Oatmeal kvass - gives freshness, vigor, reduces weight! Kvass from oats at home: the benefits and harm to the body

Oatmeal kvass - gives freshness, vigor, reduces weight! Kvass from oats at home: the benefits and harm to the body

Oat kvass differs from bread drink not only in taste and composition of microelements. The drink is considered useful, he is credited with a lot of healing properties and is recommended to use from various problems.

What is the benefit of oat kvass and how to cook it?

Oatmeal Kvass - General Cooking Principles

Many housewives prefer oatmeal kvass because of the possibility of repeated use of grain. One starter is enough for 3-4 months, the drink continues to ferment well and taste does not suffer. It is only necessary to monitor that kvass is not peroxide. If this happens, a small portion of the grain is separated and mixed with a fresh portion of washed oats. Or in a new grain add a little sour kvass, which will help activate the fermentation.

To make high-quality ferment, which will last all summer, choose a good, clean grain. Immediately we sort out the empty and damaged oats. The grass is thoroughly washed, in some recipes it needs to be soaked. Follow the given technology.


Be sure to add sugar to kvass. Without it, fermentation can not be. Sometimes instead of sugar put honey, syrups. Add unclaimed jam. In this case, the taste of the drink will change. Of particular importance is the addition of raisins. Dried grapes also enhance fermentation and have a positive effect on the taste of the drink.

All power in water

Constant component is liquid. It is undesirable to use water from a water supply system that contains chlorine. Sometimes the basis of the drink are different broths, cooked at home. Ideally, kvass is placed in spring water. You can take bottled or self-filtered liquid.

Recipe 1: Classic Oat Kvass

The recipe of natural oat kvass, in which, in addition to sugar and grains, nothing is added to the water. It is necessary to strictly observe the technology to start the fermentation process and the drink turned out. Ingredients

• 0.3 kg of oats;

• 4 + 4 spoons of sugar.


1. Take a three-liter jar and launder thoroughly. Kvass will roam in it.

2. We sort out the grain, wash it thoroughly and put it in the bottle.

3. Add prescription sugar in the amount of four spoons.

4. Pour in warm water, but not to the very top. Leave a few centimeters to lift the drink during fermentation.

5. Fold the gauze 4 times and cover the jar. Set aside for 3-4 days. The drink should ferment and a sour smell will come from it.

6. No need to rejoice ahead of time. All drink is drained, as it is unsuitable and has a salty taste.

7. Add clean water and four more spoons of sugar to the fermented oats. Cover again with gauze and set in heat.

8. After 3 days you get a hearty kvass. If the grain is of poor quality and the earthy taste is still present, then the procedure with draining is repeated once more.

Recipe 2: Oat kvass at home with honey and raisins

The option of more fragrant and saturated kvass from oats at home. It will need bee honey and any raisins. The variety, size and color of the grapes do not matter. Calculation of ingredients for one three-liter jar of drink.


• 2 tbsp. l honey;

• 50 grams of raisins;

• 30 grams of sugar;

• 250 grams of oats.


1. Soak the oats for about two hours, pre-sorting grain. You can change the water several times.

2. In a liter of warm water, we add sugar and pour oats. Leave for 4 days.

3. All liquid is drained.

4. Add honey diluted in water.

5. We wash the raisins, you can soak a little and also send in a jar of oats.

6. Fill the bank with so much water so that it does not reach the top by about three fingers.

7. Leave the fermentation jar in a warm place, you can put in the sun. After 2-3 days, we begin to try.

Recipe 3: Oatmeal Kvass with Apple Peel

Recipe kvass from oats with the addition of apple peel. She can stay after cooking pie, jam or other dishes. Crusts give the drink a very pleasant taste, make it fragrant and unusual. If apples are used red, then kvass will acquire a darker color. Ingredients

• peel 5 apples;

• 0.2 kg of oats;

• 8 tablespoons of sugar;

• 4 liters of water.


1. Fill a liter of water in the washed oats, add three spoons of sugar and keep in a warm place for three days.

2. Then all the liquid is drained, rinsed oats.

3. Prepare a compote of three liters of water and apple peel, add sugar immediately. Boil all together for at least 10 minutes. Let it brew under a lid for several hours.

4. As soon as the compote becomes warm, it must be drained.

5. Combine apple broth and oats. Thoroughly stir and cover with gauze napkin.

6. Put the drink for 3-4 days in a warm place.

7. Bottled and cooled.

Recipe 4: Oat kvass from flakes

For the preparation of oat kvass, you can use not only whole grains, but also flakes “Hercules”. This drink is also popular among the people and is considered useful. To activate the fermentation process will need a little raw yeast.


• 0.14 kg of oat flakes;

• 5 grams of yeast;

• 85 grams of sugar.


1. Pour out dry flakes in a three-liter jar. It is not necessary to rinse the oat-flakes, it is recommended to sort and remove damaged elements.

2. In warm water we part sugar together with yeast.

3. Pour to oatmeal, do not do a full jar.

4. Tie neck with gauze, folded in two layers.

5. Put kvass in the sun for fermentation. After two days, you can appreciate the taste of a young drink.

6. Kvass filter, flakes re-fill with sweetened water. Yeast can no longer be added.

Recipe 5: Kvass made from oats at home for weight loss

Vigorous drink not only improves the tone and gives vigor, but also helps to lose weight. The technology of making such kvass from oats at home is slightly different from the traditional scheme and requires cooking of cereal.


• 1 cup oats;

• 3 liters of water;

• 1 slice of rye bread;

• 2 spoons of sugar.


1. Oats are thoroughly washed and soaked in water for about two hours. The fluid is drained. 2. Add prescription water to the oats and set it on fire. Give boil quickly, then lower the heat. Cook at low boil for about ten minutes.

3. Cool, strain. The result is a turbid, slimy liquid, similar to kissel. It should be so.

4. We take 1.5 liters of oat broth, it should be warm. Add two spoons of sugar and stir well.

5. We throw in the prepared mixture a small piece of rye bread, you can lightly fry it in a dry frying pan or in the oven.

6. Cover and leave to wander in heat for three days. Regularly check the drink, do not give sour.

7. Then kvass for weight loss must be filtered. Use it three times a day for half an hour before meals.

Kvass from oats at home: the benefits and harm

The people have long believed that oat kvass is good for the body and has a positive effect on its functioning. Drink prescribed a lot of healing properties, it is used inside, used for compresses, lotions, hair and skin care. It is believed that kvass lowers blood pressure and cleans blood vessels. Is it really?

The benefits of kvass made from oats:

• contains a variety of vitamins and minerals;

• inhibits the development of pathogenic microflora in the gastrointestinal tract;

• improves appetite and speeds up digestion;

• strengthens tooth enamel;

• improves mood and vitality;

• lowers cholesterol and fights plaque formation;

• accelerates metabolic processes.

Unfortunately, there is not only good in oat kvass. The drink is harmful for people with diseases of the digestive system, including gastritis, ulcers, increased gas formation, bloating, flatulence.

The benefits and harms of oat kvass for children

In general, any kvass, including bread, is much more useful than purchased lemonade with dubious compositions and a bunch of EEshek. That is why parents often offer a drink to your favorite child. The child quenches thirst, the children's body receives vitamins and minerals.

But not everything is so rosy. The drink is a fermented product. Thoughtless consumption can adversely affect the fragile digestive system and lead to disastrous consequences. It is not recommended to introduce the drink in the diet to children under 5 years. Some experts recommend to postpone the use of kvass to 7 years.

Benefits and harms of oat kvass for pregnant women

During pregnancy, kvass should be consumed with extreme caution. Depending on the recipe and the amount of sugar, the drink may contain up to 1.5% alcohol. Therefore, in large quantities it should not be consumed. Also, oatmeal kvass can cause bloating, which in turn can lead to uterine tone and the threat of miscarriage. A single portion of kvass pregnant women should not exceed 150 ml. During breastfeeding drink is contraindicated.

The benefits and harms of oat kvass for weight loss

The calorie content of kvass depends on the amount of sugar in the drink, the degree of fermentation, the type of additives. The energy value can vary from 28 to 200 kcal. With a reasonable use of kvass, you can not worry about weight gain. You can even lose some weight. The drink speeds up the metabolism, has a slight diuretic effect, improves digestion. It can be safely consumed when dieting, but preferably until 17 o'clock in the evening, as in the evening carbohydrate intake is undesirable.

The benefits and harms of homemade kvass are obvious. The drink has a positive effect on the human body, but it should be consumed within reasonable limits. Especially carefully offer kvass to children, pregnant and lactating women.

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