Crab salad with cucumber - proven cooking recipes. How to cook a crab salad with cucumber.

Crab salad with cucumber - proven cooking recipes. How to cook a crab salad with cucumber.

Crab Salad with Cucumber - General Cooking Principles

Crab sticks - the product is quite versatile. You can eat them in pure form, you can make stuffed rolls, and you can make a delicious salad. Is this product helpful? One should not indulge in the hope that crab sticks are related to crabs, but they consist of meat from white varieties of fish, and therefore, of course, they have a certain nutritional value. The most delicious salad of crabs with cucumber. This dish will surprise you with its fresh taste, lightness and at the same time its satiety.

Crab salad with cucumber - preparing food and dishes

How to choose the crab sticks? The first important advice - pay attention to the specified amount of carbohydrates on the package. Fish - the product from which the sticks are made, does not contain carbohydrates at all. If you see that the amount of carbohydrates in crab sticks is more than 5 grams (per 100 grams of product), then this means that the chopsticks contain a large amount of sugar, soy or other unhealthy substance.

The second tip - do not purchase products at a price below the market average. The rule of not paying for quality does not always work, but it often happens that a cheap product means low quality.

Cucumber for salad needs a fresh one, so that the salad is tastier and more tender, remove the thin skin from the vegetable before chopping it.

What dishes to give preference for the filing of crab salad with cucumber? Choose universal flat plates without a pattern, as the salad will learn bright colors.

In addition, prepare several bowls or deep bowls for the individual components of the dish before cooking.

Crab Salad with Cucumber Recipes:

Recipe 1: Crab Salad with Cucumber

Fresh taste - this is first of all the remarkable crab salad with cucumber! If you cook it in the cold season, the aroma of the cucumber will remind you of summer days, and if during the hot season, the salad will seem light, despite the sufficiently nutritious other ingredients.

Ingredients Required:

  • Crab sticks 300 grams
  • Cucumber 2-3 pieces (fresh, medium size)
  • Boiled eggs 3 pieces
  • Fresh parsley
  • Young green onions
  • Mayonnaise and sour cream for dressing, white sesame

Preparation Method:

Boil the egg, cool in cold water and, removing the shell, cut into thin strips.

Crab sticks or cut into strips, or split into fibers by hand.

Cut fresh cucumber into thin straws, after removing the skin from it.

Parsley and young onions should be washed well, then chop with a knife.

For dressing, mix mayonnaise and sour cream, best in a ratio of one to two, so that the dressing is a little fat, but no more. Add chopped parsley and sesame to the dressing, then mix well again until smooth.

Mix the cut ingredients, add the cooked dressing and serve the finished crab salad with cucumber to the table.

Recipe 2: Crab salad with Korean cucumber

Eastern cultures do not represent their diet without fish and fish products, and therefore fish salads are widespread among them. Some recipes that we liked for the pleasant oriental aroma of spices and rich taste also “stole” into the kitchen. Prepare a crab salad with cucumber in Korean, which will appeal to all thanks to the unusual texture and, of course, for the taste!

Ingredients Required:

  • Korean carrots 300 grams
  • Crab sticks 350-400 grams
  • Suluguni cheese, slightly salted, 200 grams
  • Fresh cucumber 2 pieces (fresh, medium size)
  • Parsley fresh
  • Sour cream fat for salad dressing

Preparation Method:

Crab sticks divide your hands into thin long fibers.

Suluguni cheese is also divided neatly into fibers.

Squeeze the carrot juice well in Korean so that the salad does not turn out to be very watery.

Cut parsley with a knife.

Wash cucumber under running water, peel it off thinly and cut it into small slices.

Mix the ingredients by adding sour cream to them. Salt to taste crab salad with cucumber in Korean and serve on the table!

Recipe 3: Crab Salad with Cucumber and Corn

The sweetness of canned corn will accentuate the fresh taste of crab salad with cucumber. This salad can be considered off-season, since it can be cooked at any time of the year due to the availability of products on store shelves.

Ingredients Required:

  • Crab sticks 300 grams
  • Cucumber 3 pieces (fresh, medium size)
  • Canned corn 1 can
  • Boiled egg 2 pieces
  • Parsley fresh
  • For dressing dishes - sour cream and mayonnaise, soy sauce

Preparation Method:

Boil the eggs, cool them with cold water and remove the shells from them. Cut eggs into cubes.

Crab sticks also cut into cubes, but more finely.

Cucumber cut into cubes, pre-well it by washing in running water.

Open the canned corn and drain the liquid. Parsley wash well in clean water, then cut with a knife.

For dressing, mix mayonnaise and sour cream, best in a one-to-one ratio, add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce instead of salt to the dressing. Mix the sliced ​​ingredients, add the cooked sour-soy dressing, and serve the finished crab salad with cucumber and corn on the table.

Recipe 4: Crab Salad with Cucumber and Croutons

The main dish should not be fat and high-calorie, it is important that it contains all the necessary nutrients, and then you will be full after dinner, without feeling heavy in the stomach. Crab salad with cucumber and croutons is a great sample of such a dish.

Ingredients Required:

  • Crab sticks 400 grams
  • Cucumber 2 pieces (medium size, fresh)
  • Boiled egg 3 pieces
  • White rolls 200 grams unsweetened
  • Garlic 3 teeth
  • Parsley
  • Sour cream fatty for dressing, flax seed

Preparation Method:

Boiled egg cut into cubes with a knife, after removing the shell from it.

Crab sticks or cut into small cubes or straws.

The cucumber should be cut into thin, semicircular slices, after having thoroughly washed and removed the skin from it.

Cut the loaf into large cubes, then place on a hot frying pan and fry in the pan without oil, stirring for 5 minutes. At 3 minutes, squeeze the garlic teeth into garlic slices into pieces of a loaf.

Chop the parsley, after having washed it in running water.

Mix gently all the ingredients of the salad except the crackers, adding sour cream. Mix the ingredients with sour cream, top with garlic croutons on the salad.

Crab salad with cucumber and crackers should be consumed immediately in order to avoid soaking the toasted rolls.

Recipe 5: Crab Salad with Cucumber and Squid

Prepare a gorgeous and easy sea crab salad (crab sticks) and squid. This salad is rich in protein, so you can cook it several times a week, alternating cucumber with corn, adding cheese - experimenting to your taste! Ingredients Required:

  • Crab sticks 200 grams
  • Cucumber 3 pieces (fresh, medium size)
  • Squid 2 carcass
  • Egg 2 pieces of medium size
  • Parsley
  • Sour cream for dressing, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce

Preparation Method:

Cut the boiled egg with a knife in the form of a straw.

Cut the crab sticks into thin straws or separate the sticks into fibers with your hands.

Boil the squid. To do this, lower the thawed carcass into boiling salted water for 3 minutes, then reach out - the squid meat is ready. Cut the cooled squid into strips.

Cucumber should also be cut into strips.

Wash and chop the parsley.

Mix the ingredients of the salad, adding sour cream and soy sauce to the dish. Crab salad with cucumber and squid before serving is best left in the fridge for an hour to soak up the dressing.

Crab salad with cucumber - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

Crabs salad will be especially tasty if you cut all the ingredients finely and finely. Crab sticks for salads are better to disassemble into fibers, if they are very long, then cut them with a knife.

Crab salad with cucumber "loves" low-fat creamy dressing. It can be sour cream, mayonnaise, mixed with sour cream or cream. In addition, add to the dressing a little soy sauce (for salinity and pale pink), sesame, flax seed, chopped young onions, greens, nuts.

Decorate the crabs salad with cucumber greens and chopped nuts.

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