Pink salmon with potatoes - a great combination! Recipes for pink salmon and potatoes: stuffed, in sour cream, with sauce, in marinade

Pink salmon with potatoes - a great combination! Recipes for pink salmon and potatoes: stuffed, in sour cream, with sauce, in marinade

Pink salmon with potatoes in the oven is easy to prepare. The finished dish has an original and mild flavor.

Pink salmon is considered the most popular representative of red fish. The product tastes great and contains a small amount of bones. Such fish can be consumed by children and people who follow a diet.

General principles for cooking pink salmon with potatoes in the oven

It is worth paying attention to the fact that for baking dishes in the oven it is better to use chilled fish, and not frozen.

Pink salmon is recommended to bake with potatoes, and not to fry. If the meat is overexposed in the oven, the product will be dry. It is necessary to extinguish it no more than 40 minutes.

To make the fish fillet juicy, you need to soak it in marinade. For marinade it is necessary to use orange or lemon juice, mayonnaise, onions.

The best spices for this type of fish are: salt, black pepper, cilantro. A large number of spices can kill the taste and flavor of the fish.

Potatoes should be washed, peeled and cut into pieces of the desired size. Before baking the ingredient can be boiled.

You can bake fish and potatoes with vegetables, mushrooms, sour cream, eggs.

Culinary foil will help preserve the juiciness of the products baked in it, as well as their natural flavors and flavors. To cook pink salmon with potatoes in foil, you need to properly wrap the ingredients. To do this, put a piece of foil on the work surface, put the ingredients on one half and cover them with the other half. Then the foil should be compressed in the form of products and put the package in the oven.

Pink salmon with potatoes in the oven can be baked in a special form. Capacity must be covered to ensure complete sealing of products.

Serve the dish better in the form of heat. For decoration, you can choose chopped greens.

Pink salmon with potatoes in the oven in milk sauce


butter - 45 g

salt - 20 g

pink salmon - 520 g

ground black pepper - 15 g hard cheese - 110 g

potato - 560 g

milk - 165 ml

eggs - 2 pcs.

Method of preparation

Thaw a pink salmon. Separate the fillets from the bones. Leave the skin cleaned slightly with a knife so that it becomes clean.

Grease the pan with oil.

Posting fillet.

Sprinkle with pepper.


Peel the potatoes. Rinse. Cut into circles.

Put the potato pieces on top of the fillets.

In a separate container to drive the eggs.

Pour the milk in there.

Using a mixer, prepare the milk sauce.

Pour the liquid mixture over the potato and fish.

The oven is turned on in 180 degree mode.

Put the pan with the ingredients in it.

Bake until the potatoes are ready for about 45 minutes.

Take out the form with the dish.

Hard cheese grate on a fine grater. Pour onto the contents of the pan.

Cool the dish.

Pink salmon with potatoes in the oven is ready for use.

Serve a dish with lots of greens.

Juicy pink salmon with potatoes in the oven


onion - 125 g

pink salmon - 680 g

carrot - 85 g

mayonnaise - 315 g

cheese - 190 g

coarse salt - 18 g

potato - 160 g

Method of preparation

Clear the pink salmon from the scales.

Take out the insides. Cut fins. Remove the head.

Fish cut lengthwise into wide pieces.

Pepper and salt mix in a separate bowl.

Grate a mixture of fish pieces on both sides.

Grease baking sheet with butter.

Put the pink salmon. Leave. Wait for the juice to stand out.

Cut off the top layer of carrots. Grate the vegetable grated.

Peel the onion. Cut into thin circles. Disassemble to get the ring.

Peel the potatoes. Cut into 2 cm thick mugs. Sprinkle with salt. Mix.

Wait until salt is absorbed. Surplus to remove.

Place the potatoes in the gaps between the fish pieces to make one layer.

Top with onion rings.

Sprinkle with chopped carrots.

Lubricate the layer with mayonnaise.

Grate the cheese on top.

Place the fish in the cold oven in the center so that the pieces of fish are baked both from above and below.

Turn on the oven. Heat to a temperature of 200 degrees.

Bake the dish for 20 minutes.

Pink salmon with potatoes in the oven will be ready when a ruddy crust appears.

Pink salmon in sour cream with potatoes in the oven


Cumin dry - 5 g

Lemon - 45 g

Pink salmon fillet - 335 g

Parmesan cheese - 40 g

Potato - 120 g

Salt - 8 g

Sour cream - 46 g

Method of preparation

Pink salmon rinse. To dry Cut into large chunks.

Sprinkle with salt.

Squeeze lemon juice on top.

Pour cumin seeds.

Leave to marinate for 10 minutes.

Heat the oven to 220 degrees.

Peel potatoes. Cut into small slices.

Oil batch forms.

Place the potato slices in them.

Add slices of pink salmon.

Put sour cream on top.

Sprinkle with grated parmesan.

Bake in the oven for 35 minutes.

When the surface turns red, turn off the oven. Open the door slightly.

Dish spread out in plates.

A fragrant pink salmon with potatoes in the oven will decorate a festive dinner.

Serve a delicacy with vegetable salad.

Pink salmon with potatoes and mushrooms in the oven


Fish fillet 380 g

Mushrooms - 350 g

Sour cream - 155 g

Onion - 55 g

Vegetable oil - 60 ml

Spices for fish - 12 g

Dried greens - 24 g

Black pepper - 9 g

Salt - to taste

Potato - 80 g

Method of preparation

Pink salmon meat cut into slices 2 cm wide.

Grate with salt.

Wash mushrooms. Shred in small pieces.

Pour oil into the pan.

Fry the mushrooms until the liquid disappears.

Peel the onions. Grind. Put in the mushroom mass.

Peel potatoes. Grind straw. Add to mushrooms.

In a separate vessel pour 20 ml of boiled water. Add sour cream. Stir the mixture.

Pour in the spices.

Fill the contents of the pan with an aromatic liquid mixture.

Bake ingredients at 180 degrees for 17 minutes.

Salt the dish.

Pink salmon with potatoes in the oven - a full meal, which does not require a side dish.

Pink salmon with quail eggs and potatoes baked in a pan


Mayonnaise - 155 gr.

Lemon juice - 40 ml

Pink salmon fillet - 420 gr.

Onion - 90 gr.

Quail eggs - 9 pcs.

Cheese - 75 gr.

Potatoes - 110 gr.

Method of preparation

Cook quail eggs. Peel off the shell. Fish fillet cut into strips.

Pour over lemon juice.

Lay out in one layer on the bottom of the saucepan.

Apply mayonnaise to the fish in a thin layer.

Spread the potatoes into medium slices on top.

Onions without peels chop rings. Lay out on top evenly.

Eggs cut into circles. Put in a saucepan.

Cheese grate. Pour onto a layer of eggs.

Spice up.

Sprinkle with seasonings.

Cover the container with foil.

Place in the oven.

Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

Ready pink salmon with potatoes in the oven should be cooled.

Serve the dish with vegetables.

Pink salmon with potatoes and sweet peppers in an orange marinade cooked in the oven


fresh pink salmon - 950 g

sweet red peppers - 180 g

vegetable oil - 65 ml

orange - 160 g

parsley - 80 g

salt - 16 g

Method of preparation

Peel the fish. Cut 2 pieces of fillet. Rid of pits. Skin to leave.

Grate the orange zest on a fine grater.

Squeeze juice from the pulp.

Put fish fillets in a bowl.

Pour there oil.

Add citrus juice.

Pour out the zest.

Sprinkle with salt.

Grate the fish well with the marinade.

Leave for 3 hours in a cold place.

Pepper divided into 6 parts. Put on a baking sheet with butter.

Rinse potatoes under running water. Cut into large pieces. Spread out between the slices of pepper.

Place the baking tray with vegetables in a warm oven for 20 minutes.

Put the pink salmon fillet.

Pour the marinade on top.

Send to oven for 20 minutes.

Fragrant pink salmon with potatoes in the oven is ready for serving on the festive table.

Decorate the dish with olives.

Pink salmon with potatoes and pisto sauce in the oven


garlic cloves - 55 g

pink salmon fillet with skin - 390 g

Lime - 30 g

Fresh coriander - 240 g

olive oil - 24 ml

salt - 15 g

potato - 100 g

basil - 60 g

Method of preparation

Finely chop the cilantro.

Grate the top layer of lime.

Remove from garlic scales. Skip through the garlic.

Put greens in the mortar.

Add garlic, salt and butter.

Posting lime peel.

Grind the pestle to make a smooth paste.

Lay out a sheet of foil on a baking dish. Put the pink salmon fillet skin down.

Put potatoes on top.

Apply a layer of lime and green pasta.

Lay the second layer of fish with the skin up.

Wrap the contents of the form with foil.

Put baked in a previously heated oven for 18 minutes.

Open the foil.

Hold the dish in the oven for 5 minutes.

Pink salmon with potatoes in the oven with the sauce is ready for consumption.

Pink salmon with potatoes and tomatoes baked in the oven


tomatoes - 4 mug

onion - 90 g

pink salmon fillet - 180 g

cheese - 20 g

potato - 80 g

lemon - 45 g

olive oil - 48 ml

Method of preparation

Peel the bulb from the bulb.

Cut into half rings.

Prepare 2 pieces of foil.

For each lay out a piece of onion.

Chop the potatoes into thin circles. Put on top.

Add 90 g of pink salmon.

Squeeze the juice from the lemon.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Posting onion leftovers.

Pour in the oil.

Put 2 cups of tomatoes on top.

Sprinkle with chopped cheese.

Fold the edges of the foil to get the boat.

Bake in the oven for 17 minutes at a temperature of 210 degrees.

Cool it down.

Put the dish on a plate.

Serve delicacy warm.

Stuffed pink salmon with potatoes in the oven


eggs - 3 pcs.

potatoes - 220 g

carrots - 315 g

lemon - 80 g

olives - 110 g

pomegranate - 175 g

pink salmon - 1 pc.

greens - 140 g

garlic - 65 g


Method of preparation

Cut the gills. Fins leave. Rinse the fish under running water.

Cut the fish from abdomen to tail.

Take out the bones.

Cut the ridge near the tail and head.

Free the meat from the rib bones.

Separate the fillet from the skin.

Boil potatoes and carrots.

Fish meat cut into small pieces.

Chop the carrots with a grater.

Combine the ingredients. Mix.

Beat into the egg mass.

Add the previously prepared mush of garlic.

Pour chopped greens.

Add salt and pepper.

Stir the filling.

Ready stuffing fill the skin of pink salmon, giving it the correct form.

Belly sew thread.

Wrap the fish in foil so that the top remains open.

Bake for 15 minutes.

Pour 40 ml of water.

Send the dish to the oven for 20 minutes. Bake until golden brown.

Remove from oven.

Decorate with greens, pomegranate, lemon and olives.

Delicious and fragrant pink salmon with potatoes in the oven is ready.

Pink salmon with potatoes in the oven: tricks and tips

  • Fresh boiled eggs brush very poorly. It is better to use eggs that were in the fridge for a week.
  • If mayonnaise and cheese are used in the recipe, you should add a little salt to the dish.
  • Fish fillets should be washed with water and dried.
  • In the process of pickling pink salmon, you must add a large amount of greenery.
  • Pink salmon fillet with potatoes is a delicious filling that goes well with tender dough.
  • If a whole pink salmon is baked, it should be cut into portions before serving. Lemon slices should be inserted into the cuts. It is necessary to lay out potatoes near the pink salmon. Garnish the dish with fresh vegetables to taste.
  • The pink salmon meat will be dry if baked without vegetables.
  • If the fish is salted a couple of hours before cooking, it will have time to soak in the salt. The finished fillet will be tender and juicy.
  • To make pink salmon and potatoes in the oven juicy, add crushed ice to the fish.
  • The fish will have a delicate taste, if before baking to sustain the meat in the marinade for at least 30 minutes.
  • Pink salmon fillets are not recommended to bake in breadcrumbs.
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