Dessert from milk is healthy and tasty! Quick recipes for popular dairy desserts: ice cream, smoothies, jelly, cheesecake, pudding

Dessert from milk is healthy and tasty! Quick recipes for popular dairy desserts: ice cream, smoothies, jelly, cheesecake, pudding

Dairy desserts are one of the most beloved, not only by children, but also by large sweets for the soft tenderness of taste. These mouthwatering dishes are also incredibly healthy due to the content of dairy products in combination with vitamin ingredients.

Such fortified foods in desserts from milk can be fruits, berries, jams and jams, nuts and candied fruits. The list can be continued for a long time. What kind of ingredients to add will tell you fantasy!

Dairy desserts - the general principles of cooking

Milk for cooking desserts must be taken fresh and preferably fat. The ideal option would be pasteurized cow milk of a proven brand.

To make a dessert, add jam, flour, sugar, butter, eggs, gelatin, jam, caramel, and many other similar products to the drink. Whipped cream, soufflé, cocktails, pudding, ice cream, milk jelly or jellies are made from these ingredients.

Desserts from this drink are prepared quite quickly and easily. If you wish, you can simply add sugar, cinnamon, a few drops of rum, ice into milk, and you will get an extraordinary dessert under the exquisite name digestive.

Dairy desserts are served after the main course, for an afternoon snack or as a festive sweet dish.

Dairy dessert homemade ice cream


• 100 ml of full-fat milk (better than farm milk);

• half a liter of heavy cream;

• three chicken eggs;

• 200 g of granulated sugar or powder;

• 1 g of vanilla.


1. Wash the eggs in warm water and wipe with a towel to dry. We break eggs and separate the protein part from the yolk in different bowls. Proteins are removed for another recipe, and we will use only the yolks. Add in them sugar and vanilla. We enter milk.

2. Put the yolk mixture on a slow fire and mix with a whisk. Brew cream for homemade ice cream. The mixture will gradually thicken, remove it from the stove. Set aside for cooling. 3. Begin to engage in cream. Pour them into the container for whipping. For convenience, cover the container with two thirds of food foil (this will help avoid splashing in all directions during the beating). Fix it. In the left hole enter the whisk of a blender or mixer. Beat at a slow speed, gradually moving to the fastest. When the cream turns into a thick cream, gradually introduce a yolk-milk mixture.

4. Beat until a homogeneous frothy mass. Pour it into forms for ice cream and put it in the freezer to set. The larger the shape, the longer the setting time. The most convenient way to cook homemade ice cream in special small forms with chopsticks. If desired, the foamy mixture can be simply poured into one large bowl and after the ice cream has hardened, put it on with a special round spoon.

Dessert from milk of quick apricot smoothie


• six apricots;

• 60 ml of milk;

• 100 ml of heavy cream;

• 50 g of granulated sugar;

• 5 ml of cognac.


1. Wash apricots in water and peel. Need only the flesh without skin and bones. Grind in puree and mix with milk. Put the mixture on a slow fire and boil for a few minutes. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature.

2. Mix the cream with sugar and whip to a stable foam. First, at low speed, after gradually increasing it.

3. Beating again at first speed, we introduce to the whipped cream a milk mixture with fruit puree and brandy.

4. Put the mixture in the freezer for an hour. Then beat again and remove to cool. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times. We spread the frothy foam mixture over the ice-cream bowls and serve.

Dessert fast jelly made from milk and nuts


• 100 ml of milk;

• half a kilo of sour cream;

• 150 g of granulated sugar;

• a bag of gelatin powder;

• half a cup of walnuts.


1. We start with the preparation of gelatin. Add it to pre-boiled and cooled milk and mix. We reserve for swelling the gelling particles for 15-20 minutes. If gelatin plates are used instead of powder, the swelling time is increased. 2. After a while, we begin to heat the milk and be sure to stir. As soon as the gelatin particles dissolve, immediately turn off. Do not wait for the boil. Leave the mixture to cool. Then filter through a fine sieve.

3. Put the shelled nuts in a frying pan and fry. Stir to process evenly. We take out the nuts on a plate and clean our hands from the skin. Then grind clean nuts with a knife or a coffee grinder. If desired, you can put the nuts in a bag and chop them with a rolling pin.

4. Sour cream interfere with sugar and whip until frothy mass. Pour the gelatin mixture and beat until smooth. Immediately sprinkle nut crumb.

5. We lay out a dairy dessert on silicone molds or transparent glasses. We remove in the refrigerator for freezing.

6. After a while we get dessert. The sweetness in transparent glasses can be immediately served at the table. But from the silicone forms dessert is better to pull out. It is convenient to do this by immersing the mold for 2/3 in hot water for 3-4 seconds.

Dessert cheesecake made from milk and curd


• 300 g of shortbread;

• 300 g of any cottage cheese;

• 40 ml of milk;

• 100 ml sour cream;

• a bag of gelatin;

• 60 g butter;

• bag of vanilla;

• 50 ml liquid jam or syrup.


1. Cheesecake begin to cook with crushing shortbread. It is suitable and store and home. We shift it to the bowl and tolkushkoy crumble. Add butter and milk. Stir. We take the mold for the cheesecake - any silicone and lay out the mixture in it. We press down to leave the base for the pie.

2. Gelatin mix with water in a ratio of 1: 4 and stir with a spoon. Leave for a quarter of an hour, and then heat until completely dissolved. Boil the mixture is not necessary! Strain out.

3. Blender cottage cheese and sour cream in another bowl. Introduce vanillin and whisk until fluffy foam. Add the cooled gelatin and whip at the first speed before mixing the ingredients. 4. Put the gelled mixture on the crusty liver crusty cake and put it in the fridge for a few hours. Then we get and pour over the top with jam or syrup.

5. Pull out of the mold and cut into pieces for filing.

Milk dessert - original fruit and berry pudding


• 300 g apricots or peaches;

• 200 g Victoria;

• 10 g fresh lemon peel;

• 50 g of granulated sugar;

• 100 ml of freshly squeezed berry juice;

• 40 g of potato starch;

• 400 ml of milk;

• bag of vanilla;

• four egg yolks;

• a glass of heavy cream;

• berries or pieces of fruit for dessert decoration.


1. Mix starch with the same amount of cold water and mix.

2. Wash and dry apricots and Victoria. We also remove the bones from the fruit and remove the skin for a more delicate taste. Cut berries and fruits into pieces and put in a saucepan. Add berry juice. We enter the crushed lemon zest and sugar. Mix and set on slow fire. Add a mixture of starch and water. Cook until the mass thickens. Now, if you wish, you can strain the jelly from the peel.

3. Gelatin mix with water (1: 4) and leave for a while. Then bring on the stove to dissolve completely, not allowing boiling. Strain out.

4. Milk with sugar bring to a boil and cool. Add yolks and sand. Stir and heat a little, you can in a water bath. Thickened cream remove from heat. Add gelatin and mix.

5. Cream whip to foam cream, increased in volume. Use a spatula to add cream to the milky-yolk cream and mix.

6. Take a sundae or a tall glass tumbler for serving. We spread the first layer of fruit and berry mixture, then creamy milk. Make two more layers. We spread the whole dessert so that there would be at least four layers in one serving. We put on the top shelf of the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

7. We design the top with pieces of fruit or berries. If desired, the dessert can be decorated with mint leaves.

Milk dessert fudge with nuts


• half a liter of milk;

• pinch of turmeric or saffron;

• 50 g of powdered sugar;

• 20 g butter;

• 50 g hazelnuts or cashews.


1. First of all, pour turmeric with hot milk (50 ml) for half an hour.

2. Pour into the pot and add all the remaining milk. Boil over low heat until boiling down into the consistency of the pasta. All this time, stir the mixture with a wooden spatula. You should get a thick mixture, vaguely similar to clay.

3. Wash the nuts and dry in a frying pan under low heat. Then grind them into small chips in any convenient way.

4. Mix with a spoon nuts and pasta.

5. We coat the dessert form with butter and spread the sweet mass evenly. Dry in the oven at a temperature of 120 ° C to a solid state.

6. Then cut into cubes and serve as candy.

Dairy desserts - Tricks and tips

• Sugar in desserts can be replaced by fruits and berries.

• Skimmed or powdered milk for desserts will not work. It can spoil the dish.

• In rare cases, boiled milk is suitable for recipes.

• In some desserts, if desired, milk can be replaced with sour cream.

• It is better to help yourself to dairy desserts before lunch or afternoon tea;

• High-calorie desserts should be consumed in moderation, otherwise it will have a bad effect on health and body shape.

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