Step-by-step recipes for mince chicken souffle in oven, microwave and steamed. How to quickly make a soufflé of minced chicken

Step-by-step recipes for mince chicken souffle in oven, microwave and steamed. How to quickly make a soufflé of minced chicken

Light, airy, delicate, dietary. Chicken mince soufflé is a simple dish, but there are still a few subtleties. First of all, you shouldn’t trust ready minced chicken from the store, its composition may be disappointing. It is better to independently scroll the chicken fillet through a meat grinder, preferably twice - the key to a delicate soufflé just in the consistency of minced meat. It should be as homogeneous as possible, soft, even slightly watery, like sour cream.

Option 1: The classic recipe for chicken soup with mince

Milk or cream, butter, egg yolk are also added to the mincemeat for souffles. A particularly important point is whipped whites. They are responsible for the pomp of the finished dish. They should be added last, already before baking, in small portions, very carefully mixed with minced meat so that the foam does not fall off.

Ingredient list:

600 grams of chicken fillet;

one tbsp of flour;

100 ml of milk;


one tablespoon butter (melted);


a pinch of nutmeg;

ground black pepper.

How to cook - step by step recipe:

Turn on the oven at 180, let it be heated. In the meantime, let's do meat. Let's wash it. Drain napkin. Cut into small pieces. Grind twice with a meat grinder.

We break the eggs, separating the white and yolk. Send the yolks in stuffing. We mix. Proteins in a separate bowl, put in the fridge.

Melted butter (can be in the microwave) and put in minced meat in liquid form. There is pouring milk. It should not be cold, best of all - at room temperature.

Season with minced meat. Salt and pepper it to taste. Add a pinch of nutmeg. Put a tablespoon of flour. Knead the stuffing.

We take out from the refrigerator a bowl with chilled proteins. Whisk. We need to get a white fluffy foam. Carefully, one spoonful, add the protein mass in the stuffing. Use a spatula to mix gently. We do it in one direction. Squirrels should not lose their airiness.

We coat the form with vegetable oil. Put the mince and put bake. Souffle will hold in the oven to readiness for about 40 minutes.

Cooked according to the classic recipe of the minced chicken souffle can be eaten hot or used as a cold snack. It is also very convenient to bake it in small silicone cups, in portions. You can add greens, mushrooms, sweet peppers, grated potatoes, cheese in minced meat and add a new flavor to the classic soufflé.

Option 2: A quick recipe for minced chicken souffle

Perhaps nothing will cook chicken souffle faster than a microwave oven. In a standard glass form for a microwave, it will take about ten minutes. Plus, the same amount on the preparation of all the ingredients. Quickly chop the fillet in a very gentle and soft mince will help blender.

However, the power of the furnace is different, it is worth considering. Check the readiness of the souffle with a regular toothpick. Comes wet - add another one or two minutes.

Ingredient list:

A pound of chicken fillet;



ground pepper;

100 ml of milk;

two cloves of garlic;

dried basil;

butter (slice to lubricate the form).

How to cook - step by step recipe:

Wash and dry chicken paper with a paper towel. Cut into pieces and send them to the blender. Beat until a uniform stuffing.

Add a raw egg to the blender bowl. Beat again together.

We add milk. We add salt and spices. Beat again. We get a viscous wet mass. Squeeze it through the garlic press. Stir.

Glass mold for a microwave oven is coated with a piece of butter. So the souffle will be easier to get out of it.

We shift the prepared mass for souffle into the form. Sent in the microwave for 10 minutes.

We turn over the form on a plate, we get the finished soufflé. Cut, serve.

This soufflé can be made even in the morning for breakfast - in small portions. For beauty and variety of flavors, add a bit of canned green peas or corn to the mince. They are already ready to eat, so baking time will not increase. And the result will be beautiful and fresh.

Option 3: Recipe for Dietary Chicken Minced Souffle with Vegetables

Chicken soufflé - in itself, the dish is not too high in calories. You can make it part of the diet for those who want to lose weight. The recipe does not use butter and heavy cream, but there are multi-colored vegetables. And the soufflé is prepared in the most useful way - steamed.

Ingredient list:

700 grams of chicken breast; two celery stalks;

two eggs;

120 ml of milk;

one sweet pepper;

salt and spices to taste;

100 grams of pumpkin pulp.

How to cook - step by step recipe:

Chicken breast wash, dry. Cut into slices. Grind in a blender.

Cut pepper, pumpkin, celery is very, very small. From celery stalks is also better to pre-peel the top layer, it is harsh.

In the stuffing put eggs and milk. We salt. Season with spices to your taste. Mix well. The last to add vegetables. Mix it again.

If there is a multi-cooker or double boiler, we shift the mass into the appropriate shape or portioned molds and put it on the steaming mode, usually it is 30-40 minutes. If there are no such devices, place the molds with the soufflé into the water bath. Cooking an hour.

Vegetables in the diet soufflé can add a variety. But potato is better to avoid - it will increase calorie content.

Option 4: Recipe for Children's Chicken Minced Souffle

A wonderful option for meat dishes for kids. To make the minced chicken souffle as useful as possible, we use only white meat, add to it a young, tender zucchini and quail eggs. If the souffle is prepared for a small child, it is better to do without salt or salt a little.

Ingredient list:

Half chicken breast;

two quail eggs;

small squash (about 200 grams);

three sprigs of dill;

40 ml of milk.

How to cook - step by step recipe:

Wash chicken meat. Dry with a napkin. Cut into pieces.

Zucchini clean. Cut into small pieces. Shred greens.

Very carefully break the quail eggs, separating the whites and yolks.

Lay in the bowl of the blender pieces of chicken and zucchini, dill, yolks, add milk. Grind to the state of liquid stuffing. Mass for children's souffle should be puree.

Beat whites. Add them gently to the minced meat. We mix. You can also add a pinch of salt.

Pour the mass for souffle into a suitable size. We put in a baking sheet, on which we pour water, so that the souffle is steamed. You can also put a container of water on the lower tier of the oven. Cooking 25-30 minutes.

Instead of a zucchini in such a souffle you can put grated potatoes or carrots (we use the smallest terochka), and also add a little white bread soaked in milk.

Option 5: Recipe for chicken soup with olives and cheese

This recipe is ideal for making souffles as snacks. You can make sandwiches with him, serve for breakfast and even on a festive table.

The recipe indicates the amount of ready minced chicken. For its preparation we use meat from a breast and a thigh.

Ingredient list:

A pound of minced chicken;

teaspoon butter;

two eggs;

80 ml of cream;

small onion;

80 grams of cheese;

pitted olives - a jar;


ground black pepper;

a handful of breadcrumbs;

mix "Italian herbs".

How to cook - step by step recipe:

We divide eggs into white and yolk. Squirrels put on the cold.

Combine minced, peeled onions, butter, yolks. Beat with a blender into a lush mass.

Beat the cold proteins with a mixer until the state of dense white foam. Carefully introduce them into the stuffing. We mix.

In the basis for the souffle lay olives, Italian herbs, peppers. We salt. Stir.

We coat the form with oil. Sprinkle the bottom and walls with breadcrumbs. Spread stuffing.

Cover with foil. We put in the oven - 170 degrees. It will take about 45 minutes to bake. 10 minutes before the readiness remove the foil. Sprinkle the souffle with cheese, shabby through a fine grater, and a little more browned.

For such a snack souffle fit and other additives. For example, nuts - pistachios or walnuts are good. In addition, you can lay out a baking dish with long thin strips of bacon, on them - prepared minced meat, and close the bacon on top so that it wraps a ready-made souffle. Come out fragrant and unusual snack.

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