Adjika with apples for the winter: sweet and sour sauce for all occasions. The best recipes adjika with apples for the winter

Adjika with apples for the winter: sweet and sour sauce for all occasions. The best recipes adjika with apples for the winter

Ajika is an excellent vitamin supplement to meat, cereals and vegetables.

This dish is popular in many countries, as its taste gives spice. Adjika can be used in the preparation of some first courses.

Adjika with apples for the winter - general principles of cooking

This sauce is an Abkhaz seasoning, which was originally made from chilli peppers, garlic and various herbs. But over time, the recipes for this sauce have changed, transforming into other tasty and savory seasonings.

Adjika is prepared on the basis of such vegetables as tomatoes, peppers, apples, carrots. It also adds a variety of herbs, most often, it is parsley, dill, basil and others, giving spiciness and piquancy.

Apples need to be taken dense, juicy and sour, ideally Antonovka. Soft and sweet apple varieties are not suitable for adjika.

So, for cooking adzhika it is necessary to grind all the ingredients in a meat grinder - in no case do not need to resort to cooking with a blender. This will spoil the pleasant taste of small lumps of vegetables and herbs. Adjika will no longer be adjika if all vegetables are mashed. The sauce should be brought to readiness on fire, and then used as food or closed for winter.

Recipe 1: Adjika with apples for the winter (popular)

This recipe is popular with housewives, as it is easy to prepare and very tasty.

Ingredients Required:

• Tomatoes - two kg;

• 1 kg of bell pepper, use better red to match the main color of the sauce;

• Apples with a sweet-sour taste - 500 g;

• Carrots as many as apples;

• 100 g of hot pepper, you need to carefully add this ingredient, if you do not like strongly spicy taste;

• Garlic - 200 g, if you want more spice, you can add more; • Sunflower oil - one glass;

• Black pepper and salt to your taste.

Cooking Method:

It is necessary to clean the vegetables. Apples and tomatoes are better to peel, so that there is no oil cake in the sauce.

Grind all the ingredients and add sunflower oil, salt and ground pepper.

Then put everything in a saucepan and stir for 2.5 hours.

Having brought to readiness, you need to roll up in sterilized jars or just lay out and close the nylon cover.

From the amount of ingredients specified in the recipe, 6 cans of 0.5 liters are obtained.

Recipe 2: Adjika with apples for the winter fast-cooking

The next option for cooking adzhiki with apples for the winter is a godsend for busy housewives, because he prepares much faster.

Ingredients Required:

• Apples, carrots and sweet peppers - one kilogram;

• Tomatoes - they require 3 kg;

• Hot pepper (capsicum) - 1-2 pieces, depending on the desired sharpness;

• Garlic - approximately 200 g;

• Salt - one tablespoon;

• Sugar and vinegar - two tablespoons;

• Sunflower oil - one glass.

Cooking Method:

To prepare such a quick adjika, you need to peel the apples, extract the middle pieces from them. Other vegetables, such as carrots and peppers, need to be peeled, and it is better to peel off the tomatoes.

All cooked ingredients must be minced or grated. Then put the mixture of vegetables in a saucepan and stew for 40-45 minutes. After that, add all of the above spices, and stew for another 5-10 minutes. Add garlic at the end. It is better to add it to the adjika with apples for the winter 2-3 minutes before the end of cooking so that the garlic flavor does not evaporate and its useful properties are not lost. After that, the sauce should be spread on the banks and roll up. As a result, the preparation takes only 1 hour, which allows busy housewives to use the minimum amount of time with maximum benefit.

Recipe 3: Adjika with apples sweet and sour

This recipe for seasoning the first dishes and meat is suitable for those who love rich spicy taste. In addition, this adjika has a sour taste, therefore, it is remarkably in line with dry-dried poultry dishes.

Ingredients Required:

• Apples - one kilogram, it is better if they are not sweet, but sour;

• Sweet pepper and carrots - all one kg each;

• Tomatoes - three kg;

• Garlic - 200 g;

• Vinegar, sugar, vegetable oil - one glass each;

• Capsicum - 2-3 pieces;

• Salt - 5 tablespoons.

Cooking Method:

Prepare vegetables for processing, grind or skip through a meat grinder.

Put the mixture of vegetables into the pan and simmer for 45-50 minutes. After that, you need to add spices, and put out another 10-15 minutes.

As in the previous recipe, garlic must be put almost at the end of cooking adzhika with apples for the winter. Mix the garlic mixture thoroughly so that all the ingredients are soaked in the scent.

After adding garlic, you need to extinguish another 5 minutes and decompose on sterilized jars.

Recipe 4: Adjika with apples for the winter with pepper without preservation

The modified adjika recipe without tomatoes, but with apples, came from Moldova. From the listed ingredients 5 liters of seasoning are obtained.

Ingredients Required:

• Sweet pepper - three kg;

• Bitter pepper - 0.5 kg;

• Carrots and apples, red or green - 0.5 kg each;

• Sunflower oil - 0.5 l

• Garlic in this recipe needs a lot - 0.5 kg;

• Sugar - one tablespoon;

• Salt - added to taste;

• A bunch of cilantro or parsley.

Cooking Method:

To prepare such adzhika takes approximately 2 hours of free time.

It is necessary to prepare all the vegetables for processing - wash and peel.

Pepper of two kinds must be minced in a meat grinder, and carrots and apples must be rubbed on a grater, then chopped garlic or skipped through a garlic press.

Add chopped greens.

This mixture does not need to extinguish. It should be thoroughly mixed, distributed in cans and stored in the refrigerator.

When closed, it may persist until the end of the cold.

Recipe 5: Cooking adjika with apples for the winter with greens

This recipe has a particularly savory taste due to the addition of a large amount of greens.

Ingredients Required:

• Bulgarian pepper - 0.5 kg;

• Tomatoes - one kg;

• Carrots - two pieces;

• Hot peppers - three pieces;

• One apple;

• A bunch of basil and cilantro;

• Garlic - one medium head;

• Salt - one teaspoon;

• Sugar - 2 tbsp.

• Vinegar 5% - 2 tablespoons l .;

• Sunflower oil - 2 tbsp.

Cooking Method:

Prepare all the vegetables and apples - wash, peel. Tomatoes can not peel off if they are processed by a blender. The remaining ingredients can be rubbed on a grater or meat grinder.

Add a mixture of vegetables to the pot, stew for 40 minutes after boiling.

Then you should add chopped greens and garlic, along with spices.

At the very end, you need to add vinegar and distribute the banks.

They must be sterilized before loading.

Recipe 6: Spicy adjika with apples for the winter

Ingredients for spicy adjika with apples for the winter echo the previous recipes. But they are contained in a different proportion, which makes it piquant and different from other recipes.

Ingredients Required:

• Peppers, carrots, apples - prepare 1 kilo of all these ingredients;

• Tomatoes - 2.5 kg;

• Chilli Peppers - five pods;

• Garlic - 6-8 heads;

• Parsley and dill - 15 g;

• Sunflower oil - one glass;

• Salt - approximately 35 g (up to 2 tablespoons);

• Sugar - two thirds cup.

Cooking Method:

Prepare the greens - tear off the sheets from the sticks, cook the garlic, put separately with the greens. Red pepper should be washed and cut off the stem, but it is not necessary to free from seeds. Peel peppers, tomatoes and carrots from the skin and insides. Apples are also better to clean. Mix vegetables, apples and spices, put them in a saucepan and simmer for 1 hour.

Make a mixture of green garlic and red pepper. These ingredients must be minced in a meat grinder in the described sequence.

After the adzhika is quenched, add salt, oil and sugar. When the seasoning boils, you must turn off the heat.

It is after the end of the quenching you need to add a separate mixture of greens, pepper and garlic.

Mix and roll thoroughly.

Recipe 7: Adjika from green apples for the winter with onions

In this recipe, be sure to use only green apples. Together with onions and sweet peppers, a refined, unobtrusive, spicy taste is obtained.

Ingredients Required:

• Apples green, carrots, sweet peppers, onions - prepare the ingredients one kilogram;

• Tomatoes - 2.5 kg;

• Hot pepper - 2 pods;

• Garlic and vegetable oil - 200 g each;

• Sugar - 100 g;

• Salt - add to your taste.

Cooking Method:

Apples are cleaned only from seeds, green peel should remain on them.

Vegetables, peeled from excess skin and viscera, mince.

Boil the mixture for 45-50 minutes.

After the vegetables are stewed, add the red pepper, chopped garlic and the rest of the ingredients.

After adding all the ingredients to extinguish adjika should be another 10 minutes.

Then you need to expand the adjika with apples into sterilized jars and roll up.

Recipe 8: Adjika with apples for the winter with wine

The recipe for this seasoning is not very common, although the sauce is very healthy and tasty. Cooking such adzhika is a little different from all other recipes.

Ingredients Required:

• Red wine - one glass;

• Tomatoes of medium size - 8-10 pieces;

• Apples green - four pieces;

• Red large paprika - 1 pc;

• Fresh hot pepper - one piece;

• Chili sauce - 1 teaspoon;

• Sugar - add to taste, about 1 cup;

• Salt - 2 tablespoons (add to taste). Cooking Method:

Apples need to be peeled from a crust and the middle. They must be cut into pieces, folded in a bowl, covered with sugar and filled with wine. Apples should be completely covered, but it is better not to overdo it with wine, as the taste of adzhika will change. Put covered fruits on the fire for 5 minutes so that they absorb wine and soften.

Cook the remaining vegetables - wash, peel, cut into small pieces.

After the apples have boiled, they can be crushed with a blender or minced. They should turn into non-liquid mashed potatoes.

Then you need to mix all the ingredients, bring to a boil and boil for 15 minutes, adding chili sauce and red pepper at the very end.

After removing from the heat, the mixture should be left for 10 minutes to insist.

Then you can distribute the banks, or let cool and send to save in the refrigerator.

This recipe for cooking adzhika for meat dishes, ratatouille, salads and even sandwiches is perfect.

Recipe 9: Georgian adjika recipe with apples for the winter

This adzhika is unique because of the content of purely Georgian herbs. They give the sauce southern shades and spicy taste.

Ingredients Required:

• Carrots - three pieces;

• Tomatoes - 1 kg;

• Sweet pepper - five pieces;

• Sour green apples - three pieces;

• Sunflower oil - half a glass;

• Garlic - one head;

• Hot pepper - 1-2 pods;

• Cilantro - half beam;

• Tarragon - one teaspoon;

• Add salt to taste.

Cooking Method:

The sauce for this recipe is prepared in almost the same way as the previous adjika recipes.

All vegetables and apples free from the rind and the core. Finely chop or grind them.

Chop garlic. If you want to achieve a more savory taste, the amount of garlic can be increased.

Putting all crushed ingredients in a pan, put them out for 30 minutes.

According to this recipe, adzhiku can not be rolled up, but put in the refrigerator (in the cellar) until winter.

Recipe 10: Adjika with apples and plums for the winter

Do you think it is impossible to make a delicious spicy seasoning for meat out of fruit? So you are very mistaken! The following recipe is evidence of this.

Ingredients Required:

• Fresh plums - 2 kg;

• Tomatoes - 1 kg;

• Apples green - 500 g;

• Hot pepper - one pod;

• Bulgarian pepper and onion - 500 g;

• Garlic - 500 g;

• Salt and sugar - one and a half glasses.

Cooking Method:

Plums must be boiled, then rub through a sieve or a colander.

Prepare all the vegetables: peel the skin, remove the cores. With a tomato is better to remove the skin.

Onions, tomatoes, peppers, paprika and apples twist in a meat grinder. The resulting mixture must be added to the plums.

Adjika should be boiled for 2 hours on low heat, not forgetting to stir.

Then add chopped garlic, as well as salt and sugar.

Boil the mixture of ingredients for another 40 minutes.

After that, distribute the banks and roll up.

The result is a very unusual sweet-sharp adjika.

Adjika with apples for the winter - tricks and useful tips

In order to evaporate excess water, adjika with apples for the winter is better not to close the lid during the fire. Then the mixture will be rich and thick.

A cold place to store the sauce will help to keep the product natural, free from mold and swollen lids. Even if the adjika slightly freezes, it will not change its taste.

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