Tortilla with filling - recipes for delicious tortillas! Cooking delicious tortillas with fillings according to the best recipes

Tortilla with filling - recipes for delicious tortillas! Cooking delicious tortillas with fillings according to the best recipes

Tortilla - thin cake. It will completely replace the bread, but it is so boring! Much more interesting to use the cake for different fillings. Peculiar envelopes and rolls look interesting, get tasty, help to diversify the diet. You can cook them with a variety of fillings. There are lots of interesting hearty options, as well as dietary dishes. What wrap the tortilla?

Tortilla with filling - general principles of cooking

Cooking tortilla can be compared with shawarma. What only they do not add! But the taste will be a little different. The tortillas themselves are more often made from corn flour, sometimes it is mixed with a wheat product, which is not prohibited. Tortilla can be cooked at home, but easier and faster to buy in the store.

What products can be used for the filling:

· Chicken, meat;

· Corn, beans;

· Vegetables of different types, mushrooms, greens;

· Fish, seafood;

· Eggs, cheese, dairy products.

Often, different sauces based on sour cream, mayonnaise or just ketchup are added to the tortilla. The cake can be folded in different ways: make small envelopes, simply fold it in half or twist the roll, fold in triangles, like pancakes. The choice depends on the filling used and its quantity.

Hot tortilla with filling: recipe with chicken and cheese

One of the most satisfying and tasty tortilla fillings. From this amount of products, two large portions are obtained. Here, the cakes are not folded, but simply fold in half. Also revealed the secret of laying greens in a hot dish.


· 2 tortillas;

· 300 g chicken;

· 1 tomato;

· 2 spoons of ketchup;

· 1 red onion;

· 1 pepper;

· 130 g of cheese;

· 1 bunch of lettuce;

· Spices to taste;

· 1-2 tablespoons of oil.

Method of preparation

1. Chicken fillet can be simply fried in a skillet, but in the end we set it up to make it ready. Or throw in boiling water, boil for 20 minutes. Then we get, cut into plates. 2. If there is no ketchup, then you can take other sauces. Lubricate half a tortilla, do not touch the edge. Lightly sprinkle with grated cheese, just a little for the fortress. Fold the chicken pieces.

3. Cut the thin salad onion. Or take a simple bow. Cut and pour boiling water for a minute to remove the bitterness. Onion, too, lightly sprinkled with cheese.

4. Cut the tomatoes into circles, sprinkle with cheese, lay out the pieces of pepper, cover with the free side of the Mexican flat cake.

5. Transfer the tortilla to a heated frying pan with a spoonful of butter. Fry on one side, then on the other. The cheese will melt a little, hold together the layers of the filling. It is important to gently turn over so that nothing is poured out.

6. As soon as the cake is reddened, carefully remove. We transfer to flat plates. We open from the side of pepper and tomato, we thrust several sheets of lettuce, we serve to the table.

Spicy tortilla with filling: recipe with cheese and garlic

A tortilla recipe filled with a classic combination of cheese, garlic, but it is important to add something else to it. Otherwise, the content will be small and it will not please juiciness.


· 2 tortillas;

· 100 g of hard cheese;

· 50 g of processed cheese;

· 2 eggs;

· 2-4 cloves of garlic;

· 1 Bulgarian pepper;

· 1-2 spoons of mayonnaise.

Method of preparation

1. Grind the cheese in any available way, mix it with melted cheese. Chop the garlic and add.

2. Eggs must be boiled in advance, cooled in cold water, cleaned and chopped. Combine them with cheese.

3. Free the Bulgarian pepper from the seeds, first cut along the straws. Then finely into cubes. Pour into the total mass, stir and fill with mayonnaise. You can use sour cream instead of it, so that it is not so fat (or harmful). To taste pour salt and pepper. It is better to try, as they are in the cheese.

4. Now is the time to fill the cakes. We divide the stuffing in about half. Smeared a thick layer. Stepping back from the edges, level, twist the tubes.

5. You can use the tortilla immediately, like a cold snack. Either spread on the grill and slightly warm the cake. We try not to overdo it, otherwise the filling can flow.

Tortilla with filling: recipe with chicken and beans

The original recipe uses boiled beans. If there is a desire to soak it and cook, then you can do it. But the easiest way to use canned beans (white, red). The only time - if there is a slippery or not very tasty marinade, the product should be washed. You can simply pour into a colander, rinse.


· chicken fillet;

· 150 grams of beans;

· Large tomato;

· Large onion;

· 25 ml of oil;

· 2 tortillas;

· Spices.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the onion into cubes, send in heated oil, fry for a minute.

2. Cut the chicken fillet into strips, send to the bird. Fry for about five minutes. During this time the bird will practically reach readiness.

3. We rub a tomato, we throw out a skin. Or just use tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, any ketchup. Shipped to the pan with a bird and onion. We quench everything together until the excess liquid is gone.

4. Add the beans, warm up together. To taste the stuffing salt, pepper. Mix well, you can fall asleep a little green.

5. We spread the nourishing filling, while the filling is hot, fold the cakes with a straw or simply fold in half. Immediately try.

Tortilla with filling: recipe with tomatoes and corn

Vegetarian version of tortilla with filling, which can be consumed warm or cold. Corn is used canned from the can, the liquid must be drained.


· 0.5 cans of corn;

· 3 tomatoes;

· 200 g zucchini;

· 1 small onion;

· salt pepper;

· 3 spoons of butter;

· Greens to taste.

Method of preparation

1. Crumble the onion bulb, pour it into the pan, fry for a minute, add the zucchini, cut into small cubes. You can use zucchini. Fry with onions until soft. But in no case do not cover, let the juices from the vegetables evaporate.

2. Fill the tomatoes with boiling water, chop, add to the zucchini. We continue to evaporate the juice, should get a thick tomato stew. 3. As soon as the mass is cooked, add salt and pepper, mix, pour in canned corn. After a few seconds, turn off the stove.

4. Put the stuffing on the tortillas. Fold, eat immediately or cool slightly.

Tortilla with filling: recipe with fish and cheese

To prepare such a tortilla, you need a red salted fish. Also, the filling will require any soft cheese, we choose to your taste.


· 0.15 kg salmon;

· 0.18 kg soft cheese;

· 2 tortillas;

· 2 large leaves of lettuce;

· 1 tomato.

Method of preparation

1. We grease tortillas with cheese; the whole product must go. And immediately put on him on a large sheet of lettuce. But you can put a few pieces of small size.

2. Cut thin red fish. Scatter over the whole cake.

3. Thinly cut the tomato, laid on the fish. You can sprinkle it with greens.

4. We twist flat cakes with rolls, let stand 10 minutes. Then cut it with a sharp knife in the middle of the diagonal. Put 2 rolls for each serving, serve to the table.

Diet tortilla with filling: recipe with Chinese cabbage

Tortilla - diet cakes, as they do not contain yeast, and in themselves are thin, savory, akin to lavash. On the basis of this product you can cook great diet meals.


· 7 sheets of Chinese cabbage;

· 50 grams of yogurt;

· 80 g of pickled cheese;

· 1 pepper;

· 0.5 tsp. mustard;

· 5-7 olives;

· 1 egg;

· 1 tomato.

Method of preparation

1. Put the boil an egg. Then peel, chop. You can simply pour it into the pan and fry the pancake, cut into strips, it will turn out even faster.

2. Cut Beijing cabbage and all other vegetables into a bowl. Add the olives, cut in half.

3. Mix yoghurt and mustard, salt and pepper, pour to cabbage and stir to reduce volume.

4. Cut the cheese into cubes or straws. Add to cabbage. We introduce and eggs, boiled or fried omelette. Greens add to your taste and desire.

5. Fill the tortillas, use immediately or within two hours. It is undesirable to keep such a dish for a long time, as vegetables will flow.

Russian tortilla with filling: a recipe with potatoes and saury

Not necessarily in the Mexican tortillas to impose some delicacies. Russian potatoes are also great for the filling, especially in combination with saury. You can take another canned, salted and even fried fish. But we follow that there are no bones in it.


· 2 tortillas;

· 1 can of saury;

· 2 potatoes;

· 1 onion; vinegar, spices;

· 2 spoons of mayonnaise;

· 1 fresh cucumber.

Method of preparation

1. Potatoes for tortilla should be boiled in the uniform, cleaned and always grated, but only with a large straw.

2. While the potatoes are cooked, chop the onions, pour water with vinegar, let them marinate. We make an acidic solution, about a spoonful of essence in a glass of liquid.

3. Lubricate the cakes with mayonnaise, put a layer of potatoes, lay out the fish on it, broken into small pieces.

4. Drain the vinegar from the onion, sprinkle the fish on top of it.

5. Cut or rub cucumber, laid on the fish. Fold the tortilla roll.

6. We spread the package on the grill and quickly fry the tortilla.

Tortilla with filling - useful tips and tricks

· Wet cakes are not very tasty, so you should not add a lot of sauce to the filling, and very juicy products are better to squeeze slightly or hold in a sieve.

· If the tortilla is prepared for guests, then you do not need to add a lot of hot spices or use savory sauces. It is better to submit them separately, so that each person adds if necessary.

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