Beet fridge: a step-by-step recipe for summer soup. Easy and refreshing step-by-step recipes of holodnik from fresh and pickled beets

Beet fridge: a step-by-step recipe for summer soup. Easy and refreshing step-by-step recipes of holodnik from fresh and pickled beets

The beet cooler is an easy-to-prepare cold summer soup that helps to endure the heat well. This dish comes from the culinary traditions of the peoples of the Baltic States.

According to the classic recipes, the fridge is prepared with the addition of sour cream, kefir or heavy cream. Also, finely chopped various greens are introduced. It can be green onion feathers, cilantro or parsley, dill or even sorrel with mint. Here you can show imagination and choose a mixture of spicy herbs to your own taste.

The beet chill is very nutritious and healthy soup, as many products for its preparation (including greens rich in vitamins C and E) do not undergo heat treatment. Try to make a beet cooler in order to fully appreciate all its taste and benefits!

Beet Refrigerator (Step-by-Step Recipe) - General Cooking Principles

Beets for holodnik fit any. But it is better to take young. She cooked faster and get, in finished form, much softer. Readiness itself should be checked with a fork. If it comes in gently, then the beet is ready. The main thing is that the fresh vegetable is not spoiled or softened.

Refrigerator is mainly cooked without meat. But, if you decide to add it, you need to add the cooled meat without broth. Traditional soup is prepared only on broth beets, seasoned with salt, lemon juice and sometimes sugar.

Be sure to add the soup also boiled eggs (steep), fresh cucumber and greens. It is not necessary to fill this soup. But, if you really want, then liquid sour cream, kefir, yogurt or milk will do for this.

In some beet stew blender recipes, boiled potatoes with carrots, radishes, sausages and fresh onions are also added.

All chopped ingredients in the pan should be mixed with the dressing, then pour the broth or water. After that you should add seasonings and salt, mix all with a ladle and send for an hour in the refrigerator.

Beet Chill: A classic step-by-step recipe


• 200 g of beef or veal;

• 200 g of beets;

• 200 g fresh cucumbers;

• four chicken eggs;

• bunch of green onion feathers;

• sour cream jar;

• half a lemon;

• salt to taste;

• to taste ground black pepper.


1. The very first step in making a baker is to prepare the beets. We rinse it in water from dirt and sand. We clean the housekeeper or a knife from the skin.

2. Immerse peeled beets in a pot of water.

3. We put it to stew. We do not add salt yet.

4. When foam appears on the burgundy surface of the broth beetroot juice, remove it.

5. Cook with a half-closed lid of the pan.

6. Cooking beets will be long, for this process, you can take a pressure cooker. So the readiness of the root will come a little faster.

7. Rinse the meat under running water.

8. Put a piece of meat in a separate pan.

9. Fill with cold water. To speed up the process of cooking meat, you can add a little lemon juice to the water.

10. We put on a strong fire plates.

11. We are waiting for boiling. Then the foam will emerge, which must be removed with a spoon or a slotted spoon.

12. Take another small pot and place raw eggs in it.

13. Fill the eggs with water and set to boil for 10-13 minutes to the state of "hard boiled."

14. In the meantime, we are engaged in other products for beet steamer. Step-by-step recipe continues processing of cucumbers. They need to be thoroughly washed in water. If the cucumbers are large, you need to peel off the thick skin. If the young, use them whole, removing only the "zhopki".

15. So, peeled cucumbers are cut into thin strips.

16. Cucumbers fold in a clean pot with a volume of about 2.5-3 liters. In it we will collect the fridge from the beets.

17. Feathers green onions we sort out from worthless copies.

18. Immerse selected onion feathers in a bowl of cold water.

19. At the same time turn on the cold water from the tap.

20. Take a bow from the bowl and wash it under running water. 21. Then put on a clean towel to remove excess moisture.

22. Cut the onion into small rings.

23. Shift the onion to the cucumbers in the pan.

24. By this time, the eggs had already been cooked. We put them under a stream of cold water. So they quickly cool.

25. We clean the eggshells.

26. Cut them into strips. One egg, if desired, can be left for decoration.

27. Add to onions and cucumbers.

28. Spread the cooked beets out of the decoction.

29. Broth leave to cool.

30. When the beets have cooled slightly, cut it into thin slices, and then into straws.

31. We take out meat from broth (it should be soft, brought to full culinary readiness). This will require at least one and a half hours.

32. Cut the boiled meat into strips.

33. Mix the meat, beets and shift to the rest of the products in the pan.

34. Fill there with sour cream (should be about 200-250 ml).

35. Fill with salt and ground black pepper.

36. Squeeze the juice from half a lemon, make sure that no grains are caught. It should be about 40-45 ml. You can use the juice with pulp.

37. Pour lemon juice in the fridge.

38. We mix everything.

39. We take the pan with the cooled beet broth.

40. Through a sieve, pour broth into a saucepan with products almost to its full volume. Now you can vary the thickness of the finished fridge.

41. Then we mix everything up.

42. We send the soup to the fridge to cool.

43. Literally in 15 minutes the beet holly baker can be served at the table.

44. Spread soup on plates and decorate with halves of the remaining eggs and feathers of greens.

Pickled beet fridge with sausage: a step by step recipe


• 200 g marinated beets;

• 150 g of potatoes;

• 100 g red radish;

• 100 g fresh cucumbers;

• two chicken eggs;

• 200 g boiled sausage;

• a mixture of fresh green herbs;

• half a lemon;

• 500 ml of kefir without additives (you can biokefir);

• salt to taste;

• to taste ground pepper.

Preparation: 1. From the very beginning we will put water in a kettle.

2. When it boils, remove the kettle from the stove and leave the water to cool. It will be needed at the end of the step-by-step preparation of the beet steamer.

3. Rinse the potatoes with clean water.

4. Put it in the pan.

5. There we also place raw chicken eggs.

6. Fill with water and set to boil. We will clean these products later, so we don’t have to worry about the appearance of foam.

7. Take the pickled beets. We release it from marinade, it is not required in the recipe.

8. Cut the beets into small cubes.

9. We shift to the pan for the refrigerator.

10. Rinse and if necessary we clean the radish.

11. Cut it into small cubes.

12. Wash fresh cucumbers.

13. Cut off their “zhopki” and scrape off thick skin. Cucumbers with delicate thin skin leave unpeeled.

14. Cut the cucumbers on the cutting board, first into thin slices along, then into long cubes. Then cut across the cubes.

15. Boiled sausage (you can get a doctor's or even boiled sausages) cut like cucumbers. We get a hill of small sausage cubes.

16. Shred cucumbers, radishes and sausages are put into a saucepan with beets.

17. Returning to the pan with potatoes. We spread it in a plate for natural cooling. Under cold water, potatoes can not be put, otherwise it will be hard, as if they did not cook.

18. And we put the eggs under a stream of cold water for a few minutes.

19. Then wipe the eggs with a clean cloth from water.

20. We clean them from the shell.

21. Cut on a cutting board into small cubes. You can simply chop them for a crumb with a table knife.

22. Slightly cooled potato tubers clear of thin skin.

23. Chop the potatoes as well as other products into small cubes. Cutting all the products in one dish should be uniform.

24. Take the greens selected for the recipe and sort it out manually.

25. Then immerse in a bowl of cold water and stir with your hands.

26. We take out the greens from the water.

27. We shift to a clean, dry (paper) kitchen towel. So get rid of excess fluid. 28. Next, finely chop the leaves on the cutting board.

29. Put potatoes and eggs into the saucepan with the preparation under the beet holder, where you already have beets, cucumbers, radishes and sausage.

30. There also pour kefir and lay out the shredded greens.

31. Fill with salt and ground black pepper.

32. Squeeze juice from half a lemon.

33. Strain the juice through a sieve and pour it into the refrigerator.

34. All thoroughly mixed ladle.

35. Now add to the full volume of the pot of boiled cold water from the kettle. She boiled at the very beginning of step-by-step preparation.

36. Cover the pan with a lid.

37. Put in the fridge for cooling and infusion.

38. Serve, decorating the remaining herbs and sour cream.

Beet Chill (Step Recipe) - Tricks and Tips & Tricks

• Pickled beets can be prepared by yourself. To do this, clean it, cut into cubes and mix with sugar, vinegar, salt and leave to marinate for half an hour.

• If desired, cottage cheese cheese can be added to the fridge to enhance the taste of the dish.

• To make the dishes have a rich color, you can add a little vinegar to the beetroot.

• Ingredients can be cut not only into cubes, but also into strips.

• For the sour taste of the fridge, you can add brine or lemon juice.

• For a more interesting taste, the refrigerator can be filled with mineral water or kvass.

• It is possible to serve the fridge both in the filled and mixed form, and all components separately.

• Ready refrigerator should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than a day.

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