White wine at home: for true gourmets. White wine recipes at home: from grapes, cherry plums, gooseberries

White wine at home: for true gourmets. White wine recipes at home: from grapes, cherry plums, gooseberries

White wine has a beautiful amber color and an incredibly delicate flavor.

Of course, a drink bought in a store can never be compared with white wine prepared at home.

Wine made by yourself, has a wonderful aroma and natural taste.

White wine is made from white grapes, as well as berries and fruits.

White wine at home - the basic principles of cooking

Before cooking white wine at home, the berries are picked and removed the fruit with injuries. As a rule, they are used without rinsing, but if you bought berries or fruits and are not sure of their purity, you can rinse.

Then the prepared berries are crushed to get the juice. You can perform this procedure using a special press or juicer.

After the procedure, there is cake and juice. The latter is filtered and poured into containers, where the wine will be prepared. Basically for this they use bottles. The vessel's throat is closed with a water seal stopper and removed in the cellar for a couple of months for fermentation. After this time, the white wine is filtered, poured into glass bottles. Corked with plugs and kept them in the prone position in the same cellar.

Recipe 1. White wine at home from white grape varieties


white grapes - 5000 g;

one and a half kg of sand sugar.

Method of preparation

1. We sort the white grapes, separate the berries from the twigs and fold them into the saucepan. Thoroughly knead them with your hands or potato masher. We make sure that all grapes are crushed.

2. Cover the pot with a gauze cut and set in heat for five days, mixing the mass of grapes with a wooden spatula, twice a day.

3. Fold the gauze in half and shift the grape mass on it. Squeeze the contents. The resulting juice is poured into a glass bottle.

4. Pour sugar into grape juice and mix. Wear a rubber glove on the neck of the container. Do in one of the fingers puncture needle. 5. Insist the wine in the heat of two or three weeks. After this time, the wine that has passed the filtration procedure is poured into dry, glass bottles.

6. Seal bottles with stoppers or caps and leave in a dark, cool place. Two months later, the white wine is filtered again and returned to the bottle. Sent for storage in the basement. The wine will be fully ready in eight months.

Recipe 2. Apple White Wine at Home


6 liters of 500 ml of apple juice;

five liters of water;

sugar - two and a half kg.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the cores from apples and cut them into small pieces. Put them under a press or skip through a juicer. As a rule, about 750 ml of juice is obtained from a kilogram of fruit.

2. Take eight unwashed apples and scrape off the peel with a sharp knife. Boil a liter of water, pour in a glass of sugar and boil the syrup. Cooling down. Put the peel in a 3-liter dish and pour sugar syrup and put in heat for two days. Sourdough ready.

3. Pour the apple juice into a large glass container, add sugar, mix until it dissolves and pour in water. We divide the wort into a convenient container, pour in the leaven and leave for eight days to ferment.

Recipe 3. White gooseberry wine


gooseberry juice - 4 l;

water - 4500 ml;

sugar - 2400 g

Method of preparation

1. For wine, we take light varieties of gooseberry, sorting berries, separating the twigs and leaves from them. Crush the berries with a wooden rolling pin and put everything in an enamel bowl. We leave the pulp warm for fermentation for a couple of days. Then squeeze the pulp, and filter the resulting juice and pour it into the bottle.

2. The marc is placed in a separate container and pour water (half the volume of the juice). Leave the mixture for a day. After this time, press it. Juice mix with wrung out liquid.

3. Pour half the sugar into the juice and leave for three days. After this time, pour in the remaining sugar.

4. Fill the bottle, leaving 25% of the volume free, and close the neck with a cotton stopper. Put the bottle in the heat for 14 days. Then remove the wine from the sediment with a rubber hose. We pour the wine into a prepared dark glass container, cork it and store it in the cellar. Keep the bottle in a prone position.

Recipe 4. Flavored White Wine at Home


eight liters of apple juice;

10 ml of herbal infusion;

two liters of rowan juice;

800 g of honey.


4 g of yarrow herb;

vodka - a glass;

mint, wormwood and cinnamon - on a pinch;

2 g of cardamom;

saffron and nutmeg - at the tip of a knife.

Method of preparation

1. Pour all herbs into a jar and mix them. Fill the mixture of herbs with vodka and put in a dark place for three days. Then filter the infusion and store in the refrigerator.

2. In a separate dish pour juice with pulp of apples and rowan. We leave them warm to start the fermentation process. Then mix them in a large, total capacity. Add a few tricks of light raisins or wine yeast. After a few days, the pulp that has risen to the surface is carefully removed, and the drink is filtered.

3. Add sugar syrup or honey to the juice and leave it warm for the liquid to ferment again. After two months, gently pour off the sediment using a rubber hose. Spilled and corked wine, set in a cool place. A month later, again remove from the sediment, put to ripen for a month and add a herbal infusion. Let the wine stand for a while. Pour into bottles again and seal. Store bottles in the cellar. In this case, leave the wine bottles in the prone position.

Recipe 5. White wine at home from pears


pear juice - seven l;

water - five liters;

rowan juice - 500 ml;

sugar - 2500 g

Method of preparation

1. Sort and wash pears. Cut them into small pieces, after separating the seed boxes. We twist the pears in the juicer. In the juice of pears pour a little juice from the rowan.

2. Pour sugar into pear-ashberry juice and pour in water. Stir until the sugar completely disperses. Pour wort into bottles, add sourdough to it and set for a week for fermentation.

3. After this time, the wine that has passed filtering is bottled. We cork with caps, or tighten them tightly with lids and store them in a cellar or a wine cooler.

Recipe 6. Honey White Wine


300 g of honey;

75 g of flour;

5 lemons;

10 g yeast;

light raisins - 200 g

Method of preparation

1. Wash lemons and cut into circles. The bones are removed. Put honey, raisins and lemons in a saucepan. Fill with 10 liters of hot water, mix and leave to cool.

2. When the mixture becomes warm, put the yeast, mixed with flour, mix thoroughly and leave for a day.

3. As soon as the raisins and lemons are on the surface, filter the honey and pour it into glass containers. We cork and store in the cellar. In a week the wine will be ready.

Recipe 7. White wine at home made of cherry plum


5 kg cherry plum;

ten liters of water;

bag of yeast.

Method of preparation

1. The fruits of the cherry plum are well washed, we remove the stones and we shift them into a container where the wine will ferment. Pour in water, add sugar and add yeast. Stir the mixture well. Capacity with wine close the water lock.

2. We leave the future wine for fermentation in heat for ten days. At the end of fermentation, put the container in a cool place.

3. Filtered white wine of cherry plum is poured into bottles. We store bottles in the cellar, tightly corked.

Recipe 8. White wine at home from sea buckthorn


4 kg of sea buckthorn;

1500 ml of boiled water.

Method of preparation

1. We sort out fresh sea-buckthorn berries and rinse well. Put the berries in a bowl and knead. We shift them into a glass container and pour in water.

2. At the throat of the can we put on the lid with a water stopper or medical glove, pierced in one place with a needle. We send the wort to heat for fermentation. As soon as the glove is deflated, the filtered wine is poured into bottles. We store them in the basement, tightly, capped.

Recipe 9. White wine at home from rhubarb


rhubarb - 2 kg 500 g;

30 g of cloves;

4 liters of 500 ml of water;

60 g of ginger root;

sugar - 2000

Method of preparation

1. Put the rhubarb into a large ceramic bowl and fill it with water so that it covers it completely. Leave soaked rhubarb for ten days, stirring and kneading it with a wooden spoon every day. Strain through a frequent sieve and measure the resulting liquid. 2. Put each half a kilogram of sugar in 1200 ml of liquid and mix until the sugar is completely dissolved. In a small stewpan cast an incomplete glass of this liquid, put the peeled cloves and chopped ginger. Put the saucepan on the fire and cook for a few minutes. Cool and pour back into the bowl. We leave for a week to wander, periodically removing the foam.

3. A week later, the wine is bottled and close them loosely, so that the gas comes out. We endure the month and tighten them tightly with covers.

Recipe 10. Apple white wine with cinnamon at home


apples - 2 kg;

Cinnamon - Art. spoon;

water - 2000 ml;

granulated sugar - 700 g

Method of preparation

1. We wash the apples, put them in a container, pour water and rinse. Then grind them in small slices and pour them into a convenient saucepan. Pour water into the apples, put the cinnamon and send on a small fire.

2. Cook until soft apples. Then cool and wipe the apple mass through a sieve. We lay out in a jar and leave to wander for three days. Then filter the mixture and add sugar.

3. Well shake the wine, pour into bottles and cork. Defend the wine for a couple of days and filter. We pour the drink into clean bottles, twist it tightly with lids and put them in the cellar for maturation.

Recipe 11. Apple-orange white wine at home


fresh apples - 10 kg;

three kg of sugar;

six oranges;

five liters of water.

Method of preparation

1. We wash the apples well, cut and remove the seed boxes. Cut the fruit into small pieces and transfer to a convenient container. Pour a kilogram of sugar, mix and fill with water. Once again, mix everything well and cover the apple mixture with a thick, clean cloth. Put the container in heat for five days.

2. As soon as the fermentation process begins, the liquid is drained through a sieve, and the pulp is squeezed through gauze. Pour into the mash the rest of the sugar, stir until dissolved and put the raisins. Oranges are washed, wiped and finely three. Grated orange mass together with the juice lay out in the wort. 3. Close the container with the wort glove medical and put in the heat for fermentation. As soon as this process is completed, we remove the wine from the sediment, pour it into convenient dishes and close the lids. Withstand three more days, and filter again. Pour the wine into bottles and cork tightly with corks.

White wine at home - tips and tricks from winemakers

  • Cook white wine only from mature grapes of white varieties with a pleasant sourness and delicate aroma.
  • If you use not very ripe berries, then add sugar to the wort at the beginning of fermentation.
  • Leave the fermentation wine in a room where the air temperature is at least 18C and not higher than 24C.
  • For making wine, do not use metal utensils (except stainless steel). In it, the berries or fruit will oxidize, and the aroma of the wine will be spoiled.
  • Squeeze the berries with a special nylon or canvas press.
  • If the berries or fruits are not washed for wine, then the yeast that is on them is enough for the juice to ferment. If this process does not start after a week, add yeast.
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