Gravy with meat - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook sauce with meat.

Gravy with meat - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook sauce with meat.

Gravy is the dish that will always help the hostess. You can apply it to various side dishes. In the afternoon - serve to the rice, and for dinner to fill with nourishing gravy already potatoes or pasta. It is perfect for vegetable dishes, and for various cereals. The basis of gravy can serve as mushrooms, vegetables, fish and, of course, meat. The use of meat for cooking gravy will be the topic of this article.

Gravy with meat - the best recipes

Consider several options for meat gravy. They are very simple, available for every hostess. At the same time, gravy is so good that it can easily decorate and flavor any side dish with its presence. The family will happily enjoy your culinary creations.

Recipe 1: Classical gravy with meat

This is a variation of traditional meat gravy. The ingredients used in the recipe are the most common. The cooking itself is just as simple. Having made it once, you will forever refuse porridge or potatoes without tasty and nourishing gravy.

Ingredients Required:

- meat (0.5 kg);

- two bulbs and carrots;

- a little flour - literally one tablespoon;

- Tomato paste, approximately - 4 tbsp. l Its amount can be changed, based on your taste preferences.

In addition, you will need more vegetable oil and, as usual, salt, pepper.

Cooking Method:

Wash meat, chop.

Peel carrots and onions, chop: onions - with a knife, and carrots - grated.

Preheat pan with oil poured into it, put meat there. Fry it, not only until golden brown, and almost until full readiness.

Add the carrots and onions to the meat, fry them together.

Put flour and tomato paste in the pan, stir actively to avoid the appearance of lumps.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper, pour in some water, stir.

Dish, in which the sauce is prepared, cover with a lid and leave on the fire (preferably slow) for a quarter of an hour. Do not forget to mix.

Recipe 2: Gravy with Meat

This tender gravy will complement any garnish. It will appeal to all, even children. If you use chicken meat as the main ingredient, and even remove the skin from it beforehand, you can be sure that this sauce will turn out not just tasty, but also dietary.

Ingredients Required:

- meat (500 g);

- One full tablespoon of tomato paste, flour and sour cream;

- one onion and carrots;

- salt;

- Bay leaf;

- peppercorns;

- vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

Meat, and it can be pork, beef or chicken, washed and cut into small pieces.

Peel carrots and onions.

Chop the onion finely.

Grate carrots.

Initially, only meat put on a preheated pan. It is not necessary to pour in oil - let it be extinguished in its own juice. So bring it to half ready.

Add carrots and onions to meat, put it all together. At its own discretion add butter. If the meat is fat, you can do without the extra fat.

But you need to pour water - about a glass. Stew until ready.

Half fill the glass with water, add tomato paste, flour, sour cream. Mix.

Salt the meat, supplement its taste with a bay leaf and several peppercorns.

Gradually pour the mixture from the glass into the meat, while constantly stirring it.

If the gravy turns out to be thicker than you expected, add some more water.

Put it all together for about five minutes. Delicious meat sauce is ready.

Recipe 3: Chicken Meat Sauce

The sour cream used in this recipe makes the sauce very tender, just creamy. And the champignons fill it with an unusually pleasant aroma. By the way, you can apply here not only champignons, but any other, your favorite mushrooms. The number of them can be increased. From this the taste of the dish will only improve.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken fillet (500 g);

- sour cream (1 cup); - onions (1 pc.);

- champignons (200 g);

- flour (2 tbsp. l.);

- Dill greens (1 bunch);

- salt;

- pepper;

- Bay leaf.

Cooking Method:

Wash chicken meat, cut into pieces.

Put on a dry heated pan, stew for ten minutes in its own juice.

Cut the mushrooms and peeled onions, put them to the meat, fry all together for another fifteen minutes. This is exactly the time for which the mushrooms will be ready.

Fry the flour in the pan, put the sour cream in the pan, add about 100 ml of water. Stir, bring to a boil.

Add in a bowl with chicken and mushrooms, the resulting sour cream sauce, salt. To enhance the taste put bay leaf, chopped dill, pepper.

Extinguish over low heat for about ten minutes.

Recipe 4. Gravy with meat (beef) and mushrooms

The beef prepared according to this recipe is so fragrant and tasty that you will want to repeat this dish again and again. And over time, you will fully customize it to your taste: you will find the perfect (to your taste) amounts of garlic and pepper, complement it with your favorite seasonings and greens.

Ingredients Required:

- beef (1 kg);

- red wine (half a cup);

- carrots (1 pc.);

- Beef broth (1 cup);

- onions (1 pc.);

- 4 tablespoons of flour and butter;

- olive oil (2 tbsp.);

- champignons (300 g);

- garlic (3 cloves);

- salt;

- pepper.

Cooking Method:

Washed beef cut into small pieces.

Sprinkle them with flour and put them in a frying pan with heated oil - olive and creamy.

Fry until golden brown and spread out from the pan. The oil in the pan should remain.

Onions, carrots clean.

Chop the onions and mushrooms: large mushrooms, literally in half, and smaller onions.

Grind carrots with a grater.

Send onions, carrots, and mushrooms to the pan, in which the beef was fried. Add crushed garlic there.

Fry for about fifteen minutes, and then pour in the wine and broth, add salt and pepper to taste. Add roasted beef to this fragrant mixture.

Extinguish all ingredients together for five minutes.

Remove from heat, cover with a lid, leave for a third of an hour - let the meat fill with the aroma of vegetables and champignons.

Gravy with meat - tips from experienced chefs

Beef for gravy is desirable to cut into small pieces. The ideal meat for it is juicy tenderloin, in which there are no bones and layers of fat.

Carrots, added to the gravy, not only improves its taste, but also gives a beautiful golden color.

Before serving, add fresh chopped greens to the sauce - this will decorate the dish, relieve it from the ordinary.

To gravy turned out moderately thick, when roasting onions, add a little flour. Another option - pieces of meat, after processing the spices, thoroughly roll in flour, then fry it.

Using chicken meat, remove the skin from it. This will allow you to get the most dietary version of chicken sauce.

Chilled meat is preferably used for gravy. The quality of it can be determined by pressing a finger. In high-quality meat, the fossa formed under pressure will immediately align.

Do not salt the meat beforehand - this makes its taste worse and its nutritional value decreases.

When frying meat, do not cover the pan with a lid. Do not stack meat pieces tightly to each other.

If you want to get juicy meat when roasting - grease it a few hours before cooking with mustard.

Meat will turn out especially gentle and soft if to sustain it several hours in milk.

Beat the meat, do it on a board moistened with water.

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