve this problem, a salting method was invented.


• Cucumbers - 10 kilograms.

• Dry mustard powder - 500 grams.

• Water - five liters. • 3 large onion heads.

• One small head of garlic.

• Vinegar (9%) - liter.

• Salt - 300 g

• Sugar - two kg.

Cooking Method:

Take the specified number of ripe vegetables, wash and cut. Remove large seeds and chop into cubes. Put water on fire and bring it to 100 degrees. Add vinegar to the boiling liquid. Pour the obtained marinade solution to the cucumbers and leave to stand for an hour.

Place the chopped vegetables in sterile containers, sprinkle with chopped onion, garlic and powder, mustard seeds. All ingredients are better to put in half-liter jars. Cover them with sterile caps and leave for sterilization (10 minutes). If liter containers are used for pickling cucumbers, sterilize them for up to 20 minutes. The countdown starts from the moment of boiling. After that, you can roll up vegetables. Turn them over, leave under warm shelter until they cool down. With so many ingredients, 18-20 half-liter cans are obtained.

Recipe 8: Pickling cucumbers and tomatoes

Interesting is the combination of tomatoes and cucumbers, closed in one jar. They acquire a special taste, introducing an unusual shade to the side dish, served in the cold season.


• Middle cucumbers - up to seven pieces.

• Small tomatoes - 4 pcs.

• Dill 3 pcs. sticks or inflorescences.

• Celery leaves - three pieces.

• Lavrushka - up to four pieces.

• Five pieces of garlic.

• Allspice.

• 2 small sheets of horseradish.

• 2 large spoons of salt.

• Sugar - 3 of the same spoons.

• Essence of acetic 70%.

Cooking Method:

Cucumbers should be left in water for 1-1.5 hours. This will give them elasticity and crunch. In addition, cucumbers pour water to get rid of the bitter taste. After that, they need to rinse and cut off the tips. Then wash the tomatoes thoroughly.

Take a large capacity and gain about 3-4 liters. water for the preparation of brine. While boiling water decompose vegetables and greens. It is necessary to do this: first, greens, garlic and allspice, then you need to put cucumbers in a column. On top of the cucumber columns put tomatoes. After waiting for boiling water, it is necessary to pour it into the jar, let it stand for 5-10 minutes, then drain it. The brine is prepared with the addition of salt and sugar. Salt - 2 large spoons on a three-liter jar. Sugar - 1 spoon more. The brine must be boiled again. When he reached the right temperature, it was time to add vinegar. 70% of the vinegar must be added, counting 2 small spoons on one capacity of 3 liters.

After this, it is necessary to refill the liquid to the vegetables to the limit. Then you can roll up platter. Turn the jar and wrap until it cools. It is necessary that all the vegetables are heated and soaked in brine.

Recipe 9: Salted cucumbers with red currants

This recipe is a kind of unique creation of hostesses. A very rare combination of salting vegetables and berries at the same time. Especially when it comes to cucumbers and red currants.


• Currant leaves.

• Salt - 2 large spoons.

• Dill - one inflorescence or a few sticks.

• Horseradish within 2-3 leaves.

• Three cloves of garlic.

• Litere of water.

• Cucumbers - 600 g

• Red currant - 1 cup.

Cooking Method:

Prepare all the ingredients and containers for seaming. At the bottom of the cans lay the main greens. Then you need to expand the cucumbers and gently pour a glass of berries.

Put the water on the fire, boil. Add the specified amount of salt and pour the berry and vegetable platter. Cover with a glass lid and wait 5 minutes. Drain the brine and bring it to a boil. Then you need to pour the jars again and you can already roll up. The bank must be turned over, wrapped up and then stored until cold.

Recipe 10: Pickling cucumbers with gooseberries

Another rare recipe is the roll-in of pickled cucumbers along with gooseberries. The taste of such cucumbers is sweet-salty.


• Cucumbers - two kilograms.

• Gooseberry - 400 g

• Sugar - 100 g

• Salt - 50 g.

• Tarragon.

Cooking Method: Vegetables must be thoroughly washed, filled with water and allowed to stand for an hour. Put cucumbers in cooked clean jars. Together with them spread sprig of tarragon. Now is the time to do gooseberries.

It is necessary to wash it, see that it does not have black mold - a common disease of this berry, pour boiling water. Put sugar and salt, boil. A solution of gooseberry with salt and sugar must be filtered. The remaining berries rub. It turns gooseberry juice with pulp. Mix grated berries, water with salt and sugar.

Pour the cucumbers twice with this pickle to warm them up. For safety net, you can pour another third time. After that, you need to roll up the banks, turn over and cover with something warm.

Recipe 11: Canned Cucumbers

The cucumbers in this recipe are sweet and sour. Adding savory seasonings only increases the uniqueness of the resulting dish.


• Cucumbers - eight or nine kg.

• Salt 1/5 kg.

• Sugar - 100 g

• Onions - two pcs.

• Vinegar (9%) - 300 ml.

• Lavrushka 10 pcs.

• Greens (dill, parsley, celery) - 200 g

• Garlic - ten cloves.

• Cloves - 20 pcs.

• Black pepper - 30 grains.

Ingredients for brine:

Water needs 1 liter.

Salts - 50 g

Sahara - 25 g.

Cooking Method:

Cucumbers must be sorted: small, medium and large, to know how to cut into circles. Small cut into pieces in 3 cm, medium - 2 cm, large - 1.5 cm. Onions and garlic must be cleaned. It is better to take a bow on a small setting for laying it whole in jars. It is marinated and can also be used as food with cucumbers. Vegetable seasoning, rinse and cut into small pieces.

This recipe involves the use of liter cans. The onion head, a clove of garlic, a small bunch of greens (15-20 g on average), 3 black peas allspice, 3 pieces of cloves, half a teaspoon of dry mustard, bay leaf 1 piece and 2 tablespoons of vinegar of the specified consistency are laid on the bottom. Then lay out the cucumbers on the banks and pour the boiled pickle. Then the banks must be covered with tin lids and sterilized. This process also needs to be done according to the rules:

- keep cans for 0.5 liters in low-boiling water for up to 10 minutes;

- Keep containers of 1 liter for up to 15 minutes at a slow fire.

During sterilization, you need to look at whether cucumbers have changed their color. They should be the color of olives. Then you can stop warming up and turn off the fire. After that, cucumbers need to roll up and cool.

Recipe 12: Salted cucumbers with chili ketchup

This is a rather unusual and rare recipe, which not everyone knows, but many will be delighted with it. In winter, sometimes it is not known what we most want: spicy, salty or sour. Pickling cucumbers with chili ketchup just fits all of the above options. Vegetables are salted, slightly sweet, slightly sour and moderately spicy.


1. Cucumbers to 4 kg.

2. Water - 6 glasses of 250 ml.

3. Sugar 1 glass.

4. Salt 2 full tablespoons.

5. 200 g of vinegar.

6. Ketchup chili - six tablespoons.

7. Spices: dill several inflorescences, allspice, garlic 5-7 cloves, horseradish, cherry leaves.

Cooking Method:

Put in a jar all the greens: cherry leaves, dill, horseradish. For the smell, you can add more currants: sticks or leaves. Vegetables wash and trim the ends, put in a container. Add garlic cloves and pepper to a full jar.

Pour boiling water and hold for 5-10 minutes. Drain the distilled water, boil, adding another 100 ml of water. At this time, we sterilize the caps. Then pour cucumbers with water again, after five minutes drain and measure six glasses. In the hot water, pour salt, sugar, pour vinegar and ketchup, set on fire. Having made all these actions, it is necessary to pour the pickle jars, which should stand in a pan with hot water to warm the vegetables. Hold for 10 minutes on low heat and roll up. Wrap up your work, wait until cool.

Cucumber Salting - Tricks and Tips

  • Cucumbers in pickling are unpretentious, but you need to keep track of what container they roll or pickle. Glass jars must be intact without the slightest cracks or cracks, because air can pass through them.
  • It is better to choose covers from a thick tin. Otherwise, when seaming the edges will bulge, which will also lead to air penetration. It is dangerous for roll-in, as it causes mold-making products. This, in turn, causes fermentation and the lids explode.
  • Salting is also common in barrels. In these containers, cucumbers retain their basic properties and can stand for a very long time. Such containers are hermetically sealed. It is better to choose oak barrels, since other materials can give off odor, and cucumbers absorb it very well.
  • In order for cucumbers to stand throughout the winter, stay crispy and tasty, you need to strictly follow the cooking instructions. Vegetables should be approximately the same size, good density and without damage.
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